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Andy Brickley, NESN: Sits in studio to discuss the Bruins upcoming series, 4-30-2014

Apr 30, 2014|

Brick joins Mut and Lou in studio to talk about the B's upcoming series against the Habs and their chances of advancing

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Our two model or not -- 37 WEEI the hockey gods. Gave us one with the beginning of the Bruins series. Not Friday not Saturday but Thursday. Gonna say any Berkeley got Don -- say the brick when in there it's who we need hockey on Thursday because of that. We get it's a brick from all the Bruins fans we say thank you like Thursday -- like to think I have that kind of -- obviously not case I thought you guys invited me today atop the little racism and bigotry and sport by -- I would not -- we get the Appel bought -- -- but I think I think this is a good thing. For the Bruins and listening. It's -- emotions will be higher but he knows the rival but it went till Saturday after both teams -- be off longer. And he would like this is got a good timing for the Bruins and Canadians still. And a lot of time off. A little bit better from Boston scene that this series went one more game did Montreal series against Tampa. And I think this is almost optimal as far as the broad concern time off mud you know had -- gone till Saturday for game one. A that you would have really seen it in both teams threatened early in the hockey game that they had played a competitive playoff game for you know better than -- -- so. That being said from Boston get this series that and on Thursday I think it's exactly where it needed to be and they should feel real good you know as players you don't worry about the schedule you don't. You don't look at it and say while we're gonna play seven games over X amount of days you don't really you focus is always. One game at a time and -- cliche but truly that's the way it is in the closely. While we talked about the of this we're talk a lot about Montreal today and -- is a heads up on bricks and studio like he is today were rolled out -- your phone calls with Rick. As well 6177797937. Or talk lot of Montreal. Real quickly on Detroit you work you're in the camp of shorter series I was in the camp of longer series and I will admit. I'm surprised that the Bruins they would get through five they lose that first game one nothing and I thought the resiliency of he looked a little slow enough first came from thereon. Rick I thought they dominate especially in five on five and and the biggest thing not to Kuwait was the player the young defensemen. Led by Doug Hamilton was your biggest take away in a five game departure of the Bruins senatorial. It's a long list but it really is because there was so much like a ball Boston -- that was their Powell played effectiveness of the man advantage. What you bring up the bulk the mobility of the young defense and up comfortably -- Keep in mind it's a pretty good match up for for the team you're playing against as a young mobile defenseman it's kind of hockey the Detroit. Once the play in and liberal -- better -- the Detroit was. But far from where -- that and from my analyst seed. I'd love the way the Bruins played. Through their identity in deemed too in that sent a clear message to a team that had a lot of downloadable whether they could beat the Boston Bruins. No matter what they said publicly there was doubt. And you could just tell by the body language and they all like wow after game two that the Bruins team you know everything that we read and everybody that we we'd we'd look dad and and the strength of that team were on display in game two and it again at a major effect on game three. But it could've been that long series had they been able to find a way to win game for which they just couldn't do the Bruins again. With their team identity and -- ballots came on strong in the second half of game fall gaps but special teams kind of stood out as well it seemed like. They couldn't get things going couldn't get the puck in his own the first couple little clinic they had against the trade that was pretty impressive in both units you know had their fingerprints all over the -- play and that's and that's a great thing when -- had -- kind of depth on the power play -- in veterans standing in the talent that they have now. In their lineup. You know I will say this about Detroit certainly not to defend their effort because I thought it was a pretty good effort by team that was pretty beat up especially talk about their top guys but when -- Datsyuk less than a 100% obviously Zetterberg found some way to get himself from the lineup generally at a couple points in game five. But on the air. You know. Skeleton of the myself in a comeback from back surgery that was pretty early return for him but when you have those two guys on your -- -- you relax I. -- on those guys to generate scoring chances. They need more from France and on their power play if he was gonna be apart of it. But once she get Bertuzzi in line to put in front of the neck -- none of the young guys seem to wanna go the -- against the Boston Bruins and again it goes back to. How much I like the way the Bruins played a big blocks though they took away the middle of the ice in the young guys for Detroit. They were instrumental in having the red wings make the playoffs this was a different animal altogether the playoffs and -- in Boston Bruins for space on the ice. But if you are able to create a -- play with crawling all -- high in helping Datsyuk on one flank helping Zetterberg on the other flank Bertuzzi in front Franzen in the middle. That's a dynamic pound -- they can really hurt you when you saw some of that. In the last game of the series so in defense of Detroit less than a 100% what their top guys -- that really affects. What you're able to do in the special teams -- I had to spend a week of listening to a little rightfully so wax poetic about a great Babcock and that's. A sudden collapse -- staggered either I cannot -- outstanding at Buddy -- after the series he admitted that you know the Bruins are place now where. Detroit used to be right Detroit east beat team -- Stanley Cup now their -- to get in a the the post he wears Babcock rank on the anti prickly. NHL coach -- a CNET top. Five top ten top third somewhere and Amex. Ice he's probably top three for me wow yes it -- I like is accountability you know -- saves of note you know quote machine in the post season. It's a real good understanding of people he understands his job is to manage those people go to get the best results. He's not the type of guy that's gonna series team down publicly but once in awhile it's okay to send a subtle message through the media in order to get certain plays attention and say we need more from new. But it's his ability to actually make adjustments during the course of the game. As long as you have the horses to do it and the players that understand those change that have to be made throughout the course -- -- -- to change the -- And you don't have. Have a lot of those guys in the national -- im afraid to say that that we game planned -- what we're gonna do we're not -- deviate from the game plan from you know from the minute we drop the plot to the end of the third period and you lose a hockey we have to be able to make changes adjustments whether it's match ups are changing lines around or change your -- break out what you gonna do what you penalty kill you pop with. You have to have that in your roster will be good coach. And I think he's got. Decides though some things you said you know -- -- play apps from men and and you you are direct cause of -- play and actually we do in the postseason not just in the regular season I just thought that but he said he accountability showed. -- without really demeaning his own players -- army believes -- but they're young -- this these teams -- drove -- to keep that streak -- for post season appearances with you know that the -- that he had to -- -- with you know in the league that he played it in the division that he played it was pretty impressed now. What do we look at that Detroit cubic a distinct advantage for the -- talk she won was in in net there was depth at the forwards four lines the way they played it was depth. I believe and play with the defensemen which was that as we mention which was nice to see some as young guys step up. I still think -- -- in those categories but not as big in this -- series against Montreal would you say that this team depth wise and -- Carey Price world class goaltender in net. Yeah well we can talk a lot x.s and -- when he doubled Bruins Montreal match up that -- and they're worth talking about and but it's really gonna come down of the Bruins and their focus in the control emotions and challenged and champ. Channel their emotions in the direction that they need to go because Montreal has an uncanny ability to get a -- skin. -- the slightest little things but as far as the x.s and most was the biggest difference are we talked about Detroit -- speed and and we talked about this -- the last couple weeks that its speed is really apparent. When he turned the puck over in the transition game that if you'll lose crucial to fuel in the middle of the -- ultimate speed doesn't seem to be there but what Montreal presents. In terms of a difference from Detroit is quickness and you know the difference between being fast to being quick in and Montreal's quickness is the real good one on one. The real good one -- one in the offensive zone because of their quickness. They use their fast sure but Boston's best to it's it's an underrated. Aspect of the Bruins game because of the style that they play but. But they're plenty quick enough to get to a fast enough to get where they need to beat the what Montreal has is there on you quick. But they creep -- offense quick in the in the offensive zone and match with a Bruins really. We'll probably work on the next few days and in their battle in their own zone in body position in an -- angle people and how to block people out. And how to get to pox quickly the bros can be big bad all they want. But it if Montreal's beating you with their quickness in the offensive zone too loose pucks in making plays quickly beating one on one with the quickness -- gonna create problems. There was a story yesterday -- talked about you know the Bruins the way their -- sort of the way that. Teams -- want to emulate them and one of the things that talk about Montreal how their team is different than -- couple years ago rainy or equipment to process matches now. Very -- a tough team but they're tougher team and they wore -- most of the idea that. They did this because of the Bruins because they knew now with the new playoff format. -- ethical for your division there is no way get around it there's no receding you go through W look at Montreal. How much tougher a much more physical are that it's 82 years ago when you believe. The Bruins model was what led to some of these new players this much real team. Well in order to be a tough team you have to have the buy in from everybody you know you go along get tough guys like George parasite can -- approached any lineup you can bring them hone in -- lineup but. But you have it -- dally in Yemen on the back and loves to be physical and you can have those elements to your game into your lineup. But if you don't get the buy in from everybody else from the puts him at this from the day ironies from a large Ehlers you know guys that you don't normally say. These guys are gonna take the body when it's there they gonna have tremendous battle factor. They're gonna win this year of one on ones. You know when things get a little rough they're not -- shy away you know they're not gonna back off -- not gonna you know going to prevent defense to just play a we'll get a little zone defense announced that -- battling for every inch of the ice. What has to be through while -- line up and I think that's. That's why the Bruins are considered. One of if not the top model franchise in the league that's a way to -- is debate. And they go through a transition right now Boston is the and establish settled the last four or five years and that's why they've gone -- in the -- he's in a couple times. And I think people look at the Boston Bruins say like Jarome Iginla. I wanna play with those guys as they play the game right away -- received -- matchup that Bergeron lying you see them. -- biggest panic. Bacteria that that line but it. Yeah I don't know I don't know that's that's the beauty of you know game one -- to see the initial match -- to see which coach wants to go which way which deep there. You know you see how much they try to get -- in the first period they make in rapid changes in order to get those matchups. They just gonna let it play out play a period played two periods see out on falls. Expectations it is going to be a long series and in the match record I could read other people's opinions. Because listened to some of the coaching. You know oppressors and say OK maybe -- meaning in this direction this is something that for a -- wanna wanna try to do. More importantly is how was Montreal to try to play. And how the Boston -- try to. You know you -- -- -- Doug Hamilton passed tucked behind it to see that edge from him and that toughness from him and it if that's been questioned early news -- still a young kid. After watching -- -- series against Detroit. I mean you saw that at Jimmy -- they'll after the west he saw some of the roughing penalties I wanna see Mike up pair defenseman off the ice. But just looking big picture not a bad thing to see this guy kind of get a little animated but -- rotated their. Over twenty years old you know -- -- and people lose sight of that fact once in awhile this kid is just you know I mean. -- be a sophomore slump in college -- seriously heavy this kid is east east figuring it out you know it's kind of on the job. As we go in and with the injury situation in the decade with McQueen out of line of -- signed Steinberg out of line up. This guys relied on and you have to earn those minutes and he has developed as a player. Offensively that all the confidence in the world that loves to carry the puck he likes to jump into the play. Likes to make that first pass coming out of the zoning jump into the play beat the trailer -- free shot offense -- -- lateral movement are -- on the Blue Line able to create seems to get a shot to. All the stuff comes naturally confident and the coaches have said. Play your game when when you're on that side of the ice where he needed to learn was how to win one on one battles in his own -- how to get -- position how to use a real good stick. When you play with -- start to understand how to use that stick more effectively to break up plays. How to close on people -- angle. You gonna give -- -- the outside but then how do you prevent it from take in the -- to the net curling back and only guy that's all. And acquired. Understanding and learning process that he's getting. And he's getting it as we go we got some a little bit in the postseason last year is getting more this year -- required to play more but he's earned that opportunity and he's. He's he still has some holes in his game no doubt about it but again that straight matchup -- real good for him from but he looked really comfortable and confident. You mentioned the word I want basketball Hamilton which is confidence is when he. Has had his issues and black about the game to help with fourteen minutes and he was down towards the bottom of but defenseman even at even strength you look in their guys played ahead of him. When he's got himself in trouble Berkman is not played upped his level has been the physical side of it. Hasn't been the mental side of it with him that confidence you just mentioned their the end close collaboration both the it's it's his. Is he needs to defend -- A little bit better if you can't get beat if you go in the corner in and try to be overly physical or try to say all right Ivan and hit this guy real battle on the wall you can over commit. You know -- This time to contain the time to go in real hard and and you can't get beat once you make that body contact you -- did beat back into the play and that's one area that he's -- to be better at. But occasionally that still happens sometimes go for that popped beauty looking at the puck and you try to go for the sweep check I got it for sure that all of a sudden really to play attempted by -- Now he's now know he's created 2110 wait for me it was so. It's mostly from the Blue Line -- blue line in the -- looking for improvement. It's been there but it's gonna have to continue to get better because you got a really good team Detroit was good. Montreal's -- Yeah there was some things that series as a win on. Leading up to Montreal that may be -- was a big fan double in the way that the fifth game was called by the referees just like I hope this isn't the way it is it in Montreal so than. They would there was some unique look at some of the Bruins say man and that what's going on here that we talked but the -- -- I don't believe was a flop I think that was. Eight trip but there was some mothers that I don't want this style want to be playing Montreal and -- on the Purdue and I don't wanna see the Bruins. You know flopping around or embellishing. And -- this I would have been bred -- a couple of penalties in game five and it like either you know I think it was -- wall regatta topic it once but it was the second time it was like OK now. You know once is going to be some discipline you go back in the second time. Iran there get a penalty and Zetterberg. How much are we gonna be talking about this part of the game next round. Well it goes back to the comment I made right at the outset was that it's on to Boston Montreal before had to be extra noses that channeling of the emotion right that is the focus and staying disappointed. The best way the Bruins can win argument give themselves the best chance to -- this -- the play their game and you know I'm not gonna -- the Montreal Canadians with -- with you know with a wide brush and say that -- all this style and and they're not you know this stand -- guys over the at a -- try to play the game the right way but. You know that the perception is in the kind of earned that perception that they are gonna try and rapidly everywhere who -- Exactly exactly and that's not the case but but there's enough of them in their lineup that that is the perception and and and and Boston. They must you know that's that's rule number one that they have to have discipline discipline comes in a hole number -- -- But one of them is to make sure that you don't you know outside of who you are. Because Montreal's making you go. They'll what I think of that I think of I think you two guys I think that the coach has got to control the emotions of -- we've seen at times speaking. There's some penalties and react but -- help Brad -- -- to me you know I look at him and say OK there has to be a line. End and when you think about Brad and his performance in Detroit the first thing that -- Humana to open act right or maybe even three if you wanna count the game for so. That's that's. -- -- You know we're -- that mentally where are you -- emotionally where IE would you confidence in the most of the things you wanna be looking for in game one from martian -- is -- with his team and his confidence level. And his focus in August practice testers back this morning from the all the ports. -- that's good that's it because wondered yesterday Elvis and okay what why was the absent was kind of surprised people BJ beam was there we talked to. I couldn't agree more I think most people agree it's the emotion this thing and not. Not being goaded into dual Montreal once you do question brick is -- Japanese press rooms you've. You've sat there or new arrivals have been at Hartford and Montreal team -- did not like. Whose job is it to get that -- across I assume it's Claude Julien does he just. The show the last game of the the season when he took -- put Montreal. In six power plays a media show video what they try to do how do you get that across to your players that no matter how much you hate this team and what they do. You or disadvantage you played it to their hand if you start take liberties of Montreal. Obviously that message gonna come from the coaching that is gonna come from the leadership group in the players all over this all over the Bruins play that they get a bunch of leaders and -- -- what -- truly comes down to is. You know if I'm certain you know in my stall in the locker room and you go to my right -- to my left its. -- -- -- job to remind me -- my job to remind Lou woods whose job to remind my that this past the BO focus it just goes right around the world. And that's where the reminders in the focus needs to be. It's not it's not a speech that comes from today in which I mean it's one player reminding the other player that he sits next and that this is how can get it. Palestinian injected the game suspects against Montreal. As to professional Jack sometimes emotional -- emotions will come out. You have to hold back to hate this team. I've made it startled as the other day you know we're talking about over and that's about this year he's just Boston Montreal right now and -- so I'm the perfect guy to address the speakers. I was eight and ten when he won the cups it's a 172 but I was haunted. By all the failures of the dramatic feelings in the post season. When they couldn't beat the Montreal Canadian that was the Norris -- Or was the Don cherry teams of the mid seventies the late seventies in the -- -- too many men on the -- and you know whatever it was haunted by it. And I started my pro career and I really wasn't paying attention to much liberals but they get beat by the Canadian royalties. And it wasn't until you know 198788. But they finally beat Montreal so. My my stated phrases I respect the Montreal Canadians. And Stanley Cup championships that they won but I don't have to respect the individual players especially the way they played certain players this. I've -- emotions IC passion my jacket that's that's the lead emotion when you talk about jacket with. And and I am a little bit more balance of the more reserved because he can carry the passion for the two of -- you know it's the needles that high. But yeah this is a series and I look fortunate I hope you know I thought the played Montreal every year. They're gonna get you out a way to sights set up exactly and that's the way it was back in the day that that's the one thing I think the NHL still has the players still have. I don't think it's there in MLB -- or NBA. -- free agents. It's whether be at the same agent as the other guy yeah hang out your work cut me off season. I -- NHL still has your hatred. You'll -- for the players I think it's NHL -- NFL has bolts are still physical and that the physical stuff we're right even a guy that's on your team you see that ball against them and it's a terrible -- -- on the beaten a lot of them in the course. -- athletes still have hatred for the other team. A missing it was oh yeah well China I agree and an. And and it there are countless examples to make your point and maybe this isn't as accurate it could be but you don't -- -- an odd backs. In how he knows all about. I mean I know they had shake hands at the end and I don't know what the exchange was but to me that that's eight. Yeah you know and you know it's it's crossing the line -- to suspend -- affairs based in muted in in fuel. -- like a motion. I get fired up and oath which cable is tonight brick is here in studio is going to be here until noon. I he's taking your phone calls we are taking your phone calls your thoughts. Expectations the Bruins in the series -- Montreal 61777979837. Is the phone number the AT&T decks life. It's 379 -- 37 and a reminder prick is going to be very busy. During this series OK on to nest in is gonna have one -- free. And posts before and after every game during the second round of the Canadian starting tomorrow night 630. It'll be on NASA and plots tomorrow at 630 can find your channel and NASA dot com slash NASA and plot what do -- -- from a beautiful export yeah. This brick if you're sitting between month low in the bruins' locker it's going to be a short series -- -- to solicit the I can -- and that's about it can't escape but I can add that your calls a brick 61777979837. Your text messages. With brick as well 37937. Guess -- back at practice today. Dennis Seidenberg brick changes to it all -- Seidenberg back with a postings in that in Montreal but keep it here. In Boston when those moments ago moments augment Boston's so. That answers questions. The word is passionate when he talked about Jack Edwards. My -- if not harder -- correctly sees that on a nightly basis during the season. Here the house talking all things Bruins the Canadians your calls and tech 61777979370. AT&T decks on 3793 says. You know we have a lot of down time when we travel during the regular season and in the off -- on occasion we legal final local establishment have a couple of Beers or tenth and we always look for placed as a jukebox otherwise would have a list and that's. About how are -- I think that puts his agitating -- -- -- to subscribe just grilling on napkins let's allow any kind of puts a couple good sentences together that we know what that that's a NG. Rick this thing down it's related not because I wouldn't know what I was saying even if I wrote it down and credit that the napkins -- -- more pro hockey died of Soriano has stepped up a let's not. We're talking about this series and and we've talked all really before the this season's start the playoff DC in the second season started. About the potential return for Dan Steinberg and you have been the level headed voice of this state security a -- -- he's not coming back he's not gonna play just. Our -- it's gonna happen. Yesterday he return not just to a priest. Practice skate but practiced not contact with practicing. Our reports are he was back at practice again today. I -- ask this every week but did you feel any differently like you are ultra left. You feel any differently about the potential return not this row but at some point of Dennis Seidenberg during the play -- Well first of all items that you were idiot and I didn't even implied because I think it's it's an okay question asking it's a topic that should be out there because he's on the ice during. Okay that upset -- and the you know as a player when you coming back from major major surgery they are going to be several d.s in a row where. The genes in your health are just making you feel really really -- you compared to win your first were post surgery. All the -- all the rehab. All the hard work all the attention to try to keeping some kind of conditioning. All stocks that pay up when -- that the yield. But hey you got to let the healing process be complete. Before -- even think about play. I don't know where that is you'd have to ask the doctors and you got Dennis Dennis -- healing process is just in terms of time. Secondly as good as you feel you haven't had body contact yet. And the first -- you have -- contact. All maybe get a different position is a little bit -- leverage somebody's lean in on a little bit eagle it'll explode to make contact it's a different feeling. Now that great feeling you had because you -- recovery it's the post season you wanna be apart of this you know we can be a big -- -- healthy. So those emotions in those feelings and the physical feelings. -- change as we go walk a juror Denis is doing really good right now he's taken part in practice he can see light at the end of the tunnel each body was done for the year and that's why I'm conservative in my approach. You know what I like -- obviously he makes the Bruins a better team if he's up to speed if his conditioning is there and the contributions are to be what they are. And I don't expect him in the system we talked about it was a week two weeks ago. I don't expect him to be twelve to fifteen minute you know I I -- I look at guys that were out. For extended period of time and came back and play their teams in the post season. Zetterberg to prime example. He played nineteen have mortality minutes each game that he played and no one was overtime but he played a light played his regular -- -- Sheen comes back to Colorado. First game back after missing significant time plays nearly twenty minutes I don't see guys. All of that stature and I put Seidenberg in there because he's the second best defenseman at some nights he was the best Bruins defenseman. In that same category that he's back and I'm not looking at him as a spot guy I expected to play. Yeah you and that you mentioned to contact its. You -- it -- do whatever it is it's. Your body -- reacted healthy needs help the doubles healthy joints healthy backs. They take punishment because they're healthy that so regularly to bounce off well that that that need -- may be recovery time. Three months three and a half four months. And it's not that you know all of sudden. A little move that should -- all of a sudden does in in in and yes I'm looking at setbacks right -- get the physical play and you know it everything is great now we -- -- feels good. All of a sudden you know do we have some setbacks so maybe you don't see Dennis Seidenberg now the game but he expects in the series for sure we'll see -- conference finals. Daniel piety cleared concussion you expect to see him -- Chris -- I don't expect to seek. -- I haven't seen him in his equipment not that I and at the arena every day he was not there again today so I minor injury seems like it was more than that this. Well yeah and and and I'm not talking at a school -- when will we saw him in in the public saw him those or around the team you'd -- did not look good in such a disabling injury when -- back yet. Is the problem so no I don't expect to see Chris Kelly I totally expect the CIA. Tomorrow night and the expectation is to be back with a regular line playing with Kelly playing with on that makes that -- better as well as I Jordan Kron played. And I expect floor to stay in line up on that -- President Bush Iran I would I would thank. And -- logic tells us that that. And then when you have high line up and if you not getting what you want out of that third unit you still have the ability. To switch those two guys around me -- eyes light up that third line so. A florist and a nice job he seems to be comfortable playing with two Swedes. And I think wrong scheme is more suited to play with Campbell and one but -- rating go he's the guy it's gonna come out. F orcas has been an eye opener to me I mean at one point you're forking Chiron had two of the bruins' first 45 goals you know in his playoff run by an unexpected. And the expectation for me would be going for that -- power play for you do you mention it going to the series Asher what. What are you most looking forward to amateur -- La -- -- you mentioned the power play. They were so good in that first round that emergence is it is simple as. Is it as simple as char in front. And McGinley here and because it seemed like both screw things and crew laughs they were -- to our personnel right I just love the way they approach it now specially chartered parliament. -- the char in front of the net has worked you know it and it has worked primarily because when they try to the past they didn't have a -- -- They didn't have a Doug Hamilton really -- that mobility and -- police skills total on the Blue Line. A guy that was faster quicker. I younger they can go retrieve pucks when they were sent the link that the ice. And then as they guide. Better at making decisions as a quarterback. If you wanna call that carry the puck up the -- That allowed charity get to the front of the net with the size and to his credit. He's really worked debt you know the ability to not only take the goal his -- away but out of hand eye coordination get some pieces upon. Quickness to jump on rebounds you know big body a big long stick that's not easy when punctured by your feet when -- trying to get rebounds in front of the net. I he's really improved that that. He's gotten better goalie get pucks unique features in front at the whole time the pucks up for grabs you got to go out number your pony gonna get in the corners got to make plays back to the point. And you gotta get to the front and nets -- charged in a really good job to his credit. To be more of a factor. But when you add -- announced they would crew because that's the unit that place together Hamilton played the other with the other guys. And the threat of begin and you know the -- a one time or the regulation goal scoring from the opposite side of the ice in that formation that they have with the man advantage. Really hasn't been there but you still have to deeply for a decent if the goal scorer so that opens up more options for you. And and -- just gotten better in terms of Reading the plate in reading the -- their -- -- -- have with a power play. You know you want you want -- kind of a soft. Structure -- man advantage. But it has to be cues that everybody's on the same page when this happens I'm going here when that happens everybody else is rotating this is we'll go trying to set up -- two on one. In you have to be able to read that -- that and still have some creativity to make things happen with the extra man and I did so. The additions of -- Hamilton. Clouds willingness to go full full woods and -- and one defenseman and coach our defense and what he's actually afforded that in that unit. So you know the involvement of the team all of the coaching. All of the philosophy. But it's the better person now that has made -- have a much more quality now. -- a lot to go here army as far as the post season goes but it does. At least the potential saying while this this could be one of the better Bruins teams if not the best and only wanna cup for years back went through last year but the addition -- the power play. The addition of a third line and -- they went to this cup. And lost without a third line they want a couple of power play so you look at the addition of both of those things. And it ease the pain a little bit like say you know early nets series in the -- you know a gala preaching lined -- woken up yet you say well. -- him to get a second I get a third line got a power play I mean you can still get a from so many different areas this is depth that we Arnold we have really seen. As a unit yeah and. And I have so many random thoughts when we talk about you know that the playoffs in the match up with -- Montreal and and what they just did against Detroit and it I don't even know where exit to kind of pull it all together but it's. In -- what they've been able to do you line in any got to give Detroit credit they they had to try to neutralize that line as best they could thinking that that was the best way to slowed on the Bruins but because that depth. It that we talked about before the series even started was gonna separate the Bruins from Detroit which is why -- believed it was going to be issuing a series and most. It up and then you think about. Mike Babcock talked -- about how young his guys -- tonight we looked like kids -- you know well secondly let's look at the Bruins at the pretty young. Especially an inexperienced to some degree. On the Blue Line. That was a concern for a lot of Bruins fans you know. What are you gonna get from crew guys played the NHL but you know how much plays up experience you know what's -- hinting at a looked like in the postseason because he's only when he usual Kevin Miller. Welcome any jokes bears as we have in the post season there. Well Ali was was a different -- of community stepped in a lot so there was some youth that some questions on Boston. But they got performance because -- -- coached up they have that believability but it's the by an active from the leaders especially down the middle that makes Boston's social. Will come back and appreciate Karl sober we have talked about enough based what he's done in this first round and a call once talked Bruins. And black -- your calls with any -- of NASA and 6177797937. Or text at 37. 937 brick is here at Lou we're talking -- of the united 37 WE yeah. Bruins Canadiens game one tomorrow we're talking in studio -- broccoli is here when he's here he's brought to you by our friends -- nor -- power equipment by agency insurance. And by Jolie's gulf performance center 61777979370. AT&T decks on 37937. ML. Is in Randolph talk and Bruins and Blackhawks today ML what do you. Good morning guys commodities that are on call -- shall rule. Lot. And let me we're glad you're on -- I am I evaluate your expertise. And toilet that you -- Jackie -- wanna -- McCain's. I think you keep jacket lines. A little extra. They're all good. A dark particularly the too old you are you agree with everything on the guy is on although -- now on Tuesday in. When Larry dark and -- probably agree with animals you know it's a good group right there -- -- over -- But I gotta think I got. All of antiquity when you saying I'm old school I look at wouldn't send the Bruins. I'm a -- -- I realize is exactly you know on watching your -- and really well there. -- -- -- Okay that's true but -- look at the court ordered the -- outlets called Chicago Blackhawks. Without any at all because it's not the recruiting. In the cup champions. My theory is it to somebody kicks the title does have a couple weeks collecting. They're the best team and that as the public record you bought them -- don't last year. There aren't actually at the Blackhawks where would you agree that -- that the Blackhawks. The worry that he brought about what I want. -- came out and I think the black -- it's. Oh yeah is that they know I want question would be other -- the best team in NHL you along. The best five on five team in the NHL all -- yes Chicago's defending champs and there will be the defending champs champs until they they get bounced. In the Red Sox that defending champs that the best in baseball right now. It is a lot of great teams on the west but this on scallop season even seasoned -- is right now the best Iraq. Yeah I think the -- the schools -- you know it. You may think that Chicago because they won the Stanley Cup last year that that that the other champions until someone knocks a -- which the other side of this while the other side of the -- But Stanley Cup just sit there it's anybody's this year it's it's nobody recognize it's whoever's gonna be the best team in the league this year and that will be determined throughout the playoffs. They're the Stanley Cup champions not the black on black hawks won it last year graduates and I think they wanted. I hopefully I don't buy -- of that belief that the Bruins lost in six or -- Chicago won it yeah added they were awesome team in. And they look pretty impressive it you know going down to nothing to Saint Louis did look good you were you were concerned about the health of -- into a state -- a couple of big hits early next series. And and for what for what they were able to accomplish. Was pretty impressive I think in round 11 and that the we talk about the the alignment OK some really good teams going out round one -- I think that's that's tremendous I mean the the interest. In the NHL playoffs right from the opening puck drop of each one of around one because of the 23 matchup that we got this year. I love Alexei you're defending champ until the opening night of the following year figured there longer defending champion once the season has started this year. On paper only the copies. Back and available for an end and we said -- October of 2011 right in the Bruins were champions in in June June 15 of 2011. Opening night not to lower their cups of regret. Well given that you -- you on a second round and you've got Bruins Montreal. Not I watched the but the Pittsburgh Columbus series and flurry to mean is still a guy that -- You have to be concerned with the Boston Atlanta game of the bestseller that's Jerry Douglas some thoughts Cosby says it is the best player is very slow -- watching that game 6 and I am just laughing for nothing -- so for Michael c'mon you be number one. Ford threw one ball for three make. This is awesome yeah I mean you're you're into that game. Because of that. I think that this is probably -- topic -- it's not just natural to give by the -- the toughest test. Yeah -- you know if if you wanna project I think an -- -- you know this this it appears that Montreal with their competence level their sweep of Tampa. On how much they believe in what they're doing the addition of panic. -- -- the whole ice advantage whether you know whatever they erected was during the regular season -- it doesn't matter. Playing in the post season in the city of Montreal is always a challenge no matter how good you -- It sets itself up to say while this is going to be an epic series it could go seven again. And if you compare them to either a Pittsburgh or a flyers -- Rangers. It almost seems like Montreal. Would be harder hotter it's has to -- challenged for the Boston bros but you know. The theory is the more you play the DP you go the tougher it gets in the better the teams are -- with the alignment going back to the old ways -- maybe not. Not and you don't get the receiver anymore you get a pretty tough team in Montreal -- on the cape actually talk in Montreal on Bruins today -- any Berkeley go ahead there. What -- -- mockery of it Democrats extend to the others -- And the cars. Really -- a goal and don't know I don't know tight he -- an important part of the word got out and. Yeah yeah you're really killed the -- -- like I. Describe. You know much -- is is famous for. Or infamous for you know whatever advantage we -- we're gonna create -- -- -- was done at this of it would Jack the other day in and too little on different lines but. Back in the day when you had the god and which was 119. Feet by you know ED two you know buffalo was -- very proud smaller. Now they standardize nearly 200 by 85 and you know you can't really build G eighteen. Kinda it's the way your read youths in the shaping Yuriko though on how tight quarters -- whatever might be like this. I kind of -- that but rip you to give an advantage whether it's you know -- size or whatever you can do. To create edit in its call for it's not cheating -- -- dark. Now it's no mention the idea for at least you know Alaska early trading if you get caught -- -- your pick for the series lots of it on yeah I like its highs and cheating. Are you want those who believes the theory that. Montreal always get the first penalty not in Montreal now -- no overtime their home they'll get a personal matter -- now we joke last week about you know. Get a power play in the final two minutes on an exchange in the corn that if you can call it call bulls. But better off the -- think you know I mean that was my viewpoint of that be playing league they gave the -- that needs now the fear was that kind of call wasn't called earlier in the game that night and then late at the end and ought not. To simply say that you know first penalty for his copilot when -- wanted to goes and they were much you all in their building. No I don't believe that but I know. That the pressure on the officials. When they when they calling DE Montreal it's intimidating. And it can affect your judgment I talk about the Bruins and need to keep focused. I think the officials face the same channel I mean is it just there is is there is it's just that yes you know them to the craziest America Greg they invented the game didn't. -- they're a well happy how come I don't. Out of does that compare to that here's a theory which -- -- or you know what the only Canadian William Perry has conceded that -- The only Canadian team in the playoffs this year in the advanced around to it and they have won a Stanley Cup since 93. Honestly about that the other day you look at the teams that have won Stanley cups since Montreal last want it eat at teams in the southern bill. California teams get Detroit winning it four times the Bruins Chicago twice of the ranges like all the original six except dropped. You don't have once daily -- last cents. Montreal -- Two I think there's just pressure. No pressure they don't pressure Canadians that that. Not your game on the air and he told us Bruins enough for five BC felt like that was the way to go Detroit you feel like making a prediction on Bruins Canadian -- -- I think it goes blank. -- back home in seven the sound familiar though the and I love it 77 of the way this works OK nest nest and has no control over this -- get to this round and NBC are friends and NBC communicate the game that does that mean. You're not gonna get the great breakdown for brick before after game were -- an hour pregame. Our post game before every round two game and every game going forward as the winner until this this thing he's done. You'll see brick and Jack and dale and -- cast the characters an -- for the game hour after the game tomorrow it's on us and loss. Beginning at 630 you will be at the garden -- correct yeah 630 tomorrow can't get here fast -- -- as far as I'm concerned I can't wait Brit got thank you so much commonality throughout the series deceit and I he is dandy brick we. We could get your free of both came on massive investment plus. Hot tomorrow night 61777979837. Text line 37937. Talk to baseball boss for only -- think about the Red Sox and the sluggish race start the year -- only ESPN next.

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