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Headlines Headlines Headlines: Failed execution 4-30-14

Apr 30, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed a failed execution in Oklahoma.

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Headlines brought you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans building a better network and by pursuit of fitness equipment -- the pros do precision fitness equipment receive the calls they're lined up we'll get -- them. Momentarily you know we start in Oklahoma. Box XEQ should a botched execution. It used a new drug combination left and Oklahoma in May. Riding clinching his teeth on the Gurney -- -- -- got back up proceedings it's forty inmates eventual death from a heart attack. General you always say their photos via the -- Asia Clayton -- it was 38 years old so it wasn't a botched execution. It was a slow execution. It it's torturous -- so personal survived comment what did he do so let's stop all acts of Asia but that's. Sam -- what he did you know we all make mistakes yeah. Look at made a bad decision Donald sterling and said the Portugal sort of time felon Lockett was convicted of shooting nineteen year old Stephanie Neiman with a sawed off shotgun and then watching his two accomplices. Buried her alive in rural county in 1999. Is on the fifteen years afternoon Fred arrived in the home the men were -- A teenage girl shot with a shotgun there are alive. Is that some people think. This was a cruel and usual punish what would say that's only if it took. Him longer to dive that it took her when they buried her alive Carl Cameron your favorite movie -- law abiding saw you -- -- Pampers with the lethal injections a -- -- and guy's head -- something Charles Warner was scheduled to put to -- two hours later in the same room and on the same -- and -- -- images and delayed for a couple weeks. His crime. The forty sexual was convicted of rape and killing his roommates eleven month old daughter in nineteen he said taking a page degree banks let's play two minutes so he gets stay Mexican should. -- yes the shortages. Had this stupid. Thing doesn't work the that the drug right drug not -- and it's just fun it would just beat the hell out of work. We have sausage on us. Director of the execution it. There was some concern that time that the drug not having an effect. So the doctor observe the line and determined that the line has long. Unsure of just. How much of the lethal cocktail inmate had received the director brought the proceedings to a halt it was my decision -- obvious from the dead. 43 minutes after the first injection. Clayton Lockett would die anyway I don't know what seven or six hours. And make supper what appears to be massive heart passport. He probably smoked a lot -- yeah yeah so. So regular checkups the governor has been to mature. One week and that's what -- that'll teach him to report. This is on North Carolina as -- I keep updating stores never see them the departing. Maddening and notes how's that for. North Carolina woman may have been posting to -- FaceBook page for crashing vehicle and dying as a result of the accident. Courtney and scampered thirty years old crossed. On roadways and High Point, North Carolina Thursday morning Clyde and the truck investigators -- the news station friends and family Sanford said the victim posted. But the fairways aren't happy FaceBook page on the scene I'm fatal accident. -- good recent post -- song post that happens on makes me happy. And it. And also online activity this temperatures also posting so we. Campaign against driving while posting itself it's driving texting. She isn't doing wrong or FaceBook or -- The words right -- -- that voice -- yet and she saw a good citizens through at least they should hopefully have this on camera in the making of the commercial because this is a scourge. This is honest to god to the of the them come and work wants the Euro -- 5 in the morning and as the Mercedes issue -- economy in the capital as. Well. -- the writes so finally you know slow and a break. -- that whole run pass them. He stops. Literally stopped in the right -- -- -- stopped what -- -- And starts texting. Like I -- are are you know try to find directions safer. Stop stop org I just playing within -- -- take -- Sunday am push inherently going running back at some residential street just the quiet street. And the woman does the U turn. In the middle of the road. What she's texting. As -- turn keeps Ortiz texting can promise Osama look at give one of these. She's kind takes I would onto the it. But I'm serious. If you said if you text while driving you will be. Execute -- -- -- -- You just get your car the seized -- -- in jail for a month or some way out and -- I want -- upon looking to go somewhere in my car from doing GPS. If the car's moving I can't type in stuff that actually yes Iraq thing right. Can put phones will know that. We just have to rest and we just have to you know these -- and a lot of hard part but that's not I -- I saw him every but for every case it's that's obvious is what people can -- one of these -- yet. You know them tonight yeah it drives me insane. It's become obsessions and look at every category by -- on. Banged on windows -- walk in them or run by some. It is -- it's it's people like I should find out you're the text or you -- I don't care. She -- it's been just lucky she -- truck the guy was 173 or John Thompson. Not into the truck driver not the former George this is John -- I don't you know which is -- other state police sources and find out how many tickets have been written. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I think that's changing that was when the first -- law first six months. Text makes good point she. I'd do what you that's true you know love based in minute and he should be -- to torture people to death -- they shall I shall not rooting for I'm. Rooting for and demand but it -- -- -- found -- they've decided that. By death would you be outraged. Searching for Julian -- you're referencing the woman who was buried alive -- the and the guy and that is symbol of the people think that that was all -- execute the guy who. -- shot and everything he knew I could -- a liberal -- -- guy who's going to rate. And that death that was a tricky but this guy raped. And killed an eleven month old. Well he could be innocent -- -- people who say well you know I don't. He's a person other -- flat out it's wrong he should get three squares a day and it is doctor can be you wouldn't medical dental teeth fixed in the if traitor Hernandez get this work on his bench press basic cable -- showed -- but I have live brought to you by AT&T all right -- quick time -- we see the -- they are lined up we will get to you next.

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