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Adam Silver lays down the law

Apr 30, 2014|

The guys opened the show by discussing Adam Silver's lifetime ban placed against Donald Sterling.

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It seems to me that about 24 hours ago most of us were of the opinion that there is nothing NBA commissioner Adams over could do or say. That would satisfy the masses regarding this Adam sterling situation. Well I guess we were wrong I implied by most accounts it seems to be a unanimous. Standing ovation when they slow clap for Adam silver as he brought the hammer down on sterling yesterday. And we were mocking or at least easing the commissioner yesterday morning. About his presentation. Seems to me when all was said and -- the presentation style points didn't matter very much the content points seem to be the thing that carried the day. Yeah. Now the fun begins. Albeit because sterling is not go away read Michael McCain today in tech and our agreed Michael -- did not going to him so thorough so -- ugly fight this it's going to be an ugly five but deals that's right so did better than anyone expect on -- question the located. You know the reasonable rational rational people like Doc Rivers and and and Kareem Abdul Jabbar. And the lunatics and the race hustlers like Al Sharpton and and Snoop Dogg I mean there was no march that was no protests somehow. He just stood up there spoke from the heart and defused every yeah. And I I don't know why I didn't see it come -- you'd seek common it is seem really simple. I know he's an articulate. It was like they are particularly health -- it's there's -- this just the president pressure but style that is how sincere hello Terry Wright didn't seem scripted fake it didn't seem to select seemed genuinely pissed yeah. It when he said personally how outrageous -- you know what is right he is and it worked perfectly because it seemed like it was from the heart and that's the last thing you expect from a lawyer commissioner guy whose legal team. Is advising him before it takes the stage when he said banned for life but he said for life that there was -- -- -- -- and you were right you know that made a difference the word that he said -- citizens will be indefinite -- definite -- lifetime like what's helpful if -- -- a -- it's the would have been good performance but for life yes with emphasis and personally outraged with emphasis. At mentioning you know Chuck Cooper and Kareem Abdul -- about it Johnson. Was brilliant I think he wrote himself I think he spoke off the -- at some points and I think he answered every question even the stupid ones like. Being Jewish does it matter that he's Jewish you're Jewish. Outside it was good to see Guerrero yes it was it yes that's excellent question it almost looks great she's aging well. Good to see -- friendly -- -- You'll think so download big east is up all sorts casual now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who -- -- -- -- good always here she's and LA girl I think we got a group actually she probably is very involved there immersed in this so holes scandal there -- she said she was with extra as a society -- -- I don't after a week ago beauty -- it would. Throw -- -- agent you know date or murdered bureaucrat it's your computer and Google her Playboy shoot -- one oh good dozen best and histories so HT Apple's stated with a ones. -- And -- in the room a few pleasures night you would find repulsive and -- let's go to my house a bit I got was on the committee to pick to Chile is one year -- a new -- quantity. Urge any offer guests buddy Sean McDonough but -- yes and yeah. She's the chief investigative correspondent for incited. By the addition -- A long way from me in the patronage. Chief investigative correspondent for inside the ripper was a good question some -- basket node. A -- of the questions were all good even the stupid ones -- good. They were killing. Ma am I was at my comic Jim and they only had MSNBC on so there were killing Fox News. As the chick and asked about how to -- Kelly girl the meg and Kelly about the privacy in the price -- private coaxing -- There are -- legitimate it is defending a race is billionaire Fox News and that was a good question. It is a good question my answer is I was reading all the stuff last night -- couldn't stop. From a libertarians and some conservatives who -- -- concern that this was a private conversation and it is a slippery slope and it is a can of worms and I don't disagree. But -- my conclusion to that he was not banned for life and find -- that million dollars. We're telling his. Crazies -- little spanky girlfriend to not bring magic games. It was a body of work it was on a silver said I don't care I don't care has. But consider -- that matters a sterling legally because that's not that's not what's that on a silver said yesterday all right right. I mean there's a reason it's said that he was gonna say you know is banned for life. You know -- -- -- some blind old lady. Dan. Wheldon that but -- -- -- that if he were if he had impeccable credentials. Or even if he were you know Jerry boss if you were below that. Hello if you respected. And they just did this one stupid thing with the tape at the age of eighty -- -- not to kicked out of the league and he's not find two and a -- dolls he could say. I was -- jealous boyfriend you know magic to -- where clip where he could have have been suspended for I was still -- -- and I -- yes -- -- it -- -- -- there's no -- the hammer comes down. If not for this long body of work this is -- make up call on the part of the NBA. This is Adam silver saying listen we spent decades looking the other way we're not gonna do that anymore. Effective immediately. I am banning mr. sterling. For life from any association. With the clippers organization. Or the NBA. Mr. sterling may not attend any NBA games or practices. He may not be present at any clippers facility. And he may not participate in any business or player personnel decisions involving the team. He will also be barred from attending NBA board of governors meetings. Or participating. In any other league activity. I am also finding mr. sterling. 2.5 million dollars. The maximum amount allowed under the NBA constitution. Now Ernie Johnson later said he's also banned from watching any of the games on T and T is well let's -- -- this -- five million was in play and that was erroneous obviously because the maximum allowable -- constitution of the NBA. Is two and a half a couple people got Iraq -- -- -- wrong and NBC. And the -- report I don't I don't -- -- the -- wrong and -- -- -- won the day that's true but we missed a libertarian -- relief you are you OK with -- you comfortable with things I'm OK with -- -- -- a private business can do -- if they wish but I would say that's. Mark Cuban Jim Dolan are comfortable with this well I would say that sterling when he sues these guys that's going to happen we know that it's going to be a long lawsuit and there are going to be easy be able to dig into their stuff written. They're very happy need racist conversation has surpassed the better deal racist emails and their pastor better be -- -- -- -- Oklahoma full -- they're better of been no conversations after a couple of drinks and dinner in Phoenix at some owners and as or -- which. -- about a guy you know be in and I have a Wear pink sweater or supplement -- and called him some homophobic slur. You know thinkers some of that -- but I hope sterling is. Old. Gold hired doctor and forgetful defeated defeated demoralized. If he has if he comes -- breathing fire with his legal team. And says I'm going down and home going down but I'm not going alone I don't know which NBA owner he would target and Sam bring him with me. But you saw that list and and and that Dave is that he goes into the New Jersey dot com guide you. Orlando guys against gay marriage. Jim Dolan has a long cold -- history of and and and they knicks do know of sexual harassment. The fracking guys. You know the stuff in the prime the sub prime mortgage guy in Cleveland as any skeletons Michael Jordan's closet. That. I wanna dig in and they're lucky that you might find -- -- -- -- -- the black owner -- just say no and what about Jerry Buss who's not with us anymore that he hates. -- -- Yeah that's too Ugly Betty hates well here and we hate is Jordan you know -- On several levels. This. I don't know Cuban who doesn't it. That's -- I was allies were whose enemies were we're that we are going to find out all I'll say this if you and and it is must reading if you or even marginally interested in this story and where it goes from here from Michael McCann SI dot com. -- about an hour to go through all this stuff in very small print. But it is -- from eight Tuesday and -- page one. Page two on page three. He turns his attention to the prospect. Of sterling suing could be a source of worry to NBA owners or at least three reasons and gives all three -- reverse order. If sterling wins or extracts a settlement not only could NBA owners be on the hook for expensive fees. But sterling would seem victorious. -- Suing over the franchise ouster could undermine and the lifetime ban. Here's the one that -- just referenced Shirley suing may lead to pretrial discovery. Which could be designed in part to embarrass other owners in NBA officials of any bigoted remarks or beliefs on there part. Augusta probably is with mines and at night. -- -- links well girl might think said Mike -- did that -- columnist for the reference state dinner Super Bowl. And sterling pull up -- and David Robinson was there somebody LD I don't somebody else was able. Of people slug and -- drinks and -- law and it was some young -- on on this arm. And sterling in -- wasn't it's their quietly in the corner he was in you know he was in engaged engaged in a brief. Flowing drunken conversation. Sounds like a pattern sounds like you might have done that once twice he's in LA he's in the league. 33 years if he. Hasn't forgotten everything yet he's got -- on somebody and it's common and that that's just a small price to pay there at the league had no choice -- had no choice they will vote unanimously believe. Two to force him to sell but that's just it is the the battle just begun and it's going to be it's going to be colorful it's going to be fun. About to issue a good point and -- think we use at 33 years in the league with those kinds of associations we have been doing this for thirty -- is about apple that. We post about people that we dragged down and and and stroked up and hand. Litigated. That we could say well you know this guy that -- -- I mean you guys you guys were. Do we wouldn't do that job that's sad when you're right you're that -- closed circle like the NBA owner for 33 years you know stuff. -- -- thing is in morning your favorite things going out and slug him back -- dinner at -- -- -- lemmings her wherever. A league meetings. Or in his match and or in -- at the Malibu beach house. I don't know he's too old for a long protracted battle. Or he will be defeated everybody has the break you know it's gonna win this eventually. Bought time lifetime ban may be right eighteen months the big guy you know I -- -- this could kill them connect to march on. And she -- not long after how healthy she was before that -- -- -- on how wealthy does he look that's true. Think delivers probably. Yeah I think he had trouble keeping up with young. Real sports whoever -- currently target the -- she probably charges for. Next in for everything the -- from -- and -- Russell. Charges almost much is Bill Russell. Pump the brakes. -- -- -- We got the break and what is the Bill Russell charges for interviews nice to be reminded. The probably won't get to you can post and I -- we know the answer to office. And I and and you would be one person out of a hundred. That would even at this point after having been bashed about the head and shoulders universally. Mean from the president overseas to you know all boys. That would wanna go quietly and get out of this cleanly and make this pain end. If you are a little bit about what people think about it would just say okay. You got me off fell sick in my -- would not his MO it doesn't seem to be able 9900. S what does that say that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You'd think at that age I mean. Most people that it would be a little too -- What -- scuba dive or something -- go to church ecosystem. Dive. I do -- -- golf needs an angry guys fueled by anger in insanity that's always gonna go down he's our economic right now. Working the -- you know -- he's -- he's yelling -- this is its character in a -- for vacation packages. You know it's a violent man. She was -- in its -- you know lawyers come in with -- shaved heads. You know when they there there. Brooks Brothers suits and they wanted to PST fingering their. And they say here is the strategy boss that you were given name for him a -- Jim -- circling. The thing you -- because he's close again -- worked at the property is how many people how many media people. In LA have not burned a bridge this and so most of them by every LA times writer columnist the right guy yet as -- practically burned their bridges with. With sterling and don't get invited to the Malibu beach house maybe grade. As waited for this day waiting for the day that he could be the guy who gets pills -- 'cause it was common that seem like this they would most amazing thing. Yahoo! just that -- Compilations the greatest hits of this scumbag and and you say why did it take 33 years mean the behavior the public's stuff -- Should've been booted out of the league. Publicly vilified thrown off the -- courtside seats. Know 2030 years ago why not but obviously sterling was the Biggest Loser yesterday he did the winners and losers so -- -- list. No doubt gas overlooks great stern -- hated it when Silva perform that well I got universal applause. Stern was that and silver and sterling was enabled stern for years and years juniors overs in the three months and get for a 88 days and they had to be asking now or all ask him. Oh did you do this -- well we should. It's over but we're so we're part yeah lucky you showed up in eighty days that your party he knew that -- mean there's no doubt I'm pretty sure the NBA office to get ESPN magazine that yeah they have access to -- via Google no doubt they know about my whole anti discrimination suit. They know about the sexual discrimination -- they know. What kind of scumbag we didn't we knew he was. A -- -- be re in the worst franchise in professional sports but it was a it was news to me that he was this big a creep and and. What NBA owners should be skittish on several levels -- skittish because. You know this this. Exposure to a lawsuit might be coming down the pike but orchestra tiptoeing around the fact that they are in that same club. That spurned -- headed up and didn't say anything about it didn't do anything about it they don't be asked about this right these owners. And and was it because you know his money was good he whose team sucked. So they'd go to -- get a win that we hadn't an easy win and I'm you could make trays with a police them as explain Chris Paul. As explained start handing. Sterling Chris Paul and -- -- handing over giving that French like the legitimacy of the Jews Doc Rivers did it. He made a choice and he legitimized. Sells sterling Poland and rivers did yeah yeah -- we haven't they did they did that turned the -- they held their noses. And they gave they gave Donald Sterling the best team will not dark Vinny Del Negro. And Paul gave the best team ever last year and talked about that this year McDougall of the finals they're not going to what do they do. -- code that actually they want. I don't think in the Americas team that's a good questions that would be Boston's team. Now people of people are OK -- thank you Michael with the topic they want at the ballpark next years but yeah that's now that's like -- doc has performed spectacularly well -- many other coaches would. The first your first thought would be he chose to go there. He made his bed room when talks -- before the cameras he's just so -- he's so small so it -- Popovich be in that rule that's a good question like you know most guys would know would perform as proceed that's true. And I we that he gives the best Briscoe reports of anybody ever the only guy of people. -- Bellamy was better with Parcells. That's probably true problem laughter but as good. In front of the cameras as there was a different Parcells had an edge to -- -- -- -- -- -- are excited combative right or it doc is zero conversations that -- -- -- -- was last time you know had sex with your wife. He would handle. Would get through -- laugh -- move on I mean nothing -- is nothing. -- slows him down. -- chimed eleven number of things to Mark Murphy in The Herald and he said at a united the players and the owners today. And made a strong decision but I fully support item out weeks. -- part of the NBA particularly today. He goes on to speak about doc I think -- was as blind sided as the rest of us like this prospects and he once played for Donald sterling and then said no the Celtics and yet and it goes on to say anyone who listen to that tape once it was decided whether it was authentic or doctored. Is going to understand what had to be done. He's proud to be in the NBA atoms so. -- -- -- Where it would mean -- yell -- eight days ago vote. Almost went past of these owners from the -- suddenly got outrage from inning to open seeding we're cross that was nowhere but the lawsuit nobody -- that -- -- it was a brutal racist. Totally -- I think they knew all they definitely margins on the fringe and now they said. He's a bad -- well what didn't you. You read a lot -- and read more sports magazines. And sports pages than with grows you'll -- he knew everything about cultural and nobody knew about that lawsuit nobody knew about them not -- details. The details I didn't I you know -- -- I know I was anymore I know I read more than -- than where he sits in relief groups are. Financial Times and business week and I I read -- ESPN magazine and Sports Illustrated I should have known. What kind of scumbag he was I mean I can't believe. This this list and then we got out -- it's Yahoo! just puts it altogether and not so uneven that long just one after another and go. -- how do we not know. Oh and in 2009 set aside ESPN magazine at the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) . -- story about the Department of Justice lawsuit and and Donald Sterling yes in its in its page idea that every -- credit. Every every -- is very well where I either failed them Candace Jones was. The specific person I think that it paralyzed I don't lie don't about -- -- -- Atlanta on after they set a victim bitch should waterfront property should nice note writer for even if that if BP's writes I had no running water. Out they want the the bug to me it's over he lost the point I'm gonna give -- -- -- today. And it's like did this later in the day -- didn't do the rest of the game and it but it bullet -- to -- minus. When I found out he called Al Sharpton deceive everything was OK with reverend now. Got to step up you know it got too which Jesse Jackson on the floor last night before the -- it's sickening sickening you call this race a slim. -- -- -- -- And it -- Cool deal like I am getting a plane and coming up -- that I -- good. That duke could well. -- to -- where it's likely file from a -- abuse -- yesterday was his -- -- -- -- that -- to be -- was true that they moved his butt out of for all of -- will be back he was kicked out folks are thinking I don't know -- kicked out of yeah in the front -- -- move because he was targeted out -- after the press -- still there yet but he got taken out of the box seats exceptionally well. -- -- to you here are right out walks in and takes a seat in the front row -- black. I mean is -- because -- in the -- and let him -- Woody Allen. I suppose I mean who -- Marshall. How Howard Stern. But he wasn't there -- MB season ticket holders can you show the problems that we left early again -- two pieces of information came to light late in the day. And their short related and they really surprised me. I guess it's true I suppose by all accounts it happened was going to happen. We'll tell you what that is when we come back. -- island will join us in the 8 o'clock hour as that we -- -- the Bruins Canadiens will start on Thursday at the garden tomorrow night as a matter. And so -- will talk with us all -- Bruins and Canadian -- vehicle -- lines are -- talk with you next.

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