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Exploring all angles of the NBA's lifetimeban of Clippers owner Donald Sterling

Apr 29, 2014|

We further break down the all the angles of the NBA's blockbuster news: a lifetime ban of Clippers owner Donald Sterling

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Our number three dale and -- Sports Radio WEEI. One of the times one of the few times where I take one of the suggestions of the textured heart. Extra in the first hour sent -- got to let that play more at the top of the hour let that song -- a little bet. Our -- -- dale and -- Sports Radio WEEI we're here as as we usually are Greg Dickerson is our third man in today and I'm I'll just tell you right now Adam silver dropped a bomb on all of us at about two and thereabouts. When we're sitting here listening live on these airwaves and watching on television at the same time. When he told the assembled press multitude that he was instituting a lifetime ban. On LA clippers owner Donald Sterling reaction has been mixed surprisingly next I would set. Well I would say nationally. Probably I would nationally hasn't been mimics national I'd probably say overwhelming. I most people overwhelmingly support -- -- -- say it based on these small percentage. That we've heard and seen from. I'm embarrassed. I'm embarrassed to be from Boston with some of the two weeks. And tax and calls that we've gotten I'm embarrassed it's well reaction around okay if if that rep -- how would be with you. If I felt. That they represented. In large portion -- it is illegal to -- -- I got out of -- They wore. As -- -- of the doubt but it was like 55%. 50% 40% of people I'd be embarrassed I don't think so. And I and I I wanna ask a question. What is some of these people 120 ones like that last callers and well it was a black owner. Of a new white soccer team in Europe I can't confuse it with Ted Wells saying what would want. Do we need to talk about black ownership. How. How unlikely that is. It -- you don't have many black owners you wanna talk about what we don't have many black owners in sports it is a conversation you want where you're trying to go with what. What do these people want to accomplish due I don't know I think you're all I know what I don't want to -- for them. Want them to speak of gonna go hand in -- don't match. They're simple I don't want -- dad's -- dad would -- do this to a black color. I want to go ahead and say it if you believe. That somehow Donald Sterling is being wrong because he's white. It if you if you agree with Donald Sterling now the ball this it otherwise don't waste my time with your hypothetical to get your radicals. I know what happened today. I don't know about your mythical black owner of some white soccer team in Europe. I'll give you one. Not mythical are real -- human being on the end of it and and you could tell me whether it rises to this this degree and -- Larry Johnson. Not are out on not RL -- the end of the former NBA player Larry Brown brown -- suggested that the NBA go to segregation have separate leagues for blacks and whites. Said that publicly. Yeah I think that's just his -- -- -- -- Now I don't think I don't think NBA was the -- I think to Larry Johnson was the content it. It almost doesn't matter -- what the context is how people view Larry Johnson. If you like it is he as he held up as a as an ambassador. A great mind in the NBA neither did Donald Sterling needle and but we at least he. Donald Sterling at least was rich and had power was hiring people and prevented people from having housing. On and on -- some power he's a rich very rich man. Who is who was influential. There was was honored by the NAACP. Larry jobs was honored by the NAACP. Larry Johnson's -- Are why. I haven't you -- award nobody gives a damn about Larry Johnson and of ours are concerned. As someone who has interviewed Larry Johnson before. Go to hell no flies out again this is no connection are NBA right now so next. I tried to hug him we all got to be better than there's got to be better than -- got to be smarter than this. My on now -- -- itself on -- my. Hey how are expected to my call for the law thank you guys I do a great job with the -- issue. Well a couple of points that and they beyond -- are adamant. We're creating and developing the panel in a kind of weird -- and hear me out. If it could be some good become. And Angela when I need but that is the punishment. I think that quick with the commissioner did they would poll was necessary. And in need to be -- up even even hit it in court later on the legal system and our market proved that some away. That at that. It is something cute to wrong Putin mr. Sherlund. I think it is taking home and away that. -- -- -- -- -- At the races and issues that that will get addressed not what it's one guy at all it did -- highlight. Yet it's still prevalent in prominent in our society at all level rich people owners -- NBA basketball scene. They're racists -- and Barack to be shocked by it. Perhaps is necessary. To wake people up and it in -- -- were spot at the response is actually more important. In any way and the actual crime. And I and I -- that because. -- -- -- it immediately pulled back in commissioner -- such harsh punishment I think it is is great. And goes -- for doing -- having. You know the ball to -- I think it's important and I think it it really is an opportunity. -- -- I need to shine a light on what's wrong. The portrait that one not -- -- the broader issue and punishing it squashing it I think you're absolutely necessary and. -- -- -- I don't I don't wanna take anything away from Adam silver as a party build audiences to a nine this afternoon. But I will say there are certainly absolutely positively economic issues that were brought to bear not only on the clippers but it as a as a league in general. He talked about their partners that the league's partners and it is necessary. You know -- Euro large multi billion dollar corporation. You have partners who were all multi billion dollar corporations most of them anyway. And you can't afford to have those multibillion dollar corporation -- You know what I think up to step away from the NBA for awhile and a lot of places -- can spend my money I don't know Bobby and the amateur feel. Comfortable spending my money -- Yeah I don't I don't feel comfortable spending my money with this guy for those out there knows what's on other textures and what about the guys. Grew. Called RG three and uncle Tom you know nothing happened to him. -- As he should've been. He should've been you brought up what you call home well you're that type of that type of language I remember when he started an and I -- -- correct -- from wrong and a bit I think we were at Mohegan Sun would have happened. I was depressed. I'm so depressed. When I heard about it. Their rob Parker which they that about. About anybody. And it was just I was so unfair and I thought it just. It it it reinforced so many stupid. Stereo types. And and I remember thinking at the time. Care Hussein and that's going to be around them. Somebody saying this on national TV has to go. Any and he was fired they should have fired him so what we have these situations. That'll really long way to go if if you see something. That a white person says in your white and the first thing you think of is. Well what if a black person said -- don't think that way. You can't beat pick -- that way you got to think about that the comments you got to think about the effect of what was said not -- started you're wrong. If it would I think that way there rob Parker is on my team and I got to protect rob Parker even be saying something idiotic. And you're on Donald Sterling steam if you're worried that you got to protect him and that that's just that's that's moronic and I got to think. Now we're better than that Smart and that I believe that. I'll also say this about Larry Johnson he did work for the New York Knicks in front office capacity look at them until Phil Jackson took over and that's the -- he is he is un employed at the moment. My guess is Adam silver might have a thing or -- to say -- If he were still an employee of the New York Knicks. Making those comments and I'll take it once those comments don't know this just -- -- now he left when Jackson kind of took over they can move. Larry Johnson out he's made these comments now that -- quotation fingers -- a civilian. Up my guess is Adam silver wood would be speaking to him to -- were still on employees in an. The New York Knicks in other words. The East Coast version of the Los Angeles Clippers usually on China -- really -- -- somewhat but got a bunch of championships but. That last 197 correct I think everybody victory at least there's one not 1983. Maggie 370. Injury. I work I once worked for James Dolan. I'm not saying he's a racist but in terms of being a bad businessman I think he's he's right there with great right there -- Donald Sterling us are brought to you by AT&T AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans. Building you a better network robs in the infield and rob I don't. It carried out there on the right now coming out in American professional fifteen years old retired cheat -- on. I'm placate unsatisfied with Adam sterling is down wherever it orders he. Auto call sterling Adams over. -- or apologize apologize that this is funny that the commissioners over the guy that he stores early sterling sterling still darling yeah. -- -- -- -- I think -- united touching on I had two goals while we're -- -- and I want to see the NBA definitively in fact we separate themselves on Oliver. By the clippers brought the word it is I would happen right now -- the dialogue. Because he is not the last. They get into position of power to ATP three. And Doc Rivers are not the only black professional that I have to deal with the issue it is alive and well and and whacking folks. Your your your listeners are predominantly probably hard working white -- And I can put their nervous about it relating to this decision reactor at -- -- finding their sense partly. There's increasingly more difficult port closet racist. Frank Campbell fliers with some of meaningless gesture. They'll look I'm not racist I get that back which -- 25%. Instead of 15%. OC I'm not a black I'm I'm not relations. And it an edit and African American professional. -- you see this. I've been to a lot of double secret black guard meetings. And I am not wants. -- -- -- and long -- Beers and its. To perpetrate the atrocities of eighteen hundreds. They just didn't seem -- -- -- and changed back interstate and set -- people or committing just erratic tournament. All we really -- And the level the playing field and when I see. American commissioners period and say OK look. It -- so many words. Black man in Chicago sports results pick it up AK 47 and killing each other that's my problem. I need to -- deal with that. I need to address that their white males are watching. Racism. Terminate every level of society. That's a white male problem if you are real world guys and it. If you're seeing something that isn't -- in our crunch in the national problem but the burden of responsibility. There's an arrest warrant -- white males. To bring it and you know white male racists just like the white team -- -- you white female promiscuity. Ort Cheney's pregnancy and the black male has to find a way to do it route thirteen year old black and stepped on more lottery game. And they -- they hope to actually throw you now. How relieved are. Some like it and maybe not so many words I mean I don't want to project too much on this. Because that's in the corporate uses millions and millions not -- -- about her stake. You know sir you're no longer welcome and our private club Mark Cuban -- the buyer -- based looking into how well. -- owner of the clippers is not welcome here this is not who we are. You're not going to be put in jail not a conscious. It's one of the country but we are. But I don't -- about it you -- about unreasonable. Well -- as exceedingly well spoke at the while on leave it alone that's unbelievable call. Let's just say this -- you do not in America have a right to earn an NB a to own an NBA franchise. You do not as an American have the right to do that. You do not as an American have the right. To keep that NBA franchise if you say something that hurts the overall brand of the overall shield. It is a privilege to -- an NBA franchise you were part of a very small very exclusive private club. And they have the right to vote you out of their private club which is about what they're gonna -- They did -- you can say. Like the beauty for them the beauty for Adam silver today. Is that he's getting credit. For what he may think or for that matter players think. That he listened to them. -- that he did not -- allow. Donald Sterling to continue to own the Los Angeles Clippers because. At the very least he didn't respect the people who were working for the whichever. Or even the people the people think and I hey Donald Sterling had a that is privacy violated. And you say even if you think that Donald Sterling is somehow victim. You agree that sterling did not respect the people working form so he clearly did so he gets credit from the players for doing that. Any give credit for the full. From the owners. Some of whom they called a -- that -- You've got to do something fast. And that in time I dial the phone but really our sponsors have pulled out. And it's bad for the clippers and it's bad for the Celtics and the bulls in the wizard to -- for the league huge effort that's right now. -- credit from both. Parties both lobbies. Who knows why he did what the real reason. -- doesn't matter Aquila. Candy you've done it for bolt may have married. Hate -- get a that it was all right thing to him he could have done any -- did it because it was a business decision and I haven't -- that -- -- problem with the -- of both threes I don't have a problem with either but. That's what it has to come back to the business aspect of it more than anything else -- NBA owner. -- thing and that's that this is this is bad business. What's happening winner in the news for the wrong reasons nobody gives a damn about playoffs. Indiana Pacers are. Falling apart and get back in my -- hand smoke at home by the Atlanta Hawks I think it -- talk about that this is without a doubt. The best the best first round of the NBA playoffs and I have ever seen I admired Michael -- -- I got to work. Except for the object to well about it that doesn't surprise Al -- -- -- other -- that -- -- -- to immoral weasel worked on it and the agreement fantastic. It's like the NHL and nobody on the NHL saying. He could be one -- seventy -- Tuesday. All the time and happening and and it's happening right now it's happening in the India and what it talk about it CNN they're talking about everything but the game. -- on 77797937. With telephone number. AT&T Tex -- 37937. It's Daylon -- and Greg Dickerson Sports Radio WE. The clippers fans in this league is far bigger than anyone owner. Anyone coach anyone player this institution has been around for a long time it will stand for a long time and I have. Complete confidence in Doc Rivers. In the basketball management of that club and players deserve their support they've just been through an incredibly difficult incident in their lives. I'm not sure that there's. Much here other than information on my part but I found it interesting to note that in Las Vegas. The point spread went from six and a half to seven in the immediate aftermath. Of -- silver's comments -- that's it before. Brett and bet heavily on the Los Angeles Clippers I'm surprised. I'm surprised the -- -- go higher in the Adams prized in total like nine or eight I haven't noticed I have Coachella last Alltel guy in the immediate aftermath when it -- since it happened. I haven't tried this before me Greg maybe you can do since where the more recently what's wrong with that. You know there maybe some of that that it -- been on the all along with that thank you very much tape. And I don't they get paid on them. Any idea out on the play devil's advocate here but. That's the type of but totally agree -- that -- is not that it's all because. And eighty -- a lot of what I hate you being. -- -- polls it'll concerns and yet he's the real. You know it. We cannot. Ask -- question. Back to John -- We immediately. Got out -- whatever she is. You know I I think about it about what that up and -- I don't try -- date back guy an -- What do what do you base that -- Ben what do you base that on. The relationship -- already -- no no no no she doesn't she took it didn't doubt it yeah yeah and then she doesn't have a relationship with him. She took an Easter Graham picture with him. Barbara and I -- -- play along with OK let's say let's say you're not okay for why don't you. You look at a well I'll say are for argument sake I'm I'm with you with a bit let's say that it was all a scheme. By magic and -- -- the domino. Two to rest ownership away from Donald sterling and to give it to match so -- we feel about dumpster. I definitely think you've been putting up actually say would be well I don't think I -- -- it that anything he didn't agree -- darling. But I definitely think that it was trotted it -- -- and something that he might -- that -- but she can get it on tape. I would not -- up you know -- Motion to try to get magic in the end the I don't. Like magic -- yeah but I like magic. I'd like Magic Johnson at the web and I am I questioned about it moral integrity by. Sure. Sure sure I think that -- I think. -- with Donald sterling and the situation happened with the suspension of people out there being real counts. Everybody well everybody -- have to put up. -- old -- everybody have to put something attached to. Don't know how troubling is a -- -- he's -- he's a racist I'm glad. That what happened today happened thank you very much. Have a nice day why does there have to be understandable why you have to be bought. Just about everybody that I right now. Except for that one caller we have just been outstanding -- the now retired doctorate fifty when it went on Hillary our third man in tomorrow I. -- out for three minutes plus and it was it was all very good but in this case what happened so commissioner bands Donald Sterling pro life. Two things the lookout for going for one. Supposedly there are hours and hours and hours more. Of those 200 hours oppose -- so look out for more. Explosive comments. From those tapes as you know mores coming now that he's banned. If it's open season. It's open season opens -- Donald Sterling into. Donald Sterling is a guy in the new -- you guys haven't read up on read up on them. Everything happened for him. Everything good has happened for him. He has had one of the worst franchises that you can imagine in the history of north American sports that you think I'm exaggerating just look at the numbers and -- -- -- away the take away bill racist -- -- -- -- just looked at just ahead more to it again I Specter just for a second event. All the things. From the purchase price of the clippers to what the clippers -- work today to. To winning in court. To having eight settlement to make problems go away to being the longest tenured owner to being given me today may be the best point guard in the NBA the happy that right. Across town that lakers should it Adam. The clippers got him hanging out which starts to having such a terrible team that he had such a thing as lottery parties. Would have lottery parties in Los Angeles invite all his movies to our friends over to celebrate his bat in this. So Don -- -- that a couple of -- Donald Sterling is not used to being told no. Donald Sterling is not being used to. Being told. You can't do this so watch out. That anybody he has close to anybody in the NBA he feels like they've betrayed them. You say watch out guy because he's coming out to me he's not he's not convinced once on this. -- -- -- There -- so how are you. Well Maryland -- you know war the gulf or bring your racism and about our. You -- call Michael and let him know about you know what. Doubles their Wendell white guys suck -- up laggards on economic -- -- Michael because you know. The other day -- on TB what are Barkley was part of the public that he pretty much call the MBA a black week. Now a white guy be any outward city politely. Out African built Obama. Notably did not know it only got with that I'll I'll hold out of jail. I don't know what's really wrong it is a predominantly white league the NHL I'm like I -- -- -- predominantly black holes ahead -- terrible thing. That we're glad god I don't know I -- know that -- and a predominantly black army black. I am at peace because that -- play well let's let them everywhere -- -- well thank you know a lot more context in which the error. -- It. What was the context in which Charles Barkley said. It. Doesn't help matters a lot a lot of -- -- slot and Donna what let's go I don't. Want to watch it as saying only I pirate I heard -- that a lot a lot -- -- declare it one. On please that's for second connect. -- -- be fair to you you called up you've waited for a long time I want you to get out and what should be able to say what -- said now wanted to tell you this before you go on. I saw what you saw. I saw his comments but I wanna hear what you think the context was and why he said that go ahead I've. That the women and -- credit card. Not -- done everything out of context if you call up if you caught it it is somebody that's -- -- called up. Sports radio and he did yell out in reality LN I would say what was the context everything got better and everything want you talk about it. -- -- -- Why and I want we can have an honest government target of opportunity. Now and tell the people out there are those that means that you saw I think it is not -- thought I'd like to solve the whole thing was Kenny Smith. It was Shaq. It was Charles RJ and it was Ernie. And you don't probably had some of the most piercing most insightful comments Ernie Johnson yeah right but. Charles Barkley was saying. This is a black leak. And you have an owner of the team. Essentially saying that he doesn't want to be around black people the commissioner has to do something about this now are we sold. Our our our we are are we are we so sensitive. That we can't say that the NBA is the black -- America and apparently that that we can't say that the Major League great what Major League Baseball is what the National Hockey League. He can he not say now compare what you. Just said Charles Barkley is not saying well. White people are in the league and and Hispanic gore or Argentine or Asia and you know the the NBA doesn't wanna associate themselves. With those people. But they don't wanna associate themselves that's what -- that. It's a predominately. Black player with a strong without any at all prior to his remarks he said 80% of the players in the NB a black right. Following it up with it's a black leak I I don't note percentages are in the NHL but it's higher than 80% white yes at the white league Bernama. But I think you also have to say -- when you're talking about Barkley. And a is especially Barkley. Alec commentary Charles. Mckinny's underrated. And people are always about -- in the big Kenny gets overlooked sometimes but it. Charles Barkley is is not going to be on the great debaters anytime soon now he -- funny things. But there are times. Where he doesn't quite get it out. The way it should be gotten out it's up here go through -- it get ahead doesn't always come out of the mile away want to show in this case -- he instead. In wants world. He should've said predominantly. Then why wouldn't of had a problem. But the fact Charles said black. If -- -- To assume. That Barkley was saying hey no white people. Steve's in -- even stand up and being held on there. Discrimination. Against a league that real black -- Ernie. We are able likely. Not -- -- a number about proxy it was somehow clears a black how do you take this as a player well he doesn't have to download there. I just think firstly there you know racism is like a refuge for ignorance. And I think there's two things that we can take summit in the first I would say is that you don't he's taking that. His primitive thought process. And saying that -- you are to work with you. You can work for me. But I can't be associated with our. I don't you combating violent side I don't even think twice about -- -- what -- discern them but one W one put context not context doesn't matter. Of course it matters it always matters other -- has yet but what about the context of sterling comments I've listened to the whole thing I've listened all the tapes. I've heard the context. Like trying to figure out a way that's positive. Good luck for listening to those sterling comments and somehow putting them in context in a way that doesn't make him. Radar at I think a lot of people out there if you take the millionaire aspect out of that a billionaire aspect out of it. And and you just go to your average person -- average person in the world. Your average person doesn't want to be judged by his worst day average person. He or she wants to be judged by the body of their work. So it Donald Sterling had said don't judge me -- my worst day. Or don't judge me by my worst 100 hours judge me by my body of work he's still got -- I'm used to be out of the -- so come on now come off Kevin's a cell -- hey Kevin. Yeah I do that cover an area where you ought to get back together thank you really. -- -- it's been a lot more. I'm I want to call and a couple of these sports -- -- killed. Although the fifty year old retired. African American I would agree call. Pinnacle pinnacle couple called before China. You know -- might get an old we haven't heard the letter to the campus and that meant. That. -- stop people. I don't know. Who went whatever that might get on the is what would be revealed -- -- hit it just isn't over. In and now are you know. Don't let -- guys gone currently boldly and act but. And small like you're not old -- What you want which party isn't over way Ari is right I really -- I grew at night I'd item to a lot of ways which party talking about -- Wolf it -- it. We what I just think -- something else that it's gonna apparently. The only and there are quite possibly -- want it. You with this group which is in warp again I don't mean like I can't tell me. It doesn't I don't know what people that it could help me the ball. So not. Like at all. All told me to practically you know and I -- mechanic all but certain immediate market I think that you know -- -- I think. The right in the right decision -- And the city until maybe you'll appreciate -- change one night because a little slow to anger -- I hope we all remember that what what happened that we all capable all it would not well. But -- something really -- before the bank. It will get the popular. A multiple multiple times a record and -- -- -- in a lot. You know unfortunately -- like it'll upload up it has been an -- I am on myself feel. Will it be content on this because I still -- war going to be repealed if so. -- -- -- in life. -- for each other's -- in this category out of subway. Picture your picture -- others to boulder so well. So the right thing at all. So you know -- other -- You know but it will be Barack. -- hit -- -- -- normal dispute in the all the current current. -- that I at all thank you very much. Other textures and I thought the previous caller before that excellent calls and others well. Wanted to talk about -- that's why hate white people. That's where it many of the techsters and it can context which means everything. He's joking with a friend of it is in the same way I might say something similar to Michael -- sit in the officers -- -- He was joking with her friend if that he wasn't sitting in the office when he says no he was not in the office when he said it and ESPN. Tried to. Take it and turn it into Charles Barkley said he -- all white people. And he went busting into the media room it happened -- in 1995. There was a playoff game in now -- it it was the all star game. He goes into the interview room after the all star game and says quote without prompting. I hear ESP NS try to bleep me in some of you guys who try to make a controversy. There's not going to be controversy. I was joking around with -- one of my friends and that's it if you don't like it. Bleep you and your families to on quote. It was -- everybody wants to back that have Charles Barkley said he hates all white people. Well if you want to the line again one out of context it's one. All right let's say let's say we do let's that we do it or let's say we don't take -- a content. Let's say we have a problem. And Charles Barkley is banned from TV. Forever. And there are no more commercials what's in your wallet. And either no war Charles Barkley. No more jokes from Berkeley no more analysis. There's an hour. It is -- better. Society where you better if -- -- If that's the world and I have I have not a lot of one beer I haven't quite like Tamika Joker -- What we're what are we doing with this what are we doing with these this tape this guy said that their four. And extrapolate that to mean something else what is it. People who don't wanna deal with what is. Fourth and final hour dale and -- Sports Radio WEEI. Dale Arnold Michael -- Greg Dickerson in with a -- Greg Dickerson you know the story of the day. Donald Berwick is the taping store today -- can't -- tripping scandal line it's not a Donald Sterling taping scandal if you're born. Darren -- former assistant coach. Of the Boston Celtics and was the assistant coach he -- he was actually the number two assistant. Mark Jackson Hole was an emotional -- with the number three assists and the -- it once now okay look out well. -- -- Everybody thought about Donald Sterling today in -- good news for Darren Herman because he's able to come back in -- better job with the Celtics and that have people talk about the fact that. It was fired for secretly recording. Coaches meetings. Players meaning everybody just about everything players there tapes they -- -- my ankle is sore -- hit that clippers play the warriors down Ronald McDonald surrounds any Donnelly got shut out and Chris talk a lot of five minutes ailments that he really thought about and -- they've got did you feel about it do you think they're too many black players in NBA what you expected guys and that you think JJ -- -- -- there and running. Your best player getting. So fired. You get fired borrower problem or violation in the or for violating company policy and now he's back with -- don't -- back with the Celtics -- with the title director of pro scouting. I got I guess -- up front I know Darren. Worked around Darren for whatever ones and -- Justice Department thought all right just disaster has got he's a great guy he's really -- -- -- a great guy like little -- -- That cigarette guy really really stupid and I don't know why Darryl why why would you do that -- generally may be a great guy but Vietnam to the central blocked -- I have no comment on next next MIC down zero. No Marshall money today and plus -- I'm just what Roger's gonna smile went wire -- You know I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- prospect great man in America area pat him down that's. Look at what part of the story that his behavior started carrying a -- of Arctic change and they noticed that something would go on all of them. And they figured out his wheels came to take them. But that's the -- -- by the way this is the ultimate. Red Sox raising ticket prices. On the Friday of Thanksgiving absolutely can't use your adjustable corporate -- he said. -- -- Somebody watching over -- here. This story breaks the same David Donald Sterling is banned for life. Am here today that's kind of gonna to attack Iran at all I got a job cuts and David Garland -- -- -- black but nobody knows about it. The other former assistant -- guys known. You guys try to department U mass got bad if -- is by the way. Best light color commentator and all the NBA that's what what you're not necessarily exactly so Brian Scalabrine was an assistant coach with the warriors an enormous human genome and it's yeah he's in the game and exhibited little -- fired first. No he wasn't fired normally it was really play he was asleep design down he was sent down to Santa Cruz or something. To -- NB DL target a -- that's and I I actually that's wars would be a must abide revenue fire could be -- -- Santa -- a -- left in the season organized into -- -- -- -- for our preparation for the -- melt. What you gotta I gotta gotta gotta group but the amazing thing is. Didi gets sent the Santa Cruz because he said something detrimental because you said something wrong to Mark Jackson his boss they had -- And say everything all mark Jackson. 5 weeks apparently didn't talk to Mark Jackson. For over a month and didn't think -- heart in a regular on these planes MBA -- -- how hard it is to avoid. Coach who is on the plane. Good players. But the coaches -- -- no way. -- Edison with the media I don't war yet it's the right after. That will that was the thing is typically. The coaches say it's -- with every NBA team -- On on most NBA teams coaches all. Stick together and and everybody else players -- the team broadcasters are usually together but he wouldn't sit. Would Mark Jackson he wouldn't sit with the other coaches at Augusta somewhere else. That never happens that doesn't happen well. I would say in the case of member went around who would play around though I have no comment I have -- -- I did I know it note and -- I know what you're going but because I spent a lifetime doing that -- -- -- -- -- -- around we're would have -- the players and and they may have been a card game you know or twenty going on. Might might want to -- -- fought it out I don't mind. My one travel story of it has to do that -- first time. I'm -- the patriots games. And I'm going on my very first trip and here's the charter. And Dave -- grass was the guy working for the patriots at time who was in charge of all that and they got a little place cards on all the seats. So I don't know where I'm supposed to go to David says no when you get on the plane is a place -- it'll have your name that's reset on the plane sit down. And there's an empty seat in the middle and in the window seat where I'm sitting as a place -- justice Tony Franklin. And I'm thinking OK they're -- with the new guy you know I know that the broadcasters don't sit with the players. So their message with the new guy airplane around with a so I go find winter grass and I said I said I. Pretty sure I'm in the wrong place. I'm in a row with Tony Franklin the kicker the patriots and I know not supposed to be there leases on on -- that's where sets. I supplies that he said he has it in his contract he doesn't have to sit with the player. What. You know what I Tony Franklin had it in his contract. That he didn't have to sit with the city and there are a lot of it would don't know like Alvin what's it -- them they gonna mess with a -- -- that goal kicker so. Ice but the whole season -- Tony Franklin as my seat -- is he not sit back there with those guys -- their duty every shoes and socks on rural -- -- you know -- -- erotica by. I thought it was kind of strange that you try it in your contract out of them or hate that extra as 75000. Dollars that I wanna get from Macon fifteenth you'll. The -- but now I just don't want to in my team they have regretted -- Some guys -- call their teammates. And a quarterback. Defensive tackle kicker to that you've got your brother Robert Trent Lott. I had a bit all right -- -- it. Doesn't. Quarterback doing. Big. I don't know let's go hit hit it all to go where they go away. It was a strange situation for Tony congratulations Darren if you're listening reveal our congratulations Zach he's got a recording that I press -- That's in the plots but here next the table and -- And Ryan yeah. Dead on you know jerk and I apologize -- them. Well I didn't want it comment through quickly can win a lot has been botany at where. In a predominately. White environment and -- my work they continue to happen to have everyone at my -- at any talent you know. I've kept my comments to myself outside the workplace but. What I want to that I understand is that. It's not. An issue for him to feel that way you want to feel that way back and I. And yet like it's not any internal -- want to say something or anyone. The issue is that it got out and once that own the reaper cut and you have to be -- except the repercussion of every day. You know I I -- They eat a lot of my friends I am I'm twenty years old parent grandparent or seven -- my mom grew up in Virginia grew up in it Hambrecht. So he has had to deal with that most of her life. And my whole thing is if you are -- the person. Get like a -- relationship. If somebody's cheating on me I want you know I had that straight to deal if you are not. That's what a big issue for me it is the fact that he felt that way -- -- the younger and keep me. Blaming her. In this poll that you leaking -- she did not he can say that this is coming from. His -- was leave him pretty good though I look at we got -- back. She didn't put those back in his head this is something that you've been feeling for years before they likely even started talking. -- you wouldn't picture. You can't blame someone. Or something that they had no control over. They've been acting. And I. And say she would definitely leading him in propping him and telling him -- -- that -- feeling -- there. It wouldn't come out his now. And a fortunately Chris clear yourself as kind of going in and out where and Morton remiss in parts of what you're saying. There there are two separate tracks here and people are confusing them and I and I appreciate -- my Twitter followers who really did this in perspective. If sterling as rights were violated. And based on what efforts so far there probably work -- if sterling rights were violated he can seek recourse against the violators TMC envy. He can he could seek recourse the NBA however used public information. Begins out there and and it it goes -- long lines would Adam Stern said he said it doesn't matter how how they sorted it. It's public now. What they used was public information now sterling can can go after TMC and can go after the mistress. Good luck in both cases on the mistress other and giving -- the four cars back I'm actually gonna get out from there. I TMC's usually pretty good at this stuff I'm I'm guessing they've been sued before they'll be sued again. But that's where his legal recourse is it's against them it's not against the NBA. The NBA's information was in the public domain when they used. Are we are always so focused from that because we really care arm and a ticket takes. Some of real honesty to to get to the root of this. What why is this being discussed. So much. I don't know that why the legality -- yeah I guess is that the issue while I'll tell you days. Neither she -- -- -- gosh how it would be but I want an -- Wanamaker production in DNC get a lot. And I don't believe them when they say this will -- pay. If one man's -- rights are violated they can come after all of our rights that's what they claimed to be the issue. Think they know full well nobody's coming after their rights like this. But that's what they wanna say because of my. Well you'll -- well okay if if that's the case you wanna align yourself what -- Donald Sterling. Gotta have a lot of things going for you to have the same career and Donald Sterling had an incredible career careers over Merrill. The money's gone but his career of being. An owner who can just hang out with the the beautiful people of LA in just kind of holds people at the game like people were at the games. It and just make a lot of money into all these things. It would -- get awards that part of old -- don't you. Don't you full I believe. -- give you awards oral or what he's gazes up ball B ball is a guy who hangs out the nicest -- cousins in Los Angeles. I don't think those are all bribing the -- you know still gonna say play's got to get them how to use -- wanted to get out. Yeah I forget resistance that he and didn't get before but if you are are afraid of being. The next Donald Sterling. Right so you gotta watch out for me give you the that Emanuel the Donald Sterling manual okay do's and don't. Personal. You're a man in in your eighties. You better watch out for those those mistresses in their thirties. You gotta make sure your wife of fifty plus years understands. That. You know and that she's not a strange yeah yeah -- make sure your strength and why it understands. That you may have. A mistress or two or three. In their thirties and that you may be recording conversations. You may state things like -- -- and in paying women for sex but that doesn't mean we're together -- on the record statement for top of the hour. So everybody is ignoring all the things -- -- happen with them and it just skip over everything that Donald Sterling has done. Everything that he represents everything that he stands for and it is go to. -- -- This is a travesty. Because a man's privacy was violated. An African happened to him he can happen I mean what happened to him up a lot of a lot of. Things led to the ouster of Donald Sterling one just like he was just sitting there. In his living room thinking about the goodness of the world. And the privileges that he has and all the sudden. He was just knocked from his perch. He kind of he was able to reap a lot of things. He he he was he was so when he was so he was -- and finally had it it came to be reaping season. Probably somebody who's in a position to know these things. This text that's says seriously. Sterling should never eat a meal out the kitchen is gonna mess would have settled at -- implied that these in new may -- -- -- -- implement our area are good -- Presented -- an act and the calm fashion and I I watch you guys on the Internet and I don't. Appreciate if you don't make economy if I use the word. Can you and that I'm in the military and they demand not exports to my main point for calling. Is. -- -- think this happened. -- -- Cut public I've heard everybody say -- Thirty years everybody on this. So the general with just and was named the only and it just got fired well what about the thirty years of enabling. On the NBA. From the NAACP. From the players the white players the black players and I got around. Back but you know you know everybody knew this guy in the opposite and we we have this righteous indignation. How could this possibly happen. Yeah enabled recently came out it's such a flurry today in my mind because it's like. Now we're losing money you know we've got to do something he saying you know and so that's that's a problem that we have to look forward to the future. My second point is. That gentleman that called the very articulate and respect everything he's said Billy said that it's a two way. 222 draw the reason I'm white I'm gonna ask. Michael and and the other a dale and -- in the middle. This economic -- that you ever been so where -- you -- if you were black you haven't heard the words honky cracker whatever or if you're -- you haven't heard the N word -- some of the word that you couldn't hold anybody. But the if it came out -- do you -- -- -- probably -- job -- I'm not saying yet that it's ready but mentioned that particular perspective. It's just this. Warner but he NBA. Thirty years and enabling. It's the NAACP. -- checks get cash is the white players. Who don't care it's the black players is don't care. Or or or in god bless them a look back at first but you know humility. Audio and M and by the way at the start of the show we we did mention and we said listen. -- -- doc has to take a I hit for this because. He knew who he was going to work for he knew of the racial history. Of Donald Sterling I think the problem we really hammering down the NBA is I think the NBA -- like to have taken this guy down. Eight years ago or fifteen years ago. But they never have the wherewithal to really take him down like they all the sudden found on Saturday when the story came out on DMZ. -- as Michael you just gave the rules for the next Donald Sterling should the rules be number one stopping racist -- number two if you're raced as racists he number -- Given that just. But if you can't do that number three. If you're if you're in Europe -- wherever -- Euro at point nine million dollars or you're racist eighty year old bear with a thirty year old mr. -- the -- governor Arnold -- V thirty plus somewhere in there. Makes her record conversation now there's one thing and I think it's been -- a lot. And I just wanna keep going back on it and saying not so much. Lot of people say in the last. 48 hours 72 hours everybody knew who. About Donald Sterling people inside the NBA knew I think well I'm not sure I think people knew about. I've -- people who were informed. Rick you know it was not there was part of the public record so you can read about you can read about Donald sterling and draw your own conclusions. At the very least you knew there were rumors. About sterling about how he felt and you knew that there had been some lawsuits. But. I'm not one of them but a lot of these millionaires and billionaires to tell you get lawsuits all the time. For a number of reasons so we got the first guy in the NBA product and we got the NBA right now to deal with the lawsuit wrongful business practice makes moderates that are. But what made Donald Sterling. Such a it's such an enigma in some ways is that. He was able to ha he he can always say -- hired a black general manager. Had a there for a couple of decades. I've hired. A black head coaches before. I hired a black head coach in Doc Rivers. End. Gave them some personnel power. How many teams in the NBA can say that not many teams NBA can say that drafted plenty of black players go abroad and black colors is freeagent -- drivers are out there but to say. Everybody knew. Every everybody did not talk about the Latin what the last college and I everybody know and everybody it without their new kid you can -- Put put two and two together draw your own conclusions did a little bit especially if you're journalist. It a national journalist or an -- journalist and LA. It's probably your responsibility to dig a little deeper. I think it -- it's a gross mischaracterization. To say everybody knew about Donald Sterling Tibetan. As -- a previous Dexter said and you and you made a very good suggestion to our friend Greg here and maybe the NAACP and NAACP should invest in some of the Google's still. You know before they get ready to give this man's lifetime achievable or second -- the second time again or at saint techsters said the Google automatically I don't know maybe just a little. Now here I wanted to know. How what the board meeting was like. Our guys never. Gala gala again this year and there are some of the people on the table here's someone -- much in the community. You know -- somebody here from somebody here from Inglewood somebody here from east LA. And that we have Donald Sterling clearly -- -- -- -- -- a good. Well no other not use the can you imagine that guy in second place again almost got it -- are -- you don't want him though that you -- a mile morning. Because you go to idiotic. Stupid. Tweet about a an oversized gentleman and an NBA game. Well let's go to two streets yet showed a picture of him sitting courtside and was it before entering Britain context some students professor for saying something new audio what are I don't know that I just know that he get put Twitter jail. But if you have been a black. Got a rare -- It felt more once again the white guy get -- so boring really he's got a couple of tweets about tennis which I find interesting he's real good about that. The sports business connection here. He said of Donald Sterling is forced to sell the clippers team will go for no less than one billion dollars. This is rebels and he -- bought for 121000012 point seven actually in 1981. Couple of other tweets the NBA's biggest problem forcing the sale of the team could be sterling white. Isn't party to the sanctions and I said what he's OK fine I'm selling its -- How to they stop -- adroitly on you than what he says just because the owners vote to force sterling to sell the team. Doesn't mean it will be deemed illegal if tested. And in the final one in the series says expect either the richest man in LA Patrick soon -- and I hope I'm saying that correctly. For the fifth richest man in the world Larry Ellison. Beatrice that buying the clippers -- ask both these guys this question. Do you think the NBA would wanna sell to his wife would wanna keep in the family my guess is now if you could come to some sort of compromise if you Donald Sterling you'd say okay. You can force me to sell the team -- -- -- to my family would that be okay by RB I don't always -- because I think everybody was in the right all right I got ya I wanna totaling completely washed their hands of the entire family not just him -- that's one -- you. Are open deals that few minutes ago a minute -- The fifth. Richest man in the world but he's the fit the victory in the world oracle oracle and the guy with the World Cup I'm. How would you like to have that Acura and tag line. I'm Dale Arnold on a lucrative area of the world and the fifth and is ultimately got yesterday at the richest man world. I I've I've. The richest man in the world about it now since the tunes -- and if you don't put it for the fourth which is -- -- well. -- fuel the rich and I think gates is the richest -- all -- in the top two retreat. The Russian businessmen is under some Russian businessmen now time. We're in the top ten I think that's a Russian businessmen second or third now -- I don't feel the and we have got somebody Donald Sterling partners after another with -- -- that -- the list. If you wanna -- the next Donald Sterling. No tape recordings. If you're the fifth richest man in the world if you're the 25 richest man in the world. And have your -- Because. What part of it part of the heart of pitcher directly out of there so -- -- Greg do you have stressed you understand what the other nine top ten. Richest man in the world would you laugh at you bet and -- have a -- how much stress that is demanded all that money to think about. Big -- and more money more problems. People coming -- me what woman can't possibly satisfy all the guys are gamers so we're gonna have you're gonna have your version of a billion. -- ya know it can't be he can't be allowed in the record. Do what Justin Bieber to you what Justin Bieber does what kind of an overthrow -- -- Melbourne now besides that when you going to one of his party's. Not only do you have to give up yourself out of the Jeter thing. Uttered in my refrigerator it's a it's a Bieber thing and it's really sad that I noticed you'll also have to sign something like that seen on teams via the -- -- that says. If you tape or you know what a -- Of photographing everything here you'll be five subject to a two million dollar payment. It's very that -- at the -- thing that the beavers but as a -- in urban at this and I think. -- outside the crap out repair job back. Here's your contract at all by the wayside is to get started right here -- your phone are real quick just as we gas. Bill Gates is the richest men in the world. 77 point four billion -- A soccer a Mexican man by the name of Carlos Slim hate to ease the Telecom -- and -- -- second Warren Buffett is third. A month CO Ortega from Spain its fourth Larry Ellison is it. Unaware island am -- my man them and Paul Allen's not even in the top fifteen on a tough your form -- number seventeen bill paradox. -- -- college yeah I -- that you guys about it okay. John what to do it whenever it. You wouldn't if I had that kind of money is no evidence that our product not just got in trouble -- I don't -- -- you guys was keeping you here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Goodnight how are you -- -- -- I looked and I've never heard of put -- in the -- of never hearing of this man ever before this this whole thing blew up sterling. It never heard of the guy. Okay. But. I'm a true blood America. Okay in icu defending. Charles Barkley. In his right to say what you want he made a joke whichever you want to say. But you're not defending the right for the guy sterling to be a total ED right and and of course what he says it is stupid. And point listen and ignorant and all that I don't want to get into that. I will defend. It didn't have a point where we're Americans. Right it is it is not easy -- still I don't see guys got freedom of speech so -- -- legal issues and I pray for a record you know John he's not go to jail he's not being imprisoned. All his money is not he's not gonna he's not don't lose money when he's forced to sell the clippers come on. He -- a best of twelve and half million dollars in 1981. He's got to come away with a very nice profit. He he he can he can still live where he's living right now. He can still go he would just at a restaurant the other day is that bad -- -- -- well part of freedom of speech for you. Mean. Did you say something. That they find objectionable. Or if you say something that they just don't that does not fit their mission or it doesn't get what they say their mission -- About John John let me let me ask hey -- real question John simple if you owned a business. And outbursts and a it would only if you can't if you want to bring in you do program part. I agree with how so what's important is what's. Would be that you Obama and he should be banned from the NBA because. Clearly this was. You know there's and apparently I didn't know about that but there's a pattern to that man he's done it in the past. Get that -- might have no junkets that Google's got anybody more measured and that -- did you get into it. So what what's what's -- -- -- that's what's what's the debate what should we be doing that we're not doing with Donald Sterling. Well I. -- you're saying he's been -- he's not gonna lose money well he's not gonna do this well. But that's all well and that that's from your opinion. And I think the you're you're out of -- tonight he is showing that. This is going to be a very long drawn out process if they try to force it into into doing something. But he doesn't want to now. Our commitment that Doug -- evidence of the question is what should answer questions. Donna what an election that's the question is going around circles and now we of one of our knowledge and hone in on the rubber meets the road right here. What's it wouldn't be saying about Donald Sterling that we're not saying what does this give me that. Well it's not -- you guys. But obviously this guy is being vilified across literate cropped it and what should be doing. Vilified. I don't I'm not saying that you have to do anything so what what's the society. Only what what I'm saying is that I hate. I'm concerned that. He even though in the privacy of its own home he he could be a big hit in a racist then all of that. And what we have to defend that because that's our constitution. That's our -- shouldn't. What you're saying because -- offended you regardless some good. And they're afraid I have spent I don't know all of I don't know not taking shots not just ask you get to this -- asking this question John. If you owned a business and you had papers and I am just -- if you own business and you have a person who set these things. In the privacy of his own home to his girlfriend -- mistress one ever. And they got out. Publicly. Would you want that person working for you what what would be the end game for you what would you John do. No no no you're you're if you're absolutely right no I would not want him to work for me. It like as I said I'd never heard this guy until this whole situation that occurred. He absolutely should be banned from NBA. That is it business organizations like -- like you're saying. John you got that important for 45 seconds to get right back to where we start yeah. I don't understand what the argument what the disagree it is ironic he absolutely has all the right in the world to say what he said. As an American citizen but he doesn't have any right -- -- said it a couple hours ago. It's it's it's not a right. Own an NBA franchise Opel -- the privilege didn't. I don't have a right Conan NBA franchise even if I I have the money to to buy one they have to let me into their club. Now they let this guy into their club a long long time ago he's he's the longest tenured owner in the NBA. And they have decided we don't want him in our club anymore because he's hurting our business. He's hurting what we do if and I'll I'll try to make a wild crazy analogy here. If I owned a Dunkin' Donuts franchise. And I put a sign in the window that says black people not welcome. I guess in the Dunkin' Donuts is -- -- allow me to keep my Dunkin' Donuts franchise anymore. They're gonna say no no no no we don't do that apart from -- -- -- -- -- I'm just get there -- I would be invited to divest myself. Oh my dunking donuts franchise and I just picked any -- -- run any franchise in the world. In a minute I tomorrow and I might -- I don't know that's what guys like John added I don't know what you did. But you you do it under the auspices and under the on acting business and that partnership wouldn't you keep that. The NBA won't let Donald Sterling keep it. He doesn't have to eat -- and after the home but he can't stay here.

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