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Donald Sterling banned for life from the NBA - press conference and reaction

Apr 29, 2014|

We open the show by listening in to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver's press conference in which he announced a lifetime ban for Clippers owner Donald Sterling, and then we immediately react to the news and take your calls.

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It is a huge crowd gathered in New York City. NBA commissioner Adam silver. Is getting ready to address the media Indians and the assembled crowd. And -- you're gonna hear it live as it happens here in just a couple of moments we will bring you the entire press conference and now what weight he brings to bear on. LA clippers owner Donald Sterling dale and -- In our normal places and happy it coincidentally by the way but it worked out so well harass the Greg Dickerson is in the house than it was this as well. Boy they'll rate NBA mines in -- I know -- laugh I laugh I have not been a part -- -- in the lab no no no no -- mom my minor heart all great minds aren't I -- I'm happy to have -- -- -- especially more than -- happen any year any day habit. Coincidentally because we had this book for a week now it worked out that you're going to be here on the perfect. For a and he did do you guys it's not. Agree that this is. I can't think of another situation I can't think of another press conference in the history of the big four sports it is greater than this one. I can't think debate are a game changing press conference that is bigger than what Adam silver is about the face. I was trying to think of anything that we've we've got -- I was going up and out through my mind that's had a had a discussion -- NBA person. Just this afternoon and the tool was for racking our brains not just what the NBA but with the other Big Three sports and we couldn't think of something bad can it. -- be dominant there I think every sport. That's something that is big with and that individual sport. Outside. Of basketball hockey football baseball does it matter to people who have no interest. In those sports probably made for example you could say in in basketball on this involved the clippers again. When David Stern game and instead no Chris Paul is not going to lakers. He's actually going to the clippers. It was a huge basketball story opened up all sorts of a can of worms get a commissioner acting as a Steward of this franchise can do that -- well it didn't resonate through your GM hey you guys did nobody care outside of a basketball fans same thing with football and cricket the patriot and spy gate. Body game man he's my game about a game they were you what are the couple this crossover between the suspect. Because what you're what you're essentially trying to do and I don't know what the commissioners gonna stay here. It would be surprised if becomes -- Taken romance franchise. She's like probably iPod do that I didn't pull that off I think what he's gonna do with Bynum a lot and not suspend him indefinitely. And I thought they are gonna say something along the lines of we are urging. Donald Sterling to sell the franchise -- I don't think they have the legal rights taken away. Hello Lester Munson makes it sound like they almost could but I do think that there's going to be some language involved here. Urging in effect that Donald Sterling sell the team. I think he's going to find somewhere between who win three million dollars. I think he is going to be suspended for the remainder of this season as long as that last for the clippers and all of next season. Their cap. That are cap on how much you can Friday -- -- the Hungarians. It well and it -- -- irony if if this was a player who -- -- Donald -- it. Adam silver could bottom out of the leak he can't do that to an owner but the -- cap on what he can fine a player I'm not sure there is a cap. What he can find an owner -- you guys seen the that the small little by law but supposedly dues. Power to to atom silver and the commissioner. To change ownership and me possibly with this guy out of the league whether -- there the race some sort of and it looks like about to come up -- there is some sort of cloudy language that they may be able to use to get him moderately. Well it will be interesting to see I I'm not sure whatever he says today is gonna satisfy everyone. Because I've been saying you're out of the league yeah I don't run satellite he can say that -- who wouldn't be satisfied by just think that there are some people and how sharpton's one problem. Was already said do you get -- franchise on a -- batter he wanted to clippers disbanded -- -- but it was either going to be part of the ends and and NAACP. Los Angeles awards -- the star was yeah. Beyond that I'm a bit but but seriously folks don't really like beyond beyond that how many people. All right are people who want the franchise taken away quick but you can you can what that of course you can all want. It what Donald Sterling to lose its franchise but you also have to be realistic. -- and look at what the parameters are for the commissioner right now. And then you look at what the maximum is he can do and then you see what he doesn't become too would come to conclusion about whether they are not picky and go win in just. -- come up with -- these random comments that aren't necessarily realistic or more importantly legal. But I think -- will. Folks wonder hostile legal upside by the way -- -- Adam silver can't do what I want to do it if if you are the NBA. Do you get yourself do you wanna get yourself into a protracted. Long lasting fight if you wanna toss him notably because I -- I think Donald Sterling for sure is willing to say. C'mon I'm eighty something years old I'm willing to I don't think like -- you want to for many reasons one he can fight all day long -- -- and he may be he may he may have some support legally true. The more you have this the more you have this going on the NBA. In the more thought you have about the -- situation the more people I hope I hope we all do. Are gonna look at other franchises in the NBA. And look at other contradictions that are happening right now in the NBA. And focus on -- you know in the NBA doesn't want that in other words of sterling. It's not the only guy who has done some controversial things who is to -- controversial things and have an attachment to an NBA team. What makes him such a tragic figure. He's so stupid. That he was able. It was going to be able to keep coasting. And doing. Is a racist misogynist stick things in nobody including his team was gotta protest his players -- team we're gonna protest. It's Coke was not -- protest. If he would just kept his mouth shot. And gotten with the right mistress. What we've got a record over an -- use it for her personal gain you would've been fine. So -- cream Abdul Jabbar wrote a great piece in time magazine I encourage everybody read. And he he said the outrageous not necessarily goods. This sentiment that the outrageous that this has been happening with Donald Sterling yet nobody's anything in this. This episode. On this DMZ episode is what got everybody all riled up. What I get riled up because people didn't have housing one regular route up because Donald Sterling said of of one of his employees they want somebody who works for me. Who was gonna allow me to. Do certain things with the part of my body. Either she's gonna let me do certain things with -- or she's gonna do that to me. -- yeah yeah yeah. It is because most people. Most people didn't know about it -- -- shame on us -- -- I want all of most people had no idea. Very Donald Sterling had this. History of the of Baja losing him had a history of lawsuits against Hillary Adams over it and I am so sure knew that David Stern and Davis aren't sure and opening up there and and guess what. Guess what David Stern want to keep it on the lowdown well this kind of want all this to come out and be a black guy on the late. Listen he's a he's clearly got some issues -- Donald Sterling has issues. He has a team full of black players. At the very least at the very least he has no respect. For black people. And it's probably worse than that called a racist whatever it. So that there issues -- Donald Sterling that cannot be explained cannot be defended. You you can't get apologized for him you can't say anything if it is what it is. What Donald Sterling. What you mean to tell me. That that other owners other owners in the league other players in the league coaches in the league those who have the who have who have assumed the moral high ground. In the last 48 hours. Didn't know. Those guys wanna call out -- -- my -- -- keep calling them up until he says something about it himself. Mark Jackson. So Mark Jackson in that article and owners that know what I -- that other players and other and other owners players coaches in NBA personnel. Mark Jackson and that article you talked about yesterday ESPN magazine written in 2009. Mark Jackson is quoted. In that article were to go one on about all the problems that Donald Sterling has had Mark Jackson says well what do muscles do about that. That's his business that's not my business. Angle -- it. Forty years ago about it -- stupid not here to go to work my -- five years ago you know about it and now he's saying hey. Clippers fans boycott keeping an opportunist right now. If grandstanding and he's trying to benefit himself because -- Joba is in jeopardy if we keep telling clippers fans. Not to come to the game because he cares -- pop -- problem or does he wanna win this damn series and it's a little easier if there's no home court advantage for the Los Angeles commuter. If I give you that when an idea what's worse. That -- guy who played for Donald Sterling years ago. And elected to go back and coach for whatever Doc Rivers are -- -- just gonna bring that up bill that here's a guy in rooms the only issue. The only issue I had -- Doc Rivers when he decided to leave the Celtics I was. Fine he wants to go to wants the coach to win Mary. Our coach a lottery team he's done that multiple times I was fine with him going the only issue I had at the time. Last June was. -- in in both of you know doctor Michael you know doc especially well. Doc is a very problem. Forward guy doc he's very much into causes Ryan. For him to decide to go. And to -- -- himself aligned himself thank you very much to align himself with Donald Sterling all of which she knew all the past stopped. A little surprised -- will disappoint. Yes. Yes absolutely. By the way I've seen the reports out there the reports of what. This is what the the punishment is TMC as it -- somebody else but they're all saying. This is what they think it is a source close says this is what it is. I've I've Newton not neglected -- avoided giving you all of those because you can have demand stand there and -- and about a minute here and tell you exactly what it is. That's an -- right. Don't agree that's exact we're going to be for Chrysler source rate and and the only person who knows what it is. Well he's got some people in the inner circle -- do but primarily the -- -- does not stand that podium now also say -- we were talking about this earlier this morning. Soon as he's done here. He better get on that NB a private plane. And he better head west. Because he'd better be in the Staples Center tonight because stop is gonna happen tonight and he needs to be there the NBA commissioner needs to be there. Figurehead for lack of a better term but the leader of this league and he'd better get that plane and at west. And credit. He's Vannatter -- number games he was if I'm not mistaken and -- it just by watching 80000 games he was in Golden State. A few days ago. I believe he was at the Golden State game few days ago I agree with you -- each -- -- yes I'm pretty sure he -- yes I'm pretty sure he was -- -- -- overnight before -- a spread opera from -- -- he was in Memphis yes I'm pretty sure. He went out to Golden State but again I I agree. I don't think there's any doubt that he should and I don't think there's any doubt that he will be at that clippers game of the Staples Center. Yeah that this really bothers that I need and it gets you guys opinion on this. Because I just. I don't I don't understand it are we. A nation. Of -- Yes yes is that what it is is that why. We present company include not a -- way. We were we all we all live in this country were all born in this country so -- talking about everybody aren't. It was out there. Enact and really have to be particularly hard on on my own professional who's a trained as a as a journalist. Dreamed of being a journalist from a very young age how can you be a journalist. Particularly in Los Angeles. How can you be a journalist and you you know this is happening and now know. If you're columnists in Los Angeles and you have any type of outreach right now over Donald Sterling where have you and -- fit. Well there was no I don't want. -- what it was never the smoking gun. Yeah this this is -- so we got not true this is the smoking -- -- -- -- been that smoking gun locked up like -- copilot said in New York there. They're putting the prepared statement down and on the podium in front of work. Adam silver is set to us -- used to be beauty can't carry Euro and guests. -- industry it's not NHL dale works differently there if you're the commissioner of the NBA I guess you can't carry your folder -- yet to have a minions. What brings your folder topic Guatemala a threat but about -- there was David Stern he would be brought out you know -- -- -- day well Erica here is Adam silver. As for starting a little bit late. Shortly after the release. Of an audio audio recording this past Saturday morning. Of a conversation that it allegedly included. Clippers owner Donald Sterling. The NBA commenced an investigation. Which among other things included an interview a mr. sterling. That investigation. Is now complete. The central findings of the investigation. Are that the man whose voice is heard on the recording. And on a second recording from the same parks from the same conversation. That was released on Sunday. Is mr. sterling. And that the hateful opinions. Voiced by that man are those of mr. sterling. The views expressed by mr. sterling are deeply. Offensive. And harmful. That they came from an NBA owner only heightens the damage. And my personal outrage. Sets -- sentiments of this kind. Are contrary to the principles of inclusion. And respect. That form the foundation of our diverse. Multicultural. And multi ethnic week. I am personally distraught. That the views expressed by mr. sterling. Came from within. An institution medicine that has historically taken. Such a leadership role in matters of race relations. And -- current and former players. Coaches. Fans and partners of the NBA. To question they're very association. With Italy. To them. And pioneers of the game. Like Earl Lloyd. Chuck Cooper. Sweetwater Clifton. The great Bill Russell. And particularly. Magic Johnson. I apologize. Accordingly. Effective immediately. I am banning mr. sterling. For life from any association. With the clippers organization. Or the NBA. Mr. sterling may not attend. Any NBA games or practices. He may not be present at any clippers facility. And he may not participate in any business or player personnel decisions involving the team. He will also be barred from attending NBA board of governors meetings. Or participating. In any other league activity. I am also finding mr. sterling. 2.5 million dollars. The maximum amount allowed under the NBA constitution. These funds will be donated to organizations. -- dedicated to anti discrimination and tolerance efforts. That will be jointly selected. By the NBA. And its players association. As for mr. sterling to ownership interest in the clippers. I will urge the board of governors to exercise its authority. To force a sale of the team. And we'll do everything in my power. To ensure that that happens. This has been a painful moment. For all members of the NBA family. I appreciate the support and understanding. Of our players during this process. And I am particularly grateful. For the leadership shown. Like coach Doc Rivers. Union president Chris Paul. And mayor -- Kevin Johnson of Sacramento. Who has been acting as the players representative in this matter. We stand together. In condemning. Mr. sterling views. They simply have no place. In the NBA. Thank you and I'll take any questions. Take questions now start with Scott in the back right. Adam Scott -- -- Bloomberg DUI or any of your emissaries had any clue as to whether mr. sterling. Will acquiesce to your wish is to sell the team or do you expect to fight. I have no idea. Think the next question right here Rachel. From pulling the owners that -- spoken to what support do you think you have to force mr. sterling to sell the team. I didn't -- all the owners. I spoke to several owners. And I have their full support. On the right Brian. At a private Associated Press what kind of authority do they have to force yourself. The owners have the authority subject to three quarters vote. Of the ownership groups of the partners. To remove him as a known. -- -- -- -- I am Lisa Guerrero with inside edition the word used specifically was outraged you said that you were personally outraged yet many people believe. That they are outraged that for years people have known that this man is a recess to slum lord and the NBA hasn't done anything until today. Can you the easy answer why. I can't speak to past actions other than to say that when specific evidence was brought to the NBA. We -- Over here second row on the left. Champion with boxing at the Cali. I should someone lose their team for remarks sheared and price that is -- that slippery slope. Whether or not these remarks were initially shared in private they are now public. And they represented his views. -- throw in the medal to him. The microphone there please. -- about -- New York Post Adam what was that the process to succumbing to this decision nor the last couple days and when did you decide that. But this was the appropriate action today. I ultimately decided this morning that this was the appropriate action and the process beginning. Saturday morning when this first tape when this tape was first released released was. To a point I'm an investigator it was David Enders from the Wachtel Lipton firm. He conducted a series of interviews some iPhone some in person he can that he concluded his investigation late last night. Seven draw on the left Jeff give them my -- Jeff please. Don't Jeff right there -- the -- up. Chips and chips -- USA today Adam you say you would encourage owners to. Forced the sale of the clippers when -- that action take place. The process. Will begin immediately we will most likely use the standing committee of the NBA. Are the equivalent of our executive committees are advisory finance committee. I've had several discussions with Glen Taylor who is our chairman of the board and also the leader of the advisory finance committee and we will begin that process immediately. Third row on the -- Howard. Are back page report. Adam did in your conversations with sterling did he own up to this immediately. It was only after you guys have come come up with some sort of proven and what if anything has he expressed approaching. Remorse regret anything what's what's the sentiment at this point. Mr. sterling knowledge that was his voice on the tape. And he has not expressed to me directly any other views. -- -- we'll go right here please. And rose are all right C commissioner right here. What message do you have for the clippers and their fans and their fan base in terms of moving forward from this point on. My message to the clippers fans in this league is far bigger than anyone owner. Anyone coach anyone player this institution has been around for a long time it was stand for a long time and I have. Complete confidence in Doc Rivers. In the basketball management of that club and players deserve their support they've just been through an incredibly difficult incident. In their lives. On your left harping over against a -- -- of are there on your time what the punishment designed in effect. To get the message across to mr. sterling that there's no point in him there's no advantage just know. And nothing to be seen from him continuing its ownership and also. In determining what the punishment would be including the suggestion to the board of governors. Did you take into account. Mr. sterling eased past behavior over -- just based on this one particular incident. In meeting out this punishment we did not take into account his past behavior. When the board ultimately considers. His overall fitness. To be an owner in the NBA they were taken into account hit a lifetime behavior. To throw in the middle can. And burger from CBS sports dot com Adam can you just explain currently out present what specific. Power in the in the constitution and -- you exercise with your band and what specific. Was it a broad violation or specific violation and with respect to that forced sale. What specific section of the constitution covers that and is that he brought violation or specific. Cannot let the lawyers lay out for you this specific provisions of our constitution let's just leave it we have the authority to act as I've recommended. They throw on the back -- commissioner Stephanie step from Harlem community radio is the NBA considering more African American ownership at this point. -- -- -- -- A thrown back in the middle. I'm sorry is sorry can you repeat the question source Stephanie step from Harlem community radio is the NBA considering more African American ownership at this point. We're always open to ownership from people of all races nationalities ethnicities. As you know we have an African American primary owner in the league right now Shaquille O'Neal just became a small owner in Sacramento Kings David Robinson is an owner. Of the San Antonio Spurs are back running deviate. A person of color born in Mumbai India just became the primary owner that Sacramento -- so I believe we have a very diverse league but I always like to see it become even more -- what about Magic Johnson is not an option at this point Magic Johnson knows he's always welcome as an owner in this week he's been a part owner. In the past of the Los Angeles Lakers and he's. Always welcome and close friend of the NBA family. And -- on your left Adam over. Maggie -- MSI dot com. Do you talk to any of the players before you came to this decision and what about clippers players if they do not want to play. For a team owned by Donald Sterling anymore -- they have any recourse. I talked to be several players. Before rendering my decision Quinn sadly I've had a trip trip planned for this weekend I was in. Memphis for game I was in Oakland and then I was in Portland Sunday night for games I had a chance to talk directly to Chris Paul. I spoke to other members of the team I spoke extensively to Doc Rivers and I've said Kevin Johnson has been representing the players interest. And he and I've been talking multiple times a day. So I believe the players will be satisfied. With the decision and the renderings. That we made today. If a player in the future doesn't wanna play for the Los Angeles Clippers and he's under contract we'll deal with that. When it happens but that's not my sense of where we are. Now. Back on the left. -- -- -- Counting from the insider with this situation cause you moving forward to put new rules in place for owners for the NBA. I'm not sure I mean we who were always willing to take a fresh look at our rules our constitution and bylaws but I believe we have. Appropriate rules in place right now to cover situations like this. Second row on the left and Adam Ian O'Connor ESPN New York I just be clear you said when specific evidence was brought the week you did act so. In past cases. Has Donald Sterling ever been finder suspended for racial or offensive remarks and if not want to. He's never been suspended -- find by the leak because while there have been well documented rumors and cases filed. He was sued and the -- lost the lawsuit. That was Elgin Baylor. There was a case brought by the Department of Justice which ultimately. Donald Sterling settled and there was no finding of guilt. And those are the only cases have been brought to our attention and win knows. When that that goes to allegations were brought -- were followed closely by the league office. I've just follow to that one of the greatest players of all time Elgin Baylor accused Donald Sterling of running a plantation style franchise. Did that not concern you why does that not basket despite the fact he lost the Casey. He has a a prominent standing in the league and he -- some very serious things. It concerns us greatly we followed the litigation close -- -- and ultimately. Elgin Baylor did not prevail and that litigation. Second row right on the right side here. -- over Brandon Robinson the source magazine. Obviously CarMax. A state farm withdrew their sponsorship with LA clippers. As used the commissioner of the NBA what would you tell other people who are maybe on offense -- people who have withdrawn. So wanna in the future and best tonight in one of your franchises of the the LA clippers. I would say that those marketing partners of the clippers and partners of the entire NBA should judge us by our response this incident and I think we've responded appropriately. I would be hopeful that they would return. On into their business relationships with the clippers. On the left on the front against the wall with a great. CNN. A wondering if you spoken to mr. sterling about this band or any of his representatives. And if so what has mr. sterling reaction did to the punishment. I did not speak directly to his representatives about. This stand. They were informed shortly before this press conference I did not hear precisely what their reaction was. Okay. Roberts -- -- from the Daily Beast have there been any decisions about whether the media members mr. -- -- including. Rochelle. And is. Will be allowed to remain in an ownership or managerial position in the league as well. Know there have been no decisions about other members of the sterling family. And I should say that. This ruling applies specifically to Donald sterling and Don sterling conduct only. Six grow on the right. Commissioner Mike McCarthy format age as you mentioned over a dozen sponsors that drop the clippers what is been the financial impact. On this franchise and on the -- from the scandal. You know Mike I don't know this is all happened. And then three days. And so I'm hopeful that there will be no long term damage. To delete and to the clippers organization but as I said earlier I'm outraged so I certainly understand other people's outrage. And -- take sometime this will take some time. And an appropriate viewing will be necessary. Like I can understand. Precisely why you know whether they -- people. You know who -- affiliated with the NBA where the clippers for a long time or those corporate partners I can understand how upset they are. And I'll do my best to to bring them back into the NBA family. Atom chips are at a -- Middlesex row. I'm Sean Gregory from time it took owners vote three fourths vote not to. Forced the sale can you still on your powers institute a lifetime ban. The lifetime ban has been instituted that is independent of forcing a sale of the team. OK in the middle given -- the Carle place. By the carrier post -- can you sure this what your initial reaction was when you first heard divorced and tape and what. -- -- When I first started I was shocked. I was hoping somehow that it was fraudulent or that had it had been doctored. That possibly. It wasn't indeed Donald Sterling. -- I've known Donald for over twenty years so I suspected it was his voice and we set about immediately. Investigating and that was my reaction to -- sort of bear down and say let's get to the bottom of this as quickly as possible. Six grow on the right at the end. The commissioner Aaron took her ski from ABC. Mayor Johnson has indicated he would like the -- to undertake a full accounting of Donald Sterling has passed and the failures by the NBA to to act until now is that an account you'd be willing to undertakes. And would you make any effort to mete out the personal views of of other NBA owners at this point. I've had. As I said earlier multiple conversations with Kevin Johnson. I'm hoping that the actions we take today will satisfy our players I believe. They should. To throw on the right right in front of commissioner John Weinstein from New York one can you just tells you said you've known Donald Sterling for twenty years. What are your interactions over those twenty years in -- with him I have you ever seen anything like this have you ever. Felt anything like this and what kind of man did you -- him to be prior to this. I'm. I have I have not been that close to him over the years but there's nothing I've ever seen in his behavior. That would evidence these kinds of views I've certainly. Again because there been a lot of public filings about his activities I've been aware of those accusations but there's nothing I've ever seen firsthand. That would indicate. That he held the views. That were expressed on these audio recording. Back in the middle please raise your hands they can say yeah thank you commissioner Howard mentos sports on earth I'm curious just. I you sport about your your personal. Response to this. In terms of Donald Sterling. Self identifying as Jewish and and you're doing the same as well. I'm wondering whether there was a -- -- specific kind of pain associated with that for you if you felt a certain responsibility. Within the Jewish community to be responding to this in this way. I think my response was as a human being. And I and I use the word distraught before. I spoke on Saturday morning directly to Chris Paul the Doc Rivers and it did it wasn't even anger at that point I mean there's a certain somberness. And frankly I felt. Sort of most strongly and personally for that team what this affects every player and anyone associated with the NBA family that for those players. And those coaches to go out and do what they need to do and play at the highest level in the world and have them hang over this I think cause me to have a certain sadness. I would say about the entire situation and so -- I think this is regardless of anyone's. Religion ethnicity nationality. I think this is incredibly hurtful. Parliament take two more backed by the cameras. Mister mister savage of the -- pix eleven news. At any time during -- conversation with mr. sterling did he express any remorse or denial regarding these comments. Mr. sterling has not express those views directly to me. Amounted to more and your right here for one. Commissioner Andrew is RR ICB again it's been suggested that the Sacramento players I'm sort of a couple players. Be granted free agency at the end of this year as a result of this issue is that something that can be considered. That is not something we are considered. Final question in the back in the middle. Commissioner did Jason page NBC Sports Radio if you don't get the three quarter vote that you need. Is it possible that Donald Sterling could still be an absentee owner profiting from this team even though he's -- physically from doing anything with -- I fully expect to get the support I need from the other NBA owners to remove him. Back -- Adam transcripts will be available later this afternoon we will email about it. If you could buy stock in human beings I'd be Weinstock and Adam silver. Predict home run on his first at bat as commissioner of the NBA. It's -- all of us we all sat here as soon as we heard the the major line. Banned for life all that will almost all of our delegates -- yet -- unbelievably able it was I'd I'd. I mentioned you guys before the press conference on asked. Was the NBA ready for a protracted. -- -- years long fight. Peers they are they are there won't go their if if Donald's to romanticize the ficus. But it but if he decides to fight it. He fights war ownership of its own team so to speak. That's one thing but Adam silver made it clear where the pro life regardless. He has any any any put it out there who's that guy who clearly has been advised. By attorney multiple attorneys and has comb the bylaws. Backwards and forwards up and down. West to east. I have the authority to do this -- it was such confident or not this. Also audio from the question that yes our but yet not yet. We will digest this and come backing DVR but we'll get the calls and get your thoughts as well the headline here the bumper sticker version. Adam silver the NBA commissioner and that would -- and the pressure brought eighty some odd days now has banned LA clippers owner Donald Sterling for life. He has find him the maximum 2.5 million dollars he will seek the approval of the other owners in the league. Don't force Donald Sterling to sell the LA clippers and heat and seem to think he's gonna have a hard time getting apple and Natalie that I think you know we started hasn't I think you probably does know will will sift through it will get to your calls. -- the man hit a home run in in his very first plate appearance in the major leagues he didn't -- home running at a Grand Slam. Accordingly. Effective immediately. I am banning mr. sterling. For life from any association. With the clippers organization. Or the NBA. My message to the clippers fans in this league is far bigger than anyone owner. Anyone coach anyone player this institution has been around for a long time it will stand for a long time and I have. Complete confidence in Doc Rivers. In the basketball management of that club and the players deserve their support they've just been through an incredibly difficult incident in their lives. Let me just take back something I said before the press conference. I said you know Donald Sterling heard Adam silver I should say got to make sure he hops on a plane and heads for alike this stuff could happen tonight. He just took all that off the table that take your time go to LA when you want to commissioner silver because. There won't be anything that'll happen from a from a team perspective tonight he just -- all the pressure off the LA clippers completely. All the pressure off the LA clippers. The next step. For him from his perspective. Is getting back some of those sponsors. Who have who have dropped out -- it was a -- a whole lot else CarMax feel well say now there's a lot Narnia. It's a laundry list of sponsors so from a business perspective. He's probably trying to reclaim those sponsors and -- employee had -- he had no choice we talked about this before the press conference that. Anything less than some sort of for sale lifetime ban would not have satisfied. 90% of people out there fans media sponsors he had to do. Yeah and dale you said he took the it to the clippers. Players off the hook but he essentially put him back on the hook again. OK so now I've taken care what I got to do. I've done it's fine it's meant to -- million dollars I have banned him you don't you if you see them around the facility. Call a poli. And he's not supposed to be here right after everything I suppose I'm supposed to do now. So when you play ball. Delivered a basketball got to duck and -- and -- all the kids today ever got blown out in what have we got blown out in Oakland. Because. It only had our protest more focused. If anything this gives you what charge. This gives you which to your member of the clippers. Or commissioners not gonna put up with this. So now it's back to. Playing basketball in thinking about what happened yes you think about what happened -- I'll hurt you work house -- -- whereby it. But you're also a basketball player. What -- one of Euro. Many former cohost. Talked about with pickles. Bet and bet very heavily on -- Los Angeles Clippers tonight yeah you're right they got -- giant weight with the -- shall they still would have been thinking about this. Obviously it's still gonna be on their mind tonight but I but I think from water from a basketball standpoint it takes almost went off their shoulders. I I just couldn't be more impressed he had one answer in particular. And it's. Great question and by the way let me give I'm marks to the media who was there thank you but I mean I don't know -- media outlets that they represented. So whom were out their little bit. But the questions were on point and they were good and other than one guy who kind of -- one out there were they were sustained. The question about and it was a a lady who asked the question about are you worried about the slippery slope. You know using. On illegally tape private a private public. And and his answer was perfect may have been taped in private but it's public -- public. And Mike didn't do that I had a coffin like that about other -- Is not a rookie anymore. Did that bother either -- you guys before because I had this discussion with a few people this morning on among Wayne here about. The way that this came out he -- at them they weren't completely against. Donald Sterling they wanted him ban and fine for life. But they each had a problem with the way that this came out that was a ride that conversation idea became Pope electors. Is that ideal but a lot of things. -- it and not to put this on one of the put this on level with. Some of the great causes of all time but if you look at things that you discovered things that have gone wrong a lot of times is not. Through the the standard sources this not just somebody who vowing to volunteering their their ignorance. Into a microphone sometimes. It happens this way. And you're not always excited about you know comments off the record or comics network. That we're gained in a way that is not ideal but the larger. And larger portrait the larger picture and story is that Donald stern. Is this guy this is Donald Sterling it does is we is we have been in public. And who he is in private the irony if that's even the right way of using it irony is. He has been doing all this in public. And nobody did anything but your -- what you heard -- talked about -- -- about its actions and private is what actually got him out of the way. There are a bunch of you believe it or not I see you on the text machine there -- a bunch of view. Who disagree with what the commissioner just did then you'll get your avenue as well I promise. We won't discriminate on what you wanna discuss when you talk about the issue. And those of you wanna make that case. Good luck to. -- -- only thirteen for remarks shared and price that is this the slippery slope. Whether or not these remarks were initially shared in private they are now public. And they represented his views. I was one of the money quotes -- -- and the owner of the Miami Heat weeded out moments ago great job Adam the NBA is in good hands. You have my full support. I wouldn't be surprised we see a Celtics. -- out there sometime in the next little bit similar to this commissioner has my support if that if the vote is not 29 nothing. Against Donald Sterling I will be dumbfounded. At the -- and Mark Cuban that contrary and I even mark Cuban's gonna go along -- -- I think Cuban was the first one. One of these at least the first owner of that I saw that sent out a tweet supporting. The commission are a 100%. I don't think that and Adam -- would have necessarily acted like this if he didn't know already. They had every single owner on board for this for a lifetime -- he knows he's got the support he knows he has more than three quarters support he knows he's got everybody support mislead. I think we also have to point this out and I'm here and it's a lot of questions that lot but I -- hearing at -- that famous pretty consistent. Now I don't wanna. Over dramatized but I'd say at least a dozen people so far. One guys tweeted me and I think he is going to be. That the spokesman for everybody else because his tweet. Represented -- same thing. He says -- Michael we can band people now for their beliefs. Terrible move by the NBA. And I -- backed into a bunch of those up there about. Our Arab backed him this is very simple. I wrote regarding Adam silver that it's his league bury yet. Yes you can be banned as an older if your views are not aligned with the mission of the leak keep in mind. Yet think a lot of people are taking it. And they're they're personalizing. It five have a business if I have a private business and I say something nobody's gonna be able to come and and take this away from me what to -- -- a business here and depends on who your partners are. Now your business as the NBA. In you are you allowed yourself. To be governed by the board of governors if you sign off on what their views are what their mission is what the bylaws are of that -- And you violated and they determined that you violated yes your team can be taken away from you can't be forced out. Was that Barry Barry. It's no different than if Barry. If he's working at the widget factory he comes out the Boston Herald of the Boston Globe and says I don't want the and words working at my company I hate them. He's gonna state company. All these public companies just like if you're hired dale or anybody else on this radio station says something over offensive. We're gone it's it's a business it's a club any asked to abide by the rules in the -- -- Actually look. I don't know how to I don't know why Adam -- did what he did now you would like to think in in a perfect world. And we were all holding hands he does -- for these ultra -- stick reasons he believes in decency believes. I hit it in in all people in the views of all people look at him lately that. Don't know all that well I'll -- but he did today. Or maybe you access the commissioner and we just said that the list of what it doesn't. Doesn't company doesn't sponsors their titles -- the the title sponsor the clippers title sponsor casino decided to wave bye -- two days ago so. If it's somebody else doing something else. And the sponsors start the run for the hills. Yeah that -- might be a little bit of trouble to. You also say this about there's nothing that would have enough water there if there are a lot of business you can make a profit also say this about mister mister Donald Sterling. This could have happened if you take away all of the that you take away the settlement. You take away all of the rumors. You take away the 100 hours of recordings. Could've done it just aren't GP because he's such a terrible owner. If it got to get out of your cards you -- It felt worse. Owner in the history of the NBA and if you think I'm exaggerating look at up. -- -- Could have been Donald Sterling if he had been allowed to -- The longest penalty earlier what you got to bring out -- still literally that on top now drastically look I'm not. Don't just look at the guys a record look at the -- record as an owner and in terms of wins and losses and how he has run the franchise. And yet he's been an owner in the NBA longer than -- that's right on the longest tenured owner in the league. And I'll defend. Adam silver to this degree. This wasn't Adam -- is NBA. Until eighty some odd days ago. When someone asked how comedian do anything before this other other other allegations in the past why in the NBA do anything. And he what he didn't do was throw David Stern under the bus yesterday acknowledged that he was very careful about from one of the -- very careful well but he -- it. I mean I didn't say David Stern. Should've done something earlier in -- it made it clear that's a previous administration we keep talking about it but my point is it wasn't Adam -- is NBA. My guess is Adam silver probably wouldn't of turned a blind eyes to the same degree. David Stern penalties here just to guess on my butt buddy is the guy I saw stand and -- and watched on that screen up there. Was a hell of a lot stronger than I've seen David Stern he also did say that. One was settled out of court another one he was not -- -- the plan a blog it was Elgin Baylor and I area in the and the other one was steadily was never found guilty and I sixty morally wrong. The reason that none of this -- ever come up the reason there was never this. Outward anger and an angst against Donald Sterling is that was that was that really a lot of people didn't know about this past that. But also it was never that smoking gun -- or is it for the league and they've let all this is -- And in case of Elgin Baylor. You look at it okay so you're gonna say we -- thinking about instead of aids discrimination and racial discrimination. Not talked about Donald Sterling be in the worst. -- owner in the NBA. Now perhaps the worst GM I've seen in the there's Elgin Baylor so would go to Baylor came out this suit instead -- discrimination. My first thought was Elgin come on man. Come on you you don't put together good teams and opened their for a long time. And a lot of guys would have been out. 567 coaches ago a lot of guys would have been -- 45671. Round hours ago and you've been able to hang around so I didn't. I I was very I was very skeptical. Of the lawsuit that Elgin Baylor brought. Because I was looking at his history with the ouster. To the text -- instead of a black owner said this about white players would he be banned al-Qaeda yes got a girl yeah I was gonna say she only one got a dollar asset. I mean stop trying to think -- theoretical. Let's focus focus focus on what happened here today. And you -- talk about it next. Our number two dale and -- Sports Radio WEEI Greg Dickerson. In the house with -- you heard from the commissioner of the NBA last hour it's time to hear from you. 6177797937. Is telephone number AT&T text line -- 37937. Lord knows we analyze enough text -- to last us for awhile. But we are are gonna dive right into the call to review and give you an opportunity. To respond to what's happened out there and let's get to it with Joseph in Lincoln Joseph Europe first under Alan Mulally. They've gotten together at a camp particular little I was on all sorts of well. I think it's really ironic that this is -- sport that Donald Sterling them together and in my opinion have been the sports center a lot and the NBA. There's been more combat racial stereotypes and any. It just about any organization I can think and I think it's been a really good thing for America that the NBA's just. -- an -- -- -- I agree with you and I think part of the part of the confusion or part of the way the escape route. For Donald Sterling. Has been for him to say. Look. I've I've hired African American head -- not a big deal to me. I had an African American general manager for many years. He was really bad -- never fired him. Audience you know Michael -- if he got the houses he gave them money and Alabama can't afford said that -- -- that on tape. I think Donald Sterling was able to say hey look at look at that I've -- for the NAACP they keep honoring me. -- hired black coaches I've had a black general manager Howard you got a call me racist GE is able to say that even though clearly not true but illusion the illusion helped him. And let me get into it bothers me about this thing which is that stick it there had not been made public accidentally. He didn't you didn't decide to go. Make it is public. Nothing would have ever been done and an emperor and Terry you know everybody to stand -- there are certain they NBA general Eric -- -- we discovered integration. I would you I mean I I have a problem that I have a problem all the players. Coaches who have decided to go work forum -- You know without doing that any investigation throughout the -- action either doesn't make. Any difference because he's an owner. -- it doesn't make a difference but but that there's sort of outrage and suddenly found that out. Because that's been made public it it just bothers. -- WW most bothered aware that you bond and we -- Vietnam I don't when -- when he says that we just found this -- you. That you most bothered by the average NBA -- the players who decided to play for on the coaches to. I'm not I think the NBA organization I I think they need to they're -- they realize -- -- problem how could they not. I didn't -- Joseph knew there was a problem main -- they want to do upon. What they have done about it without without without having the ammunition to be illegal get this guy. What did they do about it you know they do anything well now. Well they could attract and they tried to do something and they'll IQQ would it show that there. -- -- I don't I don't I just interrupt you here that it. Why the hell are we worried about what didn't happen before why are we talking about what did happen now. Well like we wanted to avoid you know days that white and they do it and it's like come on. Well I think I think. When you asked Joseph what bothers him the most. -- -- he brought up a good point about. Just kind of sleepwalking through some pretty terrible things from from Donald Sterling that's a good point. There -- a lot of people. Who either knew about it and decided that they can get by. Or people who didn't know about it and they have been shake -- they have been woken up. Very suddenly. A very shockingly. OK that's that took that the sub topic. And it's of worthy topic but the number one topic is. Why are you more bothered by the NBA then Donald Sterling. Those do that's the point of heroes are the most bothersome thing to me at all that it of anything and understand what else something else. I've heard this enough. -- how difficult it is difficult it is. In America you don't know what you can see now we don't know what you can do it is not that difficult. That -- couldn't -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't discriminate against people everybody's gonna -- speak we're gonna miss speak on that show. Talking for twenty hours a week will save some things that we we shouldn't say or we -- we'll save some things that weren't bought out at times. We'll save -- costs on the year. But. You have to know if a person where is that person coming from where is their heart Donald Sterling heart was not in the right place. Within the wrong way. It was -- it was an NBA owner. Who was at the very least uncomfortable -- black people. Are probably despise them hated them. And he was in that way so you wonder how can a guy -- franchise for so long and be so on -- unsuccessful. Not by accident. Then happened by accident he probably was not hiring all of the right people he probably was not listening to all the right people especially especially if they were black. He probably was not doing everything he should have done any N that eight functional organization would do any right thinking organization would do. The issue. Let's not confuse it in and turn it into. -- you know I don't know what's happening to America what's happening to America today a good thing happened to America today. A vital. Racist. Who was out of the closet many many years ago finally got his comeuppance. The an and several techsters are saying what one gentleman I think -- -- that said you know as a person of color I wanna know why nothing was ever done before. Not saying that the that the issue isn't valid in a larger sense. Today the issue isn't wide in the NBA do something about this guy before today the issue is Adam silver did something about this guy. Now and did something huge. And and did an unprecedented thing and came down on this guy with the back. Camera four here like I I I think it's relatively valid for people will say why didn't something happen before because to a lot of people -- Michael. This is new news to them to do to make it -- before to the average sports fan I think they're learning what have learned over the past. 34 days now Vick Donald Sterling has the -- and a lot of them know couple weeks ago that he had this past. -- -- how -- how how -- we answered by what had happened before. I can reduce it to two or three reasons number one. Adam silver is that David Starr. So if you wanna say David Stern was asleep but the real like a lot of the people work. That's fair that's one -- number two. Advertisers weren't leaving. The players were complaining. So that he was losing. In court he didn't lose in court. Number three. And this is probably should have been number one this is how Adam silver was able to do what he did today. He was able to connect. Something that Donald Sterling did. A basketball. So that's -- you make the decision that it's bad for it's detrimental to basketball. And I followed and that's how you're able to say. He's banned for life that it hit housing situation. That was settled out of court. You can't make the case that was detrimental to basketball because advertisers weren't leaving the players were complaining about it in this case DMZ. The players were complaining about it. And it was detrimental to bask in that gave. Adams over it wide open lane to do what -- About a way Adam silver. We'll set it at a Grand Slam with this whole thing. But I'm not necessarily sure if this DMZ story doesn't come out I don't think Adam silver in all of the sudden tech aren't we we can get the story we gonna get what is -- What this is. That it you can talk about the NBA and how this is a bad precedent. That's what you practice sterling weakened back to sterling as a setup at the top of the show. If sterling. Had just been. If if he hadn't gone the Richard Nixon -- He didn't insist on taping everything. He would have been fine. If sterling had just sat back. Not taped and conversations. And enjoyed the playoffs. He would still be the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers today with his backwards views and all it would still be fine nobody would've had to work ranks on the self. On frank -- and Salem. We -- -- to our I'd been totaled still should the left who don't. IPod and what wouldn't what Jimmy for well I tell counter intuitive but I traditional item on the teams go. Because he's a good ground nobody. Well why he -- -- -- why would you want that a few of the NBA forget about all all. Texas senate so. I'd go -- racism in the and the losing of advertisers. Why would you want one -- -- biggest markets to be run into the ground while you want that a few of the NBA commissioner of the NB AMESSRS polish. Applicable from almost a focus group or not that's well I would like to see because. Both couples are gonna win anything at all sterling apparel -- he's gonna get more competitive. And intelligent people up twelve million dollars. For half a billion dollars now where if you if beaten to a recurring. He wouldn't he wouldn't have helped and which it ain't gonna -- And they -- and they would have lost on the team more advertisers luckily I imagine imagine gently letting -- letting him stay in position with what everybody knows now. And and well we'll just wait for -- to screw the. So thinking well wait a minute if a case he bought the team effort from happening dollars. And if he doesn't do anything. It's already got a franchise regardless it's got a franchise that that's worth. You know Tony five times as much at the very least I think the 500 above it would just sold out 500 after the fight and at a discount. I think the 500 million plus -- conservative. And that market even though you're the second team in that market you're still in love affair with the billion because the out of the box were sold not only get a discount on a certain percentage. Our Herb -- still has a certain percentage of that team if you're talking about a 100% of the Los Angeles Clippers. -- -- articles about guys say prop up at the very least Drake 750 million dollars but I think. What with his point of don't even sell the team you have to sit there -- the sector into what made money he's still he's still a television deal there's still profit he's come. Profit and frankly I thought the whole idea of a suspension was rather hollow anyway suspended from being able to sit courtside. I mean we think that he was involved in the day to day business operation of the LA clippers they did much more than suspend him quotation fingers up. Which was about as hollow punishment as they could yet they banned him for -- You're not allowed our league anymore CEO later Bob why I mean it was so much more powerful than a suspension which I didn't understand anyway -- in Springfield -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's one thing I ordered really cute guys when when -- you -- talk about why I was not been done before. It's not the point that -- -- forward to put some who moved on this day tribute. The black eyed over -- just over Alaska would be I think Chris is a great yes. Just to make it clear I'm not saying it doesn't matter I'm just saying today isn't yet in. If you're first instinct is why did this happen before you kind of missing what hackers are now Chris Chris -- -- to think and Chris is is agreeing with me. My point isn't that it doesn't matter rapper. It's that what's the what's the story today. Right correct and I and I think with this would be good candidates from all operations Nvidia. I think he didn't talk commission did a great job I think this move to start. -- Few in the NBA overwhelmed with the black idled over the last week and I think you're just gonna come out now I have a question do we know why Elgin Baylor lost a law. He didn't lose they settled. They are not -- -- -- -- and I don't think I think he did lose it he lost it lost the all the other one my housing one may settle they say so about one but I'm pretty sure you have argued. It couldn't get. The real polite -- that was it he lost because there was no but it would -- -- evidently out to be able to bring a lot of backup maybe -- somebody else's. Milosevic is important is that to -- out but but I I wonder from a from a legal status is different. Because from a legal standpoint. You would have to prove his case. What what Adams overdo it today is look at the bylaws Italy. And go to detrimental to basketball there's something with something detrimental to basketball going on here was an illegal. Not necessarily that they I don't babies in little that they -- -- -- to something illegal. No they did something that -- best -- I don't I don't see how you could argue. Forehand in that case I don't see how you can do what you can't. And it's like it would be like me owning 888. Hockey team and saying are you not only Canadians. Don't. You do what you. Year. Here's the here's the the point about the lawsuit February 2009. Elgin Baylor in LA superior court filed a lawsuit for wrongful termination and discrimination on the basis of age and race. He dropped the race accusation are dropped after he dropped it. And he lost on the age discrimination park he himself Elgin Baylor drop the the race discrimination I don't RY. OK so he drops that part so if you say. As as Ian O'Connor. Who recognize column for for ESPN New York really has been a great Thomas for a long time to Ian O'Connor went. Wanted to hammered that point they -- the most respected players in the league. -- some very disturbing things about Donald sternly but. Can the other partisan thing. The other part of the story that that player dropped his own tapes he dropped the race part of a cabinet vote no if you say. Donald Sterling as the races. Of the it would Elgin Baylor said I would just to be fair you also have to say well. Elgin Baylor drop the the racial aspect of his of his -- The knowing that he couldn't win. Knowing that he couldn't I don't know why I dropped -- I don't know the answer why I just remembered there was something it just looked it up the ball already dropped that the race partner lost on the age part. Especially all the comments. Where you know it I see a lot of this I see this quoted this comment from Elgin Baylor. -- says you know Donald Sterling wanted to team where he wanted to run like a plantation owners like nice black boys playing for a white coach. OK that comedies out there. But of Elgin Baylor didn't continue to pursue the case. What can you what do you do -- the commissioner. And David Stern and I -- a problem David Stern beyond this. David Stern. Can you use that -- a lawsuit. Are then what happened. Well Michael that's my point -- for hours what could you do if Donald Sterling wins in that housing case and then. Elgin Baylor loses -- Jim Miller drops that what kind of punishment can you give towards Donald Sterling ten years ago great years ago five years ago. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Maybe not a punishment. What. They do with what they do with ai -- came out with the -- is his hip hop career is short lived apart career and he had a song. Is -- on diseases. In word this and word that was across forty bars justified that ai came out with this is that 0304. I don't know of David Stern. Find him he may have a Republican up when he came out and -- how unhappy he was with the at the very least there could have been something on the record David Stern could have said -- -- Philly -- felt powerless to do anything with Donald Sterling could have said. We don't like this were very uncomfortable. With some of the things being said about. Mr. sterling in the NBA doesn't support not -- -- ex -- why don't they do that either. A taxer asks the question I've been asking all along we will attempt to answer when we come back it's as. You know what's the logistics here. How. The guy owns the team but now he's been banned. I mean. Who now runs loans who makes the ultimate decisions who says yes will sign that guy no we won't sign that guide the decisions that. He had to make up until this point out mentally -- that Life Partners but he wasn't making those -- threatened but. -- their decisions that go to the ownership level we talked about this with -- other GMs around here. Danny Ainge they're certain decisions which he asked take ownership Taylor -- Blake Griffin forward. 79 million dollars radio where what do you think a doctor I -- map out how that's disgusting and now is who asked to make those decisions. And I don't know the answer will try to figure out. Accordingly. Effective immediately. I am banning mr. sterling. For life from any association. With the clippers organization. Or the NBA. Can you just explain -- lay out present what specific. Power in the in the constitution and -- you exercise with your band and what specific. Was it a broad violation or specific violation and with respect to the forced sale. What specific section of the constitution covers that and is that he brought violation or specific. Cannot let the lawyers lay out for you this specific provisions of our constitution let's just leave it we have the authority to act as I've recommended. Commissioner Adam silver speaking just after 2 o'clock today -- Jim Gray on Fox News. Says that he has spoken with Donald Sterling. Donald Sterling says the clippers are not for sale. There ago yeah -- directory go to Rio contract does communal. On long fight here and so the man told the man's stubborn the man's got a lot of money and he's gonna fight for his franchise and the NBA. A lot of people questioned whether they wanted to be in a fight the NBA's going to be -- a -- Back for that definitive. Definitive. Donald Sterling profile. In ESPN magazine June 12002905. Years ago and I believe the writer started -- we have. Other quote that didn't sterling was out of -- was at a hotel we do that and NAACP function he was actually and end the writers and Donald Sterling looks good. Paul sterling looks good he always looks good I was talking about the the the perpetual tan. But he extended it to these things just kind of all offer him a roll off of him. The housing suit well it's not on a court of money to do is pay money and make this go away -- made it go away. Elgin Baylor hall of Famer coming -- no. Elgin Baylor Elgin Baylor drops the racial aspect of its this case and he loses the age discrimination. On and on got a terrible team. But he continues to make money it doesn't matter so in this case Donald -- Here Adams over Saturday. He's banned for like you are right young. Well let me just I'll interject -- -- did talk to sterling in the did -- sterling did say that that the clippers were not for sale. -- it is pointed out here though that it would appear that he made those comments before he was made aware of what Adam silver -- Focus that is this was not this was like my last dollar I don't know I don't know apparently this was last night. They had video of -- coming out of necessary housing in Beverly Hills live Shelley Rochelle is in his. I know technically she's his wife by estranged seems to belong and that's. And she's in her statement my estranged husband. -- these are you know -- Things will happen and tell your boss only Allah is the average -- open. There's so many reasons I wouldn't want -- -- out there. And I've got quite. A product 500 -- -- -- Release of the statement. That support the clippers. Clippers my estranged husband's at some comments that are discussed in my family finds disgusting we don't believe that brought the veteran. Open yeah. And and finally coming out of the car from the -- -- tell -- a -- her. Well I -- the bulls -- but Donald Sterling I got all this come about money. I'm going up to one of the -- they -- I want one of the biggest paparazzi haunts -- all of Los Angeles. It's gonna go there and had dinner and go to Spain and home and you know he probably ordered that I'm Donald Sterling -- I don't want that -- you don't want him I don't waterworld drug. John's unsettled. -- six and it. Now he'll great members. Question my question -- -- at what point by this -- decree. No question about it. Why why. Are we violating. Huge symbol -- regard shouldn't -- the situation being eight. Why does not matter what Limbaugh is that why I wanted got civil rights it's legal rights it isn't illegal. Tape to tape a conversation. Secretly. However and I'm just gonna stick this out there I don't leave much of what she's saying here MP. Claims that Donald Sterling -- was being tight collar and -- good putts are what's callers and again -- -- -- shot Sean. Won't -- Michael and I were having this discussion. And a number of times off the year. Why does this matter so much do you why is it that people are so. Stock and hooked up or rob hooked on these things as opposed to being elated. At this. Vital human being got his comeuppance. -- yeah united in understanding the trauma -- Coca. What I am saying that what it in the count on that your home. At a private party. We're actually get actually it may be some of them you don't know all that well you make a comment about. Something about someone from a traditional on picture. Bring it to the radio station in your fire. You don't want Sean OK Greta but that. It is something that will happen. You're actually right. If if if from -- -- doing the the equivalent of Donald Sterling. At a at a party. Essential in my mr. Are what's her name again. TV. That's a scholar at this quality you know why because I think she has trouble with -- saliva I. Let's say or -- was pretty. And I'm doing the equivalent of of Donald sterling and I'm talking about everybody. I'm talking about dale and people from Maine and I can't stand on and on and on and do that on the air anyway Arabs Arabs say all sorts of things. And that becomes public. And then businesses there's sponsors start Tuesday and then and then this -- toxic. And and everybody is protests again you're in trouble the world record your total porting your troubles so I think the take away here. -- takeaways one. Donald Sterling is out as owner of the clippers. And in -- game you know fifteen or twenty years later and said that's number. Number two. We've all I think got to be more informed and more aware of things happening around. I think would be a shame if people just stopped. People just stopped and got the Donald Sterling ruling and as you're now I think if you're if you're a player on the Orlando Magic. If you're a player off on the Chicago Bulls you know I would helps -- Look -- you who -- owners really don't. Owners of the team. What -- -- what exactly -- their -- public -- look -- All. I think a lot of people are using these just -- now while I think 121 entry in 2014 that's not that's no longer a good excuse. Look I backed Clinton but I'll say this great -- I disagree with you to this degree it does match. It does matter if it as the caller said if somebody illegally -- -- And and brings that -- -- the public and and you get hurt by it harmed by. A conversation that you think is in the privacy of your own home. It it should -- all clear thinking Americans of people can do that too. Now it's hard for anybody to root for Donald Sterling in this case and that's the issue Europe against it's the classic dilemma here but but the illegality of it does -- I don't I just come. I guess I've come to the point in my life -- -- I understand an -- like I can't stand and I you know I was. With the -- the other day coming home from the airport and somebody started asking me questions about Gary time line and you know I just had. Got a vet I know I didn't vet but I was just real careful about what I was saying them in the privacy of a taxicab but you have to be careful I hate so -- Careful when it like what you say everywhere every everywhere and everybody and everything. But it's the world that we -- united -- -- -- Greg and at camp right now you tell us what bizarrely proclaimed Kevin Garnett was celebrated so terrible time behind -- That's fine you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There are so let's just put this there are certain things I know about Gary -- and -- I about don't wanna what it was like I I don't let the guy said enough to the cab driver -- the gravitate. Is that might -- about it just. It's the world that we live in -- it's Sox. But you have to be aware of what you say -- matter where you all are because people taping things people repeating things people are. Gonna put it on Twitter in the domestic pictures on instant Graham and I think. And I think and let's not let's not twist the issue here tube that a lot of people are looking at it there saying. Well that could be me it probably can't. It probably can't be you to the extent that you're thinking keep in mind. This is Donald Sterling so Donald Sterling. What you heard it's probably the tip of the iceberg of who we have but even and that clip even of fourteen minutes. Of listening to Donald Sterling you were able to get it pretty good representation of how we feels. About people who go a lot of people don't look like him are. Unless you're of that mind. Relax. Relax. So -- got a sterling were a good guy. You're a good guy and he or is it somebody taped him joking around. Or saying something totally out of context. What he's a good guy and he's recorded in the somebody record him making an off color joke no pun intended. I think he'd be fine. What what people what they are missing these these privacy people and his civil rights being violated not stop what they're missing is that. He's a raging. Racist. Who was bad for his business it's not it's not a guy. That said hey I got this -- this dude that was his rabbi. Is black guy a aim is an honest man is it's not that it's not that -- -- -- like they're missing -- Italy it's always been for thirty plus -- are we talking like it it's it's important it's an it's an important valid topic. But in this case today it's my notion. Tommy's in New Bedford hate -- I don't go to -- I adore -- I don't know. And charter in this amount are in -- -- -- I don't know people look on and realize like maybe this is the reason why. There's so much -- -- a well liked in the African Americans still feel there is racism alive because. They call and they say all the great why and and they want to send them. It's like. I don't understand like. How that works they keep it that she should -- that. Maybe that's why black people African American -- they do toward white people. Make. Now I I I did that we asked this question earlier when -- -- we see so many people on the text machine or calls or our Twitter. Not defending Donald Sterling but saying hey you know what about an -- into effect kind of tell it to defend them. One answer could be some folks out there who don't know certainly think he said anything wrong. There are folks out there who were OK with what he said thank you. Mean I I hope I don't associate -- many album let's be honest there are sound. May I have got to be if you look at Donald Sterling. And I thought Adams over had a great answer -- somebody asked him. Is she is keeping suspended or banned for this incident or here's history. And an -- silver's response in effect was OK here's the fine and here's the band based on. What he has done recently. But when he is forced out of here. We're gonna look at the other owners didn't all go look it up his body of work you -- -- -- every at a -- -- if he had no history. The the up punishment I think would have been. Bartlett may not far lesser tournament can't rely on public on the Ben -- and I think if you're one of those people who. With defending. The American account York. Well as people who is defending director subtle about it -- let the people defending Donald Sterling at least. Defend him armed with knowledge. Epic Google again gogel. Find out who this guy is what is this place that -- yet this group. Is the Google's Google does it is it's called -- machine -- 6177797937. AT&T -- -- 37937. It's dale and Holley and Greg Dickerson Sports Radio WE yeah.

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