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DJ Bean, WEEI.com: Doesn't know when the B's MTL series will begin, 4-29-14

Apr 29, 2014|

DJ Bean joins Mut, Merloni and Fauria to preview the Bruins Canadiens series, speculate on what it will start, and talk about Dennis Seidenberg.

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I DJB was at practice today DJ being covered the boards for WE -- a company joins us on the AT&T hotline so let's start with that the news of the day. Dennis Seidenberg not just skating DJ -- practicing. With the Bruins give us a sense of how much you saw him do out there on the ice in practice with the -- What do you mean -- basically doing what. Corey potter would do is create department minus the contact. The defense -- -- still say he's still -- -- boy chuck. Our -- he crew Miller and then you borrow Seidenberg we're kind of the extra guys. Its embattled -- Seidenberg democracy goes in a high -- but not yet it seems I mean. We've seen Seidenberg fit for awhile now we've seen that the cops in turn out he's been able do it at all -- -- did the now. Start to get involved the team I think the next step out without contact but how far away that is BC. -- also -- of sick and view -- you tweeted out -- begins sick of being asked as well some minister or not this -- -- and -- -- end up the damn phone do you you know what these I don't care. We have your -- -- right back. -- this thing starts what is going on what you hear it. I'm here to our bar is OK yet the where's the breaking news out of their insurance -- that they're -- confirm that with your sources -- Problem that has that I'm here into the game the heat guard moved to Montreal -- a couple the belt better. And that is necessary. If necessary they'll bring it back up yet but I'm here. Is there is there -- time -- maybe that -- could happen. Gonna be this spring but. That is to realize that's the. No I mean. Look we're all record or -- -- the sold the latest single world here is that. Saturday that they might do the Saturday matinee. Whether that would be scheme -- seem to. Remains to be seen it but certainly they don't -- do anything -- paper that some northeastern graduation I think or be -- They would do -- at -- Friday night in -- Saturday afternoon the president not to be able to 24 hours. So I think my best guess right now. It is Saturday afternoon and -- that before about the horses -- around -- EC. And that you Sunday night game and then go to speak there they add up all the carpet -- -- mop up that -- -- that. You get on our Saturday and other NBC in -- bought about beating. -- today candidate about -- are they involved here. Well I mean they get their two surgeries like Saturday that was that. Because they want occupying Arab and Montreal the only -- eat you -- that but also NBC really wants to have a game. Or at -- the -- at the Kentucky Derby on a Saturday. Beyond just the Kentucky or we don't act like you don't know it's during the day on Saturday cheer up okay up. Big -- doubt though that at least you ought to be able or that Pittsburgh is the other eastern. It would be hosting. But there's an arena football game at call that day oh the imagery costs -- -- -- what does that. -- term armadillos. Right so we're talking about we're talking about -- northeastern graduation and we're talking about horses and we're talking -- arena football. It all getting in the way. Are so let's let's talk hockey that let's talk let's let's let's break this game down because I'm sure you're not gonna have enough time to do that the next three days so let's get it out -- -- now. So when I look at this I think about the rat race for -- ball during the regular season record you look at the regular season record with the with the Canadians that it's pretty much the same. So how much stock do you put into that so you don't read that they play the red wings -- Bruins play the red rings the loose three out of four primary season. -- they beat up on the red wings in five games same thing with the Canadians may -- they handled the bronze in the regular season. So what can we look forward to anything different. In the playoffs because it's it's history showing it beat the regular season doesn't matter. Won't right so this makes me sound like a weenie but I I think I I learned last year and it's something that I mean it now. Is that I'm not going to read into anything at the brewers to a regular season because they're not Catholic but -- they -- to present shall be that much more impressive. That they really don't care -- all vote in the regular season. So if they lose a few games against teams in the regular seat I don't think they go to play up not sure match up. He earned them at all I think they look at their recent playoff history more than anything else and know that they're very good playoff team. In that they'll be beat her attitude she's -- yeah it's pretty much about who they're playing with the exception of -- couple Ito last. I mean I look at this this match -- her Montreal and I say that -- top furthering a lot round against Detroit just because. Often very deep offensively and Detroit couldn't stop the scored Montreal the very people under -- potential being a great goaltender Carey Price they've got a better defense certainly lease on the top or there isn't. There's a presence that out there you can you can really that's ever used and on the up there very very well I think that. Montreal present a greater challenge in that gathered after all the thought that the -- but but also addicted. They played their beating goalie who got caught. You know lest they were sitting there watching what could have been agree collapse by a flurry of Pittsburgh Penguins. But other Comcast and with that after watching him will this be their toughest test. -- -- for the Bruins yet. -- probably in the middle of luck that he look -- beat the Rangers and it Lundqvist -- -- -- but again light flurry basically. Right now not go to even so it did you black I mean it. As someone that someone played alright after the big game like as any team ever won. Eight playoff series indeed and so confident in the fact they're not Italy Italy cup from the Pittsburgh Edwards cut to a belt last night -- -- -- blowing that. I I think -- -- bring -- right now that should work they were last year when the Bruins swept them so they do some outcome of that division I think the Bruins just sort of are you one of those guys that don't -- See this this series goes seven games and just everyone just -- just decimated and beat down and you know epic type series. I mean it and is there a chance for to go seven games. I don't mean that all we talk about how this series is -- in a segregated pilloried I think the Brooklyn the team is but doesn't want to be different. It's -- -- -- my own men like I'm an individual. So I figured I really go crazy to hear that excuse. I hate that they. Think they're all going to be tightly -- that because generally when the Yankees play. It's a one goal game -- are ever going back last year there was out of like is like eighteen of the last flight nineteen games they've played where one goal -- something. They are obligated to be -- And I -- from there you're back. If they're going to be one goal game -- maybe six or seven but I thought the Brooklyn you know six would -- really bad out -- it is just to see what it would happen in Montreal. If the law for the Bruins and were eliminated in Montreal. All right individual real quick Brad marsh and not a practice today according to your Twitter account any concerns about his availability for. The Canadian series. I don't know I mean but I would say no but I mean it is a little peculiar that you wouldn't be on the -- given that these guys that two days -- Maybe there's some sort of ruled out anything they wanna give -- an election date or I think we don't see you tomorrow basic fact it. You're talking about the series started a couple days then it's more of a concern but turned -- I pump the brakes on any major concern. If you wanna get hot if you -- really find out when the series begins you wanna get on Twitter and asked DJ on Twitter at -- DJ underscored beards DJ underscore being he's looking for your questions when does this series star please ask him early and often. You reply and a very appropriate professional manner we'll talk to during the series thank -- eject. It that is DJ being land -- wolf shut up during that lone wolf is should individual.

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