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Cedric Maxwell on Donald Sterling 4-29-14

Apr 29, 2014|

Former Celtic great Cedric Maxwell joined the show to discuss the Donald Sterling situation.

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Joining us on the AT&T hotline former Celtics star and without question -- star of the Celtics radio network preference Cedric Maxwell good morning Max power you -- Good morning Joseph I don't -- I'm very very well be -- fresh take any different ideas about what is unfolding here in front of this nation has its sort of a gut check for everybody involved in the NBA in sports and civil rights and white black relations. Well let me be the first one to say that in the might vote that says I don't -- which together information. You know I don't hear who you are you have a private conversation that -- say. I don't know who wouldn't be in trouble if you would talk to one person the other. Now I'd say that I -- -- -- Liddy sterling optical what he said of -- What -- look you know nation itself I have a -- what that isn't a problem westerly. When you if you've been around you've been out that you played for him you were a clipper and you weren't too happy to become a -- -- Tell -- Max what was he likes to work for to play for. Well the -- that's how muted in the world so old it was their -- is on the extent that it was our work for your. He was the ball out of the glory as and that's as far as it went. Where there's stories though Maximilian -- -- here's drizzle players talking Baron Davis -- -- guys and they knew the sterling was a racist and I was early on number over guys talking are -- at that point 8687. No nobody was talking earlier that it was about so -- that anything that -- remotely. Resume both in each other races marched through march anything like that at that particular remember though it's early didn't sit right so if you want to be good. That would that he was good he became an older candidate in dauphin Delaware from the. Max if you -- -- now and if you -- the veteran clippers all the younger players and other players looked up to and you're facing game five. Against the Golden State Warriors tonight in your building but the whole world watching for something to do would you advocate what would you think would be the proper thing to do -- idea. Play my ass well and that's what I would do. I think you about all these -- -- the killer when alone whether it just yet let. Obviously the distractions are huge. But if you -- seen it but think about okay well look collectors awful awful about it. You're you're always defeat. Are you so that you know this is some in the court you great. So -- -- that your your bottom look we hit me big hope is for a decade. And let you clay and you were sort of message. To a racist. You know older of your team simply that says it is just cool well inflate the gate and we. What do you know Doc Rivers do you think he will stick this out will he be coaching for this team next year and the year after dark setbacks. Yeah I think a lot and capital assets think everything play itself but in the -- -- -- -- determine you know -- -- you know the commissioner. You know make the -- -- -- solve power but they keep you are still missing and I -- business goes up about it. I'd like you. Almost torn between her beauty that's the hot seat for the soul. The big huge political well she didn't -- I can't you know voluntarily -- this -- I'm just won't let this -- this sort of done. So she's up for trap it. It's certainly not something where it's going to be cut and dry the -- it. Is what you know about this team coached the appeals courts come inflate -- the long -- Maxed out of us knows what Adam silver is going to say specifically today at 2 o'clock but I'm wondering do you -- -- CI would say that. Yet we do we know -- to be import. Well yeah. I would think we all know that -- import but the word be indefinitely. Or lifetime and those of the two keywords and will respond to be different to what he says. Across the NBA if he says an indefinite suspension -- a lifetime suspension. I would don't think it matters most people that I know. More -- are you both before color and needs of people working on color that he didn't do. Wore him out of the gate and it as a bullet because there is a bit in the or eight years two years. You know they use them a life. He didn't feel old to -- and so we'll -- a stigma which is what be attached to so and chilled heat of battle -- out of debt the ball. I don't know if you can release you didn't see this what you look he he's the general -- You know I think -- obviously your votes are in its history the lawsuit the stuff he'd said over the years they took this job do you think that you don't you think it begins over again right now with what's happened you figure regrets leaving. Boston for that job. Yeah I think it was yeah well I don't think there's anybody go or he did come. You know we all throughout the history of a lot of different. But I don't think anybody could see this -- was in older Indians BA with him being a and -- at all these -- remarks Kobe didn't buy it if you don't if you don't what would you refuse that you release. So I don't think that's where local darker -- who is so -- can -- you know you know to say it hey I want to take out the stop he says the good situation for me it's possibly they'll compete in -- -- -- -- the -- issue. Did you ever go to the Malibu placed -- beach house. For the cook go to beginning in the edge of a sit with them on the team planner thing like that -- Already there and you've got a Corvette out eight and eighty there -- coaching late in the week we look commercial. So old Donald Sterling wasn't aware like there's no I didn't go to develop -- or cook out or anything like that. Did he was eight. Owner of the team and he took early on. Well how would they and that wasn't released this -- in their actions. -- can't wait a while they looked like almost all of these is what he -- limited to a locker room. The -- out muscles were -- old or you bigger stronger. That's that's in the apple well they. Actually have a question for me and I want just your personal opinion I don't want to speak for the NBA your past players or anybody but Macs in your mind Cedric Maxwell. Is Donald Sterling. An extreme exception to the rule of the way white people think about Black America or do you think he speaks for a lot more white folks who don't get kotsay in this kind of stuff. October which -- thank -- a lot more people that don't get caught -- -- that what you could say the same thing about black people talk about white people and I think this is just. What unions or -- saying that the current Nesbitt who won't back because somebody had a conversation. Which would. It looked -- children. You know you know he's not be old be older several cities say they have about a a black player or. -- clear if something bad about all the it is just the fact that -- with -- that because it was 88 conversation. This is the first post season Max and this is off topic. In the history of the NBA that the knicks the lakers and the Celtics did not make the playoffs which one gets back first. I've been my former OB. That this is the first. Post season in the history of the league where the knicks the lakers and the Celtics all three did not make the playoffs which one gets back first. Obama go out on the limb I'm gonna go so. So I think they I think they have a great opportunity here this coming year with a strap it. The opportunity to make our work to make changes with this thing. That they would get an opportunity for the knicks. -- -- -- -- And the lakers are saying you know all that money is an older player like Kobe Bryant so the -- that transition. And so I think -- will transition a lot with veritable the lakers in the. Max thanks for the time they enjoy -- several talked down the road. Our body double bill with Sandra Maxwell with -- -- on the AT&T hotline.

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