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Stephen A. Smith on Donald Sterling 4-29-14

Apr 29, 2014|

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith joined the show to discuss the latest with Donald Sterling and the NBA.

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Enemy look into the camera and call out. My home the Los Angeles NAACP. This man has racial discrimination case against them. In 2009. It was going back to 2006 some there's another incident in 2003. Up you give this man a lifetime achievement award. Not only that you are about to do it again and expect to have needs to lifetime achievement award from the stable and they took a toll at one lighten -- Get to like -- even -- what why is that. One of the reasons really loves Raymond and -- I was -- and I thought the same thing already got a lifetime exact toward -- five years ago there's nobody. Or fearless and understand -- best -- just like two seconds. If he is not under pressure to respond a certain way and that wouldn't be at their other things that I think people like Stephen A Smith the state. And rant and raven in -- crazy about the situation but to Stephen. Based credit -- -- fearless qualifies but the man is not afraid to speak his mind joining us on the AT&T hotline. Morning Steven how are you. We want -- -- I don't blowback for super comments like that -- as you described it's criticizing bureau. I'm sorry I need you to elaborate about this hurt you the -- like in second I don't know -- talk about. You you'd talk on the NC double NAACP. For giving him not one bit about to give -- second. Lifetime achievement award and I'm wondering are probably people would rather you not say that say other things about Donald Sterling. -- and did you take any blow back from people who said Stephen that's not what you should be railing against today. -- -- Corporate apple back from quokka blowback from all community always good. Arm and whatnot -- let you know I don't care I'm I'm about right or wrong and I'm about they're. And my attitude has always been obviously did it a little bit -- are. Many in equities that are taking place within this country particularly against the African American community and -- And I totally understand and there's little black person -- that we recognize that it doesn't feel of the effects of that from pocket pot. But I'm about parents and my attitude is that I can't hole up. Any one from another. A group. Are from another culture it -- about. You know being an equity to talk about the a mistake to talk about days and whatever the case may be. What would turn a blind eye and -- yet here to what goals or cannot hold community. I am aware of the fact that on a lot of occasions people within the black community have been victimize this couple wait all shall we expect that we picked my doctor. By the way we can do we choose to conduct with the certain circumstance that. -- a woman that's been our quickness. To blame other people because with the emotional state of mind that we may -- -- And that's debt is at the world are the unproductive. And more importantly it it put it in the position where we disenfranchise the opt out because. You know that you sort of stop -- you know blow to win and blow beating the wind and listening you know why did what he used. When you don't have any mistake about true. And let it -- -- somebody else of the if you actually Kelly you've got to be achieved so it doesn't matter what is it doesn't matter which back. And I've always been about that about my title in my entire life because that is the way I was ready. Obama -- I'm not change. I'd today at 2 o'clock Steven and -- takes to to the stage. Is there any way he can satisfy people that it that he can quelled the the outrage out there from LA to New York. Over the whole stalls sterling thing is anything you could say the that the make everybody happy. I think Dick I think epic that wanting to say he stated Donald still in the -- will be in the -- and himself and the owners collectively they end up in unison and it made the decision. That Donald Sterling will be removed as owner. Of the Los Angeles Clippers had a in the commitment to let the market not only can it be a one million dollar -- it can also be at two and a half million dollar by the can be a cop. -- -- -- -- From the clippers organization but they can also be the facilitation. Of a lifetime ban. Which could ultimately board Donald sterling and have to that feed or the board of governors themselves. And there are mechanisms in place within -- -- -- -- followed -- -- NBA that would facilitate somebody else taking over the -- They're taking it away. From doubles there also knowing that it perfectly within the purview of commit it's over and the owners according to what left the -- and -- legal and look see at the end just explain -- Mike and Mike it is. Within their power to get rid of the man that's so because of that reality I don't think there's any question. That nothing less will tighten. If I had a story Massa mean other Massa mean a story where sterling used the edwards' other examples of the lawsuit. We compares black people determine the stories about him taking his girlfriends and walker missed -- beautiful black bodies and this is all before 2009 heaviest piece in the magazine story. Came out I guess I would ask where was -- rage from the other owners then. In where was David Starr then I mean this stuff existed in everybody you would exist. I think that's the question more appropriate for commissioner David Stern a -- with the owners because believe it or not. My mentality both wobble the wing of what was in the constitutional but look at the NBA Ayman Al the -- What could they do. -- in your in an all you can do -- on the god million dollars or suspend him until then you know which came accompanied gains. What you can still be able to of the team and collect profits fall for the success of your franchise. You can do with so much to the man made it fifteen million dollars Batman. And early eighties and grant got worked over 600 million dollar so what would you do you do anything. That was my mentality but after listening. The last month and again and and hearing about what in the NBA constitution bylaws. It's shocking that nothing was done to address Donald Sterling at an earlier date. Especially considering the fact. That he wants to the leak and it got and it of the owners you know we wanted to move from San Diego the law and to the Q what them tooth and -- he would never liked by any of them none of them considered him for an. Most of them swear they were shaking with even a contemporary. How not these were done. About hand considerably earlier solve the only thing that actually use that. The former commissioner David Stern at some little Ole -- have been around a mall cop didn't want that he can answer that question because I have no idea why. Stephen -- final question for me you're the perfect guy to to ask this question -- with this red hot story is there a risk of this country. I'm speaking about African Americans in particular looking at Donald Sterling as the rule not the exception as to the way most American white people. Feel about minorities. -- Truth be told. Black folks in America. By a law which. Go to work every day. Believe me there are individuals. And power positions. In positions of that -- lose that feel exactly the same way. It something. That -- like that -- Americans in this country are not surprised bar. And -- -- that. But I do that -- first take yesterday and I'll do you've got this. You can happen routes. Or plot there. If you could know. -- the achievable. And that sort of met her she. But it something and know that and that's something entirely different to war in the bunker and witnessed them actually do. And in the case of Donald Sterling with this or you'll take. It sort of tantamount to that. Because it's wanting to achieve this -- we have gotten to sort of suspected in no way. But at the same time you're working you're playing the game you love coaching game you don't what you wanna do and it. Or in Europe co owner everybody's making money you've lived your life he lived there are. Another thing entirely. That it has slapped you -- -- day. Right the different senate at that Iraq and that this lie and that is why businesses leave no. All that hot and there is unequivocal candidates. And it's clear. There's nowhere else to go pulled wean you off. After an entirely different -- so yet we as black Americans a lot of let me suspect. And the bet the folks within positions of power. In white America feel exactly that way about her which is why we have the mentality you've got to work twice as -- yet happened budgets even when you do that you know you're gonna probably be short changed all that -- horrible all of these feelings. Of insecurity. Of suspicion. All of demoralization be quite honest which included the it. When it comes down to is everybody had a little right to feel the way that they've -- -- feel that you can't legislate what he saw. But when they were only in Europe faced flagrantly. It's the ultimate form of disrespect. And that's something that can't be tolerated in -- and how is you what Donald Sterling has done. And most of Latin America and beyond can't ever be accused of being guilty of being that. -- before you go Steve what do you think the clipper players do tonight and he guesses. I think they -- hard -- game. My ticket. They they they basically lead on the crowd itself locally to come that it rescue. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What form do you think their protest which they say will be a stronger -- will take what if they stayed in the locker room for half an hour. And didn't tell TNT when they were coming out with that not create an energy buzz on the network and in that building unlike anything we've seen before. Yeah but they have to be careful and the reason why it happened kept food because of the NBA capitol press conferences so clot. Okay and well what the game we will all know. What the repercussions. Are -- they brought down upon Donald stone so the league and its owners say. He'd -- -- we get rid of it we can't hack the association with Ali. And they'll play -- still come out if you didn't take account positions. Then -- it could be a backlash. Because people could say look it's been dealt with. Is being handled what's your problem now. Gotta be careful about. Steve always a pleasure thanks for taking a few minutes with -- this morning we appreciate it as always. Steve -- with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T. Not -- that says if peace is indefinite. Suspension then I think all bets are off I don't think there's any risk of a backlash on the players the last thing. You know burn their uniforms that senator cordon and run out of building naked a mean that there are. The only one group more than -- one group of people feel sorry for even though crisp ball chose to go there. There's a sense that these guys that they're dealing with a major distraction right that it cut their hearts -- the last game or at least appeared to. And that wasn't their doing wasn't powerful yet and I think that's in depth inspection they're gonna do some -- they think they feel like they have to abuse. You know there's some yeah I mean it's it's they are adults they are going to write something brand it's going to be stronger than the warmup Jersey so could it be other than coming out late. Because at two characters. I don't know maybe pick all the -- jerseys and double won his seat. Mean there's. What can they do what we could there be something written on their shirts -- on -- on some written on the sneakers maybe. There's somebody who -- take the microphone. And addressed the crowd that could happen -- Chris -- probably will happen right now don't be surprised that yes -- -- -- -- -- you for this you know and support us as a team. Not him as an owner type of thing but it won't be JJ Redick. Nadal probably at least as effective August rivers obviously it's like to see America can do by the Chris -- would be the guy Ali would feel better coming from the players yes I agree that all right a full lions I'd tell you are -- they're not their -- apple gets you next.

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