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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Paul Simon domestic violence 4-29-14

Apr 29, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed Paul Simon's run in with the law.

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Headlines brought you by AT&T to cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible -- precision fitness equipment shop for the pros do. Precision fitness equipment I admit I forgot the Paul Simon -- kell was still married if enemy that -- Twice his size this dog thing that they would last and most of the one night stands convicted but beyond some random -- -- -- -- for all of the -- -- looks yeah could be this is chiefs trying to get the Garfunkel from him idea -- party is a -- the that's the ultimate you'll -- Simon. He Brickell suffered minor injuries after a dispute on Saturday night police were alerted to the incident arrested the couple for alleged disorderly conduct. They appear to north Norwalk superior court although Paul Simon is it's just it's an even Brickell and new bohemians. And in New Canaan Connecticut yesterday they held hands together what their pierce told the judge the -- no need for protective order did not feel threatened by each other according to impede your next it would or wouldn't feel threatened by Paul -- really. Jon -- Jones or John Jones bones Jones overrated Paul Simon I vote yes now now -- Saw well over two passes dude up Bruce Simon -- Oakland got a awesome yes and stool over. -- -- You know really believe absorb that I believe that. Yes you just in the Illinois now in control pill yet you know just like it did well. And wireless analyst. And it was ready to come or with a desk and bite him. Because he picked. Effective ways you can. At that helped but -- that -- certain things you know with about aliens are fabulous dinner and opposing team Bruins fans drivers -- right now turn on the ball informant. The Bruins are going to lose this year's hopefuls have been hurt them a story. He said that -- said you moments you out of it. Is big for once. -- ago. What's the best and the -- for. The boxer probably. I mean it's over -- -- That. That back. To ignite -- -- I said. Just we do aspirants he's not know that I was well rocker pulse and welcome briefings saying rocker I take out of touch remain leader over any -- They -- freaking -- I would say this they are both closers if they were holding hands in the court proceedings. However it falls a step shy of Ray Rice knocking his girlfriend out being indicted on Friday and then getting married on -- Saturday Garfunkel -- -- Simon and -- symington. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Dixon and that they're terrible at current it's disgusting bombing. Holland who. Caller who it's like opening bell on -- to negotiate concert Simon and Garfunkel own rule. It's. Sort of it would be an historic thing Simon and Garfunkel. Exhibit five years. Old port today. Hosting talk for what happens if I continue and -- along right. Now. A forty Euro 42 year old teacher in Texas. There's been arrested after admitting to giving -- middle school students full contact. Our entire how it. The boy was fifty would issue. -- Much now now. Fallacious that. It is important to rates -- TJC. -- Educate receipt plus I give him. A for effort. Which Smith -- being charged with improper relationship of the student reportedly. Rubbed her hands all over the boy's body dropped -- knees and -- between is like oh. The voice and he slaps minutes past several times during this current class yes probable cause affidavit. Notes -- teachers moves caused him to have a penis it. Smith added if I mean it outlawed gay thing I love you baby happy birth and that happened in front of the -- -- the -- that this is going to be. I'm not saying. He wasn't the only correctly. 30000 dollar bond used to back of the charging 22. Yet investigate yes this is reviewing video -- that's the -- school video rooms. It pulled their other students condenser grind -- boys a joke after that. It -- metered and airtight defense remedy stuff in in I was in middle school I missed this whole. I don't I didn't I don't think a lot of them that -- mobbed you know you don't let that none of that teacher's bank and students and then -- for now. Not not my class and anybody who you would have one lap dance from the middle schoolteacher sure she'll get. I -- I couldn't memorize a member AIA Umbria -- buckles and luck plays like bubbles slot that she still looks second. Well now she was young she like the youngest teacher had she ought to be like 22. -- -- -- are never as the class. Never didn't pay attention. By its story out of Florida a school has decided. They they have these. It. These these standardized testing classes but the grades. A a small town Florida Melbourne is giving students double shots double mountain dues before these -- ago or urging you decide to stop doing. Big sugar drink before the test they -- to see the spike in the actual numbers. But there were but the health risks and now for the students which states. It's much sugar mountain. We did the test and she'll when curt Schilling's Odyssey. Hannity co leader Rite -- drinks and by the leader and I think he would forum that we and the -- thousand grams in one sitting in there. Yes. It's ever tried diet -- do -- I'm off -- -- -- -- -- -- newly human health care more yeah yeah under the other green preacher -- is a majority and I'll try to stick to water. One diet soda once a while maybe. What what's the problem diet soda. Cause cancer. Causes cancer. And I was worried about health risks that I. As he -- has been -- they ovarian queens when it goes cute as a student as I may have actually -- -- you guys rip me the last time I've actually done five miles today walking sometimes running wicket he I don't think I have the comedy guy walking five miles -- yet at least 101000 steps today. You know that means that means he's eating more at that you project him as to how much -- If you've been across the street to the gym I have not that's almost a hundred steps well yeah you'd use and it free gym membership and free training invites. I give credit -- originally cultural elements that take you. Used by the hour fifteen an hour when you do it. Usually when I get home from here every day after lunch -- last Friday actually did it twice and added ten miles you did not if you lost anyway walk ten miles -- one guy to go pro I haven't weighed myself that I can. Feel like I've lost some. As a practice -- actually experienced you know or you're unimpressed that he walked ten -- believe it of these -- yes I think it's sad I feel bad form I think he's trying to make us from the west Lothian is at the national half marathon last weekend and I -- it's -- I -- sausage and lose weight. -- do after lunch. That -- to appeal it is doing he's doing and hope actually to win out. Thought it was was -- after it is not -- I don't travel on -- don't you go through an annual walk right the key irrigation during and you probably doing a witness answers. He ate while he was right hand weights he runs that -- -- -- -- -- you know I don't know -- well -- sleep well afford to. A ten mile -- had been pretty enormity of L policy where I just Wear hats are. A lot of a lot of hats. Tons of -- couple hundred. Scott Tonys and two if you keep. Which is in my office except maybe the marathon next year. Stories like that geyser. Whole piece then two years later in the run and help us right right before and after pictures -- -- into -- and do you and that. And -- -- -- out of it before NAFTA thing to do and re issue yet and they have to inspiring if you keep this up you will be the will be the slimmest producer on our show notes it within. Three months -- three years he's -- ten miles 510 miles a day. Walk ten miles want to just five with five miles and I want -- days ago that he -- -- go to start run walk at supply raw until I had -- lunch like get really tarnished our world. A party a parking your run now it's not a long time -- Islamic -- -- -- answer F five minutes just -- -- -- that's -- that. A priority. Matt Damon. -- Matt Damon who has maybe convincing action hero in the born -- -- the globe to agree with. Now wants a place superhero word out of Hollywood is the sign on the play okwu. The big screen version of justice. And down for that to -- -- by an outsider to be okwu Malcolm. Now why. Hoosiers -- man your naked. He's gonna suit get but it's it's a warm fittings hopelessness is shields in entourage yes it was who's going to be -- number that was the big budget movie James Cameron. In the sass out the sounds like that I'd have to get desperate grab to get in the avengers Justice -- mix and Damon is going to be. They if they announced that now they say if Americans in 2016. In 4546. Years old did you see that movie when -- -- is some kind of space. Thing releasing at least a losing him yet with Jodie Foster it's not -- I've seen it's on on Alley HBO now up and I flipped by it looks those that you hate it annoyed the -- I know what I like you know. Some movies departed and like -- like the Bourne movies that are good mindless entertainment. But I don't care who's -- LC home. Looks like judge -- it was weird error isn't going on it looks like -- it's like why -- commanders and that was -- I think that came out -- some tendency I did not see the movies. -- -- -- -- -- Ben Affleck is point Batman and the ideas to him in the Justice League -- together. The -- are going to be in -- movie. Some Matt Damon is going to play. Awkward so they go to that's headlines brought to you by. AT&T are at 6777979837. By and large the NBA owners are keeping -- miles shot just releasing printed statements that says. Our franchise does not endorse anything that Donald Sterling was doing with the clippers. Of course it was one maverick who decided that he would come out here from out. We'll hear from Cuban Mark Cuban next.

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