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Donald Sterling's judgement day

Apr 29, 2014|

The guys opened the show discussing today's ruling at 2 pm by NBA commissioner Adam Silver.

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I guess in some form or fashion we are in the prediction business and this will be interesting because it's so wide bar of field. In chronological order of events that -- our sporting lives would be. Adam silver at 2 o'clock makes his NBA statement regarding Donald Sterling they've never press conferences succeed hammer 70 number 80 -- Alcoholic and relax a -- Adams over pearl. Good point I never thought yeah. Patricia Briscoe yes say Sam's start the hell out of my it was a morning. Would -- -- what David Stern sent in Iraq and change scheduled as of a couple of East Coast cranks it. He got right now face enroute to you know against earlier start right like that on. Stern is still an out of Indies in marriage to a man he would he would he would be in his element. So where will you boulevard about -- yes I am a little concerned this will be in at least is on this job twenty years potentially the most important. Public yes well -- -- -- spots that he may have over entire career. And if that two point press conference last what two regrets yeah is any indication. As the top of his head and -- I -- This business everybody. -- just someone that's Nightline is watching today yeah and figure out and you play this guy you know could you be the ball any tall guy respectable. More -- kind of guy and he's going to be looking at notes stumble and bumble and and it's gonna make somewhere Dempster is going to be laugh in and animals as of right there god they missed me -- heads and at the microphone on the back with us all down on the glass of water I mean -- To belabor this point two days ago he has got the baton McGahee could. Which won a bright -- a -- gut. And a little white stuff that they get upset out of yeah it's a delicate. -- it's probably as this woman right now -- If it's not going to be predict that little three minute press conference was any indication he was what. You should call the president stick Barger teleprompter and I get eight tell all of that today at one cavity although you should get one he probably hasn't done -- before so like that the -- I -- I'm Adam silver. I am the commissioner. Of the NBA -- could cause for pause for applause good students. Some. It is the it is possible that it's not gonna go well yes so we're gonna get into predicting. What silvers going to say and how he's going to respond to this Jerry. Spent this morning's column in the Boston Herald doing -- I have some thoughts on that and Lester Munson by. A preview this and and and make you feel good about it is. Better than I thought and Lester Munson -- -- adult got to listen to -- my. He went through the entire constitution. Of the NBA's ownership hierarchy and all that point by point line by paragraph. And we have 45 or six answers from him that he explains what sterling and doesn't say what he will -- weekend so we'll get to that. Our next chronological. Sox and rays at 710. Will -- be the -- Red Sox with a good Red Sox the skits so -- the good Lackey the bad Lackey we can get an event. They're facing lefty Erik Bedard Bedard successes will be no day off for David Ortiz should be yeah you know it's always good to have a third day off after two days. Right well that's weird Sunday -- him the day off the exit of two row off. -- -- and it's not could have a video could have come on the next day amid days of the need. It -- he should have been in the lineup Sunday legs were exhausted. Those -- has to sell the first flyers are oh I forgot its turf it's turf. And it is amazing how little. Criticism. Hurled at soldier raised by that yes I'm amazed by that that made no says the says Ortiz and oh victory you know victory that he could say OK it is also wore. Us that -- sorties that does that logically from all filling up the lineup card make any sense. So open on on there right you know I -- -- could be a good point it's a good point the could be and then you know -- I apologized to the skipper. And to his friends in the media but. If I'm Lester. -- look at their line -- NC -- skip who he would not trying to win this as we just want to row like at three -- not a bad idea but that's like they conceded that game. Us left that. A prediction going to have to make that chronologically speaking I'm mature -- that they kidnap abuse their for the end of the warriors at the clippers game at the forum which starts. They say. At 1030. But we'll try to figure out what we think because they've set the clippers Horry said they plan on a stronger protest. I -- a Kenyan side the clippers all of the black guys wacko. And they play -- 215 with JJ Redick and Turkoglu you don't Hedo Turkoglu. Who's not sure what he is probably yeah he's a goofy looking -- and as everybody said on Twitter the white half of Blake. Do that guess what is at the waist waist down I. Hi who has sadly -- -- -- goes right -- about all our biggest slice a yeah yes yes so the White House Fulbright -- Are all says there are people there are forces that worked as we all know and they are trying to persuade them to walk. Product of -- Persuade them to boycott agreements and the whole league. In the Cahill and you know I know what that did some of them working quietly others like Keith Olbermann. I'm not so quiet but they are being pressured. Doc Rivers and his players players' union the players. Around the league -- being. Pressured to do something really -- -- you say the first thing you said the silver thing -- big role in now that it's gonna happen so ever gives a bad performance of the plane as a -- -- with the players want to other things -- performance what the deal because Montana -- -- to this performance if it becomes open and send it sounds like he's not into anything significant. Right now you know development that that's gonna happen I mean that he's not gonna do anything significant enough. Thick of the beat that -- Is he's -- he's put a word in there that will sort of kind of placate everybody because there will be no. Timeframe on it in definitely that's that's okay indefinite suspension announces and I agree that's what's gonna happen. You think that -- as far as Al Sharpton. More than will deal with this when the season's over that the deal that was a rhetorical question to Al Sharpton is not can be satisfied with what ever so unless he comes out. With his head with with sterling -- drugs and yet and yet blood dripping John the Baptist in the -- -- that it. Unless it comes out with this is out. You are and they'll show up is not a step boat and to wherever the -- wherever he is probably right in Manhattan. And say we're satisfied this is a great step forward. We look forward to watching the game tonight we're gonna put this -- behind -- sharpton's on his way. There -- -- -- there today he was called for march or progress today right Tuesday. So you're right well wherever he is the cameras to -- microphones will be around hell he has his own TV show. On a joke of -- news network but. You can't really believe that this anyways so look at satisfied Sharpton. What he's going to attempt to do is going to try to blunt that blunt force trauma with the following. There are legal hurdles and optical and patterns that we have to navigate carefully to make sure we get this done. The right away party heard this line we you know we want to act swiftly. But we have to do it within the confines of the NBA constitution. Loss of one and so forth so we are going to be. What this measured. In our response for the time being he is suspended and emphasized it still say in the prompter at three lines and and. Definitely. I think I'll show what the process plays itself a big fan of measured ship to host and benefit measured. Steps and forget him. Even more and what about Snoop -- what about little -- about all this. Hollywood crowd mean there's a real emotional angry outraged action. It is going to be. In front of the cameras microphones is going to be a big presence where you were talking a lot Los Angeles. If he if you if Sharpton does indeed march. It's going to be pretty loud and and and aggravated -- Angry crowd it's gonna have some famous faces some point -- people in. The sign to see if they show. Yeah bets can be tough one for TNT bell in adult figures anyway about a couple days ago as a chance these guys might walk additionally these guys. That Iraq. They're gonna do something they are but they're not they're you think there's any chance they don't play -- what if they come out. Late -- -- -- -- -- that and they they they go to the locker room and -- anticipated say we're not going out and you know -- 11 o'clock that come out. Half hour. That would be huge the buzz would be huge in the Twitter verse on the Internet I mean on news cable news networks sure. That would be covered the empty. So floor Kazaa a guess and the warriors would do the same would follow suit they wouldn't stand there and not to probably be with -- than just leave right -- -- -- an empty court. On the -- the National Anthem singers -- pulled out rank which -- would that mean that organ player as a supplement to someone fill indicated Philly and. I think I think Sharpton gonna do -- -- to pick you can't. But you can't step in with the white black it's -- -- -- is that the case if indeed the warriors and the clippers stayed in the locker room for an extra half hour. Imagine the attention it yeah arena and what that would prompt people do chance would start a half hour to fill all the pent up energy it be like. Us starting Moscow sterling eats whatever it's gonna be going to be the possibility -- several. And TNT covers and right yeah. They keep the camera on the court in a -- of the biggest number of all can go to break as you don't know when they come home they Wilma when they're coming maybe Chris Paul album. He's. Pretty organized. I mean I think Paul is -- measures this will be measured time in this will be. Planned and I wouldn't be surprised that -- to 11 o'clock AM yeah then -- -- moment take -- we will -- Wouldn't tell but he took the floor eleven in the place would erupt and I don't know what Oldman Sharpton but most people would commend the right and that's a moral stance sure on some level they're not. The plan for themselves their coach the fans and I plan for sterling but that wanna make it clear that they're not happy. I wouldn't tell TNT if I'm Chris caller Doc Rivers or any member of the clippers or the warriors for that matter because that Ernie Johns with say. It's been brought to our attention that he was gonna start a half an hour later it's true and it sort of blunt big dollar today right at the protest I think the network needs to be. Doubting what the hell's happening that's my point. -- -- And that in the nation does is it right if it thirty yards in huge number Barkley said it. We've between though and at -- I'd give a flip around and say I'll come back elevenths seizure he status -- of this but I can't think of another way they are not going to just. Forfeit now. As much as Keith Coleman wants them to and and maybe that's which Sharpton is calling for I don't know what size. I don't I still stand by the MB would not. Give them loss that they did that it would not give them what it was that would have a real glimmer real problem on the west title hunt with Mark Jackson. Demand a a win I can't imagine he would do that that's not a good look now well what what would you do if both teams refused to play this game tonight. You couldn't give both teams lost and all that's a good point if they asked is I think there really is solidarity on the Miami Heat to the same thing. Doc didn't like when they took off there warm up to an island had there other shirts inside out would you like if they come out of eleven now. No he didn't like that -- that they -- eleven got lax again UB clear that the they have used that as an excuse to lose it is not a galvanizing thing so. If you're the coach if -- -- fan cents a stupid where Lou you have if you come out of eleven you have to win. Have to win you can't come out and do an Indian pacers got to be some there should be some portion of this team don't want to get the season -- well I'm I'm surprised. I really am at the number of people say doc is walk him. Doc is leave amid I Bob Bryan said that on your TV show last night and the curtain and and show with. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- See publicly this seizure on a sure -- -- blankley who as a married these -- -- 880 -- that was very good -- -- one of the Chirac yet who's very good on this subject and so was Ryan talks that -- he said the difference. And he is convinced doc is walk and he said it matter of factly marks. Yours wrote that and knowing -- -- well he said he thinks stocks can leave after this year which is. Strange to me that he knew he was walking into this happens and we definitely gonna walk maybe you didn't know as much as we thought he isn't a moral decision -- public relations decision -- question yeah I'd say it's if I you know what darkest so good on stuff like this. He's so good or he could have whenever it was a conference call and handled beautifully as always he'll do it again. I think. ETE your initial instinct to say -- -- -- which again meant to you know you put the money ran. In a screw him -- knows how to you know screw him well when he's through witnessed the you know he's proved the damage control when he's repellent is set the story. I think we will have some sympathy for him we will believe him. That this was that he was blind sided. To some extent obviously new external mobbed by offend -- a couple of years or a year ago was like a -- to have any sympathy for -- on this. No sympathies -- -- -- a million bucks and that's that's a -- but I but if he -- we use I would change the conversation apps because he'll be able to get out of -- contract -- -- -- look at it -- -- two years left after this year -- -- was about a three year deal to how our -- -- but I -- I'm convinced -- if you want to coach. And he does anywhere that you'll get out of that contract then the early months through and put somehow. He will get out if he wants to go coach in the will be openings will be a bunch over Indiana sure. That's a good has to Houston job Houston that's a good job. You'll be able to coach somewhere next year and not have those bills sit out because of the deal in. In that LA got a little better for an end how bought the break -- Celtics make that -- that they have their pick next year and the clippers might disintegrate yeah. Might implode. And next year might be. You know Hedo Turkoglu. That -- benefit JJ Redick and in 04 other and white guys taken before they might. And a Colin you know from were not first but the finish second third. In the west -- they word. The its third. -- 33. Total -- -- -- -- could hit the bottom several Oklahoma City was Pulitzer for the bottom could follow the Celtics have their -- in the couldn't -- a lot of -- consider this -- Kurt Jimmie last that is something about tonight's game. How much less. Effective. Take in the shirts off. Any kind of protest and in fact the magnanimity. Of this story if this were unfolding. In the first week the regular season. Or worse yet for those who want this thing to to to get fixed sometime in the offseason so what I'm saying is the timing of this I don't think it's coincidental. I think we're decided to do this said the best time to -- possibly do this is while the clippers are still alive in the playoffs. The whole world is watching tonight will be the focal point of the entire thing this gets. A lot of plate but not nearly this much if it's in the off right but what if they lose. You know who would pages. For the play at least two more games and now but they -- the last one was pathetic. And weather picture itself some other Motley yeah. And the again roll over disputes backed by gold state and then go back Eagles they lose yet. That's inevitable that it's a take no criticism. None out national ignorance free pass -- you know it's certainly today goal as a racist nobody did what they go away mean the only way to keep alive his sixty point. The wind than they were supposed to win. On the issue of one and the feeling is that if not for sterling they would have won but even if they do lose the next two games and they are out -- dispatch from the playoffs the playoffs go on -- -- -- will will continue to public's -- has more one much more at stake in -- hang on direct that question follows stock everywhere and crisp ball everywhere you can play for this random -- -- technical college at the season that investigators that -- cumulative objection -- on the -- -- -- right now Accenture. I mean -- boxes although Steve -- might be a done deal. Sounds. But it -- the story really. As legs if they advance. Because you now works as two weeks off they stories early stories and they go from there in LA LB in LA it really does add fuel for the fire and and Sharpton knows that. Jesse Jackson knows that in them that they will be. A lot of good video. You know your team Brian right -- have video you know people in -- outraged people Snoop -- thing -- sent out. That's going to be one of holes -- all the got left rehearsed sponsorships is -- pizza in Encino. And I think that's it that's why have you want to break -- edited get a hundred points for the pizza and if that's it. Which was that -- from what I understand that goes rebel who wrote that their well that not a big deal there roll it -- right there Poland though they don't even. Doesn't even matter to next year now. This is a PR move on their white shirt -- we won't -- it into dirt bag right. Com. No matter what. Silver does or senses. Food day I suspect that the protest at the clippers have planned is going to go forward as planned. But I'm wondering if if indeed he says suspended indefinitely fines you pick -- number one. 22 and a half held may be five million dollars. Doesn't do these protests continue once it appears that sterling has been dispatched to yes you know Beverly Hills and never never synagogue and put. Self from the position just what's this mean imagine display and a sterling silver is not good at -- -- this -- this was stern I think he'd be pretty persuasive as wheel house right audience a you know he's jealousy what he has I was again yesterday and he creates a -- probably sent out analyses as I could get out of this I can get -- anything. Silver will stand up there bumble and stumble in and say you know suspended indefinitely and find. -- -- Possibly get that you add their questions Jeff passover how well is gonna do with this all of us so legally is doesn't satisfy anyone -- gonna say oh that's illegal -- US over the cities say this over or will he ever be. In charge the clippers again it's over basically says no is that for the players I don't think wait -- -- -- -- say. -- legal sanity in the way the hands object as well gonna do is going to emphasize the fact that the process has to play itself well legally and elegant we have to run the according to the form that's not gonna fly. That is not and and you know what Al Sharpton doesn't want to be satisfied -- out out of the equipment goes and gets Elway are right I mean it's in the race -- handbook you know never yet be sentenced and his -- NAACP awards got its act now or as bad as silver was available press conference I heard -- And -- Lester Munson. The ESPN legal analyst talk about the fact yes indeed sterling is an accomplished litigator it's what he does he digs in his heels he's made a career out of office. Like you feel a bit better as bad as silver wise but some things that import once this thing gets too when push comes to show. And they're in front of the arbitrator that silver at that point has the upper hand. Also I've got to say -- -- he's going to be up against that themselves or. It is Adam silver is not just stayed tall guy he is a brilliant lawyer. And I I think that sterling will meet his match. And mr. silver and he's going to be in an area where he has very little almost no expert. So once we get into court silver has the upper hand over sterling. What about Sharpton Sharpton commenting on the planned protest. Noble like two days we have covered this -- did work and job. And it again. So actually your personally taking is is involved that the English we'll be. This important -- to. -- -- -- According to security guards -- -- I get a TV SharePoint. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Big important news network -- he's gonna for the show and watch us. He column it -- on the gonna I assume the party called that off. Because he -- that'll move by Tuesday there are moving at 2 o'clock making a move. That does is -- LA with a game that's that's where it's that I think it is we are. This -- the beginning stages. In sharpton's mind slow motion -- yes that's what he lives for this that's made his money that's so he's made his name now is this is eight and this is the one of the great opportunities. In these professional career now will this be a Martha -- That it. March with a -- -- -- celebrity and notes out but you know however Merck was a statistically creation of New York -- put him on the front page media people a hundred days in a row to the strip about a half from me and -- -- like not only are they not -- shall -- pretty sure snoop dog didn't give them. About how many Augusto how many children are just what you -- a former NBA players yes you are as she -- Kareem. There all everybody's on the same page yes you know there's really unity here and if there are not satisfied and they won't be. That what are they gonna do to say well we'll get a next time even southern Turkey very braves spam problem -- I read that -- -- what we are posturing for the team marches -- he wants to -- young talent isn't racist it's very tweet yesterday I think that theories now when the the you know he might be cautioned that progression -- ultimately yes. Doesn't see I think sterling Donald has to agree if you want it to be smooth transition the last -- agree and the lettuce. Excellent are estranged wife and daughters and a lot of that team. Agree now in fact thank god there's nothing they can do. That would satisfied -- sterling at this point his team of lawyers they can't. Tell me how how they can get him to them issue a statement and says and I'm on board the NBA's action in on a front step and I'm going home. There's nothing it's gonna be years. There's a reason maestro has released a statement self -- apologized. Anything knows legally what's right out our public to a -- trot stepped a lot of digging your heels in. Yeah I have been a fetal position under my bed with a blanket over my head and goes down. He comes at a cost could be quite -- critical take out. Exactly what they bring that to the match I. And what the -- make choice but probably had a half a dozen my team but isn't that indicative of a his mindset a little bit yeah I would say I'm out of public so he's in trouble -- a thousand times in the east is he survives. He -- he profits. Mean you heard the story that is -- break publicly. Mentioned. But when he moved from San Diego and LA -- serves and he can't do that. And sued them for 150 million congress. And settled. And -- -- and six million bucks to move away. How's that worked pretty well how was that worked out pretty well he's he was better at that -- Al Davis you know just the beating his own league. In court and getting his way I mean his team that he paid twelve million bucks were now. When he finally sells -- Do you know 88900 million embarrassed at the headline writer's dream. When this thing does go to arbitration. And these two guys one from the NBA war from the NBA you ranks butt heads early so rightly so sterling silver. Well yeah like that's -- -- sober today on the podium. Looking forward to a into believing the content it got -- -- -- it -- by the -- ticket -- -- that carried him. It's it's gonna it's not in -- matter it is not there's nothing he could do we can do like. William walls that the big -- and shoppers head off right there stones -- and that will not be enough for Al Sharpton -- -- short off the -- short of saying we have. Eliminated Donald's -- -- nothing else has worked. The pieces of information for you when we come back Israel and the full want to talk review at 61777979. -- 37 NBA lawyers problem. Accomplished something yesterday you will be very interested to know. And the second thing we talk about how well the fact that he was out in public and somehow some way. His wife seems to have changed her stance some questions about that little troika. -- Fleming will play the audio for you as well and -- spirits up a little bit. Lester don't call me Thurman Munson will tell you about the process the legal process going forward he's dry but he's informative -- phone calls next.

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