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Previewing the upcoming Bruins vs Habs series: Advantage Bruins 4-28-14

Apr 28, 2014|

We go inside the Bruins-Habs series and break down how it might play out as we await the announcement of the schedule for the series.

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And it's definite team that we've seen a lot yen in the last few years enough. You know we know what the god you know we so it's always. And huge battle against them and deftly. You know. We're expecting a tough enough and and long series in and we if we got to approach -- the -- we did against Detroit which. Patrice Bergeron talking about the upcoming series with the Montreal Canadians I'd like Taiwan is gonna start but I have no clue nobody seems to. Here's the situation just of people why it's up in the air in a perfect world they'd like to play Thursday Saturday here at the garden. They especially wanna put the Montreal Canadians on Hockey Night in Canada Saturday night. Because Montreal as the only Canadian team left in the playoffs the only Canadian team that's even possible and so you wanna help your Canadian TV partners. First they Saturday is what you like today. There's a problem in that the northeastern graduation is booked for the garden for Friday. I'm told that it generally takes all day Thursday is get it's set up. For the northeastern graduation it's a very big deal out there every year. And that it would be virtually impossible. To play the game Thursday night and then -- called lighten you know. In the wee hours and get it ready for a Friday graduation. So that's the the issue that they have here. I'd be shocked if you want playing Saturday night here. But I don't know that's going to be game one -- if it's going to be game to them when they're gonna get game you know -- -- I don't know how to gonna. So we may be looking at. Game one on Saturday. It's possible. Way that's more of your week off until he could do it because you're not gonna start the playoffs. You're not gonna start the -- around to the first round is over correct. You keep it right you can't. So. You -- use -- night -- night. So it's data. Imus that an alto and it's not the answer is there a possibility and started thinking that saint Louis the Saint Louis Chicago series has over. The Dallas series is over. Obviously the Bruins in Columbus played tonight yeah. So it is there is there a possibility. And all this can give it another it's not a series in tonight. I've got a no no they are you can make a Maryland tonight so it's got to be game one. It's gonna -- game one on Saturday. And -- -- occasion because you're what you're saying its third. If if Thursday is out the register tomorrow or Thursday -- out of -- out because the series -- over. Thursday's out because you got to prepare for the north and northeastern graduation. Friday's out because the graduation in office Thursday up because too -- to put turner offers no. -- Thursday would be fine because they're -- accelerating but takes I don't know I'm just saying normally perfect would be Thursday Saturday for the Bruins in the Canadians but. -- -- -- wanna go to Montreal once again and they don't know when their plan they don't know when to get there and I don't know what hotel room last year. Well yes I know but eventually will be there but I don't know what days. Well you can narrow it down a little bit they've actually got concert issues up there. On Monday and Wednesday. A plan for this today not think that maybe they're talking it down to -- What post season should you know they're going to be yen which you don't know necessarily what days looked like and play Tuesday Thursday up there. Which would be perfect from a scheduling perspective if you can get the first two games in a year like Thursday Saturday play at their Tuesday Thursday. -- back here on Saturday going to be perfect. But you know it just may not be look at -- a lot of money in the -- in these concerts there's a lot of money in the northeastern graduation. You know these these these shows. You can't just say look what apple can anything the martyrs are my only time in the open up the divorce but I'm just saying we're not -- of locating and among the -- Now because we don't know -- -- that -- pass on and if your team -- and everybody always complains about the schedule doesn't matter what sport you're talking about. But the schedule makers of what they go through to actually put a schedule together. And when you have double venues in and and travel things and things like. The northeast -- graduation is you know it happens happens there every year say that he got to work around that kind of stuff. It's unbelievable. What goes into making a schedule for any sporting event. And for the entire season well the playoffs. You know they don't have to worry about. The the layoff not a team that's -- about the -- benefiting. One team and together they both. Have a long break between series -- Montreal. Real long all I got their tickets you got -- -- then benefited they last played a week ago today. So they arrest -- -- series against Tampa the Bruins wrapped up on Saturdays sort of be a week. For the Bruins between games there from Montreal would be eleven or twelve days -- a week and a half. -- at the Bruins went through last six games of the regular season they didn't they didn't look that good and then they had four days up before they started in the first game they came out flat. To me -- I can be wrong about this but you almost he ask almost any athlete and they would rather play their way into the playoffs and play their way into the next series not have time off. Baseball I think more than anything baseball. Regret it -- 62 games is because in every day kind of a rhythm thing you take one day off the next they come back you feel like you haven't played for a week. These hockey players now that have maybe ten days off and their. Trying to simulate game situations in practice and in the you know there's no motivation to go out there and into anything you wanna get hurt in a practiced. They're dying for these game. What to what one name comes to mind cycle in -- on this when -- comes to mind you talk about the Bruins wrapping up on Saturday in impressive fashion. I against the red wings not allowing them to have any kind of glimmer. Thank you don't -- maybe it's three games until now we go back to Detroit maybe we can force game seven nobler to -- take care of that. The series going to be over in five games but one name comes to mind so they take your business on Saturday play a week from Saturday. -- I don't think he should playing. I don't ready yet I don't think he's going to play but is listening you listening to you -- you believed that Seidenberg may return for the playoffs. An extra week with no games for Dennis Seidenberg. If he's thinking about coming back he can possibly do it in round to -- -- -- we expect to have a week between rounds I -- Null noise that you didn't expect that I I truly felt that if he was gonna come back and I think it is possible. That the Eastern Conference finals would be the soonest I don't think he's going to be ready. But a guy like Daniel pi day. I can guarantee he'll be ready to go this weekend I mean he was at the point where he's practicing taking contact. They were talking about whether it was gonna do warmup on Saturday if there'd been a game six tonight he definitely would have -- at least in warmup if not playing. You know you give him let's say it's until Saturday he'll be ready to go this weekend. And that makes your fourth line even better than courteous of the debt situation drag on a little longer than they thought originally. -- -- -- Com and everything and that'll that'll -- the problem is whenever you're dealing with head trauma I'm -- concussion use whatever -- you want brain injury. Economic -- the next day -- -- always feel good the next day you know what it is Psycho because. They were playing so well. They're like just take your time just take your time if they were down three games to one. You know would they still be saying take your time or would they be saying you -- -- can you go. Defenders because they kept winning you know and out -- up two games to one -- up three games to one there's no need to rush him just. Will be okay would we don't find will be all right. In the same thing with Seidenberg. I didn't expect seem in this round anyway so I don't think even with the extra week in between. That that will necessarily make a difference I thought the Bruins were better than the Canadians as you know we talked about this in every single area except coaching and I thought that was -- It better than the red wings better than the red wings every area except coaching and I really did think it was even I think that Cox great coach I think closed great coach. In this round. I feel the same way. The coaching is even again no no I think the Bruins have the advantage their -- If if I look at the check marks offense defense special teams goaltending. Coaching. -- give the Bruins every check. All right other than it in the last series. The one guy -- -- the lookout for -- -- -- Jimmy Howard had to -- to another -- he didn't -- the last the last two games of the series. So clearly that didn't happen but an elected -- to consider it. This guy's incredible. A great player you know -- little nervous when the other team has a great player. -- on on on their side transcendent god can do amazing things. Take -- Carey Price. For the Canadian who is a guy. That fits that description from archer if there is -- guys there one guy on the team so he's a great player. And he's a difference maker and the Bruins really have to be mindful. Of what he's doing good I got a guy -- at the -- he's underrated -- on here who you have to. He's not a great player but he's under current. Well I mean problem. Probably the one name everybody would point to is Tom Hispanic and because of the -- played against the Bruins in the past always play great against the Bruins. He did not have a a huge first round yet. Gold and two assists in the four games. I will tell you that I think that the the ease with which they dispatched of Tampa Bay. Is a bit misleading for those folks who want to have find another bogey man. -- behind the trash can and have their guy didn't have -- in have been bishop Paul lo garlic goaltending for Tampa Bay was suspect at best. And the Canadians -- great defensively either in that series. They just were able outscored them because -- baited them and Goldman. Are right now the focus is PK your guy now don't happen again happy temperatures kidnap him I'll I'll tell. Now this guy in a full disclosure. I've been a fan of this guy since he was at Boston -- Gionta. Gionta is just one of those guys yeah he's not a great. Great player but he's so steady. He has just a very good goal score year after year team after team. Whether he's whether he's with New Jersey now -- Montreal. And and a guy just knows how to farm and and he just has. He he's sneaky good he's not great that anybody would describe that way but he asked the department that. As a Garwood who would conservative. The other part of this and everybody wants to bring this up the -- -- the -- All well the Bruins can match the Detroit Red -- speed. What cloud loves when you say that -- -- and already today Peter to rally talking about this next series. Says the same thing and and people do have a tendency. Underestimate. The speed of the Boston Bruins because they're so big and so strong. And they're not water bug like. But the -- pretty well and I said last series I didn't think Detroit had an advantage in skating department. And when it was over the Bruins all said the same thing we didn't think they had an advantage in the skating department either. Montreal is a little faster a little shifting -- there's not this big wide gulf between how the Canadian skate now the Bruins game. Stiff test they -- they went around him into the boards a few test I wanted to go back to what you said about close to and in the coaching advantage and whether or not. While I don't know how far you would take that given we all know your association with the team and what that means to -- but I mean this guy is it now that -- The coaching advantage goes to the Bruins because of this system that he likes to run and the guys that he now house and that system because what's the truth years ago you de -- on his way out. Well they won the cup they go to the seventh day in those first two games at home. Lose to Montreal first two games of the playoffs go to Montreal down love to. And you think it like they get they get bounced in the first round clouds -- job. The go to Montreal win the next and going to a seventh game. Nathan Horton wins in overtime but there are those who said if the Canadians had beaten the Bruins in the first round of that playoff year. That may be Peter surely would have made a coaching change now I want to win the Stanley Cup but what do you think that you -- I don't think so. Because -- -- to rally really likes Claude Julian. And what they start to get things together and everything was started well enough with an -- well well at at that time. -- -- But I think -- to your point we go to monster do you go back to the Philadelphia area say that throughout every games to none lead in the best of seven can -- Let -- make if you got to make it change. That probably would have been a time doing. Europe three -- And Europe three zip in game seven. And -- at home. And you lose you lose the lead and obviously lose the series. It is he aware of that mind to it can do something that you would have done that. Eat there was no there was even chatter at the time found -- forgetting about it. There was even a whisper that Julian jobless in trouble after that after that comeback. And nobody but I think people were were saying if you combine that with now the next year you get bounced in the first round by the Canadians. In of that might have changed it. I don't think that Peter would have made the change and now you can't even envision it. He's firmly ensconced as the coach of this team now. Of the Bruins are still a Las Vegas favorite to win the Stanley Cup right now. They are the favorite to win this series. And their -- Playing at a at another level but now he tried a lot of guys banged up and I understand that is it because though and the reason why you like and so so much because of the combination of the system that he likes to run. And the guys he has on the short -- -- running nets -- any different guys they've they've had to get some guys out of here with some good golf score like that I use up playing in Dallas last night. Tyler Sega and didn't buy yen. And you know I think that that there was both on and off ice questions that the Bruins had about -- And they didn't think that he bought into what they were doing here and they made the big deal now they acquired two guys. -- acquired for but to -- playing right now. Where exactly the kinds of guys load Julian once -- Ericsson and Riley Smith. Both understand the importance of the defensive man and the importance of the offensive end. Well you know like and I got to worry about your own business. When you're in the playoffs worry about your own team worry about your own conference but. The road to the cup just got 16. Team easier. For the Bruins with the elimination. Of the thing -- that we're talking about. The best team in hockey they want for a while it's just like about a month ago when you sit there I think if the Bruins as it. I want them to go up to know everything about Saint Louis they went up to resentment that he supports straight -- cargo but. If it's what what you predicted before about the Western Conference western conference. On top to bottom stronger in the east. But they got to play each other so the fact that you have the first round Chicago vs saint Louis the conference and at the conference finals match. And Michael one of the two teams Los Angeles or San Jose's going to be another one. I mean out a legitimate very good and -- content -- out on a few games ago already yeah -- hang on and and I you know I do think. Look I still hold out hope I still want this -- up not happen I still want an original six Stanley Cup. Detroit the first round Montreal on the second round Rangers in the third round Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup final. Never been done before. Well I guess in the original six days it was done a lot of I have -- out of that you see you say gets 160. Easier. With the blues gone but did the hot -- scary. Or do they did they do I'm saying I do you knocked off you knocked off a legitimate. A legitimate cup contender now the hawks their. Clearly. Legit they won it last year. But if you've got you've got day he bit of a have a death match going on in the Western Conference. A lot of those two games. They had they prod colleges they're going to have gone to the playoffs. In the Eastern Conference here they start the playoffs. Four of those teams. In the west. Legitimate cup contenders. For the east. To. If it is -- basically Pittsburgh and Boston. Let's that are ready set don't hand in the way Pittsburgh's playing amateur there's the on the list or not. Now they've been kind of up and down and have goaltending issues as well. You know Marc-Andre Fleury playing well not playing well well we'll see which you guys think argue a skirt. Like you were some of you before the Detroit series because I get the sense that. For some reason some hockey fans think it's -- to be an easy road to a Stanley Cup. It's mostly hard there's posting good apartments they are good opponents if it was an art everybody would do it right I think this one. I'm gonna tell you the exact same thing as that last series. I think you're gonna win in five. The most I think it's gonna go basics. But I think they're gonna win in five. I think there that cut I think they when the first two at home. They split the 21 Montreal you think Bruins Canadians is going to be a five games here by noon. When the first -- here split the two up there a moment when in the in game five. That's what I think it's gonna happen at a game one's going to be really pivotal -- because of the time off as likes it around too athletic and -- -- -- 6177797937. As telephone number the AT&T -- minus 37937. I'm sure the Montreal fans -- tell me -- full of crap and feel free to do that if you'd like. While we're talking Bruins and Canadians and red wings and Stanley Cup Playoffs dale and Holley. And Psycho to say at the French city and I wanna stand anyway Sports Radio WEEI. Yeah they're fairly civil -- All very very opposite the with purple -- ability to -- From what I remember they there are very dangerous route of that say it doesn't -- insult. But it also you guys the they're the do you have. Corporate the result. Of a little bit -- -- grip a lot last year you're trying to you -- not -- Little -- facility they got a critical. Well. -- Sean Orton on this morning with that Dennis and Callahan and minute hand talking about the Montreal Canadian series. Bruins dispatched the Detroit Red Wings in five or games to one they close it out Saturday afternoon at the TD garden. What they have is a vezina trophy winner in my opinion he's one of the three finals that he's gonna win. But having Norris trophy finalist Zdeno Chara was named that today I don't think he'll win he should but he won't. They've got a cell -- trophy finalist and lock in Patrice Bergeron. Not that individual awards mean anything but it's the caliber of the players. If you truly do believe that defense wins championships. Offense sells tickets defense wins championships. Yet the best defensive forward in the league one of the best defenseman Italy and the rest goaltender annaly. How do you think that translates. Translates to -- him being a very tough team to be -- a couple of articles against now a lot of goals again. Except that kind of in restraint to the kind of minimizes through the Bruins are the Bruins. Do have a great defensive philosophy of indifferent to electrocution but when -- talk about goal is that like but their defensive team. And they they can't score. By the the hockey version of the Chicago Bulls -- on who they are. Don't date they were the third messed up as orderly this year well how in this round and we knew we looked at the way it played out against Detroit it seemed like the top two lines for the Bruins. Spent a lot of their time trying to counteract the top two lines of Detroit and kind of let Kate we know we're deeper. We know will punch -- in somewhere along line and of accounts from our third or fourth -- were happy with that's fine. Will they take a more offensive stance. Against Montreal or is going to be more of the same. More of the same I mean it's it's it's who they are it's how they play the Bruins scored eleven goals against the Detroit Red Wings and for goal scorers. And a I mean. To your point Michael about the offense and balance they played five games against the Detroit Red Wings gave up six goals total in five games. They were in the regular season they were the third best offense in the league the second best defense in the only. The number one team in wins the number one team in points the third best power play in the league and in the playoffs that the best power play -- I'm trying to figure out exactly if you're Canadian -- right now -- Not that we have any of those listening to solve house or is it for horse and I will just tell me when you're hanging your hat on here and I know what I'm guessing what it is. He has all well you know look at -- look at how to focus never played well against the Canadians. I guess that's what they're gonna hang their. -- that I think the good to look at numbers historically and then also. What they were able to do in the regular season there notable when what three out of four up. In the regular season didn't go back into Detroit it's always you'll -- you know it it it really is there really -- -- you look at it. Because it's not just three out of four this year if you go back to last. I federally games between. Montreal and Boston. Our advantage Montreal. Unless you look at playoff series and there's a little -- under close jewel in the playoffs -- won three of the last four playoff series against. You and you think they're tired of that. The Canadian data they are that's that share that should be you know you don't need to -- extra motivation when he gets in the playoffs but that should be for them what you guys that -- you guys think the Bruins started preparing for from -- What do you think if all the coaches started the minute Montreal one. Because because you know you you knew that was your next opponent the coaches behind the scenes in our Dan. Even even with with Detroit right there in front of units 821. Series lead at that time no going into game four of Detroit. -- -- gonna -- -- we -- we -- handle our business against the red wings. But -- -- -- because somebody out about it after work on the on the on the Canadian to get to the minute Montreal one. Coaches were breaking stuff down and get -- Which is exactly what the the patriots would do -- anybody else would on -- down on the cape Matt you're next on on dale and Holley. -- -- Yeah I glance up manually. I I was wondering what they had -- -- early. Let's not even skating yet so I'd you know I'd I'd I don't think he's gonna be back anytime soon. Home. You know their their real nonspecific about these things -- you know I don't know what the issue is. Some other than quote unquote upper body injury but he's not even skating. So -- I'm I'm not counting on him anytime soon and you know we'll see when he's when he's gonna be ready Vinny is on the cell they've anyhow I don't. HBO -- very well thank you. -- welcome back welcome back thank you thank you -- other reason I am sitting against the -- -- EI. I won lots that Michael you're great but it it's great to have you back. Well I appreciate that and tell your friends call management. -- -- yeah I'm you know I have I have the rebels despite saying I am a bit whether hockey and I watched proxy. During the playoffs. -- may not -- in the year I am a Bruins stand I just want your opinion please on why. You'd think -- Earl Woods went from last burst on the power play. They're basically an education course. Well I think the biggest thing that they did date they've obviously made some adjustments I think that -- -- -- ability to move the puck back at the Blue Line has been a huge thing. But the biggest change they've made is they've taken at six foot nine inch by Amos tuck and they come on come down -- front there in front of the current. As as Peter surely said today the glamour job. Mr. -- that hundred -- mile an hour slap shot from the point about a Charlotte center hall -- you know that's the that's one where Gustafson don't please god don't. Please don't hit me -- that. That the grunt job is what he's doing which is good on the front of the net fight battle and pushing shoving it cross checked in the kidneys. Any and he's except that it he's embraced that he knows it makes the team better. That's the single biggest thing I mean what there's enormous door standing in the way what are you doing them. I mean you can't see around him if your keeper if you're defenseman you can't really mobile. As that's been the biggest a great idea. Yeah I don't know -- will audit up I don't know whose idea was whether it was loader dog food are whoever it was but it was great it was a great plan. Yeah it wasn't it immediately Kennedy was out there before. And it wasn't working. With -- -- as the point man. So maybe it was the idea came from this and we had a -- we got to find a way to keep them out there. But be more successful in our play and maybe that was it well why don't we just do this. Because of for why we kept talking about the power but don't talk about it is terrible years which -- year after year like it to get better on the power play. So. It's. Vick maybe -- missed it and we kept hearing the same thing from college you know what we're. There's nothing wrong with that the the design about it. There's just -- where does not producing you're not executing. Well I think when they finally decide to move Chara it was an admission that there was something wrong with the design of it and make it fix it. -- -- -- -- I do and it did it. I -- correct ones that I gave the Bruins scored fourteen goals in the first round they did ten different or is that a settlement. They did score fourteen goals but had ten different goals or -- you been doing that holly map again and just you know that whole math skills thank. 6177797937. -- telephone number. The AT&T -- minus 37937. Talk a Bruins Canadians we're talking with use Sports Radio WEEI. Fourth and final hour dale and -- Sports Radio WEEI our buddy Steve cycle alliances. Alongside. Turning our attention to the National Hockey League in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. It is possible. That all of the first round series could be done tomorrow. Possible. Also possible you could have three game sevens on Wednesday so that's part of what's holding this whole thing up I think in the NHL. Backed the call we go off francs in Palmer hey frank -- -- dale and -- They got a lot of questions do you think golf having. Did you know chart on the net as attitude is Norris trophy candidacy buying up taking pressure Arafat and having to go back get -- call bring it back up -- Credit is being able to put them in front of the -- that gave Carter gave a better he'd written differently rolled out by. And -- it's it's a good point and perhaps it has taken some of the pressure off but again. And he's only doing that net front thing during the power play the rest of the time he's playing against the best offensive forwards on the other team and I saw this stat where in this past series. When Pavel Datsyuk was on the ice in Boston. Today no -- was on the ice for 94% of its ships they go to Detroit. And the red wings have last change now so Mike Babcock can theoretically. Get the matchup the two more conducive to him. -- was on the ice for 93%. Of Datsyuk shifts in Detroit he's always out against the best offensive players. And don't think it's way more taxing sin and increasing getting hammered out of power played and have under the reached goal retrieval -- it's been cleared. It may eighteenth he think he's done -- distant. Wailed on you know trying to get a moved out in stakes game trust act as you said on the power plays sit down from the goalies really getting beat up well where I thought the caller was gonna go. The -- a different points beats -- out just look at it up yes I was just looking out I thought it was gonna say. Because -- is out there on the power play. It has the opportunity to power is good this year -- and he has an opportunity for more goals maybe since this is that. Offensive oriented award for defensive players maybe he's looked at through different prison. And in this year he has used his highest. Gold production output in five seasons at seventeen goals this year. Last year -- seven. Before you at twelve year before that fourteenth seventh 20092000. -- and and then on nineteen in 08090. You can put those seventeen goals with his usual excellent on defense. May -- people say -- wait a minute. It's not supposed to have anything to do what it does but Joseph look the last couple of years. Not because he's any good defensively. He had great offensive numbers Eric Carlson of the Ottawa Senators one that the Norris trophy. Those guys can't carry Zdeno Chara is -- When it comes to. To defense they put up big offensive numbers like winning a gold glove and baseball all which is just the war. They wanna see is what the offensive stats but the guy makes no sense at all. Which is how it is that Derek Jeter won all those gold gloves by shortstop and even aware Wilson glove. That the other thing at at. That's a really spots of the front of him but Rawlings has actually that they don't they don't mess around with -- like that do that you would think now Bentley I mean how ridiculous is it that you. He UN gold -- based on your offensive numbers rather than your defense. Lottery office offered to members in some cases of the year you know Palmeiro played six or seven games -- first base line now on the gold I want to go around. I think a lot of times with the managers voting on it you can't vote for guys in your own team right so -- just. Is sometimes. You vote for guys. Because you don't want. Your your primary competition again that -- -- the rivalries you know between yankees Red Sox cubs cardinals. Now lately reds. Reds cardinals. So. Like well. A cable from my own guy but I certainly -- not. A -- bottles at Jesse's in Concord hey Jesse -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That the industry can put an absolute last artist on the opinion. The couple most prominent this year against the Canadian decree cute at -- and in the amounts -- -- technical. Thank you appreciate and its -- and if you look always at -- while they step up the most viewed. US question earlier what will look what what do Canadians and say well what's what's the Canadian -- Hang her head on in this series and and we mention too because record vs Montreal. And in the record is not great performances topic great compared to what he does gets everybody else. So wouldn't be Tuukka. Well I think that's him an excellent choice the other guy that I might suggest is is maybe. -- Brad martian. Who did not have and it's a good statistical series. Billy Japanese quick to point out to me that. He did a lot of good things very well distance forty points at five games didn't score a single point and was minus one against the Detroit Red Wings. When you look at the way is that the makeup of this team is anyway it will wouldn't who could be the most. Obvious choice because he's really -- -- only guy but he's the most typical of guide how the standout game or a stand -- series because. As you mentioned here what would they scored up fourteen goals and ten different guys did it they're not a team we have one guy break out at eight or nine goals. In a particular series because they spread it out so much the one -- can't stand out. And in a defensive -- would be to cut you used on down they don't score goals that's the stand up performance he has just do that every night where the rest the guys on the team. You know they -- spending a score four goals -- four different guys secondly one guy gets Patrick. What what's your what's your analysis of Carey Price not just Carey Price if the Bruins. Terry Price overall -- Easter regular Randall to the great goaltender won the gold medal for Canada is great goaltender. I mean you could make an argument he should have one of the three. Finalists for the vezina he was very gracious and -- I think those three guys play better united. He's one of the handful of best goaltenders in the and is that something else you know speaking for have stands. Wouldn't that be something else that they're counting by luck he'd say it totaled -- Yeah the brewers the brewers are better team -- we are. They've got a better coach perhaps as never lecter coaches and they called was probably -- close to it everybody. They'd they'd be coached the team. They have been at the sport and and and they're they're they're caretakers of the team everything not. But you know -- we don't have a coaching advantage we don't have the advantage player for player but. Carey Price. We got every bit the goaltender that they have. Well not not yet but it but below average them out there -- a -- yeah -- the way they were all I'm sure they -- right -- I'll say this though fighter pilot did another player for the Bruins who I think in a different -- is gonna have to step up. It's Milan -- teach because they're gonna try to goad him into penalties. And they've been real good at in the regular season. Big goad him -- stop he gets upset the EE you know he responds they never get the initial move they always get the retaliation. He's gonna have to be more disciplined -- he was in the regular season against the Canadians we took some really dumb -- time. Because that's how they're gonna play they're gonna. The case who -- is gonna go skate somewhere nearly -- and then fall like he's been shot. Hard to do officials. Do the fit I know they watched they watched tape just like coaches -- Yes officials in the NHL. And by the way it they've had a bad playoff years they have. And makes some bad calls on Saturday to yeah -- -- both teams from really bad calls. They know they talk about that going to a series and Montreal is known to no they're all that -- divers and proper. Is that supplement look out for. They don't I mean they don't talk about it and and coaches in a plant that seed is well. They'll do with the media I mean -- will say something in the media before game one. And and and if that fails him -- be more direct. Looked at the old cliche the old carries and inflation. Is that the Canadians will always have the first power play in my Treo. It does seem to work out that I won't say it hit me -- I don't think that the officials going to -- Saying all right well you know we gotta give the Canadians the first power play. -- I realized over Dick Bavetta was an official of the NBA and NHL exiles that policy guy now. Ron Maclean who is is the guy who cohosts coach's corner with grapes. On hockey and Canada and a great broadcaster by the -- a former refereed. Got -- all sorts of trouble -- in -- because he said why would they have French Canadian refereed use. Per game in Montreal. Canadians in Tampa Bay because. You look at game four they don't call -- all night long. And all of a sudden with two and a half minutes left in the third quarter of a tie game. They give Montreal power play. Max factory scores on the power play Montreal wins the game finishes the series four games the nine. And and what he was trying to say is just the optics. Don't even give people reason to question. I don't let these things don't have French Canadian referees in Montreal any saying eat and any wasn't calling into question. Their their credibility or or their reliability he was just saying it just it gives people something else harp about. And you know it it and one of the examples that that -- per talked about it. The US place candidate in it in the gold medal game of the Olympics. Well don't have a Canadian and it and it US refereed you've got Swedish ref Rees finished -- reason Russian -- three years and why even put them in in a position where people say hey you see that Canadian guy -- made that call against that the Americans there. Just don't even give anybody anything to harp on and and complain about because they well. I like his point. He and -- if you if you did the numbers. If you looked at it how the numbers play out. On Montreal getting the first power player Montreal was to happen it happens more than 7580%. Of the time this open to it. Men like the Russian judge and gymnastics. I don't -- but that's exactly right. Connors on the cellphone iconic. -- -- -- -- -- I I'm just wondering what you're -- Expectations are on John important line you know in such an aggressive match up as Canadians the Bruins you know maybe. Maybe he might put out and goals that are. Well what are the keys when they won the Stanley Cup three years ago was the play of the third and fourth lines and the fourth line especially. I think getting Heidi back and I think you'll be back for the series is a huge advantage for them he gives them. That -- rejection of even more speed policy such great penalty killer for the Bruins. Like I don't think you're Mancini fighting in this series I -- fans want it you don't see it just doesn't happen in the Stanley Cup Playoffs and wasn't a fight while not really. In the last -- was well if you think about Brendan Smith. He's Chara and and -- was laughing too hard to fight with them but you know what I'm saying their -- I don't -- -- it was funny actually. They just don't do I mean it's just that there's too much at stake about that is -- sting your deal. When you try to pick a fight with someone chose the wrong guy anyway but -- try to pick a fight with them and you play hockey. The man's game I mean you wake up every morning pretty much know when you're gonna get to that split open. And -- laughing at you while you're trying to get him to drop the club to spend that laughing -- spend that Psycho -- It's happened to -- friends it would happen. Would like -- I -- that -- laugh or whatever it was an African who had no chance you can try spin it that way there you could give them a world. Mats on the -- -- I don't. What -- all we don't that I bring great. Got a question did you feel the warriors here in the arena the other night. In fact I Soledad. The I got the guy who was who was named the Bruins fan of the game at his face paint like the ultimate warrior. Oh god rest his soul is not with a semi when that was you allow Matt. While I know you've been doing Iran and Italian and -- your -- paint job whoever did it was pretty good at a. Develop my brother and yes he -- feel the need to take much credit report Kyle it was very cool. Yes yes indeed that you don't worry. I'll let small and don't talk about the next series. Honestly I don't think we should be scared her I think what we used to be concerned about is more or less their dirty play. And how the crowd reacts with the referees in this the -- Brees got to play a big part in this as well. It helped I don't think you know when it comes typical. It technicality. Between bulls team that. They're gonna be able to go and Jane -- and constantly like to grow and are used to do. Felt that there -- guys. Like. I think that if the Bruins don't get goaded -- to dumb penalties that the officiating won't. -- and adverse affect on the series that would worry about that that's where I was asked about the officials -- watching film. So dumb penalties not gonna happen I think both teams are too Smart for that just to lose your composure in the cost your team. You know two minutes here two minutes here like marsh and did on Saturday and it really. Are really stupid penalty. Late in the game against Detroit so they can -- -- -- to get -- penalty you see a lot of fighting but I don't -- but I don't think that's gonna happen. At least that's about the film his. You're playing your game. You're the more physical team. Montreal knows you're the more physical team you know they can't keep that up. Over the course of the 56 maybe seven game series so when you hit them. It's now it's time to be now it's time to be drama -- Now it's time for the especially if there inside the actor's studio and let's just take it to the next level you would worry about that. If the officials are gonna fall for all that dropped. I think about the officials -- the they wanna go unnoticed they wanna call game that nobody says one thing about. What they did the penalties they called too -- -- that cycle yeah -- it -- should be every night you know. I even dale says you know they had a rough time and -- in in the first series their second round now look you in the popular this week why. The officiating has been sub par I generally think the officiating in the NHL is really good I really do and I'm not sucking up to those guys I don't even know them. -- great lesson I think it's good we're talking about before I think you -- if you did the breakdown generally if you started before the playoffs because you're right the playoffs they've made a lot of shaky calls and just flat out wrong calls -- If you look at the if you -- the officials. You would go hockey wise and you go football to legal baseball three -- basketball for. Yeah I think the I think you candidate you get an element. And I think they're usually pretty good for boy you can't throw a flag on every play. Later -- as it's pretty it's pretty ambiguous figures. Zito. How good the night in and plus I think football is so chaotic. Target tell whether the officiating -- -- -- but but you don't they're but they're trained that image you're trained official. It's probably not as chaotic to do very chaotic who have -- with -- want to say we're watching a football game article the talent that that we -- play you Agassi did hold them. I can watch seven more replays we did the exact same thing and there's no hold. -- spare but -- what you said about baseball. Last week -- couple weeks ago about umpires it's amazing to you what they're able to do with the naked guy bang bang play. And we in the end they call about -- so -- -- they -- that was crazy and you look at the replay. 9798%. Of the time they're absolutely right. But it just trained. They're trying to do. I got a how hockey yet they would roll up just like heating officiating. Heating referees umpires officials. Make sesame scares out their Boston their tail. To do the best possible job they can so that they go unnoticed in a well played game how ever you had a basketball football. Hockey baseball whatever they're trying to stay out of the way and let the stars go out there and do what they -- 6177797937. As telephone number the AT&T text line always available to -- at 37937. Got in the in the haste of getting the words out of him. I said third quarter instead of third period and it's so. So I have learned to let it slide and -- -- -- commitment of the people -- -- how I don't like. -- get -- I had certain about after gonna say -- the people that it will not grow outlined a group of people who grew up hitting appreciating. Are the same people that I would say. You said Carter -- -- -- -- area of the ones calling the CBS truck -- I -- -- on Sunday of the masters sent iPhone that carried the a blade of grass move before he -- did you correct yourself on the ten different guys scored eleven goals or was -- idea to -- well it. The outlook -- got to be a two out there there quite critical they're out there but I said and with -- with the big leagues here at the status Atlanta I'd love to do some -- -- -- -- -- these guys that love -- work with them. As that I will never ever know more than the people that are listening. It's the ants in -- ever. So intently at his -- is at least as far as they're concerned 6177797937. Next line is 37937. I'm just giving phone numbers not to target these guys back here are -- good. Yeah it's just I remember in the phone number -- want them but now had nothing do with -- -- None at all flustered now. I I calmed down thank you. Laughter I -- -- -- -- and get history -- everybody is clear about what we're doing because on Friday. We started the final drive on driver 540 yet so just be clear it's something different every day. So on Fridays. Last Friday and every Friday going forward. It is. Or lack of a better phrase come up with the about it when but it's for it if it's -- -- it's it's tough guys tough guys. Next -- whatever you have to today. How's it different than the other ones region here -- in the meanest. Meaning that equity -- in with -- I gotta be it yeah Damien Woody. In that possible the -- you are maybe the -- York. It's come out I asked him about it yeah -- too much for somebody com may be funny and mean. Or just something that it comes -- -- -- on Friday we had. -- to be text tough guys if you -- you're all right -- you know all of us will push to get ready for. Today. We're gonna do something called on second thought. So we will have the opportunity to you. Correct -- market corrections ourselves. A second guess ourselves or where is that Shane Hillenbrand went through a second thought ourselves. Tomorrow look there are times when information changes that's right. You'd change your opinion on something over four hours like it happened today it might happen over weeks or months or -- change you'd you'd decide you know what I thought this. But now I think that that it's different and I'm not. Sure which day we're gonna do this but one of those days -- give -- the whole thing you know as we don't know overwhelmed with the information this is Carly. Horizontal he's vertical -- I'm teasing but for the next day there the next day eighteenth. So on second thought it was announced it actually happened today what is happening all it is happening tonight but I doubt he's now working on tomorrow yet today. In about fifteen minutes. On second. Tomorrow will what -- east war faintest. Lightning round but I haven't signed this. Hispanic and I haven't officially sign to -- tell you but apria how much things have changed deal is now you fear. It. All of -- world famous. May it may born and raised -- the rent them. Lightning round Bellingham now born and raised born and raised in rent them now living in belly now living in Bellingham I. Go to the -- town in Alabama. Jamie economists this elicited enough on its just the dumbest thing you go to the theater town Bellingham there's like sign. -- -- you when when you elder Taylor you know like if you theater Connecticut says home of the NCAA champion men and women. Basketball team after Bellingham this whole world like round right here I've dated guys not become an optimal. Back to call Scott and Paul you're next on -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Couple quick points. Bill -- it it was funny started talking about the officiating because it's been bothering me and I did not that we shoots me. But last night I don't know if you watched the Dallas starters and I'm game. I'd I didn't watch all of it but I watched mostly yes. What that the very end of the game when Dallas was up by a goal. It was going in with the possibility of an -- better. And going up the side boards -- the star player was. -- grabbed the guy just reach out and grab them which is interference. Or holding. -- Colorado ended up getting that I'm sorry I'm in love getting the -- And scoring a goal and learning the game yeah -- -- handle it over so. For any officiating was horrible it went -- my second point and the more I want to get your opinion. You'd think there's any any veteran sports any game any player out that is better. And a seventh game in any NHL playoff series whether it's first round second round third worst Stanley Cup finals -- Well I'm like I. Am a hockey guy and so I'm obviously biased but I would say a seventh game -- Give me a seventh game in the ALCS. And and on their gimme a seventh game and NBA finals on -- -- com. I love hockey cells so I'm I'm naturally bias towards thinking that game sevens in hockey of the best. And anything words it's you know all enough you know you win you go home those of the best. Ever exposed on that yet games. Did you play your game sevens. Not a big race. Game -- in the playoffs in. The government to play. Well it was on the 86 minutes but it. Well that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right word or are you tell you're still looking just at art and wants to get me in my head and I mean knows doubtless knows baseball team knows the team owners. If we beat them one night we felt. -- the -- It was easily the best team. -- losers. It matters that are better in the Mets mess they are and Mets when it tightly games that your in this confuse the Mets. Like now 100 plus. Win it went out and -- -- -- and a -- course we could potentially care about it fairness we just we -- up can be whoever -- -- -- that it. Just line him up and will lock down. -- you think about it. 108 yen at 108 games. Holy smokes and a 54 -- law I don't not -- -- -- -- there rile you national carrier it and I tell you got yours are frightened okay here's a perfect example. Perfect example this is wide. Mean it can't find his way home okay what -- -- don't try to map out a hundred altitude got to -- -- -- sort of stuff so I'm pointing out to you guys. At the 1986 Mets. 108 games. -- what happened to them ma'am I'm gonna call myself Bob before I mean I get caught in the conference offers an alternate and so conference call -- a young -- Sales slump brought on Friday at 6 o'clock on the way out the door -- the answer -- yes. We're gonna move the conference if you minister fifteen minutes earlier. On Monday are a bit. -- -- Sends a message. Daddy. I did by the way. Conference call fifteen minutes earlier. You get what. I forgot. But it is I'm telling you about multi. -- know why they're. Row the -- -- all. Right it is race it's not right sickness you have Patrick in Quebec hey Patrick I you know. England. All the polluter in the or -- and then and only go and collect a look at what -- political leaders and not. A low below the fox would say I eat the broom and Utah and OK. And I respect that all the wrong McClain went. We have a direct recently creep and like if you look at Quebec you know and -- on the Quebec urged. They think. Because -- -- -- -- -- are gonna -- about 38. How we mean -- In your opinion if you think about. Like light light sleeper you are three teams like short. It traveled together to try to efficient together what color creed religion they think they're -- and what would you do with Canadian. Would you -- -- free directory and Arnold. No that's not that's but his point was simply if you have a French Canadian refereed. In the city of Montreal Patrick your big caps fans you noticed you know the reputation is playing in Montreal. You know that everybody heard it all marketing -- and back to dictate the -- you love the haves and you know reputation which you don't mind correct. But nobody you -- built their reputation coming stronger -- -- Alder street in our history and he and the crowd is create either play as a whole locking it. If they've got to be incriminating nothing into our unique core. English or American -- don't matter it's the place now. I wanted to -- the talks a reputation up there's you hear us talk about. This series it's coming up in and the reputation of of Montreal's that the you know they're a little bit dirty and -- and they like to dive like the flop. I'll listen to grow up there yeah I was in New York volatile and I I I don't return old and dirty but. I've only played a really popular and we're gonna get destroyed you know it was just too big. Is it -- You don't believe you don't believe that you. If you love to have you hate the Bruins. He lost some of his heart I don't is -- all I -- you believe that you really rewards there. I'd never bet -- Sharon on. On what torrent or get but in my heart I hope that we destroy you know. Would you bet on the clippers right now known as long. You know on it depends on -- -- rivers will do regular sheet you can turn it around why would I trade the award for the gipper. Preached a reporter but not what he -- are not being currently being done well you know being local children that we can do but I don't know about I don't know about. Patrick got to pass one final test for me OK one final test answer one final question -- PK -- on a diver. And yes you know. Can't opt out that I can't figure out they are noble lie antagonistic to get a progressive I can't thank you very much it would -- nice -- argument -- it wanted to -- But as -- they've played honesty and -- of the. You know it reminded me he reminded me of the Phil Jackson interview. All right now we're here but I remember listening to you -- wouldn't do me and it must -- it was a 172. -- when you asked them. Or I think it only asked him about -- about hope. And he did he went in one of these. It was clause 176. Months I I'm not exaggerating it it was a long par must apply to commercial bit and then. His first response was. That. Well. I guess the found that I just meditating yeah along there's you know in no big secret about that didn't get along with that he would back to. If you went back to the -- experience now after his book to arm that was we were interview about the -- want him. -- Phil Jackson may have won almost as many. I really championships. Yes -- yes -- almost as many as he's read well I thought I protecting him written more books program itself. Have you and and any swears he wrote every word and so cycle says that he wrote hello. -- -- Second it's worthless. To the list is no -- so you. It's a hundred trees is as a baseball and I was technically not part of the right now -- you were part outlaws you know had to be 10000 crazies are based on and most of model and our I got -- Analysts. Those talk with somebody over the weekend. They mention. Steve cycle line. First -- again trying to -- it. Off every time you got it that you get at least. A couple of Milton got to get a Milton deal and say hey you know Milton duke on the Milton you keep your pants on and -- -- be perhaps some type of. Promotional opportunity because that's all people think up. -- -- -- taking your pants off I OK well it was a smartest thing I ever did. You gotta get a commercial out of it. Well or if they have their nevertheless filling taste great deal yes and member when they icon and a -- I remember when they used to have. Suit who is -- he was imminent great sports writer will wrote the back page of SI for the longest time -- -- -- When he did something with someone I was gonna do with. Any testing. All of which are off pants offer -- provider of -- -- you know -- tattered Jersey up there was scored the goal there have been a good combo worked. You think about it in the EU that happened in 1990 and there's no way that you thought 24 years later. It be known as a guy who takes -- -- -- There are worse things -- drives coming up next.

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