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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - RIP Dr. Jack Edition - 4-28-14

Apr 28, 2014|

We tackle four topics all spawned by the passing of NBA great (coach and announcer) Dr. Jack Ramsey

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Our own Omar Irish. -- the legendary doctor Jack Ramsay. And colleagues. Love the old school music. For -- four brought to my AT&T. AT&T covers more than. 99% of all Americans building you a better network. Old school NBA music. Seems sort of -- today as we talked. About doctor Jack Ramsay and more as we begin for a full. As dale said doctor Jack Ramsey passed away last night at the age of 89. Doctor Jack won two NBA championships won as a coach and one as a general manager. At the time of his retirement from coaching Ramsey was the second winningest coach in NBA history with 864. Wins. He has since been passed by many great coaches is doctor Jack Ramsay a top ten coach in NBA. History. Sort of -- in a tough position I mean the days that the man dies right. What you have to say yes I think no he's not top tenth coach in NBA history I mean. As as you know Ben pointed out whole bunch of guys have passed doctor Jack by. He's on the top ten in -- well if you go -- Like the top two or are in the -- you switched places are either red or Phil Phil or red right now. So who Austria Don Nelson it I'll take Jack -- Jack -- over Don Nelson thirteen 135. Career wins and losses as opposed to 800 career wins and losses and how many championships. And also I think you have to figure the team says that Ramsey -- I mean he wasn't you know didn't step in to too many dynasties he built one. Monitor recruiting trail blazers well welcome to welcome and had no chance of winning with that team that won anyway. One of the U he coached one of the great teams in history. With the trail -- and they are off to a great start the next season Bill Walton got hurt. And then there was a general manager. Of a fantastic team and we're not the favorite here because it was a team that broke the streak. For the Celtics broke the streak of eight consecutive championships that was -- 6667. Philadelphia team that team was loaded. It wasn't just will team had Billy Cunningham. That team had how Greer who has damn good best. Well I mean it just. And we won't go through them and let god know that that match up Lenny Wilkens Pat Riley Jerry Sloan Phil Jackson Larry Brown. George Karl bill -- Dick -- fall have. What -- yeah -- regret those guys but you mentioned Fitch. Mata Nelson. I think Ramsey over the story. -- governor put a -- Nine tenths a winner -- I could draw over the top ten because I'm on my contention is they just. Because it was such a great analyst after his coaching career that so many people don't even know. -- actually got a lot of talk it through here the tri origin trying to figure I'm inside it up or special thing about a guy. -- -- -- Nine days is 79 our 787090. Let's throw in the fact that he had a great. 1970s. Fashion sense very loud as we -- flat jacket jacket it then come back. Back was. Was a key character. In my opinion the greatest basketball book ever written breaks of the game by David Halberstam. Gregg Popovich had a -- -- of course. But. Of course not our right our cut -- did not augur well yeah plus. Yes we are Michael as you guys mentioned doctor Jack -- was a fantastic analysts after his coaching career came to a close. Doc Rivers spent his coaching exile as a game analyst. Danny Ainge had a couple season as a man was before his tenure with the Celtics. As well as doing a couple games of Mike Norman last season so I know who is -- better analysts. Doc Rivers ordaining change. -- Doc was great we forget because it's been -- he was raped. I'm gonna go it. I'm gonna GoDaddy because I felt like. Doc was I think doc was waiting for the next day. I think it at LA at that time the ball like he was holding out. They're holding holding back some some information. Like the best guy at this. It even though he always there was he always wanted to coach. What he was an analyst. At whole bag that was Doug Collins and Doug Collins. With analyzing games and as the allies -- games. This puts it all out there like van Gundy I mean I -- Japan are gonna put out there -- call tomorrow are far. So I think Danny did less of that but I knew I knew it was gonna give the Celtics job. Because when he was an it's must have been like a week before he got the job and he usually told it straight. They set him up for today Danny. How do you think you would fix the Celtics who and what would you do it when you played here. And won championships of college for the Celtics. And he news hand in the hall out of that at all or you must be a candidate but I think Danny was -- like. When Steve -- is doing the Brooklyn game the other night and he'd been talking to Phil Jackson earlier and today. Aren't just talking about. You know Michael Jordan. Danny a great reviews for the games that he did here I like them elect a lot I don't -- because oratorical -- -- -- hey I just love our -- yesterday grew up with -- and I'll go out a little -- you told us he played baseball as kids all grown up and -- my team actually beat this even knows that he would fail to remember that but. I would throw Danny Ainge out there as one the -- all around athletes. But it's over well you played teammate -- exports that's got that Danny's. The day it was an all state quarterback but he was a wide receivers you know his senior year high school they didn't have a quarterback he said Danny you're gonna do it. He was -- now granted it's -- but. You saw his talent translate. On a big time stage he played soccer on Thursdays every went to a practice he scored two goals you know they would just let him play. And I -- he's hurting pretty fair golfer too is a great golfer if you if you taught him how to play game on that day. He would beat you. Pre pre. Thank thank Steve now he Danny -- for being so good in Africa a Tommy -- turns eighty years old in August his time as the Celtics color analyst is sadly coming to an end eventually soon. So who would you like to see replace Tommy -- and moving forward. Great golf for every every got him -- That's a lot it. I got it's easy when he's one for me to. Homer homer. Who's got a big personality. Entertaining. How about a girl quack quack choir and apple pay it back. On it via. -- facts. And build on this year the girls like to do anything in that in theory it's. Allotment girls like that. He's got wardrobe for TV began. He's got the wardrobe good looking guy a great job -- games -- actually gone I'll back your -- Maybe not our you know everything else I'm with you no disagreement on this when Max would be -- Worked out what well what Obama did well let out a clip. -- -- So like -- right I'm not. That's a -- got a -- folks that's our guy. The time now for the AT&T question of the day so you got to pick one broadcast team. One play about playing one analyst to call every sporting event for the rest of your life. Who would it be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't do the -- are there. I don't -- o'clock that if it were your frontlines but excuse -- yes there -- a joke book. Why is that this whole thing mugs though of not at all not at all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- China have to be to be the voice of a network a group. Yet to be above at all. Jim -- Now I picked -- before -- picked Jim Nance I'm -- docket or are aren't out thought himself admits that he can't do any other sport I he's. Brilliant hockey no question about it he says this and I haven't had I had on your show the other day. Said I idea IE he says that baseball game. It was terrible he's studied he was -- to -- too slow for him that's there. He said he just did he he grew up as a hockey and that's too bad at eleven years old society and you want doing but hockey and city I would be terrible. Like you're still out on it and noticed and you get your play by play guy -- Can kids who play by play guys work together. I'm trying to hit it two point guards were worked together because I'm trying to run a TV argued to who worked a guy right now who's. -- -- in joke is that Leo. To play by play guys working the other right now something again on the national stage when a pair two point -- What Gus Johnson -- And Donald all know and -- and allowed just a -- but it doctors tell me that he can't do other sports. I may have to go Gus Johnson. Chris Collins. You had to college work is talking about baseball. The columns are now about that you're talking about. Pineda. That you haven't part of our. Magic went Collins worked with -- Everybody would hate him but the fans love -- please don't do mystery what the sport. I did give you name a few minutes ago who could do anything and sound great Dave O'Brien. Think you doing that are very -- he could do he can do in court and make it saying. He could -- he'd call basketball league. I mean he's done everything he's done soccer he's done at all -- -- -- -- then says the correct answer his Jim Ross and Bobby the brain heated court these people hey hey. Q we even go there but the problem is Bobby the brain is not quite as well as he used to be but JR went. Bring Jim -- ought to retire this the -- you know who's the cat who does. Revolution. Games. Oddly -- talked about -- -- -- Lexus. Got their big glasses yes and he's got that the very handy you'll help Paulus got the all pro golf for us got a broad Garland. And I have. He's hilarious that -- -- -- -- saying yes of magazines every carpet doesn't it doesn't come up because he really just doesn't translate that well he does so on and on about some different poses Vince Scully. You know you you cannot -- it. Do everything cross word about this goalie out in the last. But you know and he used to do everything he did -- on football than ever but it but the REIT I didn't continue -- because didn't really translate that well at a national level. He is. God in LA and anywhere near there and got the games by himself well yes he does do the games itself which is. It's kind of dumb but yeah right travels only to California and Arizona is that how it works out games out at the game isn't caliper -- a road game in California. Or road game and Arizona he goes otherwise yeah not so much -- -- in tonight at those games. Those are against that I was to do you do that I would do well against that he didn't do but. He -- people they they they still they have no protests that Vince Scully by himself at the age of eighty. I so maybe secretly 86 years -- and upper sixties six years I think 66 years I think this is. And I mean the guys really he is the best of all time. I mean so much anymore regency LA at the bottom line is. There's there would be it's there's a play by play guy a and in twenty years ago and you boy's name is Paul marital it'll. Slightly consumer weasel school too many goals are -- the votes of the revolution are secretive of chances today to win the game. But it will also -- are some very very good performances are good team performance wasn't very good individual. Almost like the great thing about that is -- -- would ever know if you're just a little bit hammered specificity that every you know but actually -- that Bryant as the media and it doesn't make many mistakes that he made money that's not all America. Who was that Ringo. I'm pretty -- was great -- Oh yeah are all sold -- Listen to -- bubble. Some guys wrote on the phone calls bill would've been an -- too much time is achievable. It is such opponent does it. Bang and backed amendments notably if you could just bring me another point I love. That guy. -- -- Paul mariner. There's another 1 and I am trying to look up his name -- in his. Aegis aegis cracked me who is that guy he does Italian league stuff. Com. TP you'd love it jet for the best analysts at Baylor ninety idea dale dale and in young -- So I mean they're into this stuff. And they are really -- Not Thom Brennaman is outstanding as a play about play football baseball -- basketball for a rate for Cincinnati. Can get some love to David -- -- positive for -- you know he's pretty good witness the brother. It's a very good day and at the LA open one year and now. And Phil actually try to chip a ball on the green there isn't a little bit of a I think any any completely dusted in thirty said. I think he needs a hug her. I from a guy -- -- your guy and and and I will tell you right now if you ever listened to him again. We sold forever Lewis whose name is ray Hudson. I don't know ahead of Friday's night Korea has gone nuts attempt that -- this is a glass of ice machine and I acts that the Genesis of the school it back. You know only option -- -- -- Nokia. Itself -- Alleged past. It's just isn't ready to. And that's because it would take it off to his race to put -- applicable. In and out of this note. Indeed -- sculpture. Of leadership. Bubble -- out where we need -- musical Alter certain of great -- -- the Genesis of hell on earth would this now rate cuts I would listen to him to listen. If there's a game there's a soccer game. And -- Hudson's and again you you might you guys you're young men allegedly it maybe it. Could you imagine if the all clear at -- -- if he was he was trying to talk about the difference -- -- that. 43 -- a 34 defense credit. Yeah marching. In his feet looked at this twinkle tool is still August. Just adding all -- when -- -- so that the big. Window Beckett thought the ball he -- put it in what he's Jewish. -- -- But the guys that. The color height and they can voted out -- -- elegant long -- he's actually doing the replays when he when -- clock in there that's the that the replays. He does the Italian league on and I don't know this network normally but I want to just for -- -- the EM BEI and be in the sports and finally -- a -- -- -- -- -- -- now but but that's the guy rate -- at -- and it if I had to pick one guy for the rest my liked to call my sports I want ray Hudson emerged from the companies' -- And now. 6177797937. As telephone number the AT&T -- minus 37937. Let's turn our attention to the Bruins their defeat of the Detroit Red Wings and their upcoming series with -- Montreal Canadians -- activists.

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