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Minor Details Ep. 81: The Mookie Betts podcast

Apr 28, 2014|

At a time when Mookie Betts has emerged as the Red Sox' top position prospect in the minors, Danny Watkins, the scout who signed him for the Red Sox, recalls the process that led the Sox to him in the fifth round of the 2011 draft. Mookie Betts also joins to discuss his meteoric rise as a prospect and his standout start to 2014 in Portland.

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-- -- -- This coming week will mark the completion of the year of -- The players prospect profiles modest through last April exploded in the first week of may 2013 in Greenville. Any suddenly started launching extra base hits with startling regularity stealing bases making impact offensive plays basically doing everything. It was a prospect breakthrough like few others that have happened in recent years. In the Red Sox system and it only become more impressive has been now 21 year old has emerged as a dominating performer first and single a Greenville are here. Then after promotion meteor to at a high -- Salem that in the Arizona Fall League in now through the first weeks of the minor league season in double A Portland this year. Before the start of this run. It looked like a player with a chance to be a big league utility player may be a fringe starter. Now he looks at least like he has a chance to be an everyday big -- or he should be in every -- big leaguer. With a chance to be an all star caliber performer whether at his current position at second base or perhaps had another position most likely in the middle of the field. Will discuss the mind boggling year with -- -- coming up but first. At a time when the view of his future is being transformed it's worth looking back on his origins as a Red Sox. How is it that a player who now ranks as one of the best prospects not just in the Red Sox system but the entire game was available in the fifth round of the 2011 draft. For that. We'll talk with Danny Watkins the red hot area scout who put bet on the team's radar. And who's credited for the signing of the player who is now the team's top -- position -- What did what can first scene from about that convinced him that this was a prospect we're following. There are some actually. -- pregnant sorry. You're watching -- that brought -- all over. Looking to us to start looking -- underclass and my personal option. And I don't bet into sit there and interest so -- and to this year. In what were your impressions of him initially you know how to be you know did did he clearly stand out from in terms of the amateur talent that was therein and it was it was just at a Tennessee in state event or was it. Kind of a larger regional event. We have not judge all the -- go to our culture frustration. Our sponsors. And -- hope there are under and at all it was important and -- -- watching is -- are all trying to pick a card that you want to. On the Internet. -- -- a solution our that our. -- And -- Just can't vote -- now. Obviously you know she you're lucky you'll approach you or help -- end up being in the long run at. It was just it was just this guy -- Each and that that's treating me like someone that Democrat and you know as a process are all -- you start to get. To a little more aware and I. And that will be. These two don't article ever. In the beginning it was just that. A lot of our bird I know that I think every pretty accurate arm angle. And without without at -- What part of the checkbox is looking like next to the tools you know what position were you seeing him mad at this event and you know and to have what were you seeing from him in the batter's box on the field all over the place. Shortstop. I want to make sure there aren't. I don't workplace discrimination -- -- -- -- and you go back but I'm back I'm deploy injury to a slept. This to -- well. And it is only -- is. Option -- the problem is and I. Reckon that treatment of course. You know I just I do it at all okay I. Well it's hard to to I don't know you don't beat her. On on order to get our act like. There wasn't any how -- you you. Actually. Keep it. Short and aren't we. Are very -- -- -- we're talking aren't accurate at. All. And hope and treatment up to what I ordered and I wanted to get more. -- -- -- -- So then how often did -- get a chance seem over the course of that summer. Who's -- -- Brochure okay we're gonna branch arch -- -- all. Current commodity market. Of course -- resources to -- -- to change over last. And at that time it was like -- You. Brought. -- frustration. And I folk -- -- Arbor. Permit and don't you continue to act. -- -- more. They couldn't play at. Showcase. Under or -- -- Sure you'll play it on purpose or some are actually aren't what other people. As well as. Well as short but I -- if you -- a problem. Go to crucial well. -- -- yeah Beijing. -- literally at bat. I at Kurdish culture and are probably the best achievement in their lives are at that point. Because. Richard from across. -- Oh. There are so very well -- -- you got pretty particular and an obligation of actually him. Our play very deep -- and really stood out. He -- getting rulers are already public and you can do -- apple extremely well Aaron. There are trying to -- How -- -- was he he was you know he's listed now as being like 59 im gonna say like 156. -- which is oddly precise -- You know how -- it is. Well it was a surprising. That this guy who I assume was really pretty tight and he on the baseball field. Started kind of just forcing your head determine follow everything you're doing. Joseph in Detroit you should probably closer and -- Yeah. Are actually. A little stronger in short galore. All choked up Christian program -- -- Essentially they -- I want -- just. You should try to project to go to match what is going to be like in. Order artillery. -- -- being out war. -- -- -- -- -- Where we -- to be dealt -- it when it went in particular are. Change you know. Beaten some export. And that's -- Portable music player. You know you try and -- and it'll be important ground war. At a cost and and as I'm sure -- -- it sure looked like. So you said that at the showcase you've got a chance of human at a few different of the middle position did you what did you come away from that thinking. OK this guy will be you know visit this is clearly this -- best position. Or was it just oh yeah as you mentioned you know this guy's a really good athlete was that suggest that you just saw a guy who could. -- who could be who have the opportunity to do a lot of different things. I can just aren't as short. As source. I took it looks at second and -- old. Ed and I -- credit and our -- our ability article. I. Stroke belt like this August I have to as a future. -- There should appreciate it shouldn't. -- why. The court. -- do our. It will call. You're looking and you're eight. That these are. They are. Are just call pat our our -- so you can actually. Short topic what -- -- -- beer market. George are you know strengthen our -- to check out there. I -- Project to an average arm in the future. And with you know with a range cup qualifying is above average based on the fact that he could do things like. Back so right behind the back flip or four -- -- -- He never took -- are. You're always just body contact people. To contact. Well are. -- doubt. A result they took a look at try to -- some other guys or perhaps I think. Right maturity and it all about sure boxes and I don't -- -- as odd that I. I I believe that this guy it shores up. As you went through this cutting process so it's funny that you mention you know the behind the back -- because what that makes me think about is. I'll just like a point guard my index Q which of course -- was a very decorated I think was the Tennessee State basketball player of the year. If I'm not mistaken or at least in his met at a much of it was district or state. As a as a high school senior how much did you follow him on the basketball court even even in the book at the bowling Alley. And all -- it logically about you. Very good -- hurt are watching -- one particular -- Don't. Mean that probably I shouldn't -- be used to -- general. -- you are a -- pollution. Always looking at personal and they think that some guy was signed guard -- That particular. At. Lunch break. Up solid at school all where. Go -- and -- -- spectacular. In the our men and and British market. And I can OK -- go ahead and open. At. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well. You would like oh yeah. All know what. So that aren't aren't doing sports Yemen and -- So you've got into the spring season and you're you know I assume that he's kind of a high priority following your area. You know this is that he had already captured her attention so how often were you going in how often Wear the Red Sox. Going in for a look at new -- -- throughout the course of his senior season. Our. -- to stream huge hole it. Took at least a little bit later and -- Big broad -- bring. General in the arch. Are there art art art are probably more. You cross check on our arsenic that people. I don't bring you an old aren't into the and a -- and you don't object and and automatic golf. I mean it has. All. Quote -- looks okay. Talking to Denny likens the area scout who signed rookie bet Danny when you were so as you guys are kind of putting your head together and developing -- a portrait of what you think is a reasonable projection of -- -- You're projecting him as a shortstop at that time correct. How would you describe the the package of you know the the offensive package instill that that you. -- then projecting with -- Q when you're starting to imagine okay what does this guy -- do when he's you know 21 and 25. Well sure I can't -- commercial power and I should not you know as well as well I don't at a big huge power Brett -- but I could be. And -- atop -- are you sure are two hours or so we're talking. Shorten treatment -- can. Be considered -- The brought in prototype I think I gonna perish. And extended. And so I I just saw it. That -- to identify. Early. So are very rarely use what are. I saw that was our. GR. I -- pushing the issue. Not a joke that great. And so it was far we look to rumors that -- -- to use. It to develop. I do ours and our allies are. Or outdoor light up that picture -- It could stretch about. I didn't see him as early and just -- and order. So as our starting him throughout the spring and obviously you guys are you guys are having a number of of people and infer looks. How how much how much attention was he getting from the rest of the starting communion from -- from the rest of the baseball industry. Was this someone who you you know who was who had a ton of teams who were on -- or was he was the end was the kind of attention that he was getting. It where you were you wondering okay went went to several and also up for the sky really like. I sure there's a couple of -- Actually interest I -- George. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've started seeing some -- also not seen a guy. You know look beautiful and -- out there and -- are on their arsenal -- Well I'd. Let him in -- Joseph Arpaio who wears. How narrow and limited and the other team entered into a bit as important. Talking -- that break I got it. What is toward -- come back. Are multiple times that bring others jobs and those who want to talk about Apollo. Pro or other clubs. That. Pushed out where it. We're sure -- -- -- we -- we -- I don't juveniles are more. -- just kind of thinking about why there wouldn't have been more than say three or four other teams that were really. You know they were really investing scouting resources and time. Into following him do you think it was a matter of his size in the fact that you know. That I guess this I think my second in please correct me if I'm wrong is that Nokia is necessary the prototypical showcase player where you're looking for. You know for a guy who separate himself from the typical high -- by being able to hit a ball 400 feet you know. But do you think that that's why broke the interest was limited -- what are what's you're. But what theories might you have about why it was that you word you were dealing with content competition in scouting but relatively on a relatively limited scale. I have you are important or not. You don't please go. -- So under our game. You don't go to -- to close you know like I should. And that oops didn't mean art generation unit. It was obvious to me. Is -- order and do you know here are being. Peacekeeping. -- Physically peaking at the net com. -- -- -- left. Or correct attitude to intrude. -- -- just -- -- that feeling that Adidas can't I wanna continue to follow. I get to why she was able to others out more. -- I couldn't estimate that won't -- Tom has got to watch what Jim or I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All of us are that are. Followed and -- and also part four. Or. Were there any particular memorable moments about dot about the spring follow process they're -- that you guys who you know any because you've you've described the behind the back flip. You described the baseline dunk with a 59 guy anything else that does it kind of highlighted that this who has bit -- reaffirming. That does that that kind of scouting radar that was going off for you. -- -- aren't aren't they can't. So important still true reached out and all the where he -- go to church or make an accurate. And -- -- when you are that are trying to make the British always sort hawk. I saw pledged. IPod or -- could be. Little has changed our intimate look object. And -- even in -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- shooting a guy who are a little bit looser all. Are so petty about it. I don't want to top -- all back the metal. You've got a -- all our old Ford and they're. Pleasure at large -- what are you should it. You myself parent and you are published order right. We just got to look at -- and caught. To allow. To -- this cute athletic got a quick -- -- our treatment. It is action. And you -- get their debt which which had no prison intimate. How much were you sweating the question of did the right time to pop them a note to say OK I really like this player I really want us to get them. You know where you comfortable with the fifth round as a please take him or. What do you started sweating a little bit just kind of hoping that one of those other teams wasn't going to just yank it away from you. I know you can call. I knew we. Anticipation -- -- -- The end of our round where. Is worse that you start joke consider. That it got a report. As -- the group. Held a stroke average that you try to pick Beijing. A little widget and you -- we don't care. And they can I didn't know how but I don't want that crap on the computer. Beyond Beijing and -- -- -- here and what a joke. Religion another -- And -- big brown. I really -- my -- I've got to -- -- -- that chip equipment. What was it closer feeling like when you got here I -- you're the one got to column in say in in -- you know congratulate him on being taken. How satisfying gratifying was that to be able to say well we think you know we we have this chance to sign him now we got him. -- would go to -- about Obama's job pretty electric all. What are. -- -- -- Then polished and it is also true -- people. Are -- ecology. And -- little. Your dreams come true. Our -- and watch our organization. -- this out. -- so -- to be able to call it that I. Judge are just -- -- -- -- any of my car. I know. Andre JRR. Or call it. That -- are all watching on a computer. And I got people that are they're texting them. A car. Like Michael -- And after -- and there is less excitement and granola. So that being the case his signing did go down to the last day and it's really to the last hour I believe. Of of that August 15. How much were sweating that part of the process. I trust I trust it that it doesn't know why side. And I'm glad that we want to -- And you know after that I just I I don't bet that it -- always work out. We had two people accredited by the same outcome. And they were just a question of making it. You know. It just proportional. System that we were at that. It took until August -- -- Or. -- -- -- obviously -- One and two people don't. Knock out. Talking to Danny Watkins the area got who followed -- keep that in high school and signed him so when you get to when at what point. At what point of monkeys professional career do you kind of to a bit of a double take and start saying this is this kind of interest in an unexpected. In terms of that player development progression that was starting to happen. Pretty true. -- understand what we're doing now I -- pure assertion. -- can I -- on it. And watch you know more troops are well. Hey parcel it out I got to see -- -- -- Our -- it. And so -- And if do you. Good and we're all watching you ordered that lowers. -- school. Play against college college. Players. China and it was more than -- at all. Talking to -- and I think our crack a computing all the complementary. And all but. -- just watching now are you able to. At that all in. All -- -- just call you -- Total number I won't play old Oakland scores. I have a little I think there's piracy. And British -- -- -- object and we thought we urge other post and at all. Fairly well. I just don't perish -- -- I would report. Aren't you -- you don't you are not. Too much stock into one great night. But. We really -- I don't deny that -- that it is just. Picture -- -- bat. But. I know I want you should. Number true. Report. Although it was -- well. And competing as a I. Then I was totally. Should. Play along -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Then -- you were following him in 2013. You know when he suddenly starting to hit not just you. You know you had him projected probably hit for average to him to get on base at a good rate because of his control of the strike zone and that approach you talk about that Red Sox entered approached. But all of a sudden you start -- guy who's basically getting on an extra base hit every game or every other game. You know -- fifteen homers did you ever see him or did anyone with a red sack him hit one home run in high school. -- -- troops bodies are going to be very yeah yes that. Jerry -- as cold air honorary player on the well it -- per -- to -- too erudite and there's a tournament. Jerry was talking and error margin outlook and that and that like most part. As sort of an extra -- -- and other -- I think you do get to. Double. You know I don't I I -- -- -- -- -- power there are part. -- -- It's actually more my body could all I -- You over to him. Are -- it appears. That. Talked about -- our treasures and our student are not chasing. The result joke. -- -- little video that that power and yeah. I just hope that this is -- little doubt that much hours. Yet. So let's -- the last -- as you live and die with these Taylor reports about your players. What part of monkeys player development progression has been the most surprising to you is that the fact that there has been. This you know not just a little bit of power in the tank -- You know but they can tin ability to impact the ball that went to self to kind of a constancy of extra base hits or the fact that. This is someone who's not just who's not just progressing in player development. He's sprinting now I mean he's he's performed across. Four leagues in the third in in a thirteen month span single -- last year promoted to Salem in the middle of the year Arizona Fall League now double play. He held his own and then some at every one of those which what what is the greatest surprise to you at this stage as you as you continue to follow. This somewhat remarkable progression that happening. Every player or had to pick up. And it upshot. -- state appropriation. There's production. It has. Richard Herman and and and -- correct or worse it's dispersed herb. -- -- Every player I know it. -- I mean that's. How I figure I just got to go. Are you know what -- com. You know women got and all our own and personally I like you're going to be great children are. You know I don't -- The -- 400. You know you can tell you wonder about. Patrick trips to -- because there's one or put our organization that. Trust enters this this is best you have to Arturo. And shouting order so -- or her. Our bench as. Good -- Jordan and are deserve -- been used to getting them. Coming up movie that. Cookie that is not off to a good start in 2004 -- he is off to a mind blowing start in 2014. Whose first sixteen games in double A Portland. A lead and level where he's one of the youngest few players in the league he's heading for 39 with a 480 on base percentage exceed two slugging mark. Eleven extra base hits in sixteen games seven steals. It has been ridiculous and he's become really one of the most talked about prospect prospect performers in baseball this year so. It's worth thinking a little bit about this player development path both in terms of where he came from as an amateur as well as how he got to this particular point. In his performance given that he had not been performing at that level straight through from the beginning of his days in the Red Sox organization. So it's worth asking how -- -- that develop into this kind of player and how was it in what's it like to be on this kind of run in Portland. Commitments front. Doing well at all a lot less in being a part of this scene and been real fine you know playing next Murrow and Travis all the where were our best but we kind of relax during the game and he would you don't realize you're doing good that you haven't signed you know. Well I'm curious because you had this differently you have been successful mole I don't wanna I don't wanna down play what you would accomplish there. But by your own admission you had you know you would never hit a home run in high school. You hadn't hit one in lol. How different is it coming into this year just in terms of your understanding of who you are as a hitter based on the fact that last year. You've had a different year you had a ton of extra base hits -- doubles. All the time in in Greenville on Salem had fifteen homers. How different are you as a as a hitter in terms of what you're in terms of your understanding of what you can do with a plate. Outline eight. I've got it. In children I just dropped off year or off or use our school OK okay that's an important elections the record -- -- Yeah I hit it and I but come in the lol I thought -- did pretty well -- and not aren't contact. And no I hit that it that it hit them all -- couldn't. Given the gap -- he could you know wasn't hadn't. Build build and -- really because I didn't understand the importance of lifting in the work in -- -- now we're on our seed in the then -- and two but in my segment of my extreme training. Our rob really understood that you know I'll work hard -- he would he would really help me and I went through with a mechanical phase with you well. And nothing -- things come and go from there and it kind of understanding our approach in. China would do that every day is kind of start to pay off a little. I mean let's take for instance the case of let's say you recognize. Fastballs that you know if it's that slate belt -- bit on the outer side of the plate. How different is what you might be looking to do with it now vs what it was in lol or even or even in the first month in Greenville last year. -- -- on are happy the place. And -- You know that are kind of I wanna be -- there right out of the filled. But I didn't know how to I didn't understand how to do so you know I would kind of -- me in a may be a base hit but it would. You know India it would be our -- ivory things that. Now are now I know that I can drive the ball a little better so that's -- -- -- to drive to right field. Burton -- hit it. So when did when did that transition happen when you were confident that you or someone who could start looking to drive the ball as opposed to just kind of shooting line drives are on the field. Our. I didn't I didn't -- -- happened like what without even thinking about it. I think must first month in Greenville. -- couldn't -- at 130 years so it. Pat and get a beat -- -- -- you don't -- it that. Mean you well Washington you know when your little mechanical change. And it seemed like that week that same week I started. Driver in the body even realize I could do it and from then our -- -- fear are now on our do it in my actual. Keep trying to guard the ball. What was that mechanical change can you describe it. I had a had a big leg kick him mumbling. You know come on pitchers like you know but I am. He's -- its stride. Stride and on time consistently in that that's been kind of -- -- Download -- I mean it's interesting because I think that this is basically a year out from the time when you started hitting all those home runs next to base it. In Greenville so it's been a year but for different leagues. Where you've done it it was there one level. Where you kind of surprised yourself just in terms of being able to respond to the challenge of you know it's not like you've been moving slowly moved he -- Frankly from the start of it you know the fact that you were lol from the get go out of high school spoke highly about -- -- spoke to how highly direct talks regarded you but. Is there one place where you really. Have been able to perform right out of the -- In a way that the you know that you said OK maybe this is like maybe this is a little faster track tonight time. In Salem I think more productive Salem. I start up little lowlands Salem but what I got but that our goal and are in all of our kind of understood you know I'm moving kind of -- -- Here right here you know you start out. -- start out are not pretty good but you know the long ago this sample about really anything. I understand that kind of thing you know it's along the -- -- could be -- 400 pound hit 100 you know the next month though. I try to think about that you know how that will try not to think much about that. I don't along -- -- about ways to go. So -- now it you know it's basically now -- what something you've you've reached base in this unbelievable number of consecutive games dating back your time in Salem last year. Reached base you know all the time in your is to start out your your time in Portland -- What does a streak mean you know streak where you're able to get on base you know. Basically like -- tonight or something at least -- nightmare in your case has been mostly two times or more than you've been getting on every game. What what significance does that have for you what does that say about where you are in your approach and as a player. I don't even look at it as. Street I didn't I didn't know about it in our satellite. -- like I think about it in the game. But. -- You know strike while the oh got in there. Not every company or run or Bob died though. Whatever I do whether it's normally hero -- they are or are trying to be a game. So I'm going in now like I guess I'm going to do I'm going to do two separate things first it like to think back a little bit to some of the earlier parts of your -- that I'd like to think forward a little bit so. Thinking back high school you know how well when you -- over ten. And -- we've we've talked for this program to Danny Watkins about what he -- new. How much did you were you thinking during your time junior year senior year of high school you know about that professional baseball future. -- like our oh. Not think about. And there. Think -- Think like that I have a solid. Couple years developed in and then ended may begin. Why didn't you consider yourself one of the best what did you what what what didn't you see in your own game at that point. I am I this -- Knoll. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What what it what they're four and -- act and act now so outcome that out. Terry Shumpert is your uncle is that correct. How meant and what kind of conversations you have with him just in terms of trying to gauge where you were in terms of your your professional development Europe. Your readiness your baseball development -- professional development but your. -- your readiness to be a professional. We have we have a lot of poverty. What we're draft. You know we talked a lot. All around -- -- and apple out there ought. He would -- -- under their watch your. Don't Pat -- are all having. You know that thing happen. It got in we're not there. Are wrong but I did it in but I expect. Apple. How how much getting attention where you getting as a as a senior in high school was you know you hear about guys. You know kind of going through their senior years and there are you know dozens of guys in the stands. Teaching your mind how much interest you know where you start with you pat how aware were you of different teams that were following you during that seniors. All. Some -- aware and who under. -- And actor. Mark -- But there are other oh. I've known art. And correct -- all right yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Even though you weren't thinking of yourself as being kind of necessarily the next step being professional baseball. Was professional baseball clearly the goal for you. All along. I all of a -- to be. Where. It. -- -- A lot of people made a big deal about your your name Okie you know that's that's from who he Blalock right. OK so point guard you're point guard by the way and -- you're you're more of a pass first point guard correct. It even though even though Danny Watkins shared with us that he saw you -- -- from the baseline which is. I guess you know at five foot -- you could get up a little bit. -- Half your your basketball career I think his you know we we don't think enough about that but that that part is really choosing to be the fact that you were a guy who. Was really focused on distributing the ball as a point guard and you also coached your basketball team after you -- graduated from high school didn't. What was the significance that what was it like to step back -- have the perspective of being a coach of the team. Hard it's it's completely different than. On the side of the haven't been through it you know at 80 when they got that up to now you know out of you know very you know make that approach. And quality younger out out coached the freshman and they don't understand it is it's frustrating but it. Out of pocket where or are now where are they. Wait Ater about it -- saying when -- Well and I are really appreciated. Coaching because you know -- -- Interactive -- people. How did that how do you apply that to -- baseball whether you know whether lessons for your player development because you know as you said there working with some freshmen and you have to figure out. You know you have to kind of be mindful of of the path that they're going to be going on. Or just in terms of you know or just in terms of those those personality dynamics what what. What have you applied from that coaching experience to your baseball career. Again you're working different people on our you know on top guys in the guys. You know all in in work your way in. I've learned that vote in our earth but I have -- you know where did you meet and end. You know work harder hit and then it got -- short you know market. You know I need area -- it. And it's an army LEO. For four. You know not not -- understand that it -- process. I don't know where my freshman of the warriors similar at -- in India. -- -- here in in Dublin now what. Well go. Over the long. Does it feel though like a long process still or do you start to feel are you getting to the point where it started to feel. Not and how does distant as it once did. Honestly I still though like I still I like apple while while ago. Could you know I got it up with the economy in you know I don't know you know I don't know what they're gonna do. -- move near -- right now -- second base and then. Our focus on second base not elect Obama though that are now. If I do. That's fine I don't you know I'm ready I'm ready whenever they are so. This is. Just now out of focus on they have. So let's dig in a little bit on deposition question talking to move keep that is often spectacular start in in double -- Portland. In high school you played -- third second base was like your third position right. Well I would tell me about your primary physicians tell me about where where your comfort was on the field. Our our account oh era are -- -- you know comparable there. Now culpable in that are killed in -- second but -- Both -- are probably. Probably in -- real problem on most. -- -- went out about it short bought out -- -- there. But not like that -- you know already bullet culpable here that. It's it's interesting thing because some guys like it's part of their identity is baseball players where they play on the diamond. Catchers it's it's a particularly significant thing you hear sometimes that the -- shortstop as well. And at this point do you feel like -- identity as a baseball player is tied to one position. As -- now yeah. Just because you know I don't know meaning if keeping on on merit not on second base so right now -- I think Latin and act now. But I did you takings and grounder is within the fox in spring training at shortstop he looked pretty comfortable there and you know how do you is that something that you kind of that you do ever wants while just during BP slide over take a few grounder is just you know whether. Whether they're kind of keep him you know remain mindful of what the angle on the ball looks like over there or just to keep your arm strength up as a second baseman. But let's -- would just keep monitoring. Just the length and about you know an airplane over the upper. In Ottawa are. So -- they'll -- I don't go attack it will shorten it that. Do you burrow further. How much time you spend in the outfield in the outfield during BP like do you take it is it just kind of you know when when -- when you're out in the outfield do you ever. Kind of make a point of of treating it as not quite game situations but you know but it kind of spend some time taking reeds of the ball off the baton to. Having some comfort moving around out there and that way. Yeah. The point always burger -- oh. Yeah like -- pretty -- same situation not take. Take all the lines are -- any -- -- on the ground ball from the just to see would it -- -- it like out there. You're the one who mentioned -- who mentioned the idea of Pedroia being -- at second base so. I mean how much how much has that been you know I guess was that just a conversation that. So many people would just ask -- -- yeah what are you gonna do just in Detroit Pedroia signed through you know the you're 2100. What does that mean for your future is that is that how that becomes just kind of a normal part of your baseball conversation or is that something. That when he signed last series you're like hey wait a second that's that's a little bit different. I mean I've -- -- of people all that about it that I. The reds are. Needed and I'll report back. -- -- Great packer player. French. -- I'll try and make whether. It being second base shortstop third. Aaron you know out and make it. It is -- matter -- How much is Pedroia a guy who you kind of want to emulate just you know a guy who has the ability to impact the game in in any number of ways and you know who are the guys who you kind of when you think about your game you're like OK I can draw a little bit from hammer and. -- -- I've kind of drought than -- ever. What regards Ali what are you know it now aren't they are. Com a -- I've actually watched happily. Woman in spring training is better so we'll watch him and you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know -- -- understand around the base you know in person very -- At a -- would it's like you've -- scenes involve. Although. And take part error body -- -- no one. So I guess kind of a bigger picture qwest and its that's a little bit a little bit of a -- unusual one but this is now three years since you're drafted basically. This would have been your junior year at Tennessee. Happy that you happy that you made the decision to turn pro and how much different has your progress through the miners be -- then what you expected when you. When you signed up for this. Com. I think this and that and that -- because. You know coming out of college -- pictures. -- when -- out in late now. You know I'm in Dublin now in college you know. And so. -- opera like that would that decision and what -- other question. I guess it was just you know when you science and you're you know by your own admission thinking you know I'm I'm trying to figure out whether or not you're ready for pro ball. You know when you imagine what your career path might be at that point how different has it actually billion from those expectations. Well it is night and -- different. Didn't -- know what I -- -- Or oh. That up there. Unlike how well. They're different in their depth about it though outlawed. And in our. I've got. But it still still in the -- It's important to learn how well now. So you know as you as as you proceed here now that you're kind of you know playing playing ball again in. You know up and up in New England is there a different kind of level of connection for you -- a player. To the Red Sox the idea that the Red Sox aren't very far away at the Major League level just because I mean shoot you're only like a hundred miles away from them. Yes I'm all out to about labor -- feel like. -- belt line now. And they quote. Well and playing in there but it is great important. -- a -- in the box. And that change inflation came back in one on the actions. -- And and there are. -- great.

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