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WEEI SoccerCast - New England Revolution Midfielder Chris Tierney

Apr 28, 2014|

Chris Tierney joins the show to talk about the abrupt turn around and as always we get his World Cup prediction.

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MS you can. I had a new day room -- -- Welcome into another addition of WEI soccer guess I'm your host young that. The kitchen from day dale and -- afternoon treating him every day for at four follow me on Twitter young -- WEEI. Today. I have another reds player with me the kind of on fire right now so. Chris when you introduced yourself to our listening audience. Totally hear you on the spot there. It is. Chris Tierney. Urgent service. Out. There are do you automatically an amateur par on the -- earlier. -- -- So you guys had a rough starts of the season and have really turned it around lately and currently your tied for second in the Eastern Conference. He talked about what that. Quick turn around was from an early struggles into now playing some very very good soccer. I think it was a matter of us. Just coming together as a team all of that you know we have some new pieces that we had integrated into the squadron. Consent order. -- and understand. Have each other quite a little bit more now so. It just takes a little bit of time to get that chemistry that. What you said I think finger in the right direction so. You know we're looking to keep picking up points -- we can't. In your experience how long does it take that transition to bring the new players in and get them get everyone on the same page as has been quick free guys Steve think or. Is a little bit longer process than you'd -- It's been relatively cricket I think the good thing about pictures came to see it. Knowing what kind of struck -- work quietly into the system in place. Groups including those players in the room. It takes a look -- -- -- and then you know the community. Is a completely in your system so current. In her -- -- the -- permanent system in place and we really went a little darker and you know kind of collapsed expedient server. -- -- sort of civilian. So you guys are unbeaten at home since last September 21. What is it like what do you. That your home field advantage what would you guys feel do you feel better at home is the travel that tickets you guys on the road. Why do you guys feel so comfortable at home. Another factor for him I think the travel is a part of that. And I think it. But it leader in the world we're -- to trouble. From the -- and travel on net and that does take a lot. -- the other way. -- on the tribal conflict old news -- That's got its actors are. None and there's obviously the support we have from -- and then ultimately you know little honesty open. It helps push us forward and I think a third thing is is that they're -- -- -- -- playing on our on the surface that we have at Gillette Stadium and I don't think other teams always are so. Those are all the things that I think contribute to a have a good record moment. I think if we continue to make. Gillette a fortress and make it difficult problems in economy you know it'll prove pretty useful force and collapsed on. So you guys are heading to draw up to Toronto next this coming up Saturday. Can you explain some of the challenges it is facing a Toronto team that seems to be very good and has loaded up in the in the offseason. Didn't throw those. It's always a tough place to play they have great support out there and you know they really get behind this team and truck and literally low moment. Like he said -- They've made some big signings. I think -- and -- coming back to listen. You know we're not sure Michael Bradley's status that. They batted so much quality of that squad that's going to be a market and we know that so. We'll just make sure we do our homework and go over the selvin picture you know we know what they're there revamped squad looks like in other land. You know so that the game plan -- to try to take some points that are going to be a tough task that. I think we do our homework and we play our game and look good chance to take part in. Now you guys just came off just beating sporting Kansas City. And little little matter of revenge from last year last fall do you see them as a rival to you guys now. I don't think it's it's really a rivalry thing you know we we respect. Sporting Kansas City is not the best team in the league they are the defending champs and it's proven over the last few years and party this year a stronger squad is so. I think we just look at those gains another option -- Sixteen points at home and we know we feel that we play at home doesn't matter who's coming and we should take all reports and we did that so. You know I haven't lost them in the playoffs last -- particularly in the back mind all too much. What's the difference squad that we have they have different squad and our focus in on this here. You grew up in Wellesley correct. -- and where we're did you go to high school. I would no longer -- -- he put soccer on the I was I was just gonna ask you group allows them from Framingham were about the same -- it was one minute we cross paths at all play sports against each -- -- If possible may be healed travel -- it is that those currently. No longer remember. Way too long ago for me to remember I can barely remember last week so that. -- -- It's just for couple. At the end and now I'm forgetting everything I did when I was out of which is really. So you guys have turned it around and there's been some expectations placed on you guys because you. Your team is a young exciting team. Do you feel any stress from that expectations from those success you guys have last year transitioning over to this year is that expectations get to you guys at all. Or do you not feel it. I don't think so we're. We're religion at very young teams I think where. Just focus on continuing to play good -- and trying to win as many -- -- -- we know where. Far from a finished product or far from where we wanna -- -- You know we're trying to make sure that we continue to move in the right direction this team on the field and that's a club been. No pressure from swine. -- -- higher petition that even perhaps a ticket so. I know -- -- to learn that. Speaking in those where you feel -- playoff game last year. No but more pressured -- here in a bigger game more expectation in your spot you believe those who became one -- -- -- I think that's really exciting. You and spend some time playing with salary Joseph and now he's back. What does that mean to you guys having someone who as. -- I'd say iconic status here. For his time with the revolution what what's it like bringing a player like that back into the fold in player you have experience. Yet great action Ari back she's. Such a good player for. Them. -- -- he's been in training in -- countries and then. If they recently when we come back into the squad. Still he has already. A great passer of the ball integrate. -- Pincus. Something that the swabbed as well. From having him back losses -- leadership qualities and we got news there's been there done that in the league and those will be well on those extra -- and in. The guy who hold other players around McConnell. You know demonstrates. By the way he trains and by the way that he carries so you know what it takes her to make it a player and so. Having him back is is a great achievement and -- have a -- -- -- When you were growing up. Were you a revolution sand. I was actually. Had -- to appeal Foxboro Stadium when the only clues that. It was there wasn't about those old bench bench -- proceedings that. -- yeah I think you'll. Start to lose the ceilings for you in 2000 getting selected by the it was an amazing -- knows -- there it was a dream country this record I grew up supporting. Them. Now I'm I'm proud to -- From the singer in a part of the soccer scene and doing and then. The revolution -- so I think the goal. Of fringe you know young kids in this area news is growing up -- -- Not the end all be jealous is playing for bush urged him into it it him and that -- incher in. Something I'm really proud -- so. And coaches great -- continue to live that treat human being a player Allman from a friend and I am. You know -- -- I'm I'm very proud. How much in your off time how much soccer do you watch do you watching champions league following what's going on. Do you follow that at all. Of course now all of us are always you know trying to watch much suckers in the world knows what the primary in the champion street in obviously -- -- What a World Cup this summer. -- if you could choose one player in the world to play -- Now I'm not saying you have to screwed someone on your own team but if you could choose one person in the entire world to play with who that person. Man had to talk for a I think you have -- he Renaldo -- of a -- to Scotia around those eight. In other things that you can do if you saw it fuels this -- Genesis like. Out of this world stuff so. I think for me it is how athletic he is I think seeing him up cause -- critical. The pace in the power of him. Yeah is just a cricket -- here it is absolutely right now time now for our final question and how we liked and every soccer cast -- we -- -- World Cup predictions oakcrest. Who do you see. Winning the World Cup in Brazil this summer. English in might be a popular pick but I I really like. The host nation Brazil a distinct. Enact climate. Sort of the old man that they're gonna have with their arms or. I think that there is going to be a -- -- them ever really good between -- so. I'd be in the answer but take in Brazil. Right now. I'll tell you my pick my dark horse pick is -- Yeah that's in India. A popular pick and you look at what they did the last stroke -- the alternate player that they have these you know I think that that's a possibility I think there's. All those that think all of south American teams have really good chance just because of the fact being played in South America. You know -- -- that happening there. And what they've always said is no European team has won in south American soil so. I -- it -- I think it's going to be tough former that it. Taylor Twellman tried to do dispelled that notion would mean that I'm holding strong that. -- I'm with -- I really it's not American in winning whether it's Argentina -- ticket to Europe like so. I think those that are those in my text -- presumably in this country last Wednesday and. All right well good to hear where can we follow you on Twitter. All Miette Christian -- on. Right fantastic thank you Chris and best of luck this Saturday heading up to Toronto. Thanks I have one for that aren't there. Again that was Chris Tierney of the New England Revolution -- -- Erica. -- Brazil to popular pick and makes complete sense they're the greatest teams in the history of the world. And they're playing at home and they have one of the most talented attackers in the world. Name. Again very. Very glad that Chris could join me there in the reds have really turned it around as of late. And they've -- they're tied for second in the Eastern Conference with eleven points. And it's really good to see them back up there as early on it just felt like. The team be exciting team that we saw last year just wasn't. Wasn't gonna be there again this year but they're proven right now that they are and they have made some additions which Chris talked about. Explained how that transition of bringing new players and especially after you have a fairly successful campaign a year before. So it's an exciting time hopefully they can keep it up. Over the temple -- the couple points out of Toronto and and keep pressing for that top spot in the Eastern Conference -- will be very important for them come time. Towards the end of the season. Making a playoff. Again I am young Ben from the dale and Holley show on W -- -- can hear every afternoon 226 you can follow me on Twitter at young Ben WEEI. Thank you very much for listening guys have a great. Great day.

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