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Former Celtic and Clipper Keyon Dooling talks about Donald Sterling 4-28-14

Apr 28, 2014|

Keyon Dooling spent 13 years in the NBA, and was drafted by Donald Sterling's LA Clippers. He joins the show to discuss his personal experiences with Sterling, compared with other owners, and how Doc Rivers also has to keep his team motivated.

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Joining us on the eighteenth the -- a guy who but his first NBA games for the clippers spent four years in LA. Also former Celtic as well keep on doing Keon -- and -- here in Boston power you. Hey hey I got the appellate that badly. Appreciate taken a few minutes you spent the first four years of your career. In LA and and I'm curious ski out when you first. Either sought TMZ or somebody text you about these common shore. Your reaction to the owner of the clippers being caught on audiotape. Was some very racist comments to his suppose a girlfriend. Yeah totally reactive one would outlook discussed it. You know obviously you know it cannot solve. In the in the private life or public life is obsolete it's unacceptable. In into public outcry. Because when people reveal who they ought to you it's your duty to believe -- -- not and show time and time McCain -- he had police. That he he believed dead you know are people are inferior curriculum and all of you know -- you know when you say things like that you know he's got -- -- -- -- -- work. Net you know you're there you say that he's got quite the history were going back you all 306 on nine is -- a lot of things recently but when you. Where there -- 2002 what 2004. Did you start to see that did you get to know the man as this. It'll -- You know certain certain people won't seen thirty odd chain owner. You know some Obama passionate like Mark Cuban and you get -- -- On some Obama also my Mickey ears in -- to know him and I am. And yet some people there are several later to get to wipe out there who doesn't help you all the time you see him hit it epic game. -- and -- or in the -- what you -- celebrating what we're ethnic it. Or you know at a party in Malibu -- you know and I mean so it's never a situation where you know. Are you really -- to have I -- law of any content. It with the general. So we say you were surprised was this up and you knew of the mid may -- once you had left and start hearing stories. Army at the at the end of the day you know to go back and read about it in -- complaint that I don't -- about the thought no one on camera at all. If you see how we treat people you know it's you know some people -- -- Magnetic -- -- -- right up rule meaning you have people who you know come in the Rome in you know all the you beat up and you got straightened up and all that you know eat. You know some people are -- It would it. It's interesting Jeff Van Gundy was on the station this morning and he he said -- for the first time one of the reasons. He didn't take the job he's approached by the BLA clippers because of the things he heard about sterling you have a good relationship with doc and you were here in doc was here were you surprised Keon knowing what you know all. That Doc Rivers took that job and LA. I wouldn't surprise at all on me let them at end of the day you know. There's a lot of empirical or -- Minority have to deal -- you know and you know bit. You know when situations like it occur arm is a great opportunity to start that dialogue because you know if you don't. You don't ultimately you really can't understand it it's only you had these this thinking that somebody who can economic impact our whole region. You know to have that kind of bank in the underlying of the action on -- and the word is that it the symptomatic. Systematically not allowing people to serve it to the climb up you know. Right people up forty did you in the ballpark color it is just not fair but when -- that kind of -- let -- So profitable not only in business what the NBA is. You know if you if you were their locker room right now we solved the protests that they had with the wrist bands in the Jersey inside out won't be going through your mind would you be thinking of of boycotting these games would you play -- comfortable would that be for you. I'm definitely not think about work. You. You know. Which is great to light. You know in an epic sometime you know we move side note on how to -- it depends -- the despite in the going to be a part in -- would have dialogue in the. -- -- -- -- -- How we can go about it directly. At it -- -- -- -- in order to discuss it clear that that it's. And I know that the people in Spain -- out there than everybody -- condoned it. Com behavior the -- now will we are right now at all. Could it -- we epic campaign to -- -- -- start. Talking about the thing that we can you know everybody at what the democracy it all in North American. People for humanity in the right direction. You don't want people fans around here you mean there weren't happy that we Doc Rivers left -- went out to LA but we know the man as the leader. And how do you know how do you think that he handles this is C director attic and handle this is that it looked like it last night there in game for the added doors blown out. Yet not you know my heart goes out to adopt the you know I'd love you know he got him beat me everyday and outlook and that's. All -- I know he's a great leader you know -- you always say we wanna go quick eagle by to help would -- wonderful spot we got all -- get. And not think his leadership is it. That sport I'd like it. And I believe that you know -- it is -- -- he's been through lapped all -- special about it how can burn down a break it to me -- the American an interracial marriage. In all the little things though he's been through it that the -- feel pretty. Rocket built but it and I think the cool to hear more so than most coaches you know we if you know who either black and a -- And at the professional with a lot -- he'll do his job but. My personal W -- believe sockets and -- fight for what you believe is right. We're talking a former NBA veteran and LA clipper Keon -- also played here for the Celtics as well you say that. It's about discussion it's about trying to. Change the approach about the ownership approach -- Keon should Donald Sterling be allowed to stay on -- owner of the LA clippers. Well that is America you know in on you don't have the freedom of speech you do have read it looked at least. Our freedom of worship right so when people you know -- they got a deal. I enjoy it because when you know how somebody -- you can just deal with -- quarterly. You know -- they're hitting car if they hit it belief is that it did it which didn't allow the dialogue at. -- you look at some of the program that's been taken out affirmative action that we're like. You know that means the retail medical program -- plate because they're in big open area that an intimate they are one of -- people trying to get out. You -- cut the actor think that they get the original spirit our role because they ought to be here. With Donald in everything I can't let you know from a personal stamp -- think he -- Take the lead to leave because you know adamant that you bought in on the I mean -- between WB -- where you almost. Almost perhaps you know appear you know whatever app the union and come up and it's a lot -- to -- that -- -- -- -- -- if he doesn't walk away would you be OK with the MBA owners getting together and deciding you can no longer own a team in elite which like you said the fan base he's speaking a lot of those fans and they see that TMZ video Kia. Yeah comment yet and that it is critics say you know it's and to be honest with you know on the they have never -- you can quote pick and down the Roman army. He he you know the way up all with the union a lot of bill raising up the bottom with war now. Because he would do the spirit animal -- put a clip that we get no credit facility we were in south central LA gang members are welcome to our practice. I know it was no resources in place for young player to beat that. -- a -- because you mentioned you know without showed this discussion is talking about the NB AQ sort of turning a blind -- for all these years this is not not anything new when David Stern. Years ago and go back delta bail 2009 everything the struggle for awhile and and it's come to this in order for them to finally stand up and do something about. The body well. Our our I'll say does that bother you that this -- -- so long. Orbital and all. Of them but only because I think you know so often people are neglect the process. You know you have to go through the process that you have to go step you know a brawl would the -- in the day you know you don't become that overnight. You're captive field those steps and you know that the great what the dialogue that could shape in the reached at the world. And I believe that forces that's why it's so popular that let go off well because it's colorless it's it's it's great that the matter religion doesn't matter. It can be a -- nighter in the you have people in control. Some can you don't unite people and they can be picked that would depict the -- that mentality. Is not. You know we heard that that there. The demonstration the players had last night you know dropping there. Uniforms off their mid court that there were going to be something even -- and it is a stronger statement -- you -- be in that locker many would boycott the game. Any ideas what they might do as players there area veteran he saw this league a lot I'm that your besides the boycott of the game. I'm not sure what can they do -- their chance it'll work upper gear at all during their -- tomorrow right now game. Yeah I'm sure you know I'm not sure what we got the logical order a third. On sat back tablet Chris Paul doing in the door and lock out. Arm you know I know I've been in -- -- the river it is several blue and Alvin Gentry you know people over there. It's normally have a repeat one of their class they know they looked in BA and its spring. In another theory content about how -- -- will affect the orient but sometimes it's not about the brains sometimes it's about humanity about family about -- And I do believe that this is an opportunity. To stand up what you believed me and what's right and repair some dialogue about the invisible walls because. Every step -- way in order to be set or you know enemies yet I had quite certain about. And that's what -- battle to beached shattered by the ARAMARK he would come around gobbled them to be a lot -- -- can -- packet pocket. Narcotic -- doing former Celtic former clipper -- league a long long time McKeon oracle back to some you're talking about what Doc Rivers are we really. He helped you a legal through some tough times earlier in your life -- I know this is important month for you it's national child abuse prevention month and just. Talk about some of the things you've you've been involved within that. Yes so you look at that retired you know I've got to got you to a lot of soul searching but I thought about a foundation to respect foundation. Our holiday but write a book called what -- new outlook in Houston -- to lead in the MBA and god have been going around elk herd all the pain like on the ground -- seal. You know I mean to them a lot of its intent to work. And on you know you know -- It's it's a lonely job that term and Letterman want to talk about tablet that you will you let let them out survivor rob. And from all that pain you know build -- that -- out of the channel and yet it now able to live they incredible life. But -- so that you deal with somebody issue. You know the parallel opiate frontrunner you know she'll wish chilling -- all I came into my foundation well. And it did it you're going to be going around doing sort of a one man toward talk about your life and to. Talk to those have been affected united sets in the works for later on this year. Yet that's been my plan you know that we're actually -- organ that right now well acted a couple of a -- look. And you know brought up output artwork in it because he's not a Leno really wanted to tell a story a -- pain and hurt in much trying to. In the music to go along with it in trouble perform albeit in a monologue I city. You know it really really create feeling for the for the year and for the -- Well on a let people know that your website. Respect foundation 55 dot org has all the information their if you wanna find out more about. What key -- talking about respect foundation 55 dot org appreciate you. You're sharing your message in your thoughts on the clippers got to play their -- thanks much for your time and apparently aren't that great date you -- knocking on -- joining us on the AT&T outline a minute ago. Are interesting perspective is a guy who played for. The clippers was drafted there are not trapped in their -- drafted and traded there. -- played his first four years for LA talks about nodding their practice facility. Talks about hitting gang members sort of walking through your practice but. When asked the question. You know would you wanna see him out of the league. He doesn't do what oh a lot of the former players -- now which -- say app unequivocally yes he said dolls throwing to step away ball one -- the money wasn't. He wasn't saying necessarily asked to be out illegal together with say that we needed dialogue any discussion. Which I don't know if you you heard definitely didn't necessarily mean Donald strolling along -- warning the clippers and not heard that very much from some of the play. Or to play in this league knowing what is it 48 hours he -- -- -- -- -- things have been have the clippers. And just look at some of the stuff here the past things written about Donald Sterling -- Three this one article here. Neill park on. Talking about from the exiting get. He says his desire to minimize costly mistress refusing to pay for cancer surgery for assisting coach Kim Hughes -- 2004. Hughes found out the team insurance wouldn't cover the surgery because quote. They said if they did a -- one person they have to do it for everybody else ultimately the medical costs were paid by number of the clipper players. The players themselves. Took care of the costs there one there assisting coaches can use. Heading you know for for cancer surgery makes it all away to a -- -- from the duel for everybody. Yeah there your employees. We just discussed the ways you know that team problems years. And again Keon website respect foundation 55. Dot org 6177797937. That's the number you can text this. On many of you are the AT&T text line 3793. Civil come back we'll take what's on -- -- -- dale and -- At him here on Sports Radio WEEI.

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