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Red Sox Pitcher Craig Breslow talks to Mut and Lou about Red Sox slow start, 4-28-14

Apr 28, 2014|

Breslow says it's tough to get a read on this team without having some consistency to the roster. He also touches on the game against Michael Pineda and the Yankees says John Farrell was put in an unenviable position.

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We're back your calls model or not to 37 WEEI Red Sox taking two of three. Over the weekend in Toronto enjoyed an off day today in a B the rays into town. -- one of loose coaching crushes Joseph Maddon brings -- team that count for serious -- beginning Tuesday joining us here on the AT&T hotline a guy has got a great event coming up speed and Joseph Maddon and Joseph Matt Light this event. And evolves to -- -- -- about that he is Craig Breslow of your Boston Red Sox and he joins us Greg much Lou our -- It we're doing great your team over the weekend -- took two out of three from Toronto. Out when he get to this point a year a year. You look at that 500 record you fell just short get -- over the weekend is that like the first goal -- skip the 500 and go from there is a team. Like and Arum. They're obviously a goal I think different he's probably a typical that at this point and Frerotte I think the biggest goal is just getting healthy and on. The instability. Obviously we suffered through some early season injuries are out some key players. Obviously -- -- Victorino back over back. And I think just being able to run out the lineup that we had envisioned taking the deal with on opening day consistently. Is really our first step toward. You know kind of identify who who we are and who will be at. You Greg I always felt like winning baseball is contagious. And forcing and losing baseball can be as well and it just seems like last year. But I guys played so well out of the gate and it just sort of continued the issue was -- struggles this when you kind of you find out -- -- character in the locker and the guys believe in so much is is this kind of that thing that's gonna. Did -- through these times is this rough start. Yeah you know there's so much has been NATO camaraderie and chemistry of this team and you know obviously. Last year what was kind of storybook season and we knew going into 2014. That. It would be difficult to -- and successful. People out of a lot of the same personality. And identity. And let that -- along with -- with the same commitment to winning and you know like I said I think it's it's difficult to get a true sense of what what type of team we are -- we can become until. Were able to roll out in the same five starters the same position players -- and insert -- get a feel for the way guys work with each other. No -- to develop some kind of trends in terms of how we play the game but I think you know that the one thing that will consistently do that he committed to. I heard a week a report over the weekend at city of Friday night before that game in Toronto. John -- just the reminded you guys who were good team. Were just not play in a way right now we've got to be ourselves. Did that did any of the players anything -- it's a pretty good leaders on this team guys like Ortiz does like Pedroia to veterans as well the players. Have to do that same message that Ferrell gave reminded -- off Duke grads start but we are a good team deep down. I think I'd assumed leadership positions in different ways and guys. -- out of their holes that this is an otherwise I'm certainly guys like Dave Ortiz Dustin Pedroia Jon Lester and Lackey have. Have the respect of their teammates. But at the same time like I said you know twenty some odd games into it either way -- we haven't really been able to two run out the same lineup every day I think it might be a bit premature to start to. You know start to feel the need to. Offer reminders about the kind of team we are I think. -- -- we just we just are part about a good series in Toronto. We've we've played well against a good it was a it was a pretty dynamic in deep lineup in a place they can be pretty pretty tough to win. And Tom and we we just look to build on that momentum once saying that that this doesn't really well as worry about tonight's game when he start to. You know kind of wonder about that as a team you are you start to take into account what you did yesterday and maybe what you'll do tomorrow. And I think that in some ways I -- that was. I is Craig Breslow Boston Red Sox Greg. I don't -- their experience that a dead arm period or -- that build up a meekly buckles -- made the start the off season -- injury in the year and the cutter took. A related -- all that much a -- little bit slower going through it last outing was tonight's united three hit 94. Have you been through that that period explain to kind of some listeners what that feels like. You know I think the quicker right now actually you know they're probably a lot of parallels. Between clay and I just in terms. -- heavy workload you know battling some shoulder issues last seen that wanted to make sure that we were completely healthy to proceed in picking up front court -- later. What -- around that time -- in the spring training and and needed. A little bit longer to get myself in shape and this'll kind of dead arms and really it was our city because you don't see it'll. Hurt or unhealthy or weak but when you go to stroked it despite the fact that you feel like you're putting effort into it's just not coming out of our. So I'm kind of in the in the same position where. I would describe our pitching has the ball is coming out clean it's just not coming up that makes any sense. But really the only waited to get through this is that just continues. To grow and and eventually. You're going to make yet actions necessary to continue to perform at a velocity and I think we are they coming -- that. -- -- Is such a talented player he's just so unbelievably. Athletic and gifted. So with what he can make it baseball is -- when he gets a couple of text back -- on this fastball which as we saw its definitely coming out it just makes it. We're talking -- bristled at the bullpen has been terrific so far I yesterday's game notwithstanding -- I feel like last year. There were you were part of a group -- -- small group that down the stretch -- that John -- lot upon. This year is deeper from a eight talent standpoint do you feel that -- -- like your bullpen this year is deeper than it was say at the end the last shooter and a World Series round. I think I think in depth and versatility here cute tremendous attribute that we've got out there and you know. Obviously it's -- it's maybe slightly unfair to call this their keeper there that we lost three potential closers. During the season last. You know there are activities or archery team that can put together a World Series people and after Austria of their top relievers. But nonetheless I think you can credit that it. And what is done in the offseason and recognizing. You can really never last step before and so bringing guys that work it out and and at a track record to be effective sleepers are kind of -- them with the returning guys and obviously. Of course a lot of it has come in as a starter as a starter. It's absolutely tremendously at the bulk up and it -- Another present another look another left and it got the Phillies are on right now he'll get anybody -- You know you under lead on the bullpen and because of that nowhere near on decorating hitters is is probably never any point are down there in the bullpen. Because this is not needed I'm just curious your reaction of the whole Michael Pineda thing. I think it helps to spin the ball a little bit. You know obviously get a better grip but it times. Lot of people may be over react but what is your take on the whole pine tar incident here in Major League Baseball. Yeah you know I think I think every every once in -- story like this. Kind of emerges it and people are. Forced to look at something that's relatively insignificant in terms of concepts. You know probably once a year wants to hear hear about guys. Getting you know getting suspended for doctrine baseball using foreign substance and every every pitcher probably has his own. You know feelings as to whether or not need a little something -- get -- -- four or whatnot but it seems to be the general consensus that it locker. There's really no conspicuous bridge of the rules and -- as well. He -- anything Richard baseball target and he's getting I think practically it helped that that's not that beat double get a grip on the ball amassed an -- or secrets -- say they they announce tomorrow. That Major League baseball's gonna have a substance on the mound and that's substance is going to be something the players and the league league agrees upon. And to be sticky substance you're allowed to use but everybody uses it and now everything else pine tar ball brought. All that stuff gone except for the substance they put next to the roster. Would you be okay without as a pitcher. I'm not either going to try to whatever you know whatever that was. Yeah well let's try it took -- quite a ritual will check that thing yeah I just. -- -- -- -- -- very Smart guy you understand the physics of bigamy do you. Feel that -- -- is how -- look at natural unnatural movement right but it's wrestling slicing a baseball whatever it is. I don't feel that way that is an unnatural movement is creatures slide to get the normal rate that maybe your costs and to. Right well I think Q. You know. That the conversation topic transcends baseball right there -- rules or laws and whether or not we believe that they're right. Doesn't really matter. The rule says you can't use it therefore it is that we -- we can have a conversation. That would justify why it should be okay. You know with just the same way that it that dispute that for a while now -- -- you -- get a speeding ticket despite the fact that you might say it's clear that it's great driving conditions there's no one else on the road in extra night. -- rules are rules and graduate but it is not for us to decide whether or not -- their -- well well. Don't club and all of your neck. Craig don't Wear like a war paint on the mound with a national TV game c'mon. Right right obviously. You know you put yourself and and it seemed as though there's penalties. It seemed as though the reds doctor John throws put it in the unenviable position eating news major issue out of something that he preferred not. Obviously in a position speak for him but it seemed very comparable. You know I just have to deal with this entire situation. -- Craig you've got an event coming up in May which is the sip. Happens event and I'm -- find lines and elegant food all the benefit I your strike three foundation your fight against pediatric cancer. Talk about the event and just -- fine otherwise going to be the thing. But that it that it regret about that we've got when that happens -- wine -- preparing experience obviously with our Red Sox in it. It -- more than last year averaged over a 100000 dollars but. We believe. That would -- that we built an opportunity -- around the Red Sox. I think we should probably double or maybe triple B yeah. The funds -- pediatric research and treatment. We've got a number of local participating restaurants. Look much different victory are -- to the public -- Georgetown -- Eastern standard among many others I was also got some. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- People be sitting up in. -- with which you are stationed. And we also. I've I've gotten to know -- Jeffrey ball who has that former -- blackjack team member. And the real inspiration for the between wanted to look for -- -- house and he's going to come and circuit -- -- researchers some remarks about his blackjack. Playing days and then beating -- for millions and and -- on them as are the best out there for -- -- also. -- -- -- -- -- The book the the social network officials it was based on its ability becoming news. Sure some pretty spectacular at -- stories about. -- -- counterpart and into Tuesday's into dollars. And so this is who doesn't excite you finalize an exciting year and you know it's gambling doesn't at a peak your interest. Then nobody to support him very important figures -- Your teammates -- find one is for -- for the most part and it's taken me some but lights there isn't exempt is a few of them wondered probably but for nine and elbow won their good. Both thought the -- council. -- there. Are certain but there's. A local that center Tom club but you know you may or may not be surprised. That there are many yards on the it would aren't they want. Their cut at the record again. And khaki jackets he Gomes. Sit down and do it tasting all this is a good vintage Lee studied like this one yet. They're the only AJ coming coming from from from one country California -- actually one of one of the wind kind of -- and all that well that's not an ego about. I assume we look -- we definitely learned something today that tickets are available we go to strike three foundation dot org. Strike three the letter at number three foundation dot org or the events page -- and it I believe their tickets available -- at the best way to send people Gregg again -- Yes that that's right there's thought information on individual ticket purses up purchases sponsorship opportunities. And it also -- effort technical or more popular -- -- -- great stuff strike strike three foundation dot org -- page final the information I appreciate the time enjoy the off day today we'll talk decent. Thank you very much I Greg Breslow Red Sox reliever joining us here on the -- -- jet for -- until -- -- count cards Vegas I'll be there. That's it back I can tell lot of bail me out by -- Richard. What shows up and my head's spinning and smoke coming in my -- though the Kentucky's shall we are probably table when he well on hold on to try -- out.

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