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Boston Bruins will face Montreal Canadiens in Eastern Conference Semi-Finals, 4-28-14

Apr 28, 2014|

Former Bruin, Lyndon Byers, joins Mut and Lou in studio to talk about the B's wining 4 straight to defeat the Red Wings, and then delve into the match-up that we all knew would happen, with the rival Montreal Canadiens.

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The rivalry is very intense and it is not I think it's. You know the history that's involved between the two teams it you just feel that decision for your Jersey on your against then you feel. John Horton talking about the rivalry Bruins the Canadians. Hope it starts Thursday please let it start Thursday out of the 937 WEEI LB. In my enterprise and how's. -- and -- say about -- about it a couple days aren't Bruins and three teacher -- Montreal care. Ago I had an iron in there they're there they're being printed as we beat it. In printed today at a bed. I. Before it's fired eyes it's just not that glad that we aren't good either -- -- -- great great rivalry desperate. It is a different to different type of fun because. There's an extra -- team the way that they go about their business in a way that paid ads on the power play agitate yeah you're sucking in. Full not just a little actually there this packets at Tom's. You -- like the full cost and size. 300. Packet Tom patents in its size and its. Well I'll put a cast. I elected I'm excited the -- have all the tools they need to beat the Montreal Canadians Canadians. Out tired I don't think the -- defense. I've seen them players. -- -- say they did not -- Tampa pacers -- Tampa Bay allegedly didn't have a goaltender. But they were sending guys I mean they were the -- they were making ads on past clear in the -- pass in and the Windows 7 forwards -- -- -- -- -- take the body again you know you can't lose those one on battles at that that's. That's Montreal to a -- come off the boards itself one on one deep you know -- -- good position to get a great shot. And now they got to play the body in and it just keep doing what they're doing you know I'd trade at a much water -- these guys. One thing that these guys got the Detroit didn't hound is on these guys four lines they'll come matches that you you know I talked to borrow orbit on our show but. A much -- on the Bruins got to get a got to get caught on don't Claude Julian it's brand -- pretty solid that role left for lines and and amateur golf Montreal just eat up Tampa Bay. You could not have been more right -- -- wrong wrong about the series now fully admit that I thought was going to be a longer series for the Bruins albeit not Detroit would be. A tougher challenge and part of that was history -- look back -- last 31 round the Bruins. All three went to game seven yeah all three went to overtime -- -- -- won two lost one against capitals this was. This Detroit series was not one of these series -- beginning to it and take the flu game not a right effort more than one person on the -- sort of whisper. The brewers were sick in game one and they wanna make excuses after game one and then rolled off the force I picked that came out of it. And they won how many the next twelve periods. I mean they always it. Flex all it's just not that it's well it's not no surprise I mean -- mutual hate to be what it brought in you you you do you have a little more faith and I -- to -- Jericho an end to Kaiser and Dottie so. Datsyuk -- Datsyuk was -- go to people later knee he brought it was all did you know the other youngsters forgot to bring Britain. That that's what you get you know you did -- that option a Boston Bruins youngsters showed up. It's stood tall they did last year there doing it this year again and I think the Bruins are showing. That they don't I was settlement was a retired judge one moment whistle on it happens I'm fifty I -- -- I -- -- But you know like you know what the Bruins you know the young guys are just getting better just shows that confidence in the maturity. That -- or Bruins has Brad Marchand not freaking out about. And the lack of success but the team. Has success around him and he does what he asked to do to me the other guys -- -- line have success so you know I I I. I think this is one of those series that Brad -- he's gonna shine in this series this is -- -- series he does a Montreal does to the Bruins he doesn't have that Canadians. Now let me ask you but you -- -- -- the playoffs the of the system yeah -- -- about it this year and I think -- all came out we all love that because there's going to be within that division gonna create robberies and create hatred that's great for hockey. -- and it didn't really happen. So much this year but you know in in years to come every do this it takes -- -- -- kind of see some issues meet with the new system but. There will be a scenario where you know the two best teams in your conference every New York division -- right path so let's just -- 170. Points it's -- -- they have -- 170 to get a Montrose won sixteen. Two best teams in the east play each other -- a second round as opposed to receding. Right as I posted may be trying to get what you try to do with the two best teams together in the Eastern Conference finals or whatever is AFC championship game. The two best teams square off it might happen in the second round in years to come. Maybe not so much the issue is Pittsburgh was admitted more points you like that do you like the arrivals do you think that they should of -- -- Not I I I love it I really -- I just I mean. It's great for NHL playoff hockey to have Montreal facing a Boston Bruins in the second round. It was it was outstanding you have an original six matchup on original six matchup again. It's it's phenomenal. And you know yeah I eat him outside of Dallas that -- choke in the last night there has been some incredible -- hockey being played -- and then in. Seemingly high level. And and teams it's exciting I just you know again. The Montreal Canadians are our playoff built team you know -- PK Sudan is an incredible. Credit incredible talent that we -- that we have to be heavy on that guy. You have to be on that he got to seek him out of the series -- you know I think he's got Fides at 45 points are already. You know he's -- he's always on the PP. And he's he's got a blistering. Slap shot you in the latter -- we gotta lean on that guy we got to make other guys make guys like -- have to step up that's what mistakes get made. -- you gotta lean on the big the good players so you get the bad players make in the DD bad -- we -- on we scored goals. Mandate it's it's it's just like I can't tell you. That the Bruins forwards in DR gonna have to keep space you know they're gonna have to keep that back pressure. Montreal did an incredible job. Just one pass in the zone they were and they got the biscuit era no dvd. -- there was not a not a whole lot of heated these passed on from one -- Tampa Bay series we have to make them do that. We have to make them make mistakes that's what's -- after. Well that's what the Bruins mean obviously with there they have forwards that are willing to commit -- on offensive and Uga Bergeron is known for her crate you'll do what I call Soderbergh did it. In this series of the go back as a -- or play both sides have been years and that pressure they create and force those turnovers Montreal you think that's like you think that's the big. I think this I think I think what was so good about the Bruins in the Detroit series by not allowing Datsyuk not allowing nine -- not like Qatar. To be EU to deeds you would be juniors on that one on one coverage to be able to make that hit. And that's when you see that you know like -- counting gets sprung to go and and you know the puck puck comes out of the house when they try to make that the Deke move in the slot. To beat somebody one on one that comes a boom the brewers -- to the -- drop to the racist and that that puts a lot of pressure on. Defenseman like you know did the the the the back for not to the top to the back for -- now. And in so it it's it's it's no surprise gonna have to play better than they they played against he tried but I think. The fashion in which they. They used to be Detroit is exactly what they're happy to do to beat Montreal because Montreal's all about. Crashing that one on one battles speaks out of the corners I you know I don't think they cycled. A hole out as much as they did your during the season in the Tampa Bay series. And dared to -- they believe they're talented group. Obviously. And they want the regular season users regardless battled just aren't right I you know I don't care either way in and neither does not as anybody in the -- You know let's put that sort makes Gallagher you know he's a little water boarding gloves to be one wanna crash and that he's in that case you know. Who want them obviously the less than they played we had a conversation with the regular season that meet again in the post season. They'll have BO they'll be able to show more discipline and I think like that won't we stink of this series Bruins Montreal. Can liberal ensure that this under regular season and it seems that they're more concerned with putting a beating it's sending a message sometimes. Eleven big game it's a whatever we'll take it Roy Chuck Knoblauch pellets of by Goldman actually chase you down and to bury your face into the ice and everybody applauded. In the post season may be different now. What made you look at different anywhere year -- but still you know that's -- the linoleum. Equipment that we are you know the much Japanese come to Boston garden and played some of the best parties that they play ever during the regular season drama -- you expect -- but again I. My. The Bruins have guided turn around it once said and and I think it was we got beat a class by Hartford knows my entry odds -- -- we well at all. Against Montreal saudis -- they want 1 o'clock 1 o'clock Saturday in my -- they were going to be like 71. And we got physically out -- a hold on and interior rally Cayman Sunday morning. -- he said what apps. The represents seven marvels. 17 marbles in the red -- seven a little pocket and when the game's over all the marbles there are gone he says -- -- -- and -- Away from -- you get the last slap you get the last have you get the last hacked it you know you get collapses. You know fight I don't care what was great you know and we went out there as a unit as as as a a good core vibe that twenty players. And I mean I just remember the opening -- -- clothes back to -- it's somebody right it was a lot you know Jay Timmons is a bit no marbles left like ten minutes into the first period we've been in the blocks are eight of the first ten minutes we're gonna win -- several why -- they can't. In the confined more apparently there was -- -- -- but that's -- I think the Boston Bruins. You can't get -- you can't get that that Britain and a retaliatory. Penalty -- you know and and I think -- did a great job. In the Detroit series of doling out some punishment and it and in you have to just get it done -- got to make compact. That's fine line though right to -- talking about retaliatory verses. The overall series now for they -- looking at those games this year. Four power plays from Montreal the first game for the second three in third and six in the game loose talking about you're talking about. Seventeen power plays over four games at -- four per game. That the media is the biggest fear and you're timeout setting that home right. But it's that fine line of setting the tone verses right putting Montreal I wanna be which is panic on the power play a 70% unit during the regular. I kinds of muscular yes -- usually should do exist 62 points 55 games some crazy dirty goals against some runs it you know -- -- -- it's time a year. Mutt -- -- -- for another and they're there right now than the regular season a one for thirteen and entered they've basically gotten got squat on the power play games Contra case so you say okay well. You know not for nothing. I come back out -- about you know five on five the Boston Bruins -- the best team in the NHL five Arafat being torso. If they can keep the power play goal the way they had a going against teacher and there there you know that my clothes for two Bruins 424 games to Boston reports. -- -- as they -- and we talk about that that the power play seventeen point to a that's good. Nineteenth in the league it was -- it 7070 point 2% actually works with a bank getting get any better Watson -- -- pick -- -- what do what do earlier accident I have a sixteen you know this year you look at them. Last year it was ridiculous strike shortened year 48 games it 203. Power play opportunities 20348. Games. And you know you look at it like Detroit was second at 180 by the middle of the pack but the average right Tampa once 63 -- fifteenth in the league. Forty more power plays opportunities. That basically the average are right in the middle of the pack. You know that's -- that's ridiculous amount and they -- 20% clip and that there are fifth in the NHL this year. It's just not the case. You know this year they're they're they're basically middle of the pack as far as opportunities go and as far as percentage -- not fifth and nineteenth. You know site of this team. You know they're not even did tonight and down there the public 279. Attempts at the eleventh. So last year it was Al Regis flop they drop they do everything they can again properly unit and it's good top five. This year and they don't they don't trust -- penalties and their nineteenth and power play. So they opened the Bruins are better the power play than these guys are in years past so we all know how they are. But it's it's a little bit different than last year. Like I -- catcher -- Possible score -- I got a portable got to put a body only some there's some lumber on that Gary the artistic and noble and Anna's cancer Rene Rene -- Lit up Tampa Bay. You know basically. Terry and -- -- allowed -- it did not -- allow format. Does he work his tail -- go back out of the dark Allison and not -- any you know amid the lightning packed. When -- -- yeah yeah make way to put a body and that they can turn away from any opportunity to. A route like Chinese a big he's a big boy for them you know. He's like 62 to twenty almost 6217. Or some ridiculous like that he's doing some damage he made Tampa -- look like a -- -- meals. You know and and an -- sellers who was was -- -- But to eliminate that the big bodies it -- you just -- everybody's got to come and that play well you know make sure they just don't have. Upon on the -- out we see your phone calls talking about this -- will be we get to Nexus One 7779. 7937. Is the phone number the AT&T text line is 37937. He's LB Lyndon byers former breweries break it down. With the Bruins and against Detroit what he thinks they'll do it -- Montreal he's already got Bruins in six. RD governance. In there he is fired up -- around here LB about your call Sports Radio WEEI. It's always great it's plays guy's domain the truth was I was the favorite -- same thing -- you with Montreal I think. You know they they're very team their team that that -- question grin off your you know it's been well against the Tampa enough. And it's going to be good Charles in for us and like you said it's there's lots of history gone both teams so what's going to be -- -- -- part of it. Patrice Bergeron -- and Canadian starts at some point. We hope this month Butler not exactly seven WEEI LB -- the house crazy college graduation suited to us again I don't it's. Talked to people figure out on this thing is gonna start we hope it starts Thursday Paul's and having -- we get -- your phone type ball. Very good morning gentlemen I'm. A huge nightmare and I felt they didn't know me a favor and actually. Mark and the other. No so little ball that's uncalled for. And and and knock some sense into him and we got to the fact that all I keep hearing about it. It's so much worry. I mean -- NHL playoff hockey you get to that part of the season and every team has a legitimate hit. First of all like I was there at the division -- back to regular seat and what it would hurt the division behind it debate -- that at one point. That we'll watch it every else included. Roland with the steam and hot in April to around one I didn't expect him to lose game one I did predict in the fight against. Going all at orchard golf. The reason I think people get caught up in the back remote you know what watch -- gonna do I'll I'll couldn't get a player. It's very similar to the Red Sox and the Yankees these -- it's all familiar with an -- play accurately era. 567. -- -- -- -- on the ship itself the -- with one another. -- -- -- -- all but he did -- from -- did start your sentence with anything could happen in the NHL playoffs Arafat. It's certainly am. Right now the waited years you've got -- -- Right now -- Sent -- for NHL playoff hockey. The ruling indicated what level by calling in what they -- -- wanna get Detroit actually just looked up and watch -- actually the same order that. I didn't realize that report actually put them like it was this that may -- the -- on the fourteenth goal -- the -- court. Canada look at the plate and at one point when. I love this sort of critical Saturday got a blank here on. At that point eight scored eleven there was still ten players that scored the -- -- to Rock the Vote. -- -- Akaka called ballot chocolate every vote ballot bowl game of every parent in all of the -- so more ballots. The green or -- steep everything including. But the fact that you get what you get a lot of help -- -- watch golf and you know civil and probably eight. Things like act which is great hockey time guys. I -- hey let's not that not -- I'm Lydia I just I don't see anybody beating the Boston Bruins did an -- I already gave Montreal the credit Dominique give him for this playoff series met him to win -- and I was surprised the fact in the fact that that. They've got a great depth they've got great depth when it comes to scoring and end it but I just don't believe. The back into the Montreal Canadian jars Tuesday at bidders and to assist and consistent. As the back end of the Boston Bruins -- in third and fourth lines as in you know fives 56 -- seven in defense. -- -- career to grass because they save percentage of 928. It's Montreal 90 wait for is career to grass is a career to eleven goals against. And against the Montreal Canadians and seventy games -- 63. So. Against Montreal -- of his struggles the record overall 310. And three. What do they do. That gives too -- so much trouble. I used this as we got to be mentally I hear you're darn right I -- I you know again I. You know what. Do the much Canadians. Just do not just do not quit -- did it mean -- just gold gold gold cocoa and I don't know what it is that there why they have to do is number. You got to show you shake the monkey says sometime. -- -- Yeah you but you -- I look at it that it's like they which comes first -- -- -- duke is number at this team's number I mean is it like a matchup as far as speed skill when they attacked the defenseman what you know -- then of course investigation but I was pressure to cut it to get him eventually you lose some games of the record. Directors airmen I don't think it took a rest that clog up the Canadians see that Jersey. Mentally I'm just done I think their style over the years especially in the regular season. Not the last couple years in a regular season especially we've seen. No discipline what's to a from the Boston bright and no real care to be disciplined just go up there. Beat -- lot of them will try to win this game but it did not have been harassed so be it if we lose welcome back we get this thing going again the next day. And I think the regular season you've seen that attitude immediate April oppression you goaltender. Andy's loss in games this year. Because you know you won at three against the don't -- price once. That's out she bluntly put that's the resident. That I put my husband and I asked three Xanana on the street there's a price that much -- the separation is what. That December 1 and December 5. Again today the you know I generally can't I mean obviously he's my Joseph does something NN weather so undisciplined and and they get the extra power play goals and that's -- to Kazaa. I get gives up an extra goal a game to have much darkening side. You know to displaying incredible -- apart incredible. Outside of Datsyuk and our goal in the first first game and that was a crazy eagle the last does that pressure -- a little bit but I. I dedicated that it can happen I was the a goal game I got to believe to his own Dan I did the kids unbelievably confident. This team plays in front of him with his confidence and I just say again I did the brewers can't not play -- hockey and that means you gotta run over earning all day every unit which is gonna and get the stupid penalties. And and and I think the Bruins -- this Donna Terry Price you know it was it's it's the heat -- is what you lose his gold medal winner he's awesome. Not for the president but he said he doesn't care. Texas as you've got to -- the monkey sometime LB more than sometimes says the AT&T texted the individually right when you look at the Bruins series. We talked about -- heard -- show. What sort of -- Hamilton I think individually stood out while those guys the most impressive individual like the biggest surprise in the bruins' -- individually not you play out not unit. But player that stood out -- you like -- what was I looking for vs what I got a five games against Detroit. While I outside why Doug Hamilton is is becoming a player and a half from our eyes and you know adding that adding that they attempted to you know the the way he clearly is on him pushing the puck up the ice driving to the goal. That is a set such a huge asset -- you got you got tore recruit you guys you've got Doug Hamilton. -- Zdeno Chara you know it and moves apart is good as anybody got boy check with -- Iraq that the shot. Doug Hamilton and is just he's he he he noted he could be the it was a series game changer bird for the bronze in the -- answers. He was he was not he dictated the outcome of two games. And -- to have him be able to do that. With all the other weapons that they have a you know I -- as you know while big -- in front of -- -- -- that -- and I'm asking a lot -- we ought to dare I how I always knew it was there we all that irony. He's only twenty years also up. -- -- -- -- -- -- Rugs -- YouTube and you all that was there and you are wondering what you see it -- that we -- -- in -- first -- what about the lay off here because. Bill it's it's a double points -- if you get a long layoff reading it high back and I don't. I don't put I don't put my I don't want the long -- to get high back it be nice. Unity but I I'd look as if the broke listing yet if they can set this -- Thursday night -- Wednesday said it whatever it is. 34 days off that's enough in the in the -- openings still have eleven so the irony that's not nasty stuff that's it's gonna be tough but it's going to be a guy knows this Saturday. And they've got like twelve days off in the Bruins have seven -- -- bolting to -- what the hell let's get back on the -- I hear I wanna get this thing started earlier got -- go out. Girl I would I would love -- -- I would love it you know that layoff is real back at a time off. Is unheard of and it's there's no way you can't be affected in the first. First one or two games of this series and I and and abroad need to be focused in and take advantage of -- to stand up. You know not plan -- Saturday it is what it is but. There is a definite advantage to a team being off for twelve days -- in sick and it's crazy yeah you can hey what if you get your teammates have so much every day. Say seeing is an advantage for the Canadian also the Bruins what's that mean I agree I wanna get back in the next 345 days. Final I don't want seven not a -- seven what would you do under twelve day layoffs. I'd scared. Bottle and hello got hit a couple. I don't lap dances on my. I've got a lot of a lot of the Eagles can I go to Laura gala -- -- -- days and now battle happy stimulus it dental school the league out of pocket that okay innocent. Yeah I'd like to have Heidi back. But. I would rather be on the ice and the report days I'll take that tiger might back me aggregate job I agree I didn't that's -- -- this was chart -- different -- yeah. It would be huge if they went went there Adobe huge nights I mean -- is that -- got -- they -- hope you're right about it I hope went out and it's around elites who won a game on Saturday Ottawa game one on Saturday. And Thursday -- northeast and whatever figured out -- game on Thursday not what's wrong with -- we talked last series could went Thursday set a Sunday. Right saint dial up like -- which go Wednesday -- that's news. I like and then open up the greatest guy greatest bull gang on the planet blessing guarantee good ball game. But already all else -- those guys rock over the ice then flip -- canceled graduation during two are accurately crap. On this kinda worries it's got a text from somebody in the now. Chances of Thursday are now quote very slim and quote. On Wednesday though the source Thursday and Wednesday. -- -- Wednesday after he -- Saturday game -- that series so I have to be finished LB when he's here with us talking playoffs that brought do you buy bread and smoke shop and by doctor Robert -- change -- -- -- call one to -- -- 1800 get here I'll talk to throughout the series is going to be a lot of fun might not start until Saturday the mobile Lotto and now. -- get ripped up they probably will not as good leadership McEnroe I LB in the house 6177797937. The phone over the AT&T -- -- 37937. One just before the break at 11 o'clock we tell you got a chance 1000 dollars 11 o'clock my -- right now -- bit you're jets won a thousand bucks is right now -- the court word draw the RAW 27881. Right now let's draw. To 27881. You've got ten minutes to enter message and data rates may apply text the word draw DE RAW. 272881. Win a thousand dollars you can do it. Index shot to win is at 10 o'clock that you -- here topic -- 2 o'clock. -- me I trending topic the out we'll come back and talk about the story of the weekend the national story in sports that is the owner of the clippers caught on tape being very very racist keep it here -- get the money dollar dollar bills deal.

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