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Jeff Van Gundy on Donald Sterling 4-28-14

Apr 28, 2014|

Jeff Van Gundy joined the show to discuss the Donald Sterling situation with the Clippers.

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Very happy to say Japan -- he has carved out a couple of quick minutes -- was spent with us this morning so let's dispensed with the small. Chit chat and say that he joins us on the AT&T hotline -- good morning how -- -- out everybody very very well how much in institutional knowledge of Donald Sterling beliefs and conduct. Is known was known around the NBA prior to the bomb going off. Well I think the you know the discrimination suits for a permanent. Housing. His landlord situation. Well as well known. I would be shocked to hear that NAACP. Had honored him. Before -- was going to again. I didn't really know anything else about him other than that the stuff you heard like that in just. How bad he bid and two coaches. You know not pay any amount of making coaches -- game the try to get their money in -- cabinet settle. Or you know pennies on the dollar and then his treatment of Elgin Baylor at -- suit I was aware of as well built. It would not like. This came out of left field that -- -- said the world too early no way. -- you took some pretty strong stances on the telecast yesterday not the least of which is the clippers could be free agents. You'd be okay if the clippers stayed on the bench for twenty minutes. If you were in -- position yesterday and coaching your clipper team -- What would you have endorsed them to do. I don't think you can tell others. What they should do yeah I think. Everybody has to do what they feel. Is the right thing to do. And so -- but I'm but I would have tried to dissuade them is if they would have come that major players will come to me and said. I don't feel right planned -- as. A lead normal feeling and I wouldn't have tried to dissuade them from that feeling that I thought dot handled the situation. Really really well I was disappointed in a couple players throughout the week it said. I can't speak to it I've been you know told -- my keen not to speak. I was disappointed in that I didn't think there are certain they're very few times as an athlete. -- You have the power. To. Speak on something that truly matters. And when you've bypassed that. He -- a responsibility. That I think. The public. Has entrusted Hewitt which is. Make it stay and -- let me know what you believe it and damn well sort of disappointing but I thought. That the clippers handled themselves well dot -- himself great and you know you just don't know what the next. Shoe to drop it but here's -- take. And I said yesterday do you reference that will let that it Donald Sterling to spend a bit when he comes back. Why why would we force players to play for someone. That has these beliefs I I or are coached. The honor his contract I I just don't think that would be the correct stance. That's that's a rough president of doesn't -- -- -- saying I heard you say you know allow these guys to all become free agents. I just don't think that's feasible. Well. On the outlook and about then everybody gonna agree with me but. I don't think we should require anybody to play it for someone or bigoted views. What what do you think will happen here -- will he be suspended immediately. Well I think. It obviously. He hasn't come out that I did not say that. So to me that. Probably means he did say -- and if he did say that I think there at the suspension coming. But after the suspension to me however long it pit laps whether it's. The rest of the playoffs. A full year. Whatever the commissioner thanks. That these views. You know that the punishment. My next question is did what you know like. Then he's cut it comes back. Or do owners oh wait to you know force and now. Or or to delete -- way to sort of get him could be forced out or transfer. Its ownership to his. You know kids -- You know got to -- like big news in the organization now I think what's next is more. Compelling and also complex -- The initial. Discipline if they find that it is his -- And it was in the doctor altered tape. -- speaking of the initial reaction doesn't Adam silver or isn't I should say he under pressure to do something maybe not a final resolution but something. Before Wednesday night's -- game. Well I think he absolutely going to try to do it I'd be shocked if they didn't. That's not a bit in the concept and like -- you know what you what you. Get into it. A problem with the league immediately. The league's security called you on the phone and they have a list of questions and you answer it I'm sure they've already done that. They probably. I would suspect are going to meet with him in person. And I'm sure that would take place maybe it already have taken place but. I I think without question before the Tutsis took the floor. For game five. This will have been. At least result to a point. Like it that the harder -- to me as. What happened after. Whatever Adam silver -- an appropriate punishment. You last -- before they hired -- met a couple times for the clippers by the head coaching job if you believe reports. Was the sterling factor -- reason why you didn't further to connect candidacy mean to people -- you -- -- did you say I can't work for the -- Well I didn't ever meet with -- I talked with. Gary back. And if he wrote her on the phone and they were terrific. But without question. Donald Sterling. It is. Background and how he's treated coaches and people in general. Certainly had an impact on. You know my feelings about not going forward with those talks. Example gets out there with a -- and I guess some things you got to take care of Bill Parcells has famously said if you give a team. An excuse or reason to lose more often than not they will embrace that. Did we see that in play yesterday and will that continue to be the case the clippers with this this cloud hanging over this organization. But a great statement by coach Parcells. -- I I do I think you know. I don't think that the clippers we're looking at -- ignore. I don't think it had anything to do what what. They didn't do yesterday I think it had everything to do. With how well the warriors play -- but the warriors. From their lineup change without it was the -- great move. To how hard. They did then it would lead to them getting out in transition. And taken advantage of opportunities different curry up in transition. So that the clippers couldn't load up the double -- get the ball out of it and and all that they had in the past couple games. I think that all played it back I thought actually the clippers had a couple chances connecting. You know one more way. They could've gotten themselves back into it but I get the warriors a lot of credit I don't think the clippers. -- look for or make excuses -- I don't think that's why -- law but I do think going home. They have to make sure that. Whatever surround them from the discipline that Adam silver may impose too. The questions. That they'll be continuing to get from the media at. Brian's family that if they're gonna play well. By the time they hit the war they have to be locked it. Jeff Van Gundy thanks very much for carving out a few minutes rest of it we appreciate it very much. You've got to get accurate Jeff Van Gundy with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T. 617 sevenths -- 7937.

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