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Shawn Thornton on the Canadiens 4-28-14

Apr 28, 2014|

Shawn Thornton joined the show to discuss the teams series win over Detroit and the rivalry with Montreal.

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Our conversation was Shawn Thornton has brought you by the city of Boston credit union and -- nor the proper equipment as always -- joins us on the AT&T like congratulations shot to moving on good feeling. Like I if it's sort of standard operating cliche that says the regular season ends and when the Stanley Cup Playoffs begin there's an increase in energy and intensity. Does a similar increase in energy and intensity occur when you go from the red wings to the Canadians. Yeah probably -- to get rivalry. -- -- -- Is is very real and palpable. I dislike dare I say hatred in your room toward the Canadians or it's something that you're required to say if you play for the Bruins. I'll let you feel want to put majors you know the first I've gotten that break the first -- Europe and the way that all cities there and do -- But that history. It. You'd -- break but the puck right or. I know the other crowd is not the biggest factor in in NHL games but is that place their building the hardest place to play. -- plays to win in the NHL in your opinion John. It's up there. For whatever reason they're and they're -- -- poppy. Somehow that will allow the or directed at all penalties fair. It's not these is building but at all. No bubble spot place to play on the road to reduce. You can feed off the urgent matters about their record that the got a good energy. You can -- -- -- like that -- You might not on the it's in this but his -- know if there's still worn out for his or is it a accuracy and. I don't record that it has been long gone. Up after that goal. A really beautiful horse yet. Future I think. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I was trying to put through the back of that all -- that -- let was 52 optical period but a back up at the but those. Except perhaps. I -- the fight's going to be who's gonna fight who in this series we need some fights. That I know I've. That don't follow up by as well I hope this is different. I'm not sure who I'm not certain of our lineup I mean we had yesterday -- It will be a video -- today so. Austria who is injured so helping in the thought -- watching him. When do you play shows and game one. I don't know what you find out for us Thursday or Saturday or Tuesday. I don't -- in the guard mostly in our -- polite so my -- so. -- there's a northeast during commencement on Friday animal that prohibits a Thursday game would you -- if you have your druthers. We -- the get go on Thursday weekly Saturday. I like it or that really the article in unity deal with it now I've also. I like playing well more than practice -- I'd -- play. The wings were built as a team with speed and I guess Montreal sort of equates with their speed as well to some extent. What's the difference between these two teams and we haven't seen film yet you probably -- this -- on the road but are they similar they were some of them are different. In other fairly civil -- But they're all very very opposite the with purple -- ability to pick. From what I remember they there are very dangerous drought that dated as of pocket salt but if all you guys. They're the do you have our version of the result. A little bit of sandpaper -- a lot -- cute -- and you don't not feel. Little speedy guys so they they got a beautiful -- well. Is it safe to say Carey Price is better than Jimmy Howard. You're right while about what was the world -- There's going to be here a great matchup. Go have a life of victory are out of school it. They're both they're greatly bodies he's been unable. How much information. Do your assistant coaches give you on specific and I mean really specific scouting reports on individual goaltenders. Probably don't office sent that -- -- sending coach and consultant what are -- whatever is. He used it as a result of the through. We're weaknesses maybe he had or what struck sorry he's a result -- out. Really good was the best forget. To go for second who's the best player in that last series I would say Kruger by the vote for a guy from BP S here's. Yeah he's. Here it up there advocate -- lot is it by the -- it probably a ball so hospitable players that is. Where we one not so that it ever want to get along galactic republic writer and a couple scores through here's a pic. Help. But the chemistry the way -- built -- -- pick one guy now they've -- new courier. He's a typical recovered at the Lagos. How is the goalie change your personal friends with them is he in the big head does he know always the best goalie in the league that. -- throw the -- by Alex back do a better. Are these he's now like he's the opposite that is it doesn't. It is plays. Out of her. But for Iberia there -- -- side so they've governor. Appeared with that are closer to the -- -- about the aids. Does he pay now. These you know a -- -- it. He well you will not afraid of all the water. Got a couple of. A final question for me -- -- well what would be more important to the bruins' success in the next series and extremely efficient power play or extremely efficient penalty kill. Obviously that'll kill I think that the hard right. I picked. In the way. I don't recall there in the Canadian series usually -- that'll -- it pretty good peak yet. We talk we talk last week about Larry Bird say suggesting he enjoyed winning on the road because it shut. The fans. Up I guess Montreal the sort of raises the bar a little bit we -- shut the fans in Montreal more than be shut up in Columbus. Yeah it's an uneasy but. You fire up their assault. It that I had a player we got a few off the -- and play it down. There's very happy. During this last series show on there were people that were nervous about I mean clearly the better team but there -- -- don't forget last year Toronto went seven games. And the brewers were lucky to escape round one last year. My answer that was always esteemed better I mean even without Seidenberg even without Sagan he with the injuries you deal with. -- on this date right now April 28 you're a better team this year than you were lastly would you agree. I think we'll work -- -- and help it -- their statement. -- -- -- couple spent the summer they kind of -- -- saying that they thought paper would be better to come to assure sure. I don't people brought up that we heard about such -- it before game 5 -- And it's actually we had the experience. With a lot of experience in the back now so like anything else or trauma. Here's a weird observation you just mentioned Tuukka. Drinking beer and eating chicken if your member of the Red Sox that didn't go over well again but -- holding pulling out get you regret but I wasn't there and again the third period. Yeah good point -- -- -- -- to -- -- down the road. I -- on the but -- time off maybe Thursday at the earliest.

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