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Headlines Headlines Headlines: Clooney getting married

Apr 28, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed George Clooney getting hitched.

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All right headlines brought to you by eighteenth he'd cover more than 90% 99% of all Americans should say rethink possible M by precision fitness equipment shopper the pros do. Precision fitness equipment and -- ladies. Driving in 9395. Route through your -- are right now. Sad day you know. One of the great that -- Merrick was taken off the mark earlier this year that you. Now another one is gone George Clooney. Lifelong can perjury is actually -- Ramsey was a bachelor. Is not now he's deceased or -- doctor Jack yes votes in -- as the passenger fees vikings' final route have. Former clipper coach. Once yeah well -- Two dates -- coach I believe he was. Whatever I'll get to the dates. Yeah George Clooney got married we got engaged office clutch city -- always said he was and never gonna get married I was always -- that every American is now engaged. Two British human rights attorney. A mall. -- -- Amal a -- to be -- now. This is not the one if you're Clooney you've you've you call things off really I mean this girl has got to face that could. You know. Nobody thinks it's cool she's human rights attorney it was a cool and what what nationality she -- Which British attorney she looks like she's. Middle Eastern that's that's life that's why you know anyone -- electric -- on this makes him seem. More you know some real role and race day now some people Derek Jeter is a shame to him. -- him trying to keep things very low key source told People Magazine I think. It's like they want the people they love to know that this is real but they plan on being together for ever and and -- Mary once before. Italian belts that's -- Boston's daughter. From 1999. 1990 -- days million Clooney was married yet and this for four years to -- the watchman. No matches on mad -- the forces George Clooney. Is off the mark while race a sad day you know -- able -- -- will be on the market again for abortionists. Human rights where we talked Thursday private Bill Belichick running this half marathon yes. I guess you could say he ran Hafner on he finished you're not demean him for a -- in the effort what. And have a good time on on humans. Do you map for and I believe it was 229. -- finished so depth to beat him oh good chip 36 to 29 -- keep -- the first show us religious fiddle with the videotape of could be it's possible. So I was right on the over. When I'm good good for him. It was Eliot -- what's the place. It's the -- the -- lets them -- -- 1213 minutes miles I know that once they -- and run and -- her. -- pistol -- he hits got completely or long -- sure did have a flies -- viewers the -- sometimes -- in the eyes and now -- all -- should do on sunny hot days. -- -- in the eighties when the when the -- little -- so you won't even in the eighties. When one feature that's the story in the points on. Well it's great to watch yeah -- a tremendous really tremendous I forgot I -- by the -- -- feature that it was a hot day it was the people have that light. Keep it off them and that was -- union. But the interesting part was they say you could be a world class runner yourself recent note to the contrary. I wouldn't be this fast if it were correct. The fastest race he's -- -- half hour off the world marathon of pushing that is not. Comprehensible. Immunity does these two rock he's the toughest guy in the -- didn't know how to swim in 1985 -- moves to a awake. So four years later they show on. -- -- aside rickety. It's two with six miles is as that was in the ocean two point six another 120 at a bike marathon and the marathon. That's it was but you -- at the end of the marathon sprint added fourteen hours. That's unbelievable story this is not this is unbelievably pathetic story. -- -- It was -- driver and Candace she knocked over in killing -- this cycle story is incredible you ready for listing of your than I have not. She knocked over killed a teenage cyclist in Canada in 2012 is -- driving in wet night. Who ran over and killed this boy Brandon. Jews ski -- say. His friend Richard McLean was shares were injured another boy Jake Roberts sustained scratches the mom of three this assignment woman who ran over them. Is now suing Brandon is -- as parents. His brother whose house has passed away in the two other boys over the crash. The woman who hit the -- -- the boy is suing the boy's family over the crash one point 35 million damaged because of her. Psychological suffering including depression anxiety and post traumatic stress. The the statement says the -- should not apply the brakes properly they were incompetent bicycles put a gun in your mouth sweetie is that the most unbelievable. And they talked to the mother of the deceased -- and everything like I can't believe she would do this is add a -- excellence kicked in the stomach and over the edge the mom I'm devastated I'm in shock she killed my child. And now -- to profit from it she says she's in pain total consign my -- real pain shot a final lawyers you're listening but there's at all -- O'Donnell starting -- There's going to be some young dolls girl here's the attorney for the for the family of the cease. I was shocked I've never seen anyone sue. -- dead child. I've seen many many cases where children were killed. Not a crashes and and the light is still don't know what to think -- to living with last eighteen months it's just. Come back to square one they're just gonna have to start -- all over again. This is one sick. Well moment. She'll be -- data to say my -- Mental suffering. Yeah she is upset they'll scratch the car they Democrats -- topics yeah I extreme now Keith Olbermann used to do anything maybe still does the worst person in the world right it's the worst person in the world and say you know. Somebody who did nothing at all some -- This is the worst person in the world that this woman what's scary is when they -- relies on you know women. I can do this action -- these people for this when she probably made three phone calls don't talk. Some loser lawyer you know in the phone books. Like this -- -- militia not that it matters but the evident part of this story grit texture says the kids were in the middle of the road in the middle of the night and high. You see that anywhere I don't see that doesn't matter me and I don't see he announced agreement to -- here they were in the middle of the road that's -- as the middle of the night and it was wet and no question she wasn't charged Ford. Right I'm hoping she violate any laws. The charger but that's different than saying you know escort -- right how would. Put a on the worst personal world cheese on top analyst but I'm gonna put. Free -- a shade it was just look in the student you have this I don't read the case shape 54 year old Ohio woman. On the list. And because so the picture but she stole a boy -- did kids grave for them and it was caught on videotape. She's a big fat cow and it that this approach -- in the kid's grave. Fourteen month old baby died. And is a great doesn't look at the stones -- it's like across but someone put like a stuffed. Duck like a family member and she took it and she will. Graphs and walks away and they pitcher on video taken of thing she turned herself -- Because they've they've posted the video today does anyone know this woman so there was only a matter of time but -- Cotter stealing the -- -- -- Baby's grave. Probably not get to the pearly gates probably probably not and quickly and you guys are both. In New York Sunday afternoon by three year TriBeCa film festival. -- for a debut of compared to what. The improbable journey of Barney Frank documentary that the former congressman be full access to the filmmakers. And Barney and his husband pissed off about it Pollack's after watching him when we were quite that maybe think that would FR by the -- husband Jim reed was more blunt about his feelings that documentary voicing displeasure at the fact of the field covered the prostitution scandal. That rock Frank's office in 1989 I don't understand. Why the moviemakers want to embarrass somebody one of their way to -- the -- movie about him franks and sat silently by his side. Baldwin who served as the moderator asked to clarify re BSI real that was relevant is 94 real this year. Using deceit it's embarrassing my mom's going to see it it was just kind of root. What I need to know what is embarrassing news why would a producer or somebody on a financing movie wanna finance a movie about party frank. -- interest and it is. Yeah when you -- of bodies in morally corrupt immoral guy who can guide you toward electing you do over if you read a brothel. There was boy from random drop a lot of us if you warts and all document trip to be good. The idea that define it sounds like I was that this boyfriend right now none of these -- I thought you gotta get some jobs. Hot body as he is known in the yeah classified. But they ran a brothel out of the apartment it's kind of interest and I think so yeah. The person who's done now the most in so all of the responses. To what's happening with Donald Sterling to advance the story take us down the path or is. Guy and Yahoo! writes the road to redemption in Los Angeles Michael look at Sports Illustrated SI dot com. -- a very comprehensive peace that would suggest to your interest to read it you'll join us.

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