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Donald Sterling's racist comments 4-28-14

Apr 28, 2014|

The guys opened the show by discussing Donald Sterling's comments as sent to TMZ and Deadspin.

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Doesn't -- have a way with words. You know if we had a few days to listen to the head Donald Sterling comments we've heard the unanimous response from everybody. This has something to do or nothing to do with the -- And as an attempt to advance this story. A couple of happens we made ventured down today that of course would be. Adam silver's legal road -- going forward sterling penchant for getting in -- lawsuits and dragging things out. The ultimate solution which we are finding out overnight for major were to now ski from Yahoo!. May be Magic Johnson himself with that not be the irony of ironies but personally my my my little pick on this thing is. Shocking it's you know you you wanna address that particular. Recording and -- the dude did in recording the came up to find even more shocking that based on what everybody. Who knows this guy understands him to beat that it wasn't worse. With what he -- on that tape that there weren't Edwards in there that things were just. Would be absolutely third rail thinks not that this was not right but based on you know we've heard down. Elgin Baylor but it's a personal contact with him the way he demeans and the first people I'm surprised it wasn't worse than based on history. That's that's true that he didn't use. Different language yes -- it boils down to this and in the in the real the big problem as. -- really believes the stuff he believes. He put food on the table off well for Chris Paul he believes that he. Put clothes on Doc Rivers cars and houses and he believes. That the team is him. In and Donald Sterling it's him his team is game. And they just kind of play for him work for him but he's the the real -- he fancies himself like Tatis. Slave he -- himself the -- freedom -- girls is not afraid to rule for players I don't think he's got a goal was supposed to whip them two with a and it's you know liberty identity and what they would do that nobody looks at himself as sort of the board over these -- white. I like these guys are all at it but the Arabs a right to you know who just caught him he's in the inward it's that just a crazy old man you can't use that that that -- just crazy old man -- When he owns the team he's in the position of power and he really believes. That he's superior -- the that the line about how in in Israel. -- that the black shoes a white -- treat the black Jews like dog. I'm not that bad. Mean it's it I think is only defense is inscrutable and he will have to give up the team and we'll go away and you'll die in disgrace. But this only defensive yours Saunders. He's old and senile yeah it's what else is again. Well I'll tell you what would buy into that what would endorse that in his logical mind it would be okay for -- city -- The sleep with Magic Johnson. Just don't put on your degree. I don't probably if you want us legally black Magic Johnson bleak Magic Johnson just operate go game and -- on -- to help out there are some logic congress. Two -- moment girlfriends that I don't think he it is. -- it is but. In the -- you can go ahead -- on the but don't bring in that game in -- and she would not so great. He doesn't want to bring Magic Johnson. -- camp -- games. He has one sick twisted crazy old man. Morrison in the picture with him. Good. And he happens to -- I'm sorry. I'm pleased and did you admire him I know him well and should be admired. And I'm just saying -- who vanished in my term privately he injury your entire and -- your whole life. -- -- -- Error you do any game but don't -- this is absolute world to see you -- and call me. And I always wonder why he's okay. I would like her -- -- million person. Please leave me -- Oh please please. Fair what have regrets do you have he's just 81 and he's just lost. And I -- what do you think he felt that -- ten years ago when it was 71 or twenty years ago when he was 61 I think -- probably is -- Brawley mess amino story just to get this weekend so Jeff Perlman wrote. He united was researches bookings were -- the lakers what yet but. Massa -- met with sterling clippers job in the early eighties -- thirty years ago. And certainly said am I wanna know why you think you can coach these words. That woods 3030% uses it he's -- so. I think they probably didn't suddenly get all I don't I don't think it'll work what would you do viewers -- Obama's offer on the ice water and offered son -- offer no defense. Sell the team get. There. Doesn't work of the fence works not his style right almost -- I don't I know that's and I think that's prob. What the NBA and Adam silver and anybody who has anything to do this league is worried about the this old. Hole will digging in his heels he's got one point nine billion dollars. And dig in his heels and and lawsuit after lawsuit and fight after fight and this thing is a protracted -- -- It will be just hovering over the NBA for as long as. Sterling is willing to fight this thing in the courts. Right now it's part what's gonna happen I just don't know. In needs Doc -- leave the players will be evil that's that's an -- -- is -- -- an -- I want her darkest thought to himself. Com maybe maybe dealing with the Celtics tanking in trying to rebuild the Celtics. Would be a little more comparable to being where I am now. Under the set a circumstance adequate -- is telling himself right now this'll take care of itself is Paul still be here quicker and still be here over the team 82 degrees in February Miami. This you know. When Marge -- people still played the -- people still. You know black guys though Dusty Baker managed the reds. The you can separate UK and in your mind rationalize that he knew. I mean maybe not it wasn't this. Apparent but he knew that Donald Sterling was a bad guy everybody in the NBA seems to went to work for him. You know he moves under contract here. I think I thought -- wind yesterday but this that this would be his galvanizing thing maybe not that there him to a title. 41 day they would have you know that old thing we OC or was -- -- the disrespect card will they have that. They had reason pulled together played together yesterday it didn't work out that way it backfired on them. They made that little symbolic protest and from their church in the pile and wore black socks but. And they get their asses handed to them. I don't think -- this -- anyone really think Doc Rivers heard Jeff Van Gundy says that they should be a little walk away B freeagent. Don't think they're gonna do that just because -- have houses and Blake Griffin despondent nine million dollar house. -- -- happy -- they like their coach and they liked the city in the Agassi await that scum -- old -- that sat in the front row under the -- my contract and have a little -- void of an ongoing you know Toronto or Memphis because I didn't like that guy. Yeah I think it's hard though and it's going to be hard next year for these guys that he still owns the team of -- -- it's going to be hard for the and the cash checks from the -- and notes a lot of money it's not I think it's that will be really hard for him to show up and sit -- that hard for him to walk -- that locker -- pat the guys on the back to be hard for him to do all the stuff that he enjoys about being an NBA -- that's being a visible. -- sit next some hot. Broad courtside all those things are out all right I'll never be able yet to be suspended as long -- team questions -- -- that can be suspended. For five years and -- twenty million dollars -- app. Now but they'll be suspended for one year. Which is a lot for an 81 year old guy and that's enough you know find five million which is not a lot for a billionaire. But no he'll never go in the locker room again I think -- won't be in the front row. Again at least not in the foreseeable future maybe open a box -- you know he will not going to be. A front row center literally and if he has this problem is and always a lawyer and wrapped things up in the courts forever. But who's on his side. Your -- happy his wife she got arrested by double Rochelle could be used to be -- sit courtside like -- and Lindsay telling -- bottom of -- no amount tells he's got some legal and -- pieces since she was courtside -- -- is estranged wife. Met him in married to this this bag match and -- will -- not only. Is the basis. Points he's insane. -- -- Literally that. Those of the ramblings of a mad man. And I guess you know three years of being insulated him -- this wealthy. And being this litigious as he's no he's been accused of and Baylor accused them the Department of Justice to the court and he's one Baron Davis survives. And I guess we're using using -- as -- get away with that he became. Somewhat empowered. But the most bizarre twist to me is that he knew he was being. He knew. That that has him in in -- in and you know why he news -- because this is all for. It is his story to be told when he's gone. He was that tempers library and sample integrity that -- narcissistic that he thought his you know he was going to be. I guess. Below but it certainly going to be remembered. And all you will be and this was part of against the book the movie the story. The Donald. On hold on to get the straight talk courts that is them yeah mosque is close to Moscow Tulowitzki as people know. Puck away it's the TO KO WIT public know -- Markowitz. Donald park with one of his story be told so he would tell his most profound thoughts that this tape recorder. And -- that's not confirmed this just the latest rumor that he knew this was being taped. That makes -- even crazy I mean honestly and that's a defense that doesn't -- -- cut him slack and doesn't make Snoop -- feel any sympathy for you. Imagine that he's got a tape recorder and the stock gonna vote. Oh he can his girlfriend is to -- if you. Sleep -- magic -- yeah precisely. He did at one point -- it's another word yeah. He could -- a Magic Johnson Matt -- just don't bring him to my game or your instant Graham with him. And have people 81 year old even those who is the grim news. And it actually -- because -- if I hit it if pretty -- I've been -- all races may act as a social to realize he's. A backlash come from I can't forget that part of rent everything you can really who's on his site. -- -- Britain that kept the Magic Johnson too -- yes. -- the backlash like. Why does that bother him who's telling him that's not a good look this I think it's probably speaks to his sensitivity. About African American people with some of his for a -- oh I saw your girlfriend. Somewhere with Magic Johnson with Matt Cassel -- friends Graham his tremendously you refer to the people. Like who is telling you that they're seeing this on its degree I want that. Person I want the here but I want that for personal portrait. A portrait of the one story about that person. In the LA times. Calling Donald -- Andy. That little piece as familiar as she actually Matt Kemp and I'm hopeful will work I'll get to the bottom of this. Point worth worth two billion pretty treat him -- for a price private investigators phone and it's an open it but they would. Bring that to his attention as if it were a bad thing right -- -- critical. -- put the word out. Maybe one or maybe my generals and today but she was bleak but magic ormat. Should know. Aware that she's angry at him lord knows he's not getting it right or is it -- -- from escrow magic Johnson and yes I would but he says he doesn't care she -- wonderful she just doesn't disposal but it. So that you could screw Magic Johnson scampering in the games or pose for a picture right and you saw the picture that magic the picture with. Matt Kemp the couldn't be more in this just like another fan -- that fact is an appreciative Magic Johnson. He's jealous hole I do wonder what. -- -- -- -- The stuff exists that the lawsuit against the 83 million aren't just -- injury yet the details -- the mass media people knew the dark yes so it was rates and they held their nose and took his money is -- adopted the -- you know -- yes part -- which is why in the would be hypocritical -- like it or a different illnesses different. -- was different that has confirmed yes -- it's there are still he did take -- money to do everything in his bed get there and work for him. And now I was gonna say I can't work for that guy. Did it surprise Doc Rivers -- public group that does surprise anybody out there. This tape I mean it's -- me I've ever his voice I always is some history that I'm sure -- surprise. To me it would be a surprise because it's so insane and illogical to not. He's not -- problems like he has in the past. You know that the Mexicans sit around and drink all day in the blacks. Don't take care of the property all the accusations and that's -- It's not even like that it's this madness that's inside of a man. You know. Again and you could sleep with a became pregnant games it's a bad look. -- -- -- It's almost as if he has politic punt. Pontificating. Try to do share his knowledge and understanding of culture and the world we live it. And he has figured it all out all of a billionaire I can't change -- when try to change it I'm just one guy she makes good point. -- and maybe a few times. She's -- big finger she's back she's that a couple Bentley is that she's she's what thirty yet fifty years and the news. We just battle won't make some creep about it -- that long now. Created upwards of thirty girls that bombing out here to my family. All the little stuff just -- core. Well in order to van susteren at a bunch of questions and reading Michael McCann from mom SI sports law which try to give Michael Cole Mitterrand. He and a very deep -- Peace talks about. What happens from this standpoint going on a step one and amok and get all of -- today I mean right now. A step one for the NBA confirming the authenticity. Of the recording -- to interview sterling and compile evidence. Step three fining or suspending sterling sterling step for expelling sterling from the NBA and defending a possible lawsuit by sterling. And that some solutions after that now overnight. As when I went to -- wasn't where this -- -- and housekeeper. Up 58 minutes ago from whatever this was overnight posted this on Yahoo! and the headline news exit strategy for NBA Donald Sterling. Sell clippers -- Magic Johnson. In a nutshell. Adrian writes the road -- to redemption for the clippers and the NBA. There's a way out for the most hated man in Los Angeles right now. Magic Johnson and his billionaire backers that Guggenheim partners want a chance to purchase the clippers league sources told Yahoo! Sports quote. Magic is absolutely interest at one source closely connected to Johnson's business interest old Yahoo! Sports Sunday night. Were commissioner Adam silver this would be the best of all possible solutions it could change the balance of power in Los Angeles for ever. Magic Dodgers group is angling for a Southern California sports empire. Magic -- to change colors and make himself a clipper and then there's this quote all it -- callers and B star is thought our internal white guy. Cup this is 100% magic plan a league official typically involved in the buying and selling their franchise's old Yahoo! Sports is the distasteful part. Sterling could walk away -- -- billion dollar plus sales price for the franchise. He will be reviled for ever. Sterling made Magic Johnson a part of those -- audiotapes. -- will never be able to sit courtside -- about so in any event Magic Johnson isn't. And we know one thing about sterling is it that he is been known to dig in his heels. Is does anyone think he's gonna go quiet -- And Michael Dan writes extensively about. But I do but I do agree with war will join the NS's corporate somebody from a member of the MB board of governors of the owners can't for strong to sell. They need to be held accountable to change the bylaws of the -- A fine and suspect is meaningless BC's lack of acceptance that the league and owners responsible for the able. Why can't his son. Surviving Sonoma one person died of an overdose. Last year but why can't -- his estranged wife. Take over the team begin their name. And more will that they can go back the puck with it apocalypse tree could do that. So if but his son I don't know in the bottom name's Chris sterling would -- A perfectly innocent of his ex wife is estranged wife. Would if she is a good person. How she's been all closures and -- is a good person -- don't know I'm guessing probably she talked to one of those at least assault or via me as -- an off camera yet. And said. In you know it is completely separated herself -- she did -- should probably. The most -- that would that work no no no not just it's so the kid could be great kid has great depth. Could be you know in the -- and the father -- cadillacs it's called reverse -- I must say you know. I was -- and get to that panel and what do you know I don't. Trying -- and every the most. Interesting line in warts and -- skis Yahoo! peace comes away at the end under step three -- or suspending sterling. The last line in that paragraph expect her to be significant resistance. By NB -- NBA owners to suspend. Sterling I thought it would be just the opposite. Beat the big talk about the fact that they have to put themselves in a solid legal position by confirming the authenticity of the recording. If sterling work to later -- the NBA. -- -- established that it responded responsibly. The allegation before taking any corrective action that goes on Tuesday. The NBA could Levy a more significant punishment in the form of a suspension. The NBA has the authority to suspend that -- while the league has not use that its authority it couldn't. Here but he goes on to point out that they wanna set an NBA owners a precedent where this type of thing could happen that surprise you. If you what are the other 29 owners aren't you think and this guys make all the. But I do think and -- straight I am I buried -- -- -- get the sense that the owners are ready to do something in Breen said before the game -- -- would have something by Tuesday. We have some announcement all leaders Wednesday right right right to suspend -- and Bynum and then let it play out because whenever he would do. It's gonna take years -- it's -- -- -- residents can move them being court being court forever. There's always stories though you know it's like -- -- -- we say well a lot further you get away from stuff. The better is get away from this is -- one knows this never goes away until you it's going to be more took one day to get another tape is more. A clinic and -- and -- two entities working hard on the DMZ in dad's been there's going to be more. And maybe -- and words -- them the may -- gets worse. Could that be okay is she -- Cashman is the cell in this. Well his precedent for the clippers said this is a woman who's in -- lawsuit. It's Rochelle at the white for suing her for one point eight million dollars to get back at least in the town houses or real fan and this is eight and is that in his president sterling president of the basketball operations said. This is a woman who says I won't get you. I get you back. V said that over and Michelle. Be said the -- that according to cure Rochelle would you be glad his rug and get him away from UNC co Ed go nuts have fun. But between your own inauguration is what's your cars yet. In -- -- they thought that in the money for you go round what -- one point eight billion pound one point eight million. Bother somebody was night and one point nine billion. 200. -- 2000 million and all she's probably you know sleeping in her bed where. Robe sitting undersea to -- a dog with a sort of a pool. Two and all those things. Not a clear lawyer based on the fact the second conversation which we play from -- that we compact. It was recorded. Not on the phone but. In a house where they were together out absolutely she's -- the door and discuss something with somebody like Wright may either groups are leaking into the door. They worked together in the same for us for the certainly not officer Robert like yeah -- People needed the year -- don't sterling over the years you must admit it's an interest like asked or mean he's he's been a scumbag for like fifty years. And still there was a week ago courtside. Watch and he has you know his. Players as players his coaches and put food on their table me in the eye than. In his mind. Lee Griffin sees. Chicken tonight speakers spaghetti because because him yeah they're there because he's -- put the food that and he must kill him as much those companies -- and 1215. Did you hear baron davis' comments about that -- about what's his highest paid player and he treated me elected dog. He called -- and -- blanked it out it was the outward he called me bastard -- this call that and he said I've never been and intimidated. Throw off my game by anybody like I have by Donald Sterling when he would come here at a practice at a game in warm ups in the locker room. He said I couldn't function. Not what that makes Baron Davis in terms of mentally tough which is lottery -- full somehow get to after game but he said it was like holy. Uncomfortable. Relationship and -- and I as his highest paid guy you think he would have some sort of value and try to army to be as good as I possibly could. Is that it was about how we treated them -- Bob Hope all the driver happily. Off this that cook the ship. Pool boy I mean just. Human being -- -- would be interest extort. We'd like to know more about on the island so a lot and we will be so evil what -- he'd -- and he's the longest tenured owner in the NBA. Now there are asking people come out of the woodwork with Donald Sterling is now order how many times stern took phone calls over the years except our players it is. Look the other way -- poisons is stern happy he got out yeah yeah. And I -- -- as we go to break and -- one question comes to mind if indeed Magic Johnson is the solution to this problem. And he buys the clippers. Do you think we could get him to take Jeff Green and trade. You know this isn't really gonna have a Magic Johnson as well they say they're try and thousand people lined up would like to by the team given up this commando. There aren't -- in LA. Greatest lakers can buy that it's up to congress million dollar organization Guggenheim about us and he's got money is -- Beckham. -- Michigan thought that doesn't have too little way you think -- A B grade all sterling to shake hands away if they want. Which is part of the group in ninety idea that they witnessed early resist magic even more. And somebody else and some other -- space yes I'm -- race I can't imagine it's through. -- -- here's the team anti science and pick a pick. He's gonna dig in his order rescue writes about -- -- -- -- will be a great. Final moment for him and the team all over yes he's right moment the idea that if he does the word is going to be Euro yet it's what else. A final act of goodwill to soften his exile to the sports world. Now is not the god oh boy now people may think you differently doesn't think it's I think symbolically. Letting magic by his team. To clean up the mess that he created. Probably -- Not well with missile full well right let's say I want my -- white guy I assume even he thinks she's gonna die someday and he probably always give it whose children yet probably still -- to do that scrutiny and -- -- -- -- soon you'll also everybody. That's always gonna look and at sterling look at that 61777. On 7937. Shot. Jonas in the 8 o'clock hour as the Bruins have moved on and have to eat eat and wait and wait. To play an issue for the Canadians. Are our 26 wrong again don't but I kept that up they are not they're not they -- now. It formed in 1996 was there for Carolina six did not know that used to be the Minnesota north stars correct that is true and then moved. A month ago they were short but I register this week and were short hockey was viable market looks well they tested it OK yeah but yeah -- -- happened. I read somewhere first -- every couple places that might be Thursday the first I believe it does not northeastern. That's Friday this Friday I think it was -- -- commencement at the part about Friday yeah yeah Silva couldn't play Thursday and the commencement Friday. Amenable -- would get -- -- -- chairs set up right it's either Thursday or -- Thursday or Saturday is what they're supposed to and says it is which should be. -- -- Wait till Saturday hockey night can't that's the big thing that's like game one Saturday and oil -- will be game to do right now they asked me -- they call me and -- started now. But the beauty part was she didn't have these long delays for TV read these the first two teams that are done with their they've dispatched there opponent the got to wait for the other six here but I gotta wait for the other things are wrong. Let's play. What happens if all goes seven and the Bruins in Canadian start right away and somebody wins and for now this week's when another team look on Mac -- not there and play the -- Its outlook for watching this -- just hope that'll. Post depictions of -- who bond on the ground -- what would Michael McCann -- Sports Illustrated legal expert who just explain is this from eight to see the Donald Sterling situation. Assisted Sean or will join us in the 8 o'clock hour and I'm -- and Gundy we can oust him out a bit. He called the game yesterday that was a classic example -- -- W. You give -- an excuse to lose more off not they will. The message to him and it only clippers you and Briton nick white rich. Q your mom and everything connect to you race he's. Cute.

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