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Butch Stearns and Steve Buckley Discuss a Variety of MLB Issues Including Instant Replay and the Pace of Play

Apr 27, 2014|

The guys get into the pine tar incident from the other night with Pineda as well as instant replay and how MLB is trying to do the right thing, but things have gotten worse. They also talk about the pace of play in general and how things have to change for the game to grow.

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61777979837. Leading up to Red Sox baseball exports Stearns and Steve Buckley. Try to work myself up into a frenzy for this Canadian series I'm not there yet -- I'm thinking about. Thomas manic who's quickly become a villain and Canadians uniform. Carey Price the mean Tampa was not a good team and they swept them price played well below. Subaru had five assists in the series. He was in ball I don't know I don't not there yet. Not there I -- I haven't worked up -- calling it yeah yeah media announcement I have worked up so. So instead I would like to touch on some than I was having a debate people yesterday that. Pleasantly surprised me. Is baseball this week and the transfer rule. And changing midstream going dark. You know when does a sport first ball change in the middle -- beginning of the season. And do what fans think is right employers think is right and when do does baseball. Get together with umpires. The union. The powers that be and make a decision in the middle of -- it never happens does. In it shouldn't happen except in this case they they they needed to fix. What was broken. Major League Baseball shouldn't be a team where there. They're constant stops to go over things and understand roles that they just wasn't working. They needed they needed to tweak it they said they would tweak it and I think everybody's happy that they did tweak it. That the issue with instant replay in baseball is do we do we not agree we want the call will be correct. Guys a day that call overturned yesterday -- so you if you begin with the premise. That you want the call be correct ultimately wanna get in the car after the game drive on whatever you're at the bar or different or with -- and you wanna go home feeling that the right call was made. So you if you begin with that if you don't believe that that you just take out replay and bring keep the human element. And continue on with your wife knowing that you got to go to bed at once while pit stop because the wrong call with me. So throw that out begin with the premise that you want the -- made correctly. Which means you gotta have instant replay. Now there's going to be a way to bring it in the replay. That is in mind numbing we boring and you standing around and so forth and and it's up to the manages to -- to show some responsibility. Knock it -- to keep -- but the instant replay officials and so what the big mean not to be so silly about some of these things -- I think that transfer roll -- possession and so forth. Was a case where they really needed to bring. Common sense of the well we've become so conditioned in football. That. They make a play. They make a call right away and then we're we're so used to going to the replay right away and -- in the feet get put it down the possession there's so many different. You know factors on -- -- bothered by you. I'm not bothered by I -- all part of the game now but yeah it would baseball for years is just the way I've felt it hasn't bothered me when and -- gets a close call wrong. You watch a game with people with friends football. Yeah -- -- so -- so I've got three -- four friends over the house a little and the back of the house and will watching the game if the C -- a a replay. And it's it's being challenged. What it becomes a discussion point in my peer group well now is -- -- put not so that is part of the game and in in May be out. Might might evolution is too simplistic. That's the way Agassi is part of the game and -- -- troubled by but it's not a baseball. It's been what it because it is. Partly because baseball slow enough anyway. And I don't think football is so action packed that that the break give you an opportunity to dissect and analyze. Baseball is such as some re both slow game anyway and I am OK with that because what you know until baseball. But it it slows down the game even more. And I've been saying for a long time. If they're going to introduce instant replay in Major League Baseball they must do it that you do this part of it. They must do it in concert with a full -- plan to speed up the game and I'm talking about. Throwing guys out games that take too long between pitches guys that step out they've got to be militant they've got to be outrageous about it. -- the gonna lose the next generation of baseball and they've got to speed this game up intentional walks you wanna -- guy -- going ticket base. And it's it's it's it's silly. That they do that it's silly that -- data and it did Josh Beckett whining a couple of years ago because Bobby Valentine's that he pitches to slow. Eight gulp it pitched too slow you're slow in the -- I don't care -- your rhythm I don't care about what you've done for fifteen years you are screwing up Major League Baseball. You guys have got to speed this game up a you know lose Japan base. -- says baseball's painful to watch. And why why I asked to the rules of the transfer suddenly changed just because there's instant replay and human error works just fine for me. Thank god they at least corrected that. Well okay in and that's an excellent point. But let's go back to. Did that does anybody -- -- his sister went every rejoice with the umpire blew the caller first base. Clearly blow blow it badly. Does anybody feel that human element made -- game more fun. In at the end of the day what you wanted them to. You know -- in in a situation like that. I was with Major League baseball's umpires on that day just got together and said you know what I don't Q what Bud Selig rules are I don't keep. Thought someone give us a fault. Called the press box. Just just make it up on the flight did we screw it up okay great change the call. And oh and by the way. I I I am a minority of one on this but I believe that they did it BI had I believe they had instant replay before it was instituted I go back to 2004. ALCS. There was a mark -- -- ball hit the left field Yankee Stadium that the initially called the double. A price -- together. And magically overturned the call made it a home run in the with a player Bronson Arroyo at first base -- -- -- though the -- big earnings they got together. I believe deep in my belly that somebody upstairs. Communicated with the umpires in the fields that change I do -- close calls I do too. And a man nor -- and and I I talk to Joseph Sherman about that he's the New York Post right very good writer he has -- decides he's cellular of these Christine old guys. I believe that that that that something was going on that series. Purchasers football replace happened during hubble's actually keep the game interest in the beach watching the huddle. Not a patriots case patriots huddle you know it easily capital -- that argument -- moving on 61777979837. To join us at -- embarked on a Sunday. Talking about the transfer rule. What's -- welcome. -- textures on the AT&T -- line at 37937. -- please not sure were taken exception of the NBA. Change the ball two months into the season that is far worse and impacting an entire league verses a small infield rule. The NFL change rules regarding changing field conditions. For Brady and craft allowing change of grass to turf in season not sure what he's taken me to task on. Which please my point was that baseball rarely makes. Changes like this and now the fact that they put in replay this year and the fact that the change in the middle. Of the season is just I can't remember another time baseballs -- like this season if you. I am no. And I can there's so many times where they fall on while we need approval from the union and we get the at the umpires together we got to do this got to do that. I mean heck they can't even agree every time is collective bargaining agreement but it's good to see that they got together. And did this another text says the umpire watches the plays on the big screen. I think I think umpires. In baseball wanna get things correct. I don't think they mind changed. What you mean that's changed now. Jimy -- biggest -- during these days as manager of the Red Sox and I completely agree with it. He said all I wanna do is to get the call right. And Jimmy eat it used to used to just call him. That India play let's disable the sick argument and Cerrato for out or safe at first base. Jimmy thinks -- blew the call. He comes out of I was at a position whatever he wants and check the other pars in the arm the umpire I would never check the other umpires because it was always this. Hold among Major League umpires that if another umpire stepped in and say hey -- you blew that call. You're showing up the other umpire. To -- Jimmy always said well wouldn't -- feel better if he went home at night knowing that the call was overturned so it doesn't go in the books is a bad call. I might -- upright it's shown up by not going up -- And has been a seismic change in Major League Baseball now where we're. Umpires are not put off by that police ways they've been told not to get put off by it because they routinely get together in huddle and change -- now even if they don't go to the replay. So I agree with you I think umpires do wanna get it right now I think they've embraced us and that's what we're seeing going on -- -- Six -- 777979237. Text says. I'm twenty years old never get to watch a game because they deliver pizza seven nights a week I listen every game on the radio and have no problem with the speed of the game. Yes it could speed up a bit but the true sports -- will never leave the game regardless of the -- replay additions. -- -- -- Well -- point as a twenty year old is your baseball fan your baseball fan. The changes won't make you leave the game. Mean that would have been me it's -- would avenue it's corny it's it's meat in my late fifties -- I'm saying that. Future generations of baseball fans that think they're expecting it to be sped up I I applaud this guy's viewpoint that. He likes the game the way it is and again at that it that if it baseball in its current one brings him -- god bless them. But as far as future if and -- an open as the late starting time these I I find it preposterous. That these. Playoff games he's postseason games routinely sailed past midnight. And you've got younger kids I mean we both listen another not gonna play World Series games in the afternoon on my money immediate. But let's face it we were kids wasn't a sort of a rush from running on the school. Bring home from school to watch the World Series on TV what are kids. -- -- -- Yeah I remember distinctly the Orioles pirates. Number Russian home to watch out and Tom have anyone yes yeah Brooks Robinson. Was my favorite event. So yeah and so you know again I just find it kind of pleasantly surprising that they made that change this week because rarely. There's baseball jump but making the change and really does do they do what you know common sense dictates. Really does sport committee and they -- -- -- we're gonna change -- that makes cents. I mean you end up seeing stuff the sports do when you scratch your head about things that they do. MarketWatch -- -- 6177797937. Texas says wasn't very 122 pitch rule -- few years ago happened. Is -- a 122 -- model thinks. That pitcher to throw the ball. Was twelve seconds. I don't know model I don't remember. That -- remembered at a clock they were trying now for 7 o'clock. I'm an up and I'm aware and when it comes to batter the umpire literally just tells the better to dig in and step in -- yet. Of course I -- not -- -- -- I do not want to see a giant loan -- clock help there in center field. Ticking away -- looking at the clock and then looking at the -- looking at the pitch but I don't see that I just wanna see a common sense approach to this. In at the umpire once they have some kind of mechanism in his hand. But I I don't want I don't wanna -- joke estate saying only three seconds what he's got to get this -- up flags down I don't wanna see that the. Texas has nine innings or two hours and forty minutes whichever comes first. Magic haven't timer. On the game. To get to two hours and thirty minutes are we got to hurry up you'll be taken pitches. -- hear what he kittens so many adaptive that would a case two hours of forty. All the text to what's I don't like games can't started 60 -- that a 707 I I I am not a program I have to assume. It's because. People getting out of work in the ball park and a pregame show that started fixing goes until seven is gonna get a lot more listeners viewers and pregame show that starts at 5 o'clock to statistic guest. So I'm guessing is money involved. And if if people and getting out of work at 5 o'clock. It would make it more difficult to get the ball park and especially for coming from like Worcester or Springfield or Portland. -- -- -- -- -- Our Mike -- I'm doing great outlet in the situation where one rule change. Comparable -- It once you let you on deck circle. I couldn't what you batting glove again and I don't hear about a half hour. The ball and had a nervous breakdown. No I I keep -- touch a batting gloves -- just don't that you can do it with a 101522. Crisis that some guys bring to the occasion. Now we're PO Mikey there. The last. We take a break when we -- -- my -- really like the really didn't like my answer I think so and Richie and Revere is up next quick break we're back with more sports Sunday on WB. We do need to address the pace of play it is it's clear it is a real life problem that faces us. And the world changed so dramatically over the last several years in terms of how people enjoy sporting event. That we need to adjust we can look at it'll start times we can look at it. -- really -- in mobile devices to get them out more touch with the younger players we can trying to make instant replay instant replays great but it he'd be instant. We can look at the wake of the season I think there's all sorts of things that we can do. Sam Kennedy Red Sox chief operating officer Ron Dennis and Callahan a -- stroke or talking about addressing. The speed of the game and speaking of the game today's Red Sox lineup and urged him -- both David Ortiz. And Shane Victorino are sitting on the bench to start the game. -- Jonny Gomes will be in right field for Victor Reno and AJ Pierzynski. Is the aging. And batting fourth which Pedroia -- -- Napoli. Pierzynski middle Brooks Gomes Bogart's Bradley junior and David Ross for the Red Sox today looking it up on the brake park. Surprisingly David Ortiz hits RA -- pretty well in twelve at bats he's got four hits including two doubles and home run. Shane Victorino is -- 25 at bats against our -- and six hits. One of them being home console boat. Victor -- and Ortiz if it'll run off of Dickey in the both sitting in the lineup which I'm sure gets the Irish Red Sox fans when you look at those numbers. Heading into it and I'm sure when you think of Ortiz is a DH you don't wanna hear about him needing a day off either -- -- does it happen. Understood let's go to thirty years old yeah let's go to Richie and Revere high Richie factoring in on. You're doing which work every -- -- pretty good but. An -- and sitting in the world that's so longer been around -- but at memorial. Orderly -- We have the -- sports when we look at general we welcome all applicable. -- considered bigger computer your soccer lacrosse and golf. A win mainstream. You know we're gonna get a big ball because you're compete with the elite sort of sport. Electricity beginning students streaming appreciated the way it is. We get a little -- Navarro took a plea deal with brilliant nearly as open government ought to vote in going toward Europe. When abruptly Jazeera that they can -- a little. -- blessings and I mean come -- -- two weeks speak spring training. In the playoffs. Just couldn't and number two which -- simply increased volume or below moments though yeah. Though the one thing I should point out is that baseball has been evolving since long before we Europe. I mean when Dan Johnson took the old western league and started the American League -- broad range baseball. When they changed the actual baseball itself from the dead ball -- to the libel lawyer it changed to baseball. When wind when Jackie Robinson's debut with the Dodgers in April 15 1947. It changed baseball when they begin knew and when the Dodgers and giants moved west teams in a fly routinely it changed baseball. So brutal baseball will continue to change. With the without your permission or my permission now there are certain things about baseball I don't wanna see change. There are certain things I don't have an issue with I I I have grown to hate the and and I know I don't buy it well I know I know what I mean I've I've had many fights would dale. About the DH is is so great that it pitcher appeal quickening and I understand that but I like the strategy. In the Alec that tents this so wondering if they're gonna pinch hit for the pitcher. In the in in close ball game in the sixth inning that -- that brings a measure of interest to me and Ed. -- not wrong any more than I'm right -- is that that's where we are. -- people people complain about them them what they called mascots. All they don't belong in the field it's stupid it. Having taken small children to games over the use my sister's kids back in the day and I just remember. How how old and three children get by mascot so -- in Damascus on I don't have an issue with that so. I go I go issue by issue. Sold to fix it for you to say you don't want any changes. Would run contrary with the baseball that you grow up with because it itself eve ball from something else followed saying. Technology you're great and I do. I know it's been changing for years and for them numbers people who -- well. It would change statistics and all this and that baseball schedule was shorter years ago 25450. You know games so now what I don't like is -- -- I don't know if you've got the rant. Mad dog Russo went ballistic. On the notion of the seven inning game. And I've -- all over the Internet and to meet. Shortening the season is not blasphemous when sixty -- they went 54. Shortening make game from nine innings a seven innings -- lead the charge and our nation's capital. It's good to might -- who's next Michael. Like pocket and I gave my. Illness and -- -- -- you're just probably -- a model for orange box okay. I remember back when -- my condolences. -- that's okay -- we're doing okay. You're certainly old -- don't know that. Don't want it. Rule book extra second between pitches and I told. Imus says you know it was an -- school can -- a big long. -- Got clock struck important and it's you and I did a pilot ignored it. But it would talking between the pitchers. I don't remember an OK and I think it got -- accident that got him after awhile. I'll need. New rules to speed up the game just enforce. The ones and placed pitcher is under a time limit to deliver the ball right -- second sort of ball keep the batter in the box the game would move. Ford sport right Altria salaam. And look -- -- you've got a look at all why didn't -- Until tonight -- -- but it didn't sport any OK I just don't want -- walk. On Sunday night I really don't. Haven't. Done it into baseball. I mean that a traditionalist. Com and somebody equipment. All low -- a little better but. I didn't know it and you know like baucus -- a police on again and a lot of them. There's an appointment. So it's just you know I just think there -- be no it was you know look. As a business they want as many of the networks involved as posture and ESPN pays a big sum of money. To be a partner of Major League Baseball and more part of Major League Baseball for having you know relationships -- all the networks. My brother he's optimistic a lot you can. Right -- it's a program that's always boggled my mind that you know on the West Coast to get up towards him and in this Ali you know about it it is great. Technical program itself. It's. Oh -- it is what it is quite. If blocking -- -- -- Sunday night for him right -- little right like ointment -- at a reasonable time to adjust to at all. -- And I remember. You like -- I want to send him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Government that was really that was different kind of built. Boy killed what the rank code on there audio the overcoat freezing. By the way Mike. I hate remember I don't know up they have them anymore at best that current beat -- but the tigers. Used to have a they call them the businessman's special Wednesday. -- time starts once the oil was always get away game for the losing team. So in 1987 uncovering the Seattle Mariners that was my job back and and so we at noontime start at the old Tiger Stadium mean that the game began at 9 AM Seattle. The that you aren't Warrick at 9 AM listening to the bears were not that anybody with the bears the radio days ago. He's in Bridgewater as he always as -- Tony. They're very cart or a Tony and I didn't -- -- -- it was available within bottle all you know I agree and so what goals they're cool place while the picture all of the Baltimore. Here this -- -- is not -- war. There is what it gave -- -- right now is. The court would have you -- that -- grew older you know would ever come up you don't want what time to go out of the box. You stayed in the batter's box you'll want. Correct not to go out balk at an apple orchards like the empire is greater force it's real simple. It is not forward they are reporting that range the next pitch -- ball. -- call all right the original thought this -- stop this right away. They're a better I think that the marks. It's been described it'll happen it'll be carried out for auto -- for you guys who worked as mayor Foxx yeah that'll speed up at. I agree with you I mean it would I don't think he'll be sold blasphemous today and be such a shock it would be to the game. Like you said I think to be an adjustment period but the first time they call that in doctor to see people taking their time in a box anymore. Exactly -- years this apple vote in all the late games this artwork that it carrier Stevens wrote fifteen years old solid pop. Or stop the 12 o'clock start that the public will spirit. If they let the trains they are now so would've sent the the night over subtly that that -- six minute -- -- -- got the announcer call will going to be harder to go after it chart. That was. Mean it's rare to open it right back to 1970 -- So this couple while you're -- only gave his opposite would happen -- what forty years now. -- Tony thanks for the call. Are -- -- Red Sox and blue jays today at 1 o'clock pregame coming up in the next hour. We get a few minutes ago -- the -- Sunday butch and buck stick around we're back right after this.

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