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A.J. Pierzynski with Joe & Dave after the win in Toronto

Apr 26, 2014|

Joe & Dave talked to the Sox catcher, whose grand slam gave the Sox the lead for good against the Jays.

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AJ at the big Grand Slam AJ had a ball away that's never doubt guys the in -- bullpen been so darn good. To see a game ago about we gotta we gotta win. Clay struggle early would give -- chance seven solid innings you told me after the first you went seven. But coach in no way but it was just a good team win and I'm glad we won that's the bottom line when the game AJ crushed that ball in -- first Grand Slam since 2009 to think -- when we checked it what we'll look at for that spot just some that I get hit hard. I know Jenkins -- some good sinkers -- particularly good sinker and I laid off of and obviously -- -- -- -- -- -- Democrat -- -- I know it's been awhile so I hit a Grand Slam with a good actually doing and I forgot what it felt like at. What about the approach was -- -- and walking two in the first two in the second and four right. And today it takes a lot of patience tell the wait that long. Absolutely it does especially for me amigos know me has been on me earlier about trying to take walks of a tough for me to go there and get one as big but you know Grady had a huge bat to get us on the board. Give him out of the game three to -- he battled and fought to get there. In the -- obviously they changed pitchers but it was just a good team when I think that's the thing I mean when he got a guy out that. It's trying to find he just can't let him off the hook we tried to in the first two innings the double plays but. After that we really locked in and and you could see the bats -- -- to start take its toll on everybody AJ you've been kind of hit it right your career been watching you with different clubs when you're hot you get white hot. Do you feel like last night tonight these last several games you're starting to get into one of those groups -- just feel more like myself. Haven't been myself with a myself for the first twenty games and I. Just wasn't having a good time and I was trying too hard and all that stuff and -- decision or just play the way you know how to play and it's it's been a lot more fun and it's been a lot better. Obviously the results make you more fumbled at the same time it's a lot more fun coming the part when you talk -- yourself instant you know trying to. Try to do things that that's not how you go about it in the possible there's a decision let's go back to basics in and play like you know for base. And that this has to be a big wait for this club but to win like this getting five it's taking advantage of opportunities and then holding them off. Absolutely the bottom line is that you played when the game right isn't over the some coach says Herman Edwards I think it was. I thought it. -- bottom -- if you win you want to win and if you win the game and nobody really remembers anything else that happened because of the new year people look up so many won this many games lost as many games and if you win more than you lose you go to the post season. Everybody had a great years and that's the always the goal and this win counts just like any other but it was nice -- of the team win. And for the bullpen have a struggle to have had all year and -- Stillman is huge AJ thanks congratulations thanks guys.

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