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Shaquille O'Neal Blurt Hilarious Double Entendre on TNT

Apr 26, 2014|

The guys at TNT were talking about players having friendly relationships with NBA officials. Shaq accuses Barkley of being especially friendly with long-time official Dick Bavetta, but does so in a colorful, and possibly intentional, manner.

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Haven't talked enough to -- out of you know aren't out -- I did when I was captain. You secure some tool not a concern to him or should listen this is due to -- month. Thank you -- dead about a bad enough that the guys are out there. You're offended salvia records are -- -- I was 2 o'clock go wherever you -- accused of doing it tomorrow. And a Shaq Kenny Smith and sir Charles discussing Hauser -- these a lot of cuts X. -- yes sir Charles apparently. Used to -- kiss up. Too many of the referees including. Dick Bavetta veteran. Officials still out there are after all these years and of course Shaq in his. And his very choice comments that. If you understand the context. Might have been a little offended by that but that is TNT. That is the beauty of that show and if you wanna get the inner workings behind the scenes is they pull back the curtain on -- now. I check out HBO real sports excellent piece on that in the beauty of it is you really don't have the pull back the curtain because -- try to deceive anybody they are. What they are they are is advertise what you see is that what you yet. That particular cut though and again that's right Johnny -- -- -- -- so -- some of the great comedians of years past this when they. Like when you go to the circus and a trapeze act is up there and they don't use and that. As like you don't use an and is so if something happens it's innocent evil plan and it's not premeditated. That's what was so funny about that cut. As it was an innocent that comment and they're -- input you could see double entendre -- and that's what made it funny and that that that doesn't offend me what offends me of somebody. -- stuffy and it in their act during their presentation they had a time and they know where they're going with it right. And of course the inevitable law Ernie Johnson junior. Trying to get out of that -- by saying waiter check place. He has a great for that he's great Ferraro abs like -- the other thing is Bill Simmons do anything for you. Never did yeah. Never did never liked him as the sports guy never liked his column don't like him on ABC I think we talk about -- on EU now I don't know I guess people -- god bless him he's got a lot of follow his. How could you talk at anybody's read. That's definitely. A big -- and to be demoted it is I guess you do but you know it and again it goes back to why people love. TNT in those guys it's unscripted. It's. It's it's unvarnished. It's filtered but -- hypocrite and why don't this is -- if you watch first take -- -- you don't you're in school you should -- some time. Words were screaming A Smith. Am. It's it's a fantastic. Show what they go over what they're gonna talk about. Make no mistake about it I don't know that it's free rehearsed and out but I don't -- if you take this opinion now take that. They goal which topic right but -- your -- here's the difference in this is what they talked about an HBO. Is that they purposely keep Shaq Kenny. And Barkley out of the production meetings and they don't tell them what they're gonna talk about are they want them to react in a moment. Totally with spontaneity. To what's happening they have no idea who knows where they're going yeah but the other guy I like that. Am I not I don't have -- you know two more of that right why is everything out that's why -- and Tom Costello candy. Very entertaining it if the right moments because it's you know. Joked with the ball was set in India in the stands the other night great fashion designer and he was wearing one of these mascots as Scott says something and on and you were a lot of mass capacity show. I work and -- pop up at least half that. -- Why I was -- calls follow. Does that sort of a job at the follow it -- says he's also -- lot of that guy I've been. And he stated a broad -- fibers I like them don't worry about this not worry about the -- starts right now where a plane. But it was it was spontaneous. And that's I think -- television. Mrs. as you know when they do a lot of these takes. These TV shows that the earth earth -- somebody gets on May replayed. The outtakes in the end at some of these movies are better than the movie. And that's where a lot of actors we'll tell you when it's always sounds like a cliche but their first love is always the stage even though it's it's it's screenplay -- -- play. It Europe's speaking words written by somebody else at least every performance is one. Glowing performance not all these techniques and re cuts in different angles and everything else. I felt I did modeling and time why and it in -- and a whole lot of second premier valued at my headphones are. You did modeling is travel agencies the only way to know what I think camera where you live on its long. Is now in it was one of those beat scenes -- just -- Walk out that's hard to make more sense on that gets -- I. Point that I'm that you -- Moby Dick is released. It's a whale Larry. The addict and I think it's -- to go back to hurt that you have all of a mile and a little K okay I don't tell -- -- that waiter check please. What what you are getting the line from Turkey where they go hey how hard a real backup we know what. Leave Cleveland really mention a whale Larry starts giggling -- -- being YouTube region to appoint a return to make before Craig rudely interrupted me. If you see a simple photograph for the couples strolling on the beach in it's nice. What they don't tell you is it's about a hundred tanks you mark -- back and what we admit you were on a big hats armor and -- -- with some like. Some hot babe yes my -- you look this way this guy -- I'm proud he's supposed -- like Playgirl magazine were you posing as well. -- filmed in black and white. Hospital. Hey I hit it in -- focus and I had kind tower and were you know thankfully I hope yet something. Is -- no seriously -- -- not old ass I kind of car robbery and and please don't please don't tell policy like this. -- a new York and you know and I don't. Yeah you know I I -- the I may be the only on non journalist who was that allows journalists back in the deck of some sort of journalist I know hardly got to be kidding -- I was in the I was in I was involved are the model a crowd while Larry was modeling in Jamaica was somehow able all right bullseye on. I was in the in the press box the Yankee Stadium on that Sunday afternoon July 24 1983. When -- down. That is home run nullified by Billy Martin you you. Remember that. Now I don't remember it again yeah. It's dark. And yeah I mean not a warrior seats were in the grip and Greg you know and others there's can be market were -- out compete. That we did. You know watching the game and then in the focus that mechanism not a cent. I I knew it was gonna come next and just a matter of time. And then he broke about dug out electorate interpreted to allow -- to come out and out you know. They all do it promised that kid was stupid that's that speech -- the crime was committed to the super they all do it and it's it's. You know quietly accepted. Mean it. I'd like present ski and and and that would amount to me like they're plywood is a good kid you know just that city keeping an absurd to think. -- heard the batter allowed to use trying to -- little you know lose control of that. Turkey is tied to -- literally can control the ball. Right believe -- major league baseball players don't want this thing to come to an ugly head it did unfortunately on Wednesday. It's baseball's -- -- the worst kept secret. -- everybody wants to use it but -- really had unfortunately no choice the precedent was set. On April 10 and he had to go out there once. I -- find it very ironic -- straight over one lead and not -- to do that because well when our. -- last year and there are no allegations about Lester in the world. Well you know speaking of balk calls there was speculation that may be the blue jays will be interested to see what is in mr. Buchholz is here this afternoon at December well don't want to -- -- right exactly -- So that will be a rather intriguing you can hear all right here on Sports Radio WEEI. And you. About shrimpers Craig did you notice we're getting -- and ended the game was short -- -- was -- boring game yet. But at the seventh eighth inning -- almost. -- -- Well because I regret the weather was terrible. The wind was blowing it was not a comfortable night. Kind of a typical early season game at Fenway Park that what the conditions were not ideal and we did look around you might as I said earlier my son was determined his first. -- weight -- eight years old determine deceive the last pitch thrown we looked around there weren't very many people left to. End of the game -- -- -- you you were at the game and again I tried true. Present this to Craig and he refuses to buy it at all but. There was no a genius to that game no not nothing and I know it's early in the season important man I always missed it could have been anybody they were playing. I think I agree I agree Larry back I was there I was at two it is QQ and I was. I'm surprised I hope I mean and when we get a big deal -- -- -- -- come back over water trainer don't look pretty lackluster. I was there and that's a good word for I think they felt compelled on some minimal level to -- only because they that was that was what they had to do. It was it was their obligation to boob there wasn't a lot of animosity behind and out of all I'm saying is if -- MC. You latency in the Bruins -- clinch today in and they played Montreal man. The thermostat is got to go through the ceiling -- yes I know it's early in the season IE except that. I -- I found by march of this series in the Red Sox playing portly. There was just nothing -- eighteen and son Ty Al why end at Derek is nothing. There here's the thing OK okay first thought yeah that's a stroke -- wouldn't hold what we're talking on the Walter street -- the last ten years and he checked on that we'll get back to you I'm. And they give all the care that she didn't really know. Angry with an. -- -- excellent point well the other reason men and Reverend Wright but the other thing is the Red Sox are now the dominant team a lot of this anger resulted from a of vast inferiority complex that lasted for 86 years. There's no -- kitty none of the Red Sox have the better club I would admit that but even stop value. Steve stop values like Tony -- other -- Ortiz. And in and probably Pretoria like -- now. Wow I I I I I I am serious -- I am a glass. This is a big bonus this year it's gravy time over Fenway Park they've won their three they won last year the expectations are particularly high. May be the change later. I just think it's a big party again all the pink -- are back out force. I at a degree -- literally took. And it it. You know maybe because in the because -- they have -- may be -- in the early who knows what. What is it like in New York right now that you watch the games down there where does that is that you know. I don't think there's that much -- That much buzz about the -- right now either I mean -- that there are doing well on the wedding but I think keep the international skeptical about the last year. You know and all to a track didn't hear last year we gonna get you know that the whatever that apple -- go back. Late today he he looked like Willie Mae is out there echoes are willing and 73 on that Wednesday night game. While we're here to the -- -- -- -- -- play like couple weeks ago on the airplane or -- political that they after opening -- -- There was a -- our personal blog those. Probably like no no more than two steps to left and took two weeks that's still what I mean -- a while. I send an original rate or pretty regularly raped and -- -- the next guy that. The ball brought Rabin and what would have been an easy double play in years past with a guy now which I'm -- yeah did little. It's comparing this yeah well they couldn't eat or only me but you know at least they didn't ask here. Arts and that's what -- mugged about -- last year he went out on top. And you know that you gotta know when to get off the stage yet right now have been a good time since you probably could use the pine -- the way did for the of the previous eighteen years 6177797. 937. Mustard and Johnson rolls on after this shift a -- -- the -- out -- -- -- by itself -- -- I don't we got to show what I.

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