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LA Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Doesn't Want Black People to Attend Clippers Game

Apr 26, 2014|

TMZ has obtained a 10 minute conversation between LA Clippers Owner Donald Sterling and his girlfriend, which includes outlandish and racist statement and sentiments. We play some clips of the audio on the show and got some reactions from callers.

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I I feel like I'm arrives after eighteen years working review or Jim Cutler. Announcer boy extraordinaire is actually doing. Our opens wow it's not talk about basking in reflective glory I didn't even know anybody at the station a -- here have to from the pitcher he does either but. Of course Jim. -- cut his teeth as it were way back when. As the staff announcer and production man -- that the old. WH DH 850 radio in the came over with -- -- about twenty years ago week. Switched up places on the AM dial in the course is going on to great things ESPN MSNBC all kinds I don't want to. Are you worried is the the the Genesis of all of these great people you have a list. It goes on non about these people going on to be. Very successful in a unique point of and you have is doing their -- yeah unfortunately yeah I was at the Genesis but I was driven from the garden unfortunately two of the east of -- you know -- piece of -- -- that there was a nice Big Apple like good honest and but the problem was out they weren't they in the -- regular phones for -- I -- -- like -- -- dark rivers. This boarding you're trying to coach your team. Into the playoffs. And you have your owner. Donald Sterling caught on tape. -- video. Telling his girlfriend need as a -- associating with any black -- call it it has -- -- like Magic Johnson not like he doesn't want -- bringing them to the games or anything. And then you have a coach. In your roster is about ninety and this and minority. In -- -- get them motivated to win. Your whole life. Every day -- it would be well you can sleep completely separate entity whatever you want. Number all I ask you does not promote and and not -- -- my game. That is out -- while he's pretty ugly. Because it's so ugly it's it's absurd. It's all races real estate mongol pride and and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean is. Is out of control the worst owner in professional sports has been. Since he took over the team in 1981. He's faced this opponent lawsuits from the Department of Justice over alleged discrimination against Hispanics and blacks. People with families when it came to renting out units he was sued by warmer GM Elgin Baylor for alleged discrimination. Beyond that he's -- Discrimination. Yeah. The job Elgin Baylor did that with that team for over army years. He had been number one seed that draft lottery every year is out to bail should be the last person claiming well Baylor said that sterling -- a quote. Plantation mentality and what we've heard. I'm these tapes released by teams he would have to believe that. As you can sweep of black people you can bring them then you can do whatever you want but little I ask you was not to promoted combat. Any segment instant -- and not bring them to my games. I'm just saying in your lousy bleeping instead grams. You don't have to have yourself what we live in walking with black people. Don't put Magic Johnson on an instant -- -- the world to have the C that they have the call me and don't bring Magic Johnson to my games. The irony Larry is that this sub beast of the -- Is black and mex Mexican yeah. I'm I'm going to the perennial up that line now are my best friends of why might -- highest in eight -- You know what it doesn't bother me at all because I realized behind closed doors are people that felt that way. My question would be hit an idiot this guy right coming out being Smart shot like Marge -- They -- Hitler was a pretty good guy there was some good things that he did in Nazi Germany. In the third I see that was absurd remember that in the late eighties. I mean to have a memento is -- artifacts from the Nazi regime. And not think twice about showing to a TV crew 25 years ago. I'll give your player on the clippers right now right like I -- -- Wally for the guy. I'm sure that you know all of this I'm sure that his racism is well alone anybody inside the organization my question is. How is he survived. Since 1981. Clippers have been the standard bearer for -- franchise for years. They -- that definitively. Bad franchise mostly because of Donald Sterling. On top of all this you have racism and he's really ugly comments he was probably speaking the truth that than any other people. Or much more. User friendly republic of water privately -- you don't Kaka now here's the question what are you do. You're the NBA commissioner David Stern stepped palace is -- Alan Levine -- and you see the new NBA commissioner is his name is animal. Adam silver -- and Adam silver. OK Adam silver. Is the new NBA commissioner I've heard him on various outlets seems like very capable guy longtime. Assistant commissioner for David Stern. Com what are you do your Adam silver got some serious. Consideration. Of strong lead rebuking him to the point where you may just have to suspend him for the rest of the year. Then think about. Final way to -- like. -- about seriously selling team. I I think you have to really kills about ESPN worldwide network of news and sports and in everything. And yet when -- you go to this site like to find these stories and stuff they're never on there -- fight they. They filter a certain things out that either I don't know whether it's against them what it is but they just don't they don't have stories about you have to go other places to find -- -- you wonder. What planet. Donald Sterling is living on 90% the league is black it's predominately African American sport. Most of his team as you said. Is African Americans have to people would go to the games out there reply. Is it that high. I would be very surprised if -- don't think -- -- -- -- be very surprised if we're 50% you don't think they can afford it. Odds you look around the league Larry. Black attendance in most -- certainly higher then Boston Boston is is Lily white we know that. Very few black people go to any games in Boston any of the four sports we understand that you know that as well as anybody. That -- that article in the -- were about twenty years one in twenty years ago as 1990. Kristi -- -- used to work against. Steven -- new Zagat who worked on the sports side as well. And he went to Oakland and Red Sox game it was sold out in 1990 both teams were very good they've met each other later on playoffs that year. And they actually did headcount. A 35000. People. In the stands 35000. How do you think were actually. People of color in that game I remember very well 500. 500 -- 535000. People. Only 500 where people call. And you know what anecdotally I didn't see a whole lot of black people we gave up the game the other night you know that nobody -- New York the next. Again. -- a tough ticket and -- are there African Americans -- the game much more in New York now remember to be fair. Boston has the lowest percentage. Of African Americans of any major metropolitan area like 22% very -- would you sit next to one of them Larry it's it's not a joking matters others. This year I'm speaking of the black aren't they are not shocked and should not Miami and now and anybody who is day eight get your head out of the right I was out of the ground -- but it is so far. Bob this item to sit -- things group we used to always say that the prisoners -- in north in the south was. At least in the south you know we used to knew exactly where your colleagues -- gotten. I'm so far it doesn't even offend me at all this as well I guess I'm just right ousted its to a point where. And black people for the most part of elevating themselves to a point now where the Betty you're doing it just doesn't bother you the same way. You know the -- you you see -- we many times in the quade raisin in the sun Denzel is on Broadway playing Walter and -- on even as we speak. I teach that play to my freshman Wellesley. And in the south recourse in the fifties when raisin in the sun has set. The Jim Crow south legally. Blacks were discriminated against water coolers and and water fountains and bathrooms -- restaurants and buses read all the story. But I called the north at that time there Carl Lindner North Carolina is that character. From the Clyde -- park improvement association tries to Bible the right off. He was the guide in the nice suit with a smile on his face. That's feet. That's the the north that wouldn't be as direct as the south would be as far as -- as is concerns -- telling me. That essentially. Donald Sterling represents what America. Figured that you don't except that from -- I know I don't think he I don't think it's as prevalent. Is that I think where it is is and I speak for for minorities and hopefully for women and like. The Betty had to wing is like Mohammed -- -- used to say when people used to sell. A racist names and him and stuff. Is that from their 5000 policy you know at the fight. Like the Betty good to wing it doesn't Bobby now you can really identified as ignorant whereas before. When you were down in the -- And trying to make it. I'm it was it was painful because you didn't have any empowerment. To do anything about it. People are progressing to a point now minorities. And and women in the right kidney doctors and lawyers and in all kind of -- always so it doesn't want to use the same now you can look at this guy as a -- Because he doesn't have the same. How are over you that the that he went -- well if that's how I did so races that you're rated borders on the absurd. But that didn't tell me I I find it it's not a cold but it's comical. When you look a -- is he trying to explode former -- into the games Magic Johnson multi millionaire. Very successful businessman Magic Johnson. How it is -- the words. It doesn't bother you the same because of the source of where it's coming from in the fact that your doing well. Coming from a clown you expect -- it found it very good way to put it in in in the Betty you'd do. Like maybe twenty years ago afraid read this I would have been up screaming and yelling and stuff now I almost work at it like. A moron what. The irony is we think we've come a long way we have an African American president. There are certainly prominent blacks in all fields. Are all professional. Business is everything -- things. It intelligent. Successful. People assay is say about Obama -- is back. Wished him re put it behind his back out of me behind his back right I mean please I got -- as a whole -- off the racquet -- awards I listen if you don't like you guys politics. That's understandable we all go through stages like that but some of the stuff I've heard said about him -- Spector of racism -- racism -- a -- happens -- a well usually it's a little bit more tacit. Little bit more indirect this is right in your face I cannot display the UI and honestly and I mean it's on -- I this very. You things that people could say to me anymore it that her four or surprise or not her surprise me. I migrant expected from anybody because I think when the doors -- behind closed there was. The people who are smiling in your face for the most but they next Amber's yet they revert back now seriously doubt they revert back -- -- and a parent with a bunch of -- right friends. From a global watch today New York Knicks basketball game and I forgot I was the irony had a close up from Patrick Ewing shoot foul shot at seven -- pointless just like African -- M and seven nights in the they probably did say -- again now that brown saying that's. I understand it is all I'm trying to right I understand it shouldn't we and I guess the question for white America. And our audience. Whatever racial composition it is should we be -- should we be concerned should we be. Angry and shall we demand action by the new NBA commission I have a report the only the only thing is system -- back to normal or department. For guy in his position. Who is an owner in effect yes -- probably get -- toys -- Achilles Adam silver and he does -- -- see it -- much is given much is required in if you're going to be the owner of the team. Our own error of Disney Orlando world whenever whenever -- corporation you wanna come up with. Here is certain responsibilities. That go with that. And certainly going off on ugly disturbing. Vicious. Racist rants is not one of the one job I wish I can get mad about it but I can yet it's so over the top it probably is supposed to Oprah is so stupid that it borders on the only area they're really yeah it's like right out of the script the blazing saddles is is almost -- -- -- it's almost tire. It's almost -- but -- where my classic favorite write them -- were white where -- that -- -- -- today. Our kids get back to the fallen six ounce act I think that are glad he said it now now. I'm glad it doesn't bother me away. As we've been getting a lot of -- we didn't touch this thing up because we were a bullying and we here we are freed of getting down on some controversial this stuff right but -- -- at this point the only problem I have is this is an owner. Of an NBA team. Where 90% of the players are but -- an American pride and a ridiculous. I. -- is read a year of this and by the way the culture of the team is African America how do you motivated and apply to your rivers what are you thinking what are you gonna do what the trophy if you win the whole thing let's say -- -- a perimeter a stock I was the highest paid coach in the NBA working hard core of very stable ownership. In west and engrossed back in all the guys over there. Terrific general manager. A storied franchise. Which had racist issues at least some allegations made toward them in the past. We of that franchise. Goes all the way out to LA lakers but -- Other team that has -- as we said the definitive bad team the the you know the just the bottom of the barrel. Outhouse team for so many years. And this happens -- really twisted though I think in this on them you sleep on them. I just don't want your brain approach and shuffled off to put so after the game with a so yeah right it's so college is a lot of people by lying if I get why so ignorant of the west right it's it's ignorant beyond its its beneath my arms like. Right now -- pay attention to have a -- the current pay attention is going to say back anymore you can that is -- old is what we already knew. Good point 6177797937. Rick keys in the car and he's next and mustard and Johnson irrigate. And Larry Craig I mean it. This -- a lot of traffic. And he's out there on the heels of one of the most iconic figure in sports. Movement I can't try to guide has the end of the actual -- and today. I mean. For acknowledging that we -- and -- remiss if we -- and -- Member that was that -- the thirteenth round. Yeah and Denzel Washington -- -- -- -- Iron Man is -- as a Rubin hurricane -- the great Dylan song from a seven these certainly brought that story to a national audience. Yeah unfortunately and I'll do not go head like -- still out there and back. You know the problem as we know there -- knuckle heads still out there there's a plantation mentality throughout America. But this guy owns an NBA franchise that's the problem -- but the good news is he's in the slaves like over a million dollars -- work on the rate it. -- -- It's not you know it is there -- so many people do well. Now. That aegis. Yeah I don't -- -- -- -- I. Want all people probably they're real estate -- going to cry enough money goes out and buys that he. It trust me I've for an there're a lot of very successful. Multi billions out there. Who probably feel the same way but they -- on terror. You know what I'd be very fascinated. To see what's -- would have gone but Adam silver of course was at. -- side for many many years he's got to take some action here he can't that he can't sit idly by and let this conversation continue as comical lose or is Larry says. I think the NBA has to do something at least make a statement about this angle beyond that. Our guys are all right okay thank you Ricky 6177797937. Indian Framingham does next that's. And daddy grandma and tell you how -- end -- doing pretty well guys I didn't wanna talk about though Bogart buckled potential want on there hey this. To tell sterling sees you walking down the street would divvy. Up a little bit different -- -- pretty -- -- -- eight who is important day but he -- and the backdoor. Hey if you'll let -- talk about opening bell I think his hands were tied or -- dealing with this guy get up. They've -- addressed this in the comply or to recanted endeavor we're about. Were never really allow -- Accumulate their talent and keep it maybe getting good coaches a popular brown a short time in our. Passing into the playoffs. Very adoring him or west go -- all time. You understand but I mean though because that McNamee would be clear about this about sing him happy about it I'm not saying in the year -- all 2014. Date if it doesn't faze me at all. I think I'm getting healthier. I'm getting healthier and well all of it -- not that I'm getting healthy enough to realize that it that there are people -- -- like this and that the better are few two week. An NBA Keebler coming -- talk about Iraq bring not a percent blocked. Approaches the proportional what are bombing that that concern it is. I know about once again we're applying logic where it doesn't fit I the lodge -- -- -- -- where the logic should be applied is. How long his fellow owners in Adams over the commissioner are going to tolerate this. Arctic Circle speaker I don't know what's gonna happen -- -- will be doing -- -- I would willingly bet. Added I mean Mark Cuban is a gadfly. -- the only fly in the ointment we're rewarded you wanna say but he certainly -- or are right there yeah I will be fascinating to see -- Mark Cuban response sorry continuum can you imagine. How blustery out of that -- are Ross -- gain in the newsroom here everybody knows it's and no doubt heard of -- goat or look at some free tickets next year commitment and Brett. What. These different. Between having class they were to John Henry left. Can't think too many ownership that you can compare to the perform every -- I got a record close you're talking about over Cuba wind picked -- -- parents Cindy and we're running your organizations there. There was a lot of this concern about her rejected by local landmark ruling which -- are sending. I remember every citizen that that projected gave him. Portland is my money just wouldn't go. Which unfortunately that did work out well for Harry -- as a general manager. Came upon with there ownership in the court in Brooklyn were able to bow -- quickly I have very much a concern I don't understand. I've heard Michael Michael who can't speak about. Michael Michael -- all -- days. I've heard other names my organization would check in -- to Ottawa I would hope army honest -- but the government the second coming I thought in the field -- -- -- we can -- Put the structure -- the certificate implied volatility due to position toward shortstop. Like turning back and tell her he's not a great range but did not agree -- -- great and great relief. Ripken played his position he didn't go -- up -- and probably you have to learn how to play neutered when you're not the. And I and I think Jeter you put him in the same category two guys that are probably primarily hitters who play defensive position. They have to be very good students of the game -- Ripken. Initially did not move to shortstop from third base but you know he obviously was an excellent student. Jeter was the same way I think Bogart's everybody says is a bear re Smart kid. And he's he's he's an apt pupil when it comes the base. Are limited -- -- -- I think you know as much as you think about Bradley's -- if you play well. I actually like it did that comment I forget who you mentioned about which obviously you because he was she at all. I'll sterling said he was. Up up the ship was not a word is used. I give him on -- shoveling out on bail out of an unarmed although moment. Slowly I turned out. -- -- is a whole lot left handed over a year you know. He is operating at a major concern to. Available -- here I would -- -- -- don't that I held. You've been listening to me and you can't put a finger at any of this stuff about lack of ideas that I thought Lester would be lights out on Tuesday he got Sheldon ironic day how he would get shelled out Wednesday about. I don't know if you aren't anywhere develop a -- now why is that did he go from blue will be able America. The being so not what is the deal. Well yes my question back to you -- -- in into Cragg over here when do you use dot. Making some -- isn't of his visit to Malaysia for reporters like you a lot of their car. -- very well what you want to about making get a grip on the night. Now and and you look at the end of last year when he came back. Is it just psychological as it's -- -- It's -- what what what do you do absolutely not shape -- whether -- gets so tired at the top of -- picked candidate of big strong. Strong and I don't care what -- deal I think what. Authorities say you write a big referendum. The future the Red Sox at a rock and it is in the balance. As -- buckle stakes uphill battle weary beginning with a pre game just about an hour from now on Sports Radio.

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