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Johnson and Mustard! Preacher and Teacher! Craig Loses Top Billing

Apr 26, 2014|

A new open to the show throws Craig and Larry into slight frenzy. Once again, Craig goes to a Red Sox game, and again it's memorable one, as he shares his thoughts on the Michael Pineda ejection.

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Rob man I'm in an identity crisis right now my the preached. Or by the teacher you have a preacher we're in trouble trust they -- the preacher in the teacher mustard and Johnson I guess we're switching roles it's April Fool's Day. About 26 days later. Announcer boy Jim Cutler with that brand new open we'll have the mixture gets the order correct just a teacher in the preacher in that order. As it will ever be. My job and I'm honored to have Jim would do anything for a that's absolutely true the the Voice of America Jim Cutler has return -- to Sports Radio WEEI. But two -- Johnson show and welcome on this Saturday sports Saturday mustard and Johnson. And I was already two begin today's program. By -- com. Making some very pointed comments toward the Boston Red Sox after that ugly. Two out of three defeat to the Yankees in a rough series against the Orioles and being well under 500 and what are you now after looking so bad against the Yankees on Thursday that fourteen to five tobacco. They go up and beat mark Burley who was foreign all with a point 64 ERA -- proud summer early middle Brooks back in the lineup. In the Red Sox look -- a World Series champions again so how do you get a B Larry. On this team that certainly is not looking like a World Series champion. For most of the year but last -- -- it's funny you and I were thinking this. Are anticipating. Venom losing again last night. In you have a long list of what form with their Red Sox are almost like days Evernote on a silver platter right Thomas -- -- -- uniforms last night is that. You don't want -- way they played last night out middle Brooks back a third. -- -- You automatically start saying well maybe now is some stability -- it is it does prove that the obvious fact it. You know I I think sometimes we just get comfortable you just -- anybody in the -- and -- you expect the team to run smoothly. But now that's right people pay these guys get paid they're varying amounts that they did peek at some people do it better than the other ones and I think -- true I'm guessing. When you think about it team beating you know some people think about turning tables over and all of these types of things to get -- motivated. I would rumbles back maybe Brad pro will be able rights epic about it I think he's just the opposite I think he's very cool. Calm. I think he sits down nobody Valentine -- well -- just says or you guys about it and where we're replying you're very concentrate Margaret fundamentals. Vote gods now let's dude take your. Theme of what you were going to do. And there are still some things that their pitches somewhat concerned about oh -- I think is that terrific aptly. I think he's got to be great but the stick. He's still. Bothers me it shortstop and this is just it's it's either something -- have you don't have. I need to IH's seat to many -- getting through. That left side of the infield over the course of the season and I I just think it's going to be tough to play baseball that way I'm always nervous -- -- broke -- it -- area. Well when you think about it too. Sox have been very fortunate we've seen some pretty good shortstop defensively over the last decade to think of Alex Gonzales couple on -- rounds for the Red Sox certainly. A Stephen Drew while not very exciting at the plate and guilt by association. -- everything else with his brother. Was very -- through the various -- got to give -- wasn't hitting which -- right complaining about but I do think. It is one position. Did you -- live with out. You know the you know great hitting -- you shortstop I issues too many balls find that both polls. And you gotta have a guy. -- -- Well they it and I'm nervous about I really am -- what -- -- borrowing the question is is throwing also -- that this is the question the question the larger question is what do you want from your shortstop. Traditionally shortstop has been a defensive position in the last generation. -- -- -- -- when Jeter and A-Rod to -- hot and Nomar it suddenly became an offensive position that's why when. People assess the all time great shortstop -- put Jeter number two behind. Your favorite player back when you were kept honest Wagner and hung up because that's very few of them have ever been particularly good with the bad. But over the last twenty years in this offensive -- you're right now along and got an effort yup and everybody. Whether it was a medically enhanced or not. It became an offensive resolution -- congress that. 3035. Home run -- there in the you remember in the late ninety's you have four short stops and Jeter was -- the bubble fest. You led Nomar A-Rod to -- and then Jeter well the other three and Jeter that may be a very very important distinction between for the three and the other the other one as cheap as you might. Gas went to the problem is that it became an offensive position you want an offensive shortstop for the boss. So let's discuss that for about it because if I had a choice between having a and delays she is tight and I tried that we tried to argue this last year to forget about the shouldn't thing that's -- on the issue of bridges saying basic. Fundamentals shortstop if I had a choice between having a gracious. Or having a you know or -- -- are going to hitting shortstop I'd rather take a crisis because I think they're just too many plays. That need to be made money this year. Save that though last night ironically enough. Who was on the mile last night for the Red Sox while they were pounding out all those hits and -- who was pitching for the Red Sox providing stability. When the blue jays were -- to play. Jake -- How they get Jake Peavy. All know I eat that you can't right that's right I'm not focusing on a -- is Kazaa that's hindsight impressed he's out now. Any would've been out here if you replaced doubling every whatever vision problems. I'm talking about the fundamental position itself but right now it does solution. Causes more -- -- -- solution is tae Bo got to move him over prior base right move middle works overtime for a space in it already do it map right here is my argument. Because -- -- CS. And Bogart's. Inevitably comes back the peavy in we've had this argument for average Warner who was steadfastly against. Any trade did involve ago Lacey is such a great defensive shortstop but Larry what's the most important position defensively on the field. It's pitcher pitcher is the most important defensive position on the field people forget because he has the ball he still defensive player I'd rather have the pitcher. The pitchers can have much more of an impact on what happens to your team and it that -- up. Has nothing to do isn't -- now wait a minute if you want to defend the the PV a great history that's fine -- it's all part of the same conversation about him and I concede that out. I'm talking now. Okay I'm -- eat like whatever was done the trade was made where do you like it or not I'm talking now in my and I mean now is. Have use the enough of a a sampler. Two -- being concerned about. Broke out that it shortstop. Bomb I would. It's not just getting to the ball overthrowing Indian let -- -- George Scott over the feeling those ball with the -- that are gonna go out armada that there at. Right and you know it's funny because the game that I actually attended a game this week I went through the infamous pine tar. Iraq fiasco on Wednesday night and Jeter looked absolutely. Awful it was like shades of Willie Mays in center field in the 73 World Series Jeter's just bungling in kicking the ball all over the place at shortstop so. I mean with this weather weary also. And you have to give watching Jeter. Struggled defensively certainly is a big difference an agent Jeter's range was never anything special began with. But I think I think it it comes back to assessing Bogart's is much like assessing this team. All her too early last time I checked it's April April 20 says the. After saying it is interesting. And and of -- -- -- hockey relate Ryder do you mode it is virus the the importance of the sport among the four. But I tell yet and I haven't watched a lot of games now I'm really into it with the pace well. I've never seen -- were fielding. At an apartment and out of Q which team it is. Ball's bouncing all over the place they can't get the balls it's just our outfielders dropping balls it is just. Errant throws. I don't know what it is. Maybe. It's as USC -- the you know vote the weather has been. -- in there are solutions to our problem Larry as you know NATO cannot spell it showed us I wanna address that for a minute though I think. Yeah we're day. Overblown. Way overblown is like this guy goals and any and a half or whatever he does and I mean he. 88. It's not like this guys out -- out there throwing like Nolan Ryan or anything he was just trying to get a grip. His problem is it's obvious is a blatant nobody mind you doing -- everybody does it but don't make it so. Obvious that it's insulting to everybody back. -- John Ferrell this time. Had to. Pointed out -- you know -- -- that you can -- -- that went -- the camera work -- a -- got in from high right and -- and of -- I was at the game and we were behind the Yankee -- up in the grandstands -- the blue seats and you really could not see -- from our management -- not necessarily but Martina was down you know in the study the pitchers and Stephanie came running upstairs -- any of that for our argument defeatist but it wasn't. If you think about it and in -- game the Red Sox scored two runs up -- made -- in the top or bottom of the first inning. And made it comes out with that pine tar on his back if it suddenly settles -- -- and Red Sox if you remember were one strike away from going down 123. And having absolutely no clue as how to hit the -- as opposed to the first inning so obviously pine tar was very beneficial. For Michael Pineda and this is something that department of peace in the globe and I wholeheartedly agree with him and you totally overblown. It's there's been a tacit agreement. Among all parties in baseball. -- decades. That pine tar. Can't be used if he's you'd rather have someone have control a 95 mile an hour fastball but not have control -- -- don't make it. So argue -- just take a job aren't tapered -- show you know just don't make it's so obvious and a lot of people were speculating in retrospect the night before look how bad Lester was the night before. Lester got -- -- they were thanking -- may be Lester was not as generous. It is pipes are used for fear that maybe Joseph Girardi. After the whole Contra top in Yankee Stadium couple weeks ago -- Seem to be point in baseball. Where the powers to be agree and they can -- quickly and effectively and I give them credit for the exchange. Ruling that there are coming up -- that if the infield if he catches the ball. But the transfer yeah yeah catches it there. And then brick. In the exchange temperature dropped the ball -- is that an hour resonate and I think that. I think once you. Put these things back and -- finality as to what they're going to be like the -- tower at. And he uses their -- music can be used with discretion relevant to come up with reports discretion -- -- think the other night with its what went over. Maybe if you put it you know like smear to crush your face that's probably a slightly indiscreet thing putting and you neck is probably slightly. Industry I think it has to be a better way to do it -- -- them for years you know about them men and some of little chance that they were using an anchor Harry by the way he was interviewed by bill Madden on the New York Daily News claims. Never used pine tar okay never ever you visualize are -- -- what was what you wonder because baseball allows the resin that. Yup and the whole point of the resin bag which sits behind. The -- is to enable pitchers to get a better grip for some reason. That Powell watery substance it's in the resin bag resin. Is legal but the pie -- is not legal. Go figure out as the solution to if you're gonna allow that everybody's treated. -- -- -- But I don't like is when is that using when everybody used to scratch up the pace while on stuff that's when you're nearly going overboard -- well there is any of -- say Larry though. Some people argued that. And and exhibit today. Would be Wednesday night. That it does affect what happens because suddenly. An -- in the second inning is slowing sliders. Getting his curveball break has controlled the fast all the things he didn't have in the first inning so is that altering the game in some ways that is I don't I don't buy that argument but -- the other side with the opposition. It was well Arabs well. And they have been doing. For decades so and by the way. If the -- this is the other crazy thing about Major League Baseball that. Even if the umpires noticed that on Pineda is that which he didn't because remember they're looking all around. I love that he wouldn't cause I love that about wearing darker element of our RK everything around our -- -- says. Oh my goodness right but even if he did attack the any of the umpires. They would throw up my game unless the opposing manager makes the complaint. Because that's what happened that George Brett incident Billy Martin came out and protest at the George -- home running Yankee Stadium and 83. Umpire measured it all got the pine tar was over eighteen inches on the bat we have to take that home run away and. Throws a pretty good guy but he -- some point he has to say look you know we went through this in the not a game and we let it slide. If for the sake even in my home players I got to come out and protect my player. I think -- Major League Baseball has to do -- like they did yesterday when they clarified the transfer rule after the fiasco on Thursday night in the Yankee game. They have to redefine. What is legal use supplying to -- because. There is a -- -- is -- pine tar rag sitting on the deck circle like -- all that down write it and of course in the old days pine -- was much more essential for hitters before restarted wearing batting Glaus is that was the way the -- held. Ripped the baseball bat in our -- we never wore baseball clause. You use the pine tar keep the -- sticky and get a good grip on it but the pine tar -- still completely legal. So all open it really had to do with maybe go by the pine tar rag may put a little lot his. On his -- before he went out in the second and everything. We can do it every inning pulled up anyway I I thought it was interesting. Certainly a little ripple in the action by the way -- good I may be the only person in history to be at the George Brett pine tar game. And the Michael Pineda -- -- -- -- -- a bunch of us sports writers have been involved may be some announcers but I was at both -- exactly the reaction was different. Both games. I mean George Brett came out like amendment by well it was the ninth inning I was against Goose Gossage -- just put the royals up 54 -- just a regular season game July 24 83 you remember Lee MacPhail and the American League presently have president's -- league in those days. Several days later. Overturned the play and had to continue the play they reinstated the home run they had to play the last half inning of that game. Obviously nothing was overturned. And it was already warrants. Going into that game and how stupid can you be. -- -- that would -- that was the big discussion in New York radio over the last several stadiums mean how much did G Girardi. Communicate. With -- Pineda who is still learning English in the way no matter what the language is no matter what. When you're speaking Swahili you still know you can't put. And I -- I'd imagine him in the dugout. Mingling with the other plays that nobody knows he's an act -- can -- the back. I it didn't bother the other thing I've got river earlier our way overblown this week was whether or not the Iranians would be blue wing. Ellsbury allies I don't I thought it was okay it was a formality. That is -- but I I think really and truly I think you'd have to be out of your mind. Who think I remember when I left the globe to go to the national and one of the guys in the isn't that work out where news and good I thought it was great. Was dramatic -- -- -- -- Nationalists won in what was -- a lot and he that intimately score this that's plus 890 I -- the that he discourse right here say that everybody that lasted five or is that. At a crucial part. But. The point is. Interpret oh the end there was -- is mad at me believe in Arlington national -- We expect me to do there are for me 40% more of them but the goal is our premier -- afterward but the best. Writers and people in the in the country the point that I'm making news. Could you be that it Ellsbury that you would not. If somebody offers you that kind of money to grow -- that he can play I mean you've got to take that money the this -- this is so. Nobody would do that and the Big Three are all but not -- -- not too -- I think the Boeing was almost. Comical bit at the game -- I was a Wednesday I think they do it because they feel compelled to do it more than there really angry. The guy one. Two World Series championship certainly an integral part of the second one. He was gonna go where the money was from the get go because of his agent I don't think anybody had any illusions that he was taking anything. Remotely resembling a hometown discount so I think people -- but certainly not the kind of passion and anger while Hamas would have thought Damon. -- -- What you just said passion anger and animosity -- you know that's missing from the game anyway. Well because nobody cares that it's not it's not the same day it's not your father is based our game or your grandfather's plays it's it's not. It's OK they come out they have. Can you imagine like fifteen years ago if they had this trying to in thing going -- Pineda. It would not have been what what was -- only in what was missing its costs at what was missing fifteen years ago this now. That then why apartment cameras 33 banners that's the difference -- you were were put out but I think okay you you went to the game we have an idea how much saying it should be any different it's just it. It is a much of these playoff games -- the NBA and everything you -- April and Andres help but the point I'm making is Yankee Red Sox it doesn't matter when they're playing it used to be that way. Now. This series to me was no it was a a measuring stick for me to see where the Red Sox -- rat. But as for hours any real AG or passion or April impish that's what you Gregg gets as a knowledge shouldn't be not -- stick. Playing for years. Beginning in about fifteen years ago around 98. That people putting too much stock in every single Yankee Red Sox -- out. In the regular season they were treating each game like a football game -- playoff and -- I like it -- -- -- -- great fun you know with the pack and then pay what 300 parts that ticket that whenever I -- I wanted -- remember well you don't want outsiders Italy Colombia today the -- I -- was my son's first Fenway gaming actually had been to another baseball game down in DC a couple of years ago saw the nationals like. But his first trip to Fenway he apps we loved it insisted. -- years old then he states of the final out you love you know. Have they. Thankfully Koji. Obliged by putting the Yankees down one through three and very quick top of the ninth inning we got out of there we took Petit home. And it was it was a great taken -- to go their -- Danny's a loving this by the way -- talking about the one game I go to every year. Everything gold it is something new like -- new pavilion. Is that it is a new restaurant area nuclear concessions they have every is that -- they're constantly. Refurbishing -- -- Mandy. The powers that be in them I think this is an insulting -- but they have -- that place -- I mean every wanna. Every -- rating is based Spanish at they use it in its you know. But again I like that I got I thought it was skirted I am I am just like you and I money here from people like you confused now -- is this. Is this memorex or the railroads are extreme that we saw last night. Tell you're really dating yourself with a lesser extent cassette tape records forty years ago -- 140. Mardy got Ellis Ellis commercial was alive or is it memorex were brought. Forty years ago -- -- you are dating yourself again but then again while I'm I'm dating myself I now I think is that -- okay. Lights that. And a -- about right there today yes exactly exactly it. I'm not -- Seven I 837. As the telephone not -- -- a natural body for myself we were all. It's mood right there are here I don't and I already to slam the Red Sox go and and it to Ronald mark early -- before and I'll still have concerns okay Larry has concerns I don't not optional built. The only -- I ate -- are -- World Series material. Maybe not but there's certainly one of the teams is gonna be buying all season long. For a playoff spot I mean I don't know our expectations change now -- it is a World Series Abbas now for your Boston Red Sox. I think everybody's. Everybody's changed the context of of what we think this team is supposed. But I feel like. The view better now that you're putting Victor Reno back it right field and you get their works at third. Now you're looking at that team as it's supposed to be. Constituted right and I think now we can better evaluate that and also don't forget we get the Bruins -- today Detroit. And I and not. Wait is that -- -- two months ago. That's what I'm talking about -- -- -- passion I am not your -- 61777979. 37 your calls coming up with mustard and Johnson nor Johnson -- -- teacher preacher preacher and teacher were totally confused on Sports Radio.

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