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Bruins take Red Wings to the brink... look to wrap it up this weekend

Apr 25, 2014|

We discuss the Bruins comeback win over the Red Wings in game four, and how for all intents and purposes this first round series is over.

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I'm just afraid DJ is gonna come back from Motown and his tour of the Motown studios is they're saying start critiquing are rare earth open our our old rare earth open I'm a changed man. That that -- to change got emotional -- it it was a most what are you about that your. And now you have a new appreciation for the city of Detroit don't you have some is it sympathy or empathy or both. Four and he does they have either that's the proper for our -- that Reuters so here's the thing I still technically feel like I haven't been Detroit because I. I actually I was at my hotel. As Joe Louis Arena and your industry and I was on an -- to Detroit and I was real scramble -- those the only replaces I was the entire time. Was -- boulevard obviously used the -- Stop this I just worked all. I got are meant I'd never left I'd never led island whole focus on the being I didn't I didn't I need to hear Leo did you hear that the sleepiness admirably. To. Especially with and I really didn't bring that 24 year old text to -- me on the trip and in most of the time with her no I -- Let you really let's get to the important parts of the return home from Detroit where you on the plate Brody Jenner was. -- not that I know -- I would have slept through it autopsy not. That's what's that I mean was it if Brody Jenner was on a connecting flight through Baltimore than that yes Iowa residents they are not dot com how important is either -- -- -- My flight. Right like a remixed that'll not a good look for I don't want to belong to a country country club could have been a -- yes. They're not a celebrity if you're on the same flight that -- not a big deal well I I was reading Emily Benjamin and job. And Jamie -- at all were on the same like also they -- able to sit there and Brody Jenner was on that flight now under the Detroit to Boston flight. Interesting I was told us so -- -- the -- with almost autistic person instruct people of the same really adds little. Yeah there are small request I had to be excluded who Brody Jenner will eyes gets mean which card -- in. You know it is is who wouldn't end -- -- for all I know you do got -- do you like Alabama Carolina like that big girl went. The -- elect of both. But -- -- for the radio Pittsburgh radio purpose all of -- Abdullah -- actually yeah -- so. Walked into the office that deals that -- brokerage -- play. The deal. Brody Jenner have no idea I analyst inept or anything really I guess he's Bruce's youngest son is that right ethnic help yourself to a textbook watch some hills Lynn LC. -- a bowl lol learn to vote my girl and -- Everybody got a letter but just a part body what my average accurate those that there'll from the hills so broad was like what -- -- speak wrote it was a relatively -- 800 no literature like this guy who is instant and LC and and -- like. That's -- genocide c'mon America and you find out. And Brody and the punitive player -- -- an elevator of earth like a more elevators the -- -- differently -- have no idea I just got a text from somebody who was on the flight. And sent to me I wise he's dreamy. These tree and it freaks me out because the guy who -- it -- shouldn't be thinking things like I don't say yeah he's handsome dude like that would take dreamy. Now come on now you don't need to make in my other friends -- -- -- -- you don't have to decide on Amazon or play. You do not have enough brain per -- -- power with three must not have enough brain powered speaker out. What women want let's deal with it -- us debt and we don't know we don't see what they see it's just the way it is. I don't of this now the series is over a law that the one last thing I'll say about the whole the whole part -- and Jenner clan. And Bruins had a game earlier this year. And they've plane in the afternoon Celtics -- night it was you know bring your daughter workday in my seventeen world sixty girl then was that the bring with me. Coming out of the building after the game. And some of the Celtics coming into the building. And she was so -- golf course just the secret -- -- -- that's Chris as she was so excited just the stadium as she doesn't know once Celtic from a but she knew Chris Humphreys -- -- Kardashians and how many tickets he sells. Conference -- I'm -- I what do I don't yeah I'm a couple. Oh. I suggested him to reiterate your your previous point yes I do think this series over. One of the things Jaffe said last night watching it. And and he said at the time. Detroit everything they have at Bruins right -- they can't play better that's everything they've got off for you and it wasn't good enough to. Right and he did that was there at their major push -- that was what you saw. The ass kicking the you saw the Bruins hand the red wings in game three. That was reciprocated in game four in a way that I didn't expect at all like that -- we knew that that we are gonna see Detroit's biggest pushed. India was pretty damn impressive for the first period needed for the Bruins on their skills but. I mean eventually it. The Bruins in this -- mean we're all on -- after all we get -- we -- on all these guys for the lack of offensive production but eventually the Bruins will Wear you down. And when you make it four period game and the Bruins can get the second half of that game to Wear you down they're gonna win that game. Just an overtime put aside from that really there was one team on the ice in overtime even the bruins' third line was just dominant I mean. Where it was able to throw at the Bruins they got it back so much and then some that. I can't imagine the last three games this this season in order for the red wings to win the series the Bruins will need to do something they haven't subtleties welcome. One texas' DJ this past the stop and about other experts and revoked DJ newsman card or reality -- of their cars I. Don't like get to defend yourself on that but you know the reality TV that -- -- way I would says. The big cart actually it doesn't narrow it down much yeah -- -- -- are very close right. He has and today. All right but you know your your Renaissance man -- and talk about a reality TV and in the playoffs but to your point but the red wings. How impressive it was at the start and was impressed when they -- not fly all they needed. One more and it would have been -- One or gul takes the beginning of the beginning of the second period. Etc. the reason. Okay then it's Iraq. Even when they -- with that impressive start that Larry DJ there wasn't feeling I don't think among many people that. It was hopeless I thought they were in real trouble warm and maybe we're looking at a 22 series -- site. The Bruins are down two zip they can't come back and make this competitive. But three -- I probably would have been -- -- Well I I think throughout the night that Tuukka Rask was actually still providing the red wings with enough frustration. That as much as the red wings felt there were all over the Bruins an early on the game especially in the first period you first five tournaments that game the -- fully work. I think Rask made enough saves through of course game is really big in the first period. Against having that huge save on star. That I don't think the red -- thought it was over and they were still pushing but the Bruins pushed back I think that. If Milan if it's somebody aside from new on the cheap scores effort that's second goal for the Bruins tied up -- -- -- you're talking about a different game because. That's finally got to -- going I know that he scored a game to a notre McGinley had two assists. In game two and I know that on the road with Mike Babcock having last change that line was tasked with playing against guys like Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg that being said. You still think when they're out there with -- you know that he's on the post season with all -- -- on the post season which are only get those regular season. You thought the you're gonna get more from them and once that goal came by the -- Milledge probably should have been on the ice he's there on the -- -- -- change into getting that goal that ends up getting them going. The opening the shift on which they scored the game winning goal was just -- man's shift from all three of them I think that. Had somebody else from me on the huge scored that game tying goal then maybe you look at it differently this is this the. -- time in the national hockey is the time when you can't believe anything anybody says about anybody OK and out last night Jimmy Howard did warmup. Then all of a set he was in the starting lineup as as Mike Babcock pointed out when he said in his lineup Carty circle Howard's name as the starter and then. 82 holes they come to him that they come to Babcock and his office for the the start of the game -- that he -- he can't tell -- that Al let me finish out. You're hit with men had a quote earlier at a quarter earlier that some experts who Shakespeare week. Yeah I know why something is rotten in the state of Denmark or something is not right I don't believe I said its line. I don't believe Jimmy Howard has the -- -- Mike Babcock has already said that Gustafson will start tomorrow's game he's -- said that today. Jimmy Howard's got a concussion. And I think the red wings were playing around with a concussion protocols. Are hiding key he took a shot it up in the upper body head area in game three. I think that to his credit he tried to go yesterday and it's at some point during warmup I'm sure. He was thinking I can't stop all four of these pucks that are coming -- -- -- same time. And they said now you got to get him out of their camp plus. Guys have to help me out here you got -- year you both hockey insiders hockey experts. I'm watching it last night that the post game press conference. -- Babcock probably or on the bruins' side you probably the -- in the area. Dale did you notice the long. Awkward pause. What Babcock thereafter so -- story with Howard well. He told me couldn't go I don't know Mike Babcock well enough to know when he's lying but it is like -- shouldn't somebody ask how do you feel about that or. Do you expect him for the next game what's the story. How usually happen if he had the flu. -- you know a lot earlier somebody just came over and it was clearly. Either it was. He was lying and maybe the reporters worse were afraid that it. Really did they get. I think adding there was so much confusion is where -- -- when you're confused reports the most -- keep asking questions please not confused but I think that. -- given that what he presented which woods. Ottawa's power of the hole and suddenly wasn't -- way. It wasn't a sudden flu for Howard with. But then that's what it was the flu what in the I mean did they just came thome was sick and couldn't go. No women I don't know Babcock -- you you -- -- -- -- -- the trainers but you -- -- in the starting lineup -- circle his number which means he starting. And then they come do you insane he sick and can't go if he had the Lou if there was some semblance of a flow. Somebody somewhere would have said to Babcock long before them elect really struggle a little bit just may be aware we're gonna give this ago here in warm up but I don't know all. Delicate guests like I can guess that maybe has a concussion that that's true. -- Babcock did last night makes Jimmy Howard look like a -- us right. Governor of the those those quotes suggest that -- here's -- -- Imagine. You're you're an. Here in game four. During game four Stanley Cup Playoffs first round vs the best team. And the National Hockey League in your -- your team's best chance of winning. Start with you. And you have the flu. I don't I don't buy it. And it's time a tough time with Hillary -- -- and again yet. Well and so -- So I mean it it's tough take to get into the whole like war we're in kind of agree here ourselves we're trying to figure out what was actually wrong when them but if he did have a concussion. That would be the move for the red rulings that as as dale said sneak him out there are you messing with the protocol -- -- Altria had no possibility of the ethical move by -- -- Daniel IA are going through the protocol right that's why. Okay now he's been cleared for light contact and you know then theoretically -- looks -- the Bruins discredit earlier in the season they were. Saying that he had a neck injury for Ehrlich should get some -- slight neck pain. For a few weeks and it was obviously concussion I mean and teams have bended. That's. They did it into all the time. -- to the text -- who says dale obviously you didn't listen to appear on -- Maloney I did not I had a business meeting outside of the building so I did not hear it. But I'm curious I'm I'm willing to hear. Because I didn't hear what -- told -- Maloney we'll hear what Pierre set about. And -- or -- was extremely sick last night. He told me before the game Boca too closely drop of one of the got to -- -- streak since I was. Nine games in nine rights and rights tenant can. While he wanted to figure from streak and so we don't get too close and even the Bruins are able to a little bit of a fluke thing including their -- I and the other side Jimmy Howard wasn't -- on the bench last night. Because that's who they're trying to keep him away from the players he did not skate this morning and you try to so he's clearly -- and it's unfortunate for him. But you know it goes the goaltending wasn't the issue -- Not at all I don't think I am a concussion and the -- damn well first ball and in I law appear. But just because he wasn't on the bench doesn't mean he has right now and so close with sick. Well -- in I didn't know that to -- doctor. Close gamer though I mean yeah. It's to speak he did the one on one interview with Jamie after the game if he gets hurt sick now he's got to answer -- to the folks at NASA and for that now and you can't be -- that I can't quote I mean -- The out he just met with immediate the garden a little while and it's okay but this. This is this is my problem again. I'm going to be a former. The hockey intelligence and it's wrong. All that people are steal my hockey minute info from DJ being Dale Arnold. We hear all the time rightfully so about the toughness of occupy. -- that there's any doubt. -- look at Henrik Zetterberg. The -- -- who looked like he was skate and cement in the third period and the overtime I'll just play in the room his -- about about the Bruins fans and don't worry about us. But if -- Detroit Red Wings player. If you -- pop out of L dot soup. -- Zetterberg. Todd Bertuzzi. Anybody. If your Babcock for that matter. And before. -- must win they win this game. Must win game four not a market when the series they may win a tomorrow night in Boston. They went. They may win eight games six. In Detroit. Went three straight against the against the Bruins so this thing must win to win the -- -- fielded your goaltender is not there. Outlook the flu not. Well I -- devil's advocate and yeah I'm an independent -- in the event that it is the flu. From what guys that said in guys bringing hockey players to your point -- wanna -- -- battle macho thing and they want they want back top. How did you feel about Matt -- ski have been a week off going it and he had the flu really dad. Week off missed the first two games of the series at face value look at that you say you've had all the time in the world that -- Modi. It out there right yeah. He was in rough rough shape Kevin -- was hospitalized you know 15 fever and Kevin -- -- like ten pounds so this thing. Yeah that's a -- the stunt but whatever it is but it was an ass kicker it was not a year average. I don't feel good for a couple hours but look I'll say this if in fact had the flow since that Babcock should let it and what isn't the end okay. It's what gets loaded with Chara when he missed game too directly dehydrated yeah in my after the game he said he was sledding you you looked gross there's no he could play tonight it is like he was expecting the backlash. Sanders apps Leno while -- case and look if if if if if that's trophy at the wealthy don't have a concussion he's got the flu and he's literally throwing up every five seconds. Or the other and every five seconds then no I don't expect going to be able to gut it out -- their play game pristine. This techsters absolutely right on the eighteenth -- text line. So Babcock answers have been pretty full and complete on everything yet except forward it's why I think there's stuff going on here. And he's already ruled him out for tomorrow. Authorities said today that he's not complain tomorrow or maybe he's getting to crunch time with disease starts to mean we see it up -- coach -- with -- sometimes. Were -- they find the point at which they have to get into a show the media and I mean maybe Babcock after I mean he's been friendly without making jokes about pregnancy saying donut Datsyuk didn't have the baby is elected like all these things and and play at this whole persona but. Maybe get -- or is like you know it is a must is a must win game. Now we've got -- having issues. I really need to go in front of the microphone and in -- to beat the Rodney Dangerfield routine I think that I'm better off giving these guys little's -- possibly can. That's what Claude does yeah that the that's closer -- nothing to -- -- quotas actually. Fairly expansive generally -- during the course of the season. You hit the first game of the playoffs and that that wall comes back yeah and you get nothing and by the way I don't blame it's -- that's -- that's how it's how he should. Play this time I was like I was dusted -- some questions vote Bergeron yesterday excuse but the -- afterwards I was like. Don't want my I'll I'll leave you alone for the next few weeks because an illegal like this war. Now we've also had oh it's look it's an individual thing but it's an award thank. Opt for the second straight day a Bruin was nominated for one of the major awards will talk about how that trophy should also already be engraved. When we come back 6177797937. Is the telephone number up 37937. Is the AT&T text line. It's dale and Holley DJB is in the house is well Sports Radio WB. You wanna get better as the as the series goes on in. We were able to do that in the in the third period as the line and we're all we're in this position luster. Same thing winning overtime in game four in Toronto and we don't know what happened after that so low we're not taking anything. Anything for granted here we all know all part of it is the clothes officers and we don't know how desperate they're going to be getting in Saturday. I also think that the Bruins. I am there they're trying to locate their intelligent men who -- willing and able to learn a lesson. And if they learned a lesson at all last year. It was put these teams away when you can knock him -- think about this last year they win game four in overtime take a three games to one lead against the Toronto Maple Leafs. Next thing you know you're down three goals in game seven with ten minutes left -- -- in your seasons on the brink. I would expect you'll see the Bruins come out. Craze. Tomorrow I'll say how hard is -- though how hard how hard will it be I don't -- -- just saying exactly what he needs to say what you want. Evoked by the way -- player to say. You to you guys -- how difficult will it be at home. After taking the best shot from the Detroit red -- red wings. Missing. Their number one goaltender how hard will -- be the closest team. It would be extremely difficult does it always is but I think that it will be adding that the Bruins are more capable of doing it this year in game five against. The red links and they were against the leafs because I think that they are aware of how hard is not just do. But there are aware that they're playing a better team. This year than they played last year. That's kind of disrespect beliefs but I think that you think so you think you think the red wings this red wings team has been in the league team they've played last legs -- Yes really and so I think that there are plenty aware that. If we'd do if we give them we gave beliefs. Maybe they hold -- that 31 lead in the in game seven. Now by the way the Bruins are better team and they were last year or so. -- the I -- that some of the education in the wee -- we will inform you entertain you. And it does give you -- in -- things that. You didn't know. So tell me this I'll speak from. Her of being educated here tell me why you think this team. This Detroit Red Wings team right now as it is better -- team we saw. Last year and -- -- As inexperienced as the Red Wings' defense is and they are. They are infinitely more talented in the Toronto Maple Leafs -- offensively though the the analysts aren't real to tell ultimately -- one line. They have one line in the -- line and to his credit he performed at a very high level his line performed at a high level. After you get past that line it news -- as far as I'm concerned and also -- -- mean you you're speaking to the inexperience of Detroit's defense. The inexperience of the teams as a whole mean that the red -- -- police last year was the first time in the post seasons 2004. They had no idea what they are doing there and it showed in the final minutes a game seven I still consider that a comeback. I consider that a major major collapse both on the part of yeah I've seen it yet probably is somewhere in the middle but. I can sit next to be a major major collapse on the part of the leafs. At the rattling since their 23 straight postseason this is nothing new to -- Edinburgh this is nothing new to Pavel Datsyuk this is nothing neutralize these guys. And yeah I mean. Gustafson in -- will provide a bigger challenge for Detroit. But they were able to mean. Were it not for the Bruins to what they did in this third period and overtime last night. They're gonna get away with have a Mac guy in net -- given up some pretty -- -- yesterday. Patrice Bergeron was named one of the three finalists for the -- trophy best defensive forward in the National Hockey League animated comic yesterday nation have already engraved trophy. In fact it'll it it won't be unanimous 'cause it never is but it's going to be -- very lopsided that that the nerds say -- -- got a the closer second and that you think it's going to be a huge gap I really do think certainly -- -- last year when it was the difference of like one vote today to grass was named one of the three finalist for the vezina trophy best goaltender in the National Hockey League. Along with semi and -- alarm off of the Colorado Avalanche who finished second. And Ben Bishop of the Tampa Bay Lightning will finish third. I think they can already engraved this trophy as I wanted better mediated that's annual -- harassed it will be astonishing if Josh Harding had played longer. And stayed healthy for the while open Republican it. Him giving her Oscar run for his money but neither bishop -- -- of really. Have or should have that greater chance but -- -- I mean it with GM's it's also a lot more about the eye test and statistics but. Tuukka Rask has said the best season but he. And has played like it in this series so far what has had 966 the percentage of -- he has played very much like he did India the Pittsburgh Penguins series a year ago -- -- nothing very similar now the Bruins to their credit have played similarly in front of him as they did last year against Pittsburgh. I think that's where the Red Wings' frustration has command. You get by the first player that you got to deal with Chara and those guys yeah by the second player but you gotta deal with Rask and he's giving enough. And it's got to be so frustrating to. Like your way through the first to get to the third and then got no you got -- -- ago which -- like let me ask you this so -- on the part of guys like Chara Croce. In Bergeron dorks in there as well. Is this more impresses more or less impressive. Against the weaker offensive team in the red wings. Then it was against the penguins Lester because they're not doing it with. With with that -- and burger and different back there not that was more impressive from me I gotta talk about Crosby -- then again time and all those guys I love this -- It says. You're out of your freak in mind at the wings are better than the leafs last year run that won by MacKenzie. Guy for stiffs. So there. -- -- MacKenzie -- my man Bob hall love Bob -- heard of them I have I unfamiliar with his work I -- is way up there I -- Bob McKenzie. Let me just say this to the texture. We may have an outlet for your anger just say. Oh is that right we -- outlet we may have a place. Let me we -- welcomed you into Japan may be bound to these rocket that during tell me Bob McKenzie met you are there I don't know I don't -- Or the next the next best thing the next best thing electric -- to -- a a lot for -- LeBron c'mon. Willow will tell you about it a little bit later rumble we may have a place just for you I don't think Tuukka Rask has won the vezina trophy. And and the way he's looked in this in this all the time he always it. Our idea that the soft goals of the worst I've somehow the Pavel Datsyuk goal in game onebeacon -- quote on quote set whistle blows my mind because. Every every person that you speak to throughout the series you bring that up just to get a sense of I'm not create the right that the like that that was it and that was. Pavel Datsyuk being Pavel Datsyuk and everyone says same thing that if if anybody else at that puck. They -- -- Pavel Datsyuk does and they don't score we you know the problem is this text right here's the problem. Is it -- -- the system they have five guys with a plus minus over thirty. I don't let it without a problem where's that -- Is is that a legitimate. Conversation about. I don't think it did it takes away from the greatness of two grass. Than it does I doubt that but he tried it and say what Tuukka. -- is a terrific goaltender. Who happens to. Be a part of the system. As fantastic as well. Just like -- just liked him Tom Wright was a few years ago is this a good goaltender great goaltender. Who benefited from up up suspect. Actually defensive said -- this system plays to a stress this drives me crazy though it's it's so hypocritical people say. Know for whatever reason people don't wanna consider Zdeno Chara best defensemen leak maybe it's because it's an obvious choice but when people like one Norris. Like we are saying off off the -- Chart probably is you know in the north which he should win it this year. The people don't wanna give charred out -- they don't wanna give their credit they want us that you slow that once these losses that their policies getting up there age. Yeah when you say who the best goaltender in the league and you say well to grass going to be in the conversation people say always playing behind Chara. Like you're not getting there are -- -- threat he deserves but you can't say that. To -- Rask is a great goaltender because he's playing against this guy who you apparently think isn't enough report. Other Dexter who has more on our side. Says look at the goalies Jimmy Howard James primer. Boy that's atop one c'mon -- Internet out here but Detroit is a much better all around team. And Toronto won last year which was our point write about it ending or against. And take anything away from Toronto last year they took some say we still should take a lot they take it away from themselves. No I would take this Detroit team over that Toronto team even with their injuries. I still think this a better -- added I think defensively the Bruins live on after. Are adding the Bruins have gone after Detroit's defense and their experience -- you would expect them to mean from the opening shifts of the first game. They're going right -- Brendan Smith who. Because of injuries and Jonathan Ericsson being out is a topic defenseman Brent Smith has become the media darling of the series because he's. Such a fascinating BI guy in the red -- -- is as anything but the only guy speaks English to very Swedish told Zetterberg speaks great English she just doesn't give you anything bright he answers all the questions he's very polite. He's very professional. And that looks that are looked down your pitcher paging -- or anything but thanks so that's the worst feeling you eat you finished -- a guy like while back it was great -- was so nice he said thank you afterwards. Great stuff to go back transcribed it and you're like I've -- it and I just nice to speak with you retain today. He's a what a record it and Brendan Smith his quotable east all eighties affable. I don't know if he's number one defenseman out to the top or defenseman you're seeing now and that's the issue -- -- I mean. Having Ericsson -- lineup has really really hurt the red wings the one defensemen they have with size 63. 230 some odd pounds. The one guy who can battle with Lucci -- again line and Soderbergh and some of those big bodies that the Bruins have down low. While they just don't have a guy who can do that in the brewers have pretty much bag without saying it. Let us out there against Lashoff let us out there. Against. I'm drawing a blank on on his on his partner that -- repairing portrait. Karl Soderbergh expose that last night on the -- goal and they've they've seen a lot of time. Against that third pairing. And that's part of the reason why this third line -- look so good mean the offensive depth gonna win -- the bruins' favor anyway. But when it's going up against a weaker defense but 22 together 6177797937. Is telephone number the AT&T text minus 37937. -- up a New Hampshire and Europe first on dale and -- -- -- -- If you look at that point -- -- yeah entered my thoughts on this team is that it's much better this year. The -- last year because. So you didn't compete and keep an. Accent not -- what revelation that plane didn't get out of their mind. In the defense -- that they quite a. Everything. On the way that they're coming outside and watching Eric I play on that particular rather. He just -- and eat it at certain 100%. Negative ads that read and to -- crew. As good as they did last year progressed it looked. Just that everybody including anyway. We -- that Pakistan can be up front is that. India Indian graduate and Soderbergh. I told the guys are accurate accurate quoted exactly what I told them earlier. -- we were talking about the game but that pass from Soderbergh Dellucci each. Let's just say it was a thing of beauty and an endeavor that there was some excitement I got a little excited. When I saw that that pass so I think Soderbergh directs Soderbergh is much better. That he was last year the world does the Edward pants and apply that it might you know might just want there -- -- -- okay I'll have -- out there -- -- out there and -- all got a -- time for me. Okay. So soderbergh's better crew -- more comfortable. But when oh win and I think that you Hibbert and has slowly but surely grow I think Padilla. Is a perfect fit for the Bruins but any time. People say this team is better -- -- blasters broad -- and my question always goes back to. Seidenberg. Are you guys have have convinced me that Seidenberg. Is an elite defenseman. That. -- is the one and Seidenberg is the one day how can you. Lose a guy like that for a long period of time and what the numbers and what the numbers -- a regular season and I'm up for the playoffs. As you advance. And you start taking on the true iron of the Eastern Conference in the finals. And the true iron from the west in the Stanley Cup final. We'll tell I don't think -- can you say you better as a liar saying -- Okay but by by the time you are by the time you play either of those teams if you -- to -- -- -- Pittsburgh well yeah. Yet Pittsburgh probably won't get by Columbus let's just say you did. For the sake of our argument. A feeling Seidenberg is going to be playing against that I just really. Just send I think Seidenberg is gonna come back yes and -- gave the -- just had surgery in January they won't say of people but. I think the same exact thing rarely I think that. I think that Eastern Conference finals start that conversation. Total speculation just based on watching him skate would elections gave a lot he's been doing a lot more with heat past the heck thought that Henrik Zetterberg. Two months after back surgery could play nineteen minutes for the Detroit Red Wings out with one contact practice OK gotcha he played nineteen minutes. In game four. How many minutes do you think you'll play for a -- that the answer this series goes one mortgage to mortgage or medically playing he's probably done. Well it'll depend on how he woke up today and how he felt -- I wonder about I thought it was a bad move on -- -- I think that if you're putting under Zetterberg back in the lineup you say. -- close fine you get your wish open Datsyuk against the Bergeron line. And you hope that just the combination of Datsyuk and Zetterberg can over power that really really good defensive line. But the Bruins instead of putting Henrik Zetterberg on the same ice is -- on the teach. -- -- get -- -- -- I mean in his first game back from a back injury what good can come of that. And he also by the time he got to the third period the overtime he looked like he was -- yet and I don't blame them by the way I I I say it would admiration. But he played as much as he did. Taylor Twellman yesterday we were both laughing at the idea what we're gonna play in 1012 minutes. You are right the one goal game Europe gold you're down -- -- of the moment adrenaline is your captain sitting over there on the bench take. As they're available to put him out there are -- the Bruins are better. -- outside and get up to that I want to do but if they if they are better without him. And I let's say I agree with you guys prepare better team without Steinberg today say that just said that they've been able to overcome it is loss Mary what they have been able to overcome it or if they -- better -- At least the same if not slightly better keep them out. It's not worth the risk it is not worth the risk to an important guy. Two Q he's -- four year contract next year he's a part of your core. Not to not risk this this and -- come back I'm sure he believes it. Great athletes always do. It's fine. I can do a great texture says I -- avoided your question what was your question wire they better if it's a great that's what -- wants to get an up and you wanna get to it. Very very soon DG DG being don't go anywhere DJ -- has some truth to give our DJ being. Are shut you out -- This is your opportunity. To be a truth teller. To be a preacher. Tell the people. Why the Bruins -- better. Without -- -- Or they're better team this year. I'll say that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet people think that we didn't sit there a better team without Dennis Seidenberg. Says they're not better than -- Erica now the are well well well well. -- they have last year. Guided them but they had Seidenberg restaurant -- that team is still better than they were a year ago they're not better without Seidenberg. Okay they had that they're better than they were a year ago Seidenberg was here a year ago he was part of me he shut down defensive pairing -- -- listen I've done my homework I've listened to you guys I've studied. I have believed. You've quizzed me and I can't pass the quiz I don't know but I know it hasn't been. It has been ingrained in me that Dennis Seidenberg what a huge loss. And alum I'm hearing that they're better than they were last year not better but outside -- better than they were plastered -- -- hear what. The reason they are playing better right now without Dennis Seidenberg is because. Very much better offensive team than they were last year really doesn't have much to do with the -- defensively. What -- these -- long ways from your net most the right gesture but. Basically the major differences between this year's team of last year's team is you don't have Seidenberg you know Ference. But also you have a third line in you didn't even come close to -- after a month with she's -- should call before mentioned. That it's Sagan was -- in the post season last year which she was. Right now. Even if Kelly isn't there with with floor come out left wing Soderbergh and Ericsson that line is aces right now. And they may not be putting up a ton of points but there winning. Pretty much all their shifts out there they have the puck. That's the difference in this year's team in blasters. -- -- out I'll take it one step further they are not a better team without Dennis Seidenberg OK they are a better team than they were a year ago and I think Vijay has covered the reasons pretty completely. Buddy if they didn't falloff as far as we thought when Seidenberg went down and I thought they're going to be in trouble and I was wrong because of Kevin Miller. Kevin Millar has command and and I'm not saying he's Dennis Seidenberg yet he's not. But he has stabilized and given you the physical presence on the Blue Line I thought was going to be missing. Leave at least Seidenberg for a moment Adam -- haven't played since since January 19 beat. There really he's their placement for him Quaid and I -- I get your point that he has stabilized that defense and to the point where now. My Quaid is -- skating. We've seen him escape an awful lot this year though and restored noticed that s.'s. When he's a realistic option I expect to see Seidenberg before icy satellite and that that's that's that that's the joke with the the writers that unfortunately. That aside berg is going to be adequate Dennis Seidenberg is going to return from ACL -- until surgery. Quicker then out of equated Skinner returned from a quad injury that is just -- It is is doomed to this entire season but and a back up DJ. Point one step further. The Bruins have the best power play in the National Hockey League right now sort of par so they and they have the third best during the season as well have a third line now. They've got 88 power play now and the guys who have replaced Seidenberg although not matching his skill level. Have come up enough. Where the -- the golf is not as glaring as people thought it would be at all Hillary when he went down I've really aren't huge show not only that I. So that might might take throughout the season was they got a goal in the got to replace Andrew Ference. They got to find a waiter placed him. Either that -- -- he's gonna be at some they're gonna go on get is going to be it because people keep talking vote. Exciting even know if they're gonna be able to do Chara in Seidenberg. In the post season without Ference because parents and -- -- were good enough second pairing that allowed to do that so when you don't have parents. And then Seidenberg goes away you don't even have that option to -- Seidenberg replay. Does does he get you guys are gonna we're over all the reasons and you miss one -- That's one. No no let's say he would not -- my doctor last night portrait -- -- has become a man are you lucky but that's still not the guy the guy is. The winning goal last night scoreless Rama drama you think about it now he is more important for important for a -- -- regular season fine again that was more consistent in the regular important as Norton was not a he's never has been in his career consistent regular receiver where he's a great post season -- so now. You know again that was better than important in the regular season. Horton made his money he really in the playoffs and the guy if Jarome Iginla has got to step up in the playoffs. Got a great game last night even before even before the goal his president out there. You'd think you put a deadline. And -- -- out their together if this topic at that that pulling overtime to. You kind of start you start -- will physically. Those guys don't. There are loser you know luckily there are a lot of sun sets on sexy aspects to this series. For the Bruins -- -- of what Mike Babcock does -- who matches up against whom. You've got a guy who's playing its fourth line against what are your top six lines at all times he wants Luke glendening up better against that Patrice Bergeron line. And earlier in this earlier in the series he's playing a couple of kids against the Jarome Iginla. In meal on the teach -- he's playing against Datsyuk. There's going to be. Points are going to be sacrificed at points along the way and David crew chief who. Always leads the post season and goals and in points and everything in -- illustrious policies of player. -- has to -- at it and has to make his own offense production. Less of a priority so you're not seeing the offense from Karachi last night that was its first point this post season. It doesn't happen he only got four games votes appoint in the post he's like twice or something so. It's been unglamorous it's been an unglamorous start. To the post season for the outline. But as they go on and maybe face less scary lines and one like Pavel Datsyuk and and -- Zetterberg then they're probably be freed -- to do some more Alex on the cellphone your next. And -- -- There are you doing today are you. Bring you brits are are you the question based on the third -- or -- -- about is dumb. Certainly gotten much better skater and -- him credit or is com. Strong -- and sort thumb or Italy but from an orchestra but they're never act. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Also that you buried early but -- -- -- try and -- side whether Erickson was crashing of that purple -- -- Earlier in an urgent chipped it to get apart I think and but a little bit just right. I know it is what are its but it it's because of where Ericsson was on the ice and he was on his use off his back side yet so he. It it's difficult to be that strong on the puck on your on your offside but being -- the left shot he plays the right wings -- gonna encounter bad times but yes I mean if you were stronger us stick. Or if his dexterity were different then he has at least two Eagles. If there's some -- -- -- -- goes on between Ellen ports aren't I -- Are you don't look at least one that you ball awfully missed chain. I just a wanna go crazy because I think ericsson's play -- fine it as DJ pointed out it turned out. That the couple -- plays worries on his off wing if he was -- do the right shot -- -- shot it probably would have had two goals that. Those things happen I'd I'd love the way they played together I love what they brings third line. And they're doing it now with the kid who's come up from Providence got a real good job just in Florida not Chris Kelly I don't know when -- NC Chris Kelly back. And they're still but we said is born into this series. -- -- -- Is gonna get to go up against the other team's third defense pair -- and they're gonna eat them alive and that's what you've seen happen and it means that that that race to the puck who who is. That the puck in the net who is Carlson Robert racing to it. There was Brian Russia and that that those the guys that they want to take advantage of and again that's where that offensive depth comes. 6177797937. -- telephone number. The AT&T tax minus 37937. We are going to do muse who in with the people -- DJ here. -- 55 we're gonna let you guys pick the the finalist the winner. And we got a little feature in its gonna kick off today will be from this point on coming up and about 545 thereabouts and and we're gonna get some of those. Those top guys an opportunity to come out west. And we think we're ready for dale and Holley and DJ being Sports Radio W yeah.

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