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Patrice Bergeron is overrated? Yeah... not so much.

Apr 25, 2014|

We discuss the notion that longtime Bruins forward Patrice Bergeron is overrated as a player, especially in Boston.

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Our number two dale and -- Sports Radio WEEI. DJ being WEEI dot com is says seated alongside he is our third man in today. We mentioned that at today at 5 o'clock we begin a patent a new feature here on the -- -- program. What we actually will have is a new feature every day at 5 o'clock. Overall that feature will be called final drive but each day will do something a little different Korea depending on the day of the week in Friday's. Where we invite tough guys. -- the tough guys on the text machine on the telephone on the Twitter. The tough guys on those three avenues and and we've got some out there you know WR. We will we will bring you some of the top guys have walrus. -- them at all -- but at 545 -- you know your dolls UWR. It's a lot of fun it's a lot of fun for people. And so can we call back some toughness -- without commerce I got numbers here now now we don't that was a butcher at at -- -- -- would -- special we don't need to be doing. -- -- -- Or text them back although you really know Luke Lewis to run that's a horrible idea than they have your number. Does it here with you about phone well we can do this that's -- we should do we survive went about phones unbeaten Michael back in the and they can. They don't know our number -- said Mexico wants cold -- gentlemen. It. Yeah it's always -- you know I think everybody's done it. And right in the middle of you say. Man it's a bad plan -- allotted one there's nothing to be gained from this is you just -- I've just gotta let what happens on Twitter was gotta gotta have some involvement if you go back at them than they go back to you and then suddenly -- You're like twenty exchanges and -- -- -- -- -- -- right now hunter and is a person I don't know this person and Alec I've found a new person in the world. Who who -- -- them do that from two people I got one of those on Twitter and and I'll say this finesse guy I think it's guy. He's relentless and he just does not give it up he is absolutely positively convinced. The Tyler Sagan trade to the Dallas Stars was the worst trade in the history of the Boston Bruins may be in the history of sports. Don't don't don't I'm I feel about it that it will be will be talking about that and and a little bit and and it was it was a trade which I mean every single day. He says to me you know just think how -- the Bruins would be if they had a real right wing -- with Soderbergh. Yet they'd be better than first overall in the national accurately and that teen wins what they care so much to vote a vote weathered -- Tyler sickened. Worked here it it it missed. I like some people like certain players and that's fine I mean I can I -- your favorite player you have a favorite player that's fine I mean if if the Bruins traded. -- Toronto. I'm just saying if if the Bruins traded the -- spur two way that probably be a little upset about that he's overrated. I heard it on -- gala so during my layover don't surrender another radio for like -- like that I got a bunch of people on traders saying it. You boys in the morning there at the run their mouth -- no clue what that's -- at the same bird or player. I turn on this and god knows what like they go with a vote bootable crouching and scratched over it is chart -- and sleep. Expert here here's the overall point they were making and I listened quite a bit -- the morning. The overall point they were making is that is that Patrice Bergeron absolutely positively. Is a -- trophy award winner -- best defensive forward in the national hockey. I think they were taking to task people like me who say if you watch him play every single night. He should be off Hart trophy candidate he won't be but he should be this -- But it's not it's not just people it's not just you it's not just people in Boston -- if if you gotta make the case that. Not everybody around here there's so went to the Bruins that they over rate the players. Yet you can say that if people here were saying things that people nationally. Worse thing. What if you just took out all of the local writers and commentators. Who talk about the Bruins 95% of the time. And then you went to -- Toronto or Montreal. Or Chicago. And you said. Some of the best way players. In that in the National Hockey League Patrice Bergeron may come up. Well and put their contention this morning is that being a great two way player does not make you an MVP candidate which I think it went up but it won't so you know. So I gave merger on my third heart vote highway and ago Alan Crosby gets laughed Bergeron. Sagan. 05 -- ski. And the more I think about it. I think that if you're gonna go with a two -- guy. Who doesn't put up points because Bergeron -- want to figure out where he rakes in that top five because statistically he does not measure up those other players at least the points. And goals and assists and things like that. But the more I think about it writes I believe in giving goalies part votes I've given them part votes in the past. Why doesn't Zdeno target in the conversation this year to an item a couple weeks late and thinking it but. Why wouldn't Zdeno Chara the in the discussion if for drugs -- Miley should be but he won't but he is more valuable the Bruins and trees -- throws. I it's a valid argument. And and I understand you know that the point to make that I am not even sure. I don't think Zdeno Chara and win the Norris and -- but he wanted to be sick to my stomach. You do have a rather unhealthy and that you wait I don't know six foot nine inch guy no no not we know it's Chara but with Norris trophy voting I heated. That their -- a couple of years ago. I really don't base who bunt when he won it I I didn't -- them of that either I really don't like the idea. -- -- -- Is going to win the Norris without having played -- shut down world it's gonna be twice in the last three years that. A guy who is not a shut -- defense and for his team. Donkey is obviously people being shut down defenseman but he isn't for the for the Blackhawks this year -- Alderson in go to yard that's their shutdown pairing. It sickens me that in two of three years. And offensive defenseman was going to win it okay. As the award. Explicitly say it's for the best it's that as the best player at the defense OK so at an art than a problem open to interpretation. What that necessarily have to be at -- front of defense and just my belief -- but that's the -- should be the -- emotionally -- -- for most people it has become the defenseman with the most points. Which is not what they had mine and I hate that even a tiebreaker I hate that if you look at that. Dowdy or. Or Alex -- low bit if you look at it. Which. Which competition they face and how cup their minutes are in their kinda similar. That you say. I will go to tiebreaker that the -- has five more assists or something like that that's silly. I think it is. Dexter says -- bill Callahan was saying emphatically Bergeron is absolutely not a heart candidate and that's fine I understand his argument I disagree -- him. He's not going to be a heart can't our heart a heart candies not going to be a finalist -- -- -- heart the heart of the candidate -- It is is a lot different than saying the winner auto educate them on to say that he was overrated got to tough it is tough for anybody. Outside of Pittsburgh. Really suit maker and a good run at Sidney Crosby right look at Sidney Crosby and get my vote -- and that's the best the best player -- -- at least Stephanie afghanis but not just. Upsurge numbers they wouldn't say Bergeron deserves it over Crosby but would you would you say is. Are if you're talking about four candidates. -- 45 candidates in you and you wanna get to our 345. Some of the things you're looking at beyond points. And he's an easy worthy -- worthy candidate if you look at it that. Well and and here's in the Lebanese your way to put it. There may only be about three forwards in the National Hockey League I would create even up for Patrice Byrd who Crosby's obviously absolutely. Mean I -- Patrice Bergeron but if you could make that you knew exactly. May be Ryan gets -- may -- I stress that. Would you would you trade Bergeron even up for to get Tyler taken back -- actually -- -- cast on hole away Alexander Ovechkin and it's fifty goals. I ice off by lack that is that that is the that is that shiny -- best week of the hockey season this year that we can make is that. And he I hear you make it all the time minutes bang on you would even think -- trading Patrice Bergeron for Alex Ovechkin not even close I mean. Peter short sale at Lafayette chapter you would do that hadn't been dealt with that before he wouldn't have money team. Would have backed him on the team. I can't get over it and now I I think makes you worse I get a four for thirty -- will look look what happened this year to advocate for fifteen cents on the dollar. That was the worst brewing right now. Another era of the if you get out of being mean I don't get -- act but I let's say you'll -- checked -- That Johnson your hear your nineteenth or twentieth got. If you could somehow get. Alex Ovechkin for Chad Johnson. We don't. Obey him on your team. You know it all blows up your salary cap structure he. Grows up -- to -- -- -- -- this world and chemistry I believe so much in chemistry. That I think there'll be enough guys in this Bruins room. It would look at that guy and today. You know we're different people I can't I can't relate to this guy. I can't I can't respect the way he plays the game that he just goes up there's score that. When he's out there that are going to be a lot of odd man rushes going the other way. He's a superstar he's flashy that's great let him go to All Star Games. Past. As you said something the other day -- that really -- yesterday got my attention to hadn't I hadn't heard anybody say this before. About old man hockey yeah armor yarder who has a big fan of you served when the Bruins have -- have -- give up a first round pick to get younger. Any did help them win a playoff game directly game three what it was a hooker not help the word game three against the penguins. But you said. That he wasn't their kind of guy and they decided to move on. Was -- a distraction was he. Although I don't know -- always -- no he wasn't a distraction he wasn't a bad person he US actually has. I don't want that. Some like that it's should Sunday the parents of two but he was like and a mascot came in here indict. Everyone got a kick out of it here's this guy who's that everything you could possibly do HL career and he comes enemies make an old jokes about himself. He's not going to morning skate but he skated innate by himself like you used the lunatic. I think that if anything. He fitted -- -- he helped to make things looser because people were like. This guy out there is a wild man. I I will point out that Jarome Iginla has scored more Stanley Cup playoff goals for the Bruins this year and -- younger did all of last year it's time -- -- He can score the goal Qatar he was in fury meeting with the puck. Being held he possession outlook at all it's okay to pass once in awhile. It's okay you got guys filled out of the younger and trends. It was where you at the border they do with pared their animals and their kids it's when you go into the corner like -- sweep or something you go to the corner. With with something and just stay there like with your back facing everything -- -- -- And just wait. Does work and he was always working on -- but I always felt like OK there's that. There's an end game to this none of them on a regular yet you can't take it from me. -- asked it to anybody and I know there are three colored jerseys around me here but does Tibet. I at a text or did come up with -- another for what I would trade for Bergeron damn close. Yeah he's one I would I mean look there aren't many there are only about three or four. Five at the most in the NHL I would trade even up for Bergeron and none of them would trade with you about it but I'd Jerry's on the cellphone hey Jerry I don't. Under a good night I got. I I accomplished a lot and let it eat it this morning or not they're greatly. I'll bite might -- a little -- and and -- -- up back in the 88. Argument between truck or read it yet. That -- already. Where Bergeron that so much more for it he kept pure scorer. But at what rate via AT and archer got a -- or point. All I don't know last year what Bergeron got hurt the -- in one another in the final. And that to beat out the Arctic -- that make it different era which account of all Larry. I actually got hurt and then it really slowly. Just say wait a lot. But you know you also to consider that that same -- got hurt too. Right fight and I don't panic or down on the divide -- you look like you're at. -- -- -- -- Well they're all college and about each other do their jobs and keep doing it but -- That that when one person block it out and that it took place. I think -- on unfortunately. What are our ports are -- get minimal I not a hundred point four and I advocate that I remember trot Jacob Gretzky. Until Gretzky in the that -- and end in their act in port street -- it -- don't buy that. And it went and there was the the Oilers sort of got the hang of that Stanley Cup finals thing they weren't given it up. In the alternate around the area I heard I heard first round with you guys I was I was getting on the plane and it turned -- mighty mighty apple whatever. As -- tick up but I heard good amount of the Bergeron and -- you guys and well him what do you say. He calls because -- record here it already has a black -- he's almost defiant toward the idea of scoring goals you know like. It's like. Yeah I'll do it -- -- Antonio Detroit -- do maybe three times a year but. I think that if I played to a game by teams and get the puck and that's I mean that's what he says any practices what he preached what he preaches. Build our talking about it after. After Bergeron scored his thirtieth that earlier in the team yet such a golden opportunity to jump up into the play. With puck bouncing around front and put an end. And he just stayed back kind of zoning case the puck went the other way that's that player Patrice Bergeron is its type of thing that and I'm not saying that. We watched league more of the games than anybody else does but like the more you watch the race that the more right. The more you watch Patrice Bergeron the more you see -- things like that and he's not we've interrupted the media he's -- waving to the the fans saying -- look what I can't do look what I'm not doing. It's just the way he played Texas as we -- trade Bergeron from all. I don't want -- as a -- one that's a harder one for me that's difficult. I woods Balkans to be playing tied -- The national -- a -- man. It and bend light can mean there's some there's some. The bullish boys you know. Is gonna sound controversial. I would not -- Patrice Bergeron who really. Are now not not with what you have right now I think the idea of Patrice Bergeron incident a Chara on the ice in five on five play is such a fascinating thing to watch that. Our signal can sensational player and he spectacular to watch but. For what were conditioned to expect out of hockey in Boston I would rather cutesy Bergeron back to back -- here at the on the -- -- text -- first one. Does guys Bergeron is overrated I appreciate Callahan listening and another one says c'mon guys this dude is not a top twenty forward and -- I think I disagree with you there. I mean it's your opinions everything establish probable what's your definition of better yet as to what they wanna talk about is traditionally hard it's a hundred point right guy. So traditionally heart voters. Definition of better is more points last 1642 in the heart we said many times plus sixty ports in the heart or top three points top three goals. We're starting to move away from that though all these damn nerds that are coming in with accorsi accorsi -- Fenwick and all of -- are one of those damn well he like this are coming around it I'm slowly coming around to it. But of their two -- Occurrences which I say no this accorsi doesn't accurately say. What I just saw. Breaks the mold that oil or maybe it hasn't happened yet it has happened who was who was The Who was the heart winner who. And didn't have the most points in wasn't way up there but was appreciated for being a complete player. There was -- -- has literally we're waiting there hasn't been one that's amazing it's why he's when they win it mean because you give that'd the voters credit for overlooking. For overlooking Ford's at least but I think goalie should be in play I think that defenseman should be in play and he really. How they vote for MVP. In the NFL they say it's best team. New Orleans Saints got a courtroom with a quarterback Drew Brees he. And Drew Brees the immediately and that's. Actually how it happens most of time and unless major Peterson comes along and has there was anyone back at our season and hadn't dragged him into the playoffs and sail on a Peyton Manning was great and Tom Brady was great but. We give to this guy running backs and animals -- player that's on the story for. Patrick in Manchester hey Patrick you're next on -- -- Two. -- I want I want I -- north street eight he you know electric hybrid car open to open up why not copy it any like that kind of machine. -- operated under the current and now that Horford pick and marketed out and Richard Pataki. Why shouldn't be -- award should be most are content. Productive. And and. I'm glad you didn't take it a step further because people often. Throw that out there and they say -- you could call the Bobby your award. You and I didn't exactly go on the outcome of the over the heart broke -- open. I dare you to mention that the Jack Edwards because one time I accidentally did it in he screamed at me Ono for -- -- at that suggestion to just because he wanted to -- sort of justice in the mood to screen. -- -- responsibility with which Bobby your played. Is not Erik Karlsson well I do with that type of thing -- that was great -- pretty pathetic record. Do you do that it that -- your karaoke. Iraq. It is not Edwards and Jack Hayward earthquake on now now that that's that's and that's about. I mean it. Called the Paul -- -- that's that's that Canada happy medium but. Yeah assured that that'll work and exist I think that would be betters. I think that good defenseman would be better served with that existing because then -- and keep when's it easily this year and then you say okay. Who was the best shutdown defenseman this year what's talk a boat Drew -- let's talk about Zdeno Chara and then one of those guys wins. 6177797937. As telephone number. The AT&T tax minus 37937. It's dale and Holley and DJ being here on Sports Radio WEEI. Takes a shot -- Alexander Ovechkin at least fifty goals I I -- eyelash that is that that is the that is the shining this. Best. Of the -- This year. Shiny as best I get -- and there -- a trophy by the -- get a shiny happy people. You can't -- DJ with any news. He's pretty good at that stuff I got -- -- word about having to hear from his theology -- The list his candidacy about you know like Ron -- not I'm not a snob you're not you're hater and I. Ashley -- like. -- snobs couldn't like. Cancer and the opera is the the place for all sorts. Jessica. Yeah. I was there have some Scott from scouts did you like these things. Got you to get abnormally excited about. The aperture. Actually I'm freaking out I thought I mean tweet about this this. Assembly of talent that's coming boss oh yeah -- -- -- -- something what you went to. Mack to wanna go play the and we we so we went to means the world -- to scramble -- Went to it's the US day. The repair record used to live where he started -- And when the studio we tell rooms and to the echo chamber where. It snaps from my girl snapper in two units lever as the office reviewed -- those are some of the money. -- what -- there were seven houses that was not the house. And it's crazy though. House they had just like ethics in teaching that we that we -- like that. It's the pretty rough there it would take these kids -- Raw and saying it's -- can do polite teach them it's tricky to read music. Dance all these things. Beat them. To. Me astray -- it this is I'm I'm sitting here. Smiling listened to you talk because if you if you can believe this to work with a guy who didn't like aren't they. I thought I should tell you what you believe a person like that -- -- god did not like. RD you're sort of meg we are talking about -- happily one time and we brought a relic. My -- which think of and I silo Mike and see. There's like -- and you know it don't even sent to -- -- it since it is. They're not interested in hearing -- -- on it is there anybody by the way would be worse. Than having your tour group. Admiral Jones and TJ beam. I mean again I -- -- that's not a story way to meant nothing question it would be like Steve Buckley taking mr. meter or else -- or at Fenway. You know I had all through the torrent box. Well -- our Soledad I had I can tell you what happened I was there all he can't hold the ball and 44 it was 46 Vijay would be the worst possible guys having your group. Taken to a remote it was coming out about halfway through like picture it was a guy or girl. It was a it was a it was the guy who is he looked like a Motown artist yet the hair and everything used to it. He was shuffle like the temptations he was singing he was incredible I just picture halfway through this Borge gone. But I wanted to you know last if they're actually ultimately use talking about though is the the background singers the the court -- They were they were on Michael but the songs. And you -- them about them and I asked the question. And humorous you could tell that he was so used to this routine that he has three says all these exact same words that no -- Apple's that this one time he collapsed this one time. And he was just so thrown up by the fact it was a simple question I was like oh. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There and you know young Stevie Wonder really skinny dude but the the glasses and that that speech or expression. And he said that organized that -- people walk through all -- Trials now. It's painful that is -- says I scoffed 6177797937. -- up in Maine Tony and expand. Ella. Baker at are you doing -- or not matter. They showed. Early on and and. And in my opinion just watch and it's great to a player. Just get your thoughts on I mean I I think he's certainly worthy of conversation and MVP player. Because of all the intangibles that he doesn't social opponent score sheet. And our justice. In that boat into the game so. Amazing all into this game but I think he definitely deserves compensation and for the record temperature. Let me explain -- -- the voting to you know -- it's 25 dollars to be a member of the pro hockey writers association. You have to have some outlets for which you write. You then join your various cities chapter and then from there it used to be. And you get to vote. And that meant so really all you needed was a check book that match I mean I did the joke -- make all the time as the costs 35 dollars to vote. Ten dollars to start a website to pretend that your writer -- putting -- dollars to join the association and they get to vote. This year they cut it down 250 voters a lot of -- good Smart writers lost their votes in May be some of the and who knows maybe some of the last call -- voters ended up keeping them. But. Yeah that's pretty much what it is and deep basin off of stats whatever you wanna do video but. As time goes on Indies that's become available -- federal all these these things. The nerds are gonna search takeover and when Patrice Bergeron is leads the league in accorsi witches shut up percentage shot attempts. For your team or against your team when -- on the ice which basically says the team had the puck. Bergeron luckily he course he -- second -- course hero which Mitt witches course he relative rest. When -- -- lets people eventually. Looking at that not -- -- I don't want to look at that it's OK I want to look at it. But that can't -- that that's just I rarely agree just as bad if -- it's an extreme that are necessary so. Gonna go where he scored more points than anybody therefore he's the best player in the league. That's wrong if you gonna go strictly on the stats he led the league in this debt that's right it's dangerous it's. Like -- -- why is at its heart for people what it's hard to. Have a blend. -- you either come from one school that school and it's hard for those schools to to meet the middle and it will what will have would have come a long way this will be eight. How wonderful moment society when your friend. -- -- your friend -- Brian Burke. At least acknowledges. That become a stack I didn't become a -- but at least acknowledges the the relevance. Of had been. I'd love to but I love put Burke said of advanced statistics because I'm -- also Scott McLaughlin also covers difference for us and he is I mean he's the best and he's he's big and all these stats everything. And we don't pay him enough he's actually teaching me how to understand these stats how to use the crowded -- how to use them the right way. And the issue with. These -- guys is that they do use it as their primary the valuation. So when Burke comes out and says the -- test is the most important thing in hockey I still agree with that are going to percent the most important. But it's tougher when I mean I don't see the San Jose Sharks play every night so. I'm competent job of Belsky deserves some key votes and that he deserved our votes but. The hole I testing doesn't applied to him for me as much that does prefer to run a city. Trust we got a text or who who got it wrong and textures that well. You know how to you know how do you and he really patty takes some of these voters seriously they would actually have to watch the games well -- it depends on what award you're talking about how much the vezina. It's probably some writer. From moose jaw. Actually -- -- is this is that aren't registered and out that's for real thing thank you that happens -- censor writing it's a genomic general managers. The National Hockey League vote on the Vesna trophy -- yes so. It's it's I know it's a lot of fun to just say bodies writers I've never played game they don't know anything. They don't know. I don't know anything about hockey to just sit there are watching -- well. And did play the game. They're watching the games. In the 20. You don't know what it wrong last year when Henrik Lundqvist so final so you know I wonder Roscoe is it was our day at the end of the year is deal was up. And the Bruins brought -- be negotiating with them may -- some teams -- -- stepped in and try to -- to an offer -- Our GM's in that sense who motivated. To I'm not saying collude to individually arrive at the conclusion that. You know what if I'm trying to sign this guy maybe he doesn't cost as much if I say. A lot of potential -- -- you've never been a finalist for the vest and a I don't think so yeah I don't think -- I don't think so. I had to -- it's a legitimate question it was pretty it was pretty eye opening that he was not finalists question but didn't wasn't it an open secret. That the Bruins were gonna sign there there's no idea there was no way -- been -- get their money -- so you wouldn't vote against him because gonna help your team get them. You've always going back to -- Breaux Dexter says hey dale how come you won't say on the air yeah the red wings could still win this series the lancet say they get paid to Michael said I could say it but I don't believe it. Come on unlike unlike some talk show hosts I watch it sort of say what I think not not what I think like the sponsoring it I am sorry I don't. Think the red wings can win this and I'm got to say -- the red wings can win this series. They went three more I don't know if they went for more games dammit the red wings will win this series take that back they had to build DJ. That doesn't mean that that -- I'm right and and the techsters wrong maybe they will I could be flat out wrong god knows it's happened before. I believe the red wings will not win game five in my mind because I think the Bruins should be on such Tyler. He saw what happened last year. Real quotes from you on the 22 on W dot com. They aren't such high alert from what happened last year and aware of the fact that you know. We don't like the red wings much -- -- at -- lineup. Let's not let him play a third team back let's not let him hit his stride because then if it's 32 it's gone back to Detroit. Yeah we won both games in pitcher illusory about which by the way. Dumbest storyline ever the people were actually concerned the Bruins -- to be able to win the game at Joe Louis Arena because they weren't doing in the regular season but I think that they're aware that. We don't wanna get one of their best players comfortable. Hitting his stride going back to their arena with the opportunities -- this seven games because again. This is not an inexperienced. Bunch of kids in May be defensively but it this certainly is not the round -- and Milton richt you next on dale and -- They don't guys Eric I'll talk about -- -- are permitted about. To me it's like baseball goes at least that you'll all eliminate. All plaudits from -- change in I don't look at that. The best player on the best team in the weeks so how can I thought at least -- candidate mean. You know you argue that he's not MVP. Definitely one of the top -- I mean. They they would do that the Patrick Italy you know who won the Stanley Cup two years ago they won it last year into. They'll all due respect to charity in the best player looking at. It is I don't know player on the team but they are no I think he has about -- I'm I'm I'm leaving goaltenders out but don't you have but don't you have to factored gaming into Rick's point is well taken and we. We were talking about this earlier. If you got to consider all aspects of a player not just goal scoring you have to say that Tuukka Rask is a heart heart trophy candidate. But so caress his company is gonna win the vezina. So he's the best goaltender. In the league on the best team in the league and that the -- award winner. On the best team -- how do you put how can you say definitively. That Tuukka Rask is that that Bergeron is better. Than Tuukka I think I -- Player on the team I do and and I understand goaltending is a different animal I do think two arrests the best goaltender in the National Hockey League. I do think that there's a difference between skaters -- unquote goaltenders. I just -- are talking a good my biggest thing is I know this this feeds your point that Obama that I am biased -- -- -- chart which I don't think I am. Aren't we type of -- -- -- what he just asked me if it if I think -- runs the best player on the team might do. I think that you think Chara is I find it as hockey player's goal what you wanna go out on the ice skeeter rounds in and it shoot pucks. You wanna be out there are Patrice Bergeron is Patrice Bergeron is a lot better of a skater it's taken in a -- long time. Or to -- -- -- long time to be a good skater to be an adequate skater even. But he's still. His impact on the game is still. I will take far greater but it's a good amount greater than that aperture like I think adding that if Bergeron vote for. 23 weeks. Bruins have a tough test. If -- for 23 weeks. Season's over what one half. 6177797937. -- the telephone number the AT&T text minus 37. 937. Still to come our final news ecology bracket of the up. Of a hole contest. You guys decide on our our new dale and -- theme song. Although is -- still -- with we've been on the air for a month now and and -- Iran the final drive makes its debut tonight at 545. All those text telephone and Twitter tough guys get their forum.

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