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Lyndon Byers joins the Mut and Merloni show to talk Bruins 4-25-13

Apr 25, 2014|

Lyndon Byers joins the guys to talk all things Bruins-Red Wings. Bruins in 3!

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It's more money we're -- EI Sports Radio network at W. Let's look back here. Back soon. Thanks thanks yeah. Let's talk good candidates to. -- to clear break your sales it costs the sausage that's been able for the wrist shot that. It's. Stick yeah. On a huge huge win the Bruins well 37. WE EIL be heard is voicing your house. I's gonna hang out -- of calls you've got 61777979. B 370 is the phone -- the AT&T text line. Is 37937. Before I ask you about your glass up we'll tell you that I -- I just tweeting out a picture. Of these -- you've been wearing it around the building all morning long to follow me on Twitter to get a net -- WEEI. And the UT. WEEI take a picture LB in our studio. Wearing. Black sunglasses with Alan gold number twos. Across the -- authority. Gaby the -- all -- call for -- solar lab in hockey would've picked it up Jordan Iran. Picking it up for pie AA is why he's getting healthy fourth -- not -- A UN -- incurred anywhere in those two complements -- bus card is important the credit union support sport because you go low blood shot eyes after -- late night hot hot hot. Not how I know me I don't know I love -- how well he asked -- I love the ordeal of the rule final of what they're doing this series. In the minutes are a lot in their bang in and now they keep the temple want him you know after that. Worried -- first period that Detroit. Worked on our Bruins and I thought it was an incredible. Efforts added in debt to not implode. And -- settle down and then fight their way back into it. They can delegate for -- we thought they were gonna game three and did not. I think it is over mum on board with -- -- Britney -- five of the keys that five at the start with Bruins in three but. Now you're at five which is good. But tell me why because there -- three to what Lester gets to run I think it is difference why do you think it's different up 31 against Toronto. There you well know what happened nets series like this -- different. Professionals learn from their mistakes professionals learned -- -- they remember they -- Gibson and then and now and they move forward. I think what you're seeing from the Bruins is what again. You know I was getting frustrated last week in any and I you know I've been frustrated neared its -- and -- on the lose it again because -- you know once they get rid of the red wings and and you know my my callers to moral will be a W for the Bruins -- that. It's their series to dictate you saw last night. You know they -- you know and it didn't want was that five days off -- C a later date then -- they cranked it up and implant recite the the Bruins dictate how the series. Will go you sought last night the red wings played the best hockey they've played in this series. In the first period and lost in overtime -- what -- like good teams that win -- I do agree bounces. And what you're seeing out of that Boston Bruins is why the buzz saw. Which is the Montreal Canadians Tampa Bay. Could not compete with four lines of scorn and -- -- -- what you shorelines of opera you should have been in net. Not bishop I don't you know again I don't I don't care about that you know it is what it is. I unity at the same thing with the justice in last night you know -- has doozy deploy the Bruins get it done it's it. Does this class is it will be dictated by the boss number it's. I will will the much -- -- -- -- just every playoff series in the playoffs is a challenge for everybody you're witnessing. What is the greatest sport on the planet NHL the NHL and and. While I NS I agree with you may have said it before and now the design and appears playoff hockey I mean there's nothing that compares to -- just. You're always -- if you see this is the greatest thing in the world is no and he probably any commercial breaks and -- you just like you know what to do it yourself. The scary thing about this team's. We saw the -- a couple of power play and so go to the steal a couple of third line. Right now they got a power Blake and a third line. And I'm just surprised those glasses -- three and four and a half because I'll see all of our great that's what's that's what's scary about this team and I know there's still some you know the -- defensemen but. Those two of the special teams that third line it's like everything goes missing a -- lookup. They don't have on this team yes kind of scary. Well it's exciting it's fine Soderbergh last night on that -- go all you know that you know he's so big. You know you know that -- the fact that he thinks he he handles apart he plays physical. TEE force the issue at the side of the net so much so that Detroit's. You know YouTube ye -- do you do your job you believe your team it'll get the job done. And that and that and and this is the. Detroit Red Wings defenseman left lieutenant I don't know which one it was but basically. Jessica who left left left is left left his job in front of the net level it's wide open solar bird house -- great sucked around out not putter about a public -- just leave them. But I trailer old burger on the net yeah and yet he had to -- it you know it it's it's because you when you -- -- play physical -- -- force the issue. Guys trying to do too much and that's pretty solid night course and and he got burned. As we're talking about this right after the top of the hour trending Tuukka Rask was officially not surprised but officially named a finalist for the -- trophy yes -- are longer an issue up and up -- aloft for Colorado does your three. Vezina finalist just released by the NH yeah. Yeah I don't I'm not not not as writing a what a great effort but I mean who hasn't put a winless and on Tuukka. You know did -- course phenomenal Dugard kept the Boston Bruins within earshot. Of the W. By playing his past -- in the first period insanely good when they learn it. How to ask a question that I open the show at this and maybe I am misreading him every -- over. I -- projecting for just a small portion of Bruins fans -- like when they lose the same people text the show and tweet me. And bring up to beat dot I I have been on the took a bandwagon since last year trying to say this guys that everything except. When the cup do you still get that feedback when they lose again about what the final score was Aussie. Norris who does not that good no respect of and they everybody lighten up to a one off thing. -- -- -- -- his goals a decency -- really hear me tell us to not an issue was an issue in game one. -- did his job in game one. Yeah day due to -- been phenomenal he's he's played out of his mind but again I will sit here and tell you that. If if the Boston Bruins allow the red wings to throw 35 and 38 and forty shots Tuukka Rask. I yeah yeah there's there's at some point there's gonna be a breakdown he can't he's not going to be able to carry carry the load you've got you've got to be there -- guy. And there and get it done so as good as a young. Edit -- the roughing penalty in all I would not do you know I like -- you know. And I love his speed -- you know I again -- you know -- that apart from crates. I didn't handle it got rid of industry you know who did did he did what got guys like -- working guys like. Superstars do -- yes it is you know. They they know to get it to the net they know in a playoff series if you just get it going to the net something crazy can happen and look what happened. I don't if they win the game which is a beautiful thing they're up 31 right now but. I was wondering if you had any if you had any flashbacks. May fifteenth 1990 mean anything to you. Now it will be one Stanley Cup triple overtime how sure -- -- double overtime yeah Wesley. -- try to flip the ball that the block rattle horrific can't do it. And I think Brad Marchand had easier opportunities that they know odds. -- -- -- there it's one of those CJ it can happen I'll tell you I'll say this I know Brad Marchand. I he's he's a player that that that was south forgotten the moment it happened both times. And he's gonna he's got past he's been incredible in this series of huge. Asset in this series and I would I would expect as he always does when he has -- died he plays are not a great game tomorrow and by the way Iraq. That I I still say that a factor is it might it was it might well agree probably on some reclaim -- on the triple overtime and I think that was mediate between escort. In the in the Cleveland triple over to triple over musical and I -- 99 he knows the -- you -- -- -- your questions are there. LB -- -- -- phone call 6177797937. Chris Collins from Maine today -- but Mott and a bootable Lou well. Our good friend and buyers today press normal. -- -- -- -- -- They let's loans like to say that there are you guys to run an excellent show and out of all the sports shows and I've listened to especially with the women got -- the Bruins some of the most intelligent comment have been coming out of your -- and I've heard. In a long time song wanna thank you for that there were here forum -- -- -- initiative that you know I've been up my first -- game was October 6 1979. Ray Bork burst in you bet bleed black and -- I'm but I can also be art critic. Bruins. Especially when -- once a well. And to go back to what you are saying about it too wrapped. If anybody. If anybody has any doubt of our ability and this performance. They need it's like I mean -- Adobe would let nobody was saying. Okay it's really blossom per game why not do. You terrorists. Want in goals against average for this series look at what you accomplished last year. -- he knew -- -- -- programs help last year. Last march -- include easily bitten I've been to Detroit into. Italy and it would have rats that shut the door. I'm ready yet on you know we had some great back up with a -- You're only as good you -- your goal is going to do editor defenseman black. You're meaning he -- the -- If you rented a couple of goals neither of those -- -- this all went immediately would -- yeah -- c'mon when you've -- opportunity -- school. And only the biggest game in the league but he's he's a forresters he's a -- -- wouldn't be pretty creates what a year ago. 65665865. To forty. He's he's he's a big body of gratitude I mean I again take this all all the you all do you know -- a playoff team wants is for your goaltender. To play to his ability to not give glory to right. Afghan Internet tend to not be to not be flirts not -- up. Bobrovsky. Where one purity about three goals and three shots on the next previous dominated yet you bring your organization back into a playoff spot. Winning playoff series when he opportunity -- yet -- is just focuses and back the dead dead the peace of mind. That gives his team -- fronting him is insanely cool. And that's that's an and that allows beyond that allows. For the opportunity -- than you know the -- legal mind it is usually it's not to have not to have played out of their minds I have a I have a bad and off. -- the air jacket were just in on the -- on Perugia Jack who cannot figure studio only talking about Tuukka and just. It is steady presence and he is you know he's given up bad goals before OK I think a lot of big gold will. But you know it it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think -- -- opposite has been a bad gore or they just scored a big deal it's not gonna happen again. Right and I think that's kind of like that feeling of -- they scored. It's not gonna happen again we got we got the best ball in the league. MVP area that they'll realize that don't think most pronounced for Israel. And just imagine it just it's that whole -- thing that we talk about that makes the Bruins -- so good is that if -- Claude Julian. You don't sweat. Throw in the Marleau line out against Henrik Zetterberg and and and the Detroit Red Wings that are trying to trying to score -- -- -- you know why. Because those guys -- solid enough and and and then they have so much confidence to go. They play the game everybody's competent big -- of some minutes -- you got to fourth line turn up minutes of a first line of secular and the Detroit Red Wings. And what what happens when it comes out of the late secretary when it comes out of third period when a game that we take it over and your fight for a win. Somebody's got fresher -- And and it wasn't a surprise that that -- line you know got busy last night and I in the second and third it was great what it was a great return of -- Zetterberg last night -- impact he had on the game. I I'd be you know again -- that that was early that was the moral early -- -- -- its -- a lot of yeah it automatic -- ready zero play the lead they're gonna come out with a job they're gonna -- fired up and to promote you know pop up temple. And and they did and and they got the spark. But it way to wears off you know Henrik Zetterberg is probably what planet what mark. Eighty for the magic played nineteen minute -- a vice and I said seven of those were good the other twelve he was just skate now their began after the fact wreck they beat the crap out of -- -- ambulance you know it's not just unity. You're on the road you're you're in Detroit figured ten minutes of emotion we talked both fight through that yeah. You know it's also save big with Zetterberg Greg he's on the -- beautiful pass to Datsyuk early on I seemed critical position outscored chance. And then after awhile it's not like the crowd to sort of told down -- bits at a protect the entire. Guys out of shape direction if at first attitude contract. So left out like the first three or four shifts now turns into OK let's see how long -- keep this up she couldn't and I don't blame them. Not only if an episode his club on some what's -- what's supposed to happ out of fuel so that Elizabeth so what's happened there is no I quest. -- -- -- -- Still every -- my home. It'd be the bill Glenn Danny of those guys are supposed to keep the they're supposed to keep that temple you know Zetterberg got him to come out with that temple. Then you know it's it's inevitable he's gonna trail -- someone's got to pick up those minutes to keep that temple up and the Boston Bruins -- him out. Hired him out and it sucked the life it was. The thing and I love scene you know ineptitude they -- the lead down to -- -- practice once in two months. -- that would block the -- teams but what I said look everybody else right now let me get this same type of thing right -- -- Brought it to it's an Eastern Conference finals you know -- not a good spot game four now two games to one or whatever might be. That's kind of gave -- expects Seidenberg and throw meant you get that little boost right -- you got back. -- due respect dip -- -- -- now come into play Dennis Seidenberg hockey of 2013. You know you can happen it'd just can't happen and and you look. He's -- he's gonna plan is gonna play tomorrow afternoon. -- their backs are against the law. There -- quality organization where -- it would a crazy coach he'll try anything anytime anywhere in Babcock you know you saw yesterday you know. You know build flip flopping wooden -- Of guys in goalies and everything else. And that's what he's the master that that's what that's what -- -- -- -- -- playoff spot. With with all their veterans certain you know so it's going to be big it's gonna be a great game in the it's it's it's the -- opportunity dictate. A series ending win or not. Odds go to Watertown Jon is their Jon Europe -- -- -- and LB today what's going comment. Good afternoon and love the show LB -- you to do it that would work and Adobe's. A couple of quick questions you know watch the Bruins diehard and over the past public deems it seems that raptors had more traffic in front of right and and as a result he. And like it -- rules alone has opened up the depth -- the Bruins you see. Plays like Soderbergh -- carrying the puck more or less dumping and given night for example Hamilton took a compliment to end. With every shot you could talk -- So do you do you think that two questions really one is that something that -- is this specifically you know scheming. On x.s and also an important thing we got to get after progressed into is is the the fact that the neutral don't seem to be opening up is and it direct result got caught in the defense's own. Yes well -- it's like this it is if it's caused a fact in order for the red wings to win this series they need to -- guy crashed guys have been -- Datsyuk. I and I Quist a tar. A car while he saw. There they got to throw pucks -- that they're quality people -- get pucks through people. On raster bar Rask when he is when he screen so the byproduct of that is you're gonna have three. Maybe sometimes forfeited -- bay event a defense -- comes out tries to get a shot from the slot -- -- but -- front. Those guys gonna get caught. And the brewers have an open opportunity at the puck up the up the middle yet to cause some damage. But did you know that's the only way you're going to be you're the only way AB article tenders his put bodies in front of him. And an upset resign his rhythm and that's. And and the Britain and in so that the red wings are doing what they have to do. And it's it's -- its not working and they did the best they could do last night the first period the Bruins hung tough. And and -- out and they and they gonna duck and then you add the fact that no you know -- -- -- apparently runs Bruins got a guitar. The. The the response last night by some people on Twitter addict even I don't record Jack mention it LB. Claiming that the red wings whole approach -- -- was to hold the sticks the Boston Bruins that's something that stood out to you would not like got to approach -- -- Are a threat -- let's hold sort of lock this Bruins team down did you notice that last night. I you know what I did notice a guy you know a couple of times there was a blatant holds you know about it you know if you -- you're never gonna what do hockey -- stated that's and that's where Colin as the -- -- that's your strategy. Ain't happening you know game over. It was a -- with a familiar well it soup yeah yeah radio going at it. And and I person look like the right call in an issue again and there was hold on the stick you know said that they'd they tried that a few times that you missed yeah. They got what -- it's a game that it. The red wings have to you have to rule they got to slide the got to take the body the -- they have to get -- -- -- -- open space to have to get to -- open space staff. To get. Datsyuk can open space so that they can do what they do do do well -- -- Is wheel and deal and end get open shots on Tuukka. John -- wanna talk about that actually John -- had good timing. Hey -- I don't -- that night. Albania have been I tablet in Europe for awhile over and you know I'm the carrier and I'm over there right -- LA. But I've got show it but Mueller a new well -- prospect that McCall. Just watching that that you can see that operate in every time a player went down rather than Barack you know right there are all of them are ruined. Stick and it. Yet -- the Bruins aren't they make it lately out but clearly you were being over obligated. A lot of talking there may be quicker but a underdog team clearly you -- -- -- -- the better approach -- what you thought our. What that you know. What side which goes for how old Detroit was laying out her you know better -- you don't -- that in its second game. And got a gap. That nobody nobody picked him up you lost the horse wind right now and got a little push you know I got you know I think -- well I think he came into it with that with a third way in which was kind. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- again it's it's it's really really simple you know and I said it you know a couple of weeks -- before listeners. Yes I understand the Detroit Red Wings have been in the playoffs 23 consecutive years Mike Babcock won a gold medal coaching. The Canadian. National team in the Olympics he is a phenomenal coach they have a phenomenal organization. What happened was there veterans all stars were got hurt they're playing without. A -- talent. They brought up a ton of talent in young guys that won a Calder cup. That got them the eighth place. And a playoff opportunity. The Boston Bruins were first overall never got off the gas this whole season. At the end of the year they even picked it up to put the president's trophy in their back pocket. You cannot convince me. In any play off. Series. This. Playoff season. The Boston Bruins are under -- Ain't happening and I can't wait for the Montreal Canadians -- I can't wait to undergo -- well they at all. Oh yeah just you know you wait and see you know you know I got to watch a lot project it's it's so great a clear cut favorites in the east and to win a Stanley Cup by Vegas odds LBB -- -- you -- of course but you know they they hitters again Roland. And you know it but. It's it's not a secret to the Boston Bruins are -- winning the series and they're gonna go on. Two win the next series and they're gonna end up winning the next series and they're going to be in the Stanley to. Makiko then yeah. That's very -- -- and tonight. Bruins -- very -- let's document it gave us that threat if they do advance will you get the we've finally get the Bruins and I got -- -- -- I -- it it did not just for the last year and a it's for the future. It's it's an -- shirt that that bit will small loss was meant send the money to charity after we take Erica I don't know how by wanna put that money towards charities LB brought to you by -- and smoke shop and buy his -- doctor. Doctor Robert Leonard if you wanna see the picture of LB tremendous let certain. Doctor -- and the glasses he is wearing these stylish twenty to forty Shawn Thornton chased -- pretty nice on Twitter I follow me at much WEEI but WEEI AC LB's -- -- all around the office you know today. Enjoy the weekend. -- talk to you next week and by then it'll be. Either get ready for game six on Monday night for previewing Bruins. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I LV in regular. 6177797937. The foam liberate it detects -- a Big Three 79837. The only thing missing last night. That effort it is called an effort. That vomit inducing baseball game was Bobby Valentine. We'll talk about the artists are Valentine -- in his body not so red hot Red Sox next.

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