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Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports, talks Bruins-Red Wings 4-25-14

Apr 25, 2014|

Pierre joins Mut and Lou to discuss the Bruins-Red Wings series, the emergence of Dougie Hamilton, and calls Carl Soderberg the best 3rd line center in the NHL.

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We start off the hour with our guy from NBC -- -- between they. Blast last night he's Pierre McGuire joins us on the eighteenth the outline here my little area. I'm doing very well -- -- to visited a hello -- -- So is the series over Pierre with the Bruins as having a commanding 31 lead heading into game five tomorrow. But I think commanding the right word to say or is probably a bit of a stretch but I would say. They're -- you -- -- and her opponent's mind -- the playoff series concerned doubt and fear. Clearly there's concern. If you're Detroit there's got to be a whole lot of dog thing coming into game five there's got to be a little bit of -- so Boston law on the way. And creating a briefing -- that you're gonna win a playoff series. But to say that -- it's over we'll be disrespectful. To -- -- regard would never disrespect that fractured too much respect for the way they have a much else. I think the issue -- probably faces they got the initial spark Zetterberg you mall -- world right jump and out there in that -- and it looked like a different team in the first period and then they just sort of lost the go worn down -- sort took over late night. That's probably the depressing thing for the team right they had the edge early -- the basic -- worn down can he put sixty minutes together. All they can put sixty minutes you know they just can't do the same way boxing Chandra you know Lou the biggest thing is I -- there are you guys didn't get our feet last year actually you're watching her boss and she because you're blocked on Boston -- The point now is nick from the start of the game Morissette. Detroit under Babcock meters subtle adjustments they were really trying to stretch out the bruins' defense and that's why you saw the speed game engaged. By the Detroit Red Wings in the first period that's why the shot totals were sold in Detroit -- But quote Julian this afternoon subtle adjustment they started moving their defenseman up and closing the gap. Forcing more turnovers and that allowed them to control the puck more and then they started to counterattack. Forcing much quicker Detroit players to play defense rout of the market. So again point counterpoint points from Babcock counterpoint by you there and then finally you saw Boston before I start to dominate. And what would really apparent follows. In the third period. He was rolling four lines and he's basically each cutting it shipped -- for about 35 to 42. Down to 32 point 52 and even 42 in some cases but -- -- in practice word hatred down. Well let's talk about the player Hendrix Edinburgh Peary comes back. Obviously there was a lot of emotion a ball in his thirty games plus the post season. You're right it was the Olympics you -- their right to watch from up close. What do you think is were is returned physically -- kind of impact that he have on that Detroit team back on back to play. Huge emotional impact for the reveling in further fan base and he's an extremely respected and revered player in the state of Michigan in the city of Detroit in particular. And a man of honor of meeting went out there probably wouldn't have mentioned have been planned but he did. So I give him for march for that you -- keep the beginning a little bounce to step. There was one sequence. Where you had a chance. In the second period breakaway opportunity. -- just what ever happened I mean he got involved by Zdeno char. And Lee Hamilton he just couldn't even try to match picture of them. At that time of the game so that game went along and all the grind started to kick him. He started to get fatigued and it's normal I mean the poor guys -- -- terrible back problem many had major back surgery. And now he's back way before they thought he would be back -- him for marcher trying. You appear what did you think got to be tucked him after the game and delegates and we we've heard from Brent marsh on the both of those misses her. We south say -- Beverly Glen Wesley every time we see some might that are -- talks about 1990 missed an open net but it must show a couple of wide open shots. Lucky they won that game for psychic. Well -- three in a row now you go back to gain three right of the post on the Internet and then to last night. I think each and we showed a clip of all the missed chance he's had in this series. The good news for Brad is that he's creating these opportunities. And he's playing with a whole lot of vim vigor and vitality which is really important he's engaged in this Titanic battle with Brendan Smith I mean it's not for the faint of heart between those two guys. And respectful of them for the way they're playing it up because it hasn't been easy and behind the -- it really becomes nasty. I'll put you get the chance to sort of importance can break for him it really is -- He's trying to be too far I heard about it a little bit they've essentially got back a cheap pocket the Willamette Paltrow at the corners. -- -- require NBC sports joining us he eluded to -- there may be it's the Brendan Smith Brad marsh him back and forth but. Since you've been on the ice most these games the year what have been those. Battles what are those rivalries or the guys on both sides are doing the most talking that's become the most heated through these first four games. All the talking obviously took place a little bit more in game number two or bosh really started involves imagine Detroit went off their game plan a little bit and that costs and culture neutral and bosh one and before long. And that's score was flattering to them. I think the biggest thing is mark Shannon thinks that that's a huge one. In the restaurant doesn't talk and how much to be perfectly -- the one thing is -- important stabilizer -- -- been talking a little bit and the other night shop or just look at the bench had really I'm here you really wanna do that we can do it. And that kind of stifled everything so. I don't see much of that happening this is more of a -- series verbally. Compared some of the other ones that I've been doing and I think it's because both teams are extremely professional where they'll have a job to do that that the demeanor contributions. You know I don't you like this Bruins team he talked about it this year -- -- were mentioned before they wanna cup couple years ago with no power play. They they got the cup lest you know third line in this year it seems like they've got both of those things the pop has been good and Soderbergh last night was outstanding. That we short crutches and he's prepared to take indoor Bernard are prepared to say. Lou that he's the best third lines center in the National Hockey League right now from -- skills standpoint from the game breaking standpoint. And from not being a defensive liability standpoint. And when you factor and no Chris Kelly on that -- is such an important player for the Boston Bruins. That says a lot about the Bruins stepped. It has a lot about Carl's source -- ability there's two really stabilizing game and to me. Playing the recall that's almost an unfair advantage in any talk about the power play. -- crew deserves a lot of mention on that thirty Hamilton deserves a lot of mention on that. And the one part of his game that really evolved as Patrice Bergeron his play making skills he's always been a very good player everybody knows that. Especially defense with -- his play making skills and really -- it's phenomenal to watch peripheral vision. And his ability to put the park and watch a lot of players in the powerful. -- Pierre McGuire is joining us when you look at the bruins' offense you mentioned Hamilton and that to me the biggest surprise has been. In the second half of the year appear in this series that they lost and a Steinberg. And these guys have not missed a beat from Miller to crew all the way down you look at this young team and I just keep waiting for to make a mistake. As you watch them up close is there maturity they -- the nicest seeing with young players who has been a leader of that group besides -- Well yeah. You want him perfectly honestly don't you go I'm so proud really that you played from Dario has done a fantastic job bush young defenseman -- he played from the Hartford. I couldn't be more probably -- himself as a coach as a professional. As a man that made the transition from being a player to being a coach and he's paid his -- scored in the American Hockey League and working his way up and he got an opportunity -- in -- never looked back and I think he's done a great job with tore recruit. An amazing job with that Murkowski. Unbelievable work with Kevin Miller. But to me they're real commitment or god is going to be Doug Hamilton and what bogey -- it. Doug you have a -- I know you guys again I think that's hyperbole but it's not. He start to remind me of Larry Robinson. I grew up watching her arms and I wore number nineteen because Larry Robinson. And it that you -- can start to remind me of Larry Robinson and if you can ever be. Three quarters of the player the -- Robinson watched this guy's gonna have an amazing career. We AME everyone to see what you defenseman you know taken -- -- roughing penalties whatever it is but the case of Doug Hamilton. I don't I actually like seeing him get involved in physical stuff right. Bring it you know that's what Warner thing like I collected the ideologues Lee Hamilton and I just really respect from a lot of as a young player he's only forty years of age. And we've talked before games in between games and and he says he goes on the little shy talking in my mothers have all the right things to say about me come on don't be so my stimulus like you learned -- -- But I really like how humble he is I really like his work habits I love the fact he's prepared to listen to coaching. And -- again I'll bring apple Larry Robinson moment I was a big game on Larry Robinson. Made a huge check on Philadelphia flyer player by the name of Gary -- offer he checked in through the board to fuel former Montreal. I'm not kidding you and I can see that little mass he does start to kick in the Doug Hamilton game and you'll like that you wanna see it and -- open continues. Our Peter since you're there you can confirm. My conspiracy theory that Jimmy Howard wasn't. He got a flu he he he was told. He had the flu and that there was a thought here that. Babcock wanted to go Gustafson not happy with Howard the first three games what did you see was he really sick they wanna make a change their Detroit. There's a lot of flu going around us ulcers and being -- frank with you might and truckload Julian was extremely sick last night. He told me before the game Boca too closely pure -- -- -- of really got to put charity streak since I was. Nine games in nine nights and I haven't -- While he wanted to ignore my streak inflicted don't get to court and even the Bruins are going through a little bit of a fluke thing including their approach. I -- the other side Jimmy Howard wasn't even on the bench last night. Because that's who they're trying to keep him away from the players he did not skate this morning in Detroit so he's clearly sick -- it's unfortunate for him. But you know it goes their goaltending wasn't the issue actually not a call to -- I don't think -- been the issue in the search box has just been better. I mean Detroit would be that the coaches that would be the first people projected to them better than us. And I think a big part of this because there's a lot of experience. -- the -- and -- I think -- -- level of excellence on the -- beside it being too deep -- trying to get to I don't think they're young players have prepared to get there yet. You'll be it just look around the legal basic with the Easter conference it seems like Columbus and in Pittsburgh lest anyone do was be a two nothing. -- -- caves in a row now if anything surprising is that the series -- is BB Anaheim and Dallas awful where that is now. No and I'm golf so much pride because I didn't like the way Anaheim which -- going in the playoffs and I set it in a few different forms ballclub and BC NN -- -- -- our. And also on radio. Bill playing poorly done stretched thin and John Gibson the young goaltender or any kind of stabilized things. And they kind of got away with game two in Anaheim on and off you guys watch but they were very fortunate to win game two and -- -- hard. So he did see some bad capture creeping in -- game even the last ten to fifteen games of the season. But the Columbus Pittsburgh won. I don't think anybody. Including the penguins were prepared for how physical Columbus was going to be. There are huge -- one of the largest teams in the league they're really aren't there action amazingly skillful -- before position. And they've got a good goalie and I can tell you right now are -- this -- all due respect every fan additionally. No building yet this year I've been in a lot of them. Has been as loud as Columbus -- bill might even -- which I think is right up there Montreal right up there Chicago right up there Columbus has been a lot of children shall. I think it's more about Columbus and about their goaltender Pittsburg fall apart -- read some of the good common at a net that game tied it tonight he told he is out of his mind right now appear. -- sort of -- I would say out of his mind but he clearly has a crisis of confidence there's no question about that mark you know what I credit. -- Red Sox fans might -- estimate there's that was his that was his Bill Buckner moment. And why would choose or bought in a moment and I showed that on the air when it happened it words. -- to watch because you or seen any player have to go through that but that if they lose this series in Pittsburgh that moment will be remembered forever like the Buckner moment. Is there any negative. Or is it more negative or positive that Montreal's gonna sit around probably for about a -- yourself. At least maybe a little bit less than that and wait for the winner of Detroit in Boston here. And how they handle it -- it really -- if they don't handle in the professional manner and the guys don't take care of themselves which you get out of control in Montreal just because of how. I praised the city is you've got to be really careful fire over the management team in Montreal. But I would give my guys today after the clinching game in the next day off except for the injured guys. And that would put a lot of bus and taken somewhere as a group for three billion mini camp. Just so that could be a bonding session and the guys can just get into a hard. Battle -- because the most dangerous thing in the playoffs you can tell you have been through it. If you lose your battle ledge you lose that intensity in that focus and almost that nastiness you have to have to go through the next round because each round gets. Harder and harder on the steal that phrase that -- I love then -- let's get John has brought fans are wondering peers say that the Bruins and red wings finish up tomorrow. Is the league going to wait on starting any of the second round series as far as you know. It till every second round series is done so for example even if the Bruins win tomorrow they would have to wait until. All the other series including Ford and that are tore through three and are tied -- of home. Are done before they start around two. It's best kept secret in hockey because I'm not aware of it and I -- it because I I tell you right away. I can you look for instance -- I would support leaders might weaken -- it was sports should be changed late yesterday afternoon gospels in Philadelphia tonight -- -- -- It's supposed to be in Boston tomorrow where we'll be and then on Sunday -- -- being New York for 12 o'clock start Rangers vs flyers game five. That was switch yesterday afternoon. In -- seemed that Chicago. Game six on the actually got a goal. To Chicago wants on the road New York so. I ask what about the rest of next week -- can't tie it up and. -- -- -- -- That throughout my life I want a land that I don't know I'm going to be a bow -- Arizona like going to be an NBC sports at that enabled you hear Pierre you're taxed our producer Joey you know you guys connects have you here with one out Bruins fans -- -- that the way all the way till next week war. This thing will start we preach at the time is always travel safe we will see yet. Back here in Boston tomorrow appear thanks. Are you guys are the best -- just can't make enough I just truly enjoyed -- show for all the people they see around arranged. In Boston at the airports when I'm traveling. Thank you pursuing a law it means so much appetite I -- don't go before I came on the -- I can't believe how many people listen you guys on the Internet. I'm blown away all the different cities or go to groups that I was -- a month -- It yet but not so pretty cool I can't I can't even use the Internet to thank got to -- -- you appear thank you -- -- Are greatly in the that is up Pierre McGuire brought to you by -- full power equipment and by U mass on.

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