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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Lindsey and Elin are becoming friends

Apr 25, 2014|

Today's headlines brought to you by Kirk Minihane including Lindsey Vonn and Elin Nordegren becoming friends.

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Care yeah there's your headline Dennis and Callahan headlines headlines headlines. Oh do you have a lot of headlines with Kirk -- added. On Sports Radio WE. Headlines brought to you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible -- by precision fitness equipment shop where the pros do. Precision. Fitness equipment. This is a strange story to me I guess of the walking through the senate. Tiger Woods. You ignored again in Lindsay Vaughn. Are like pals that yeah -- -- the -- August fantasy like it's gonna work out that now it's a picture earlier and he and he sports. Tiger you and and Lindsay were it Charlie's softball game this weekend. Three from Andy. A source tells the site that. With the nordic and appeared civilly and friendly at times an insider told them that this year. And the Swedes are close you can give you weird but you'll love Lindsay in the talk all the time. If tiger had not gone to that clinic and gotten his sex addiction cure. You make of the proposals would think so yeah objections. I'm shocked that he's behaved himself this long these kind of the -- TMC's watch them another birdie to get away with it. But I thought he'd get caught a -- get caught with somebody somewhere you think he's given up his strippers. Addiction completely while he is free to date now right yeah but if you would -- and somebody would know book that really high profile relationship if you wanna. Scoring some Perkins waitress yeah. They -- belt right why do why do. -- Obviously we're just -- every day all love a lot herself. To fall in love with a guy who wasn't a billionaire. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They doubled they had double dates tiger in this guy that is -- they look at the prices and you when they go to dinner you can thing you know. -- group bonds. Not -- that they might they -- like -- -- Portland this weekend and going Applebee's open you know if the special into Poland the and -- a little -- collide because it would create that's two for twenty you have your -- want to let Christopher from from looking at a guy that she finds its intelligent attractive or whatever. But he's only -- you know like a normal person's salary. I'm sure he's out she's Smart it's like his old girlfriend. The -- one. She only dates famous people all -- -- with the ritual you're grateful to you could tell is -- dated Brent Boone right she only. Date celebrity yeah but -- really friends with Lindsay on the saint. That's your conversation with apparently quite a lick of their complex ethnic or to get those red -- ones. The piece straighten out that. It doesn't hurt when you -- I think this guy has ever asked you to do act -- I left I left you with this guy this is within this this season -- bought. Yeah but what if your friends are really friends which of this conversation. No Jerry you know it's brought it's -- very very -- that's on compass content that's good enough. Which must hate tiger LSU in -- it will only got pissed off of the public. If maybe she looked the other way and as one of those deals here link canoe and lunatic he was and if you want them to you know force her to do those. Unnatural. So I think if she just did the simple stuff. I mean getting past you know First Act that this does that some of the secondary stuff. On this program that's you think -- had to AT and I don't think so no no I couldn't cash -- -- associates a media for I think yeah right. Is from the name section the globe which is the inside track knock off if he succeeds in opening casino at every Steve -- could be good fodder for gossip. From the plain speaking chairman of Wynn Resorts apparently got to heat exchanger George Clooney. Over comments we made a -- -- Obama he called the president is bleak. That is fact as the the president was a long time friend. And he said your goal and a -- is a belief Clooney told -- Las Vegas journal review -- -- -- Clooney who said the president is a longtime friend of mine -- go way back. Yeah that's right 2007 the change we need this cup. This to me demonstrates a cleansing thing because he's not like he's line -- -- long time right now but for instance what. And you can't call him an a hole like I'm a prince would -- -- -- -- I understand I I -- -- -- -- -- -- I agree yeah this is let me tell you why -- the first most are -- clean Barack Obama frightens. Only -- text to present each other yeah I think he's the godfather of Malia who session. One of them. -- yeah so Barack Obama or still a street organizer -- madam to be divvied up -- yes it that's. We've got to read Steve wins response to focus. This ago yeah does not -- about what -- he says I told the that he was a blanket that was -- -- table is beings jackass. So will have a different version of the incident which occurred two weeks ago. Clearly threw hissy fit and told the newspaper -- responded beautifully sober you the chance to drink with them. When you want you wanna get there early and don't stay in effect. It was a good line. He's fun when he's sober so I guess he's not like a happy drunk like the you know that he has more -- fun. We stronger you know how it's kind of fumbled -- I don't yes but yeah -- that's what happened. I suppose the more likely to you know fight. When he sober yes you don't want I do agree to a fighter when you were drunk I was a -- over trying might sort of on people -- people -- communicable. -- the heart of it yet you're such a you know Africa so pathetic it was. I'm glad to some of the device that was if fox with a couple weeks orders for domestic you know -- have. Three drinks right. Just a little polite but if you couldn't do it knocked into third. -- things after a marathon the other day yeah I want to vomit -- -- of my first stop on the -- to lure them. Eventually got here yeah Wii -- the third man and I was the third man alone. Thank you went into -- -- now I do they have a new segment today at 540. I'll interject here -- I think that's crap however I don't -- went in there and one of the wages that can register for the marathon won't stop them the right -- now I just run the race and -- looking good I think was sweating it was cold so that is -- so. -- -- -- that the because I put it. -- Not. You're tough guy now you're paying attention this Bryan Singer thing you know Bryan -- this will be the X-Men director of USX men and right now. The same time as being accused of federal court of sexually abusing team. -- the talk about may be. Calling this is the superhero movies this summer delaying it -- next year but this this team usually two or three other people to other executives yet -- does does does that Andre is that regard but this Bryan Singer guy I guess they're saying right now they're different reports that there it's going to be like he sandusky. Hello where people are gonna start piling -- and guess who likes the casting coached. And you're talking thirteen 1415 year old boys for this guy this guy -- in his back in 1990. Sodomizing Michael -- the third and latter -- just fifteen this is this singers lay low -- promotions. The allegations not overshadow the work of -- cast but they are talk about this movie cost over 200 million bucks and everything shelving him to a January February because the directors that Hitler yet strange and I understand but yes that's the other with a big Hollywood story has -- -- statute of limitations not run elements. Yet as civil suit of -- this thing is that these guys and other movies recently the -- different reports. Just wait for this thing's going to be you'll I'm gonna have a troubled -- getting through the holidays ago. Without the new -- and Malia. Who's going to be it's wolverines it. Wolverines in this will is in Wolverine and all the X-Men movies as this is so it's it's. Let's is an Italian guy who gentlemen ray movie you're looking forward seems. I don't know if you were some going to movies are coming up. I saw betrayal as when I went to all the academy my cigar and Tony's not enough value that they do the original gods knows. The film's story. No don't wanna see Godzilla movies -- actually -- there all of a draft day they're all above innocent girl I wanna see Robocop I'm sure sort of came out of there. Come and gone. Come and gone Robocop they have gone -- that you receive the Tom Cruise -- reflects. Aliens are no. On -- -- -- is now still running around chasing him cheerful people or to Shakespeare in Love park to. I could come -- this yeah guys here I just came out today with. Kate Upton. And with the girls Cameron Diaz and Lindsay Leslie always the the other woman the other the only woman yet just the man now then and now. -- Talk about next -- -- -- Seth Rogen comes out of that movement looks awful low turnout is -- the next week -- it's awful. Are you guys can see no you better get -- in -- battle for vote tomorrow to know no has been out. Yes you do this one -- 640 god we'll -- where does Tennessee is -- upon all the flaws in the story that's not the way it happened. Would you BC AB with us will be some theater over his failures -- You see the sequel. Well thirteen years of slick yet elegant but since the end of his life it's that was it for you to give away. Unbroken. The next year. And gets into the -- -- Christmas this year and broke. A look at by the way is still on the best -- 170 week's. Big number six last while you -- to should get. Yet you -- -- -- and yet while suffering of that book about the -- love of sailing. I saw it up look at the bookstore yesterday I did was up thirty bucks eye opener directives -- to cover their wallet on the sailboat Leo it's forever up photographs that forever summer of that picture you know he has a lot of photographs inside that -- That's headlines brought -- you by eighteen to 6777979837. Question for you based on the wings lost last night and the Sox -- well last night. Which team is in more trouble what seemed like an easy answer it would be Detroit because they may have just one game to play. The Red Sox have a 139. To play but which the two teams Mormon effort was more worse. Back full of the game actually try. And put some energy into their losses will be right.

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