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Previewing the rest of the Bruins-Red Wings Series with the great Jack Edwards of NESN 4-24-14

Apr 24, 2014|

Dale and Holley preview the rest of the Bruins-Red Wings Series with the great Jack Edwards of NESN

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-- did -- tonight. I'm pretty sure -- be viable lively and Mike Reid who held I -- it's horrible -- that. We demand music in knowing they're not I'm not not right now we're not. Pocket pilot fly off. Jack Edwards brought -- -- -- our equipment and -- 95 Chrysler Jeep. Dodge program. Jack joins us on the AT&T hotline live in Detroit motor city act deserves a -- and children that. I mean we like -- Thank you you've played after somebody -- you can't stand our door Jack. I'm doing fine what is the musical accompaniment there. That is a song out of Detroit called opt to pie will fly -- What exactly -- to texture. To AT&T ethnics and that's what the hell is this or should I. It love it. Yeah beautiful Jack let's go back to game three and the the Brandon Smith yet on Brad marsh and I made the point here on the air that Brad marsh and did not die if he was -- I do feel Libby embellished a little bit how to -- They'll. I. It yeah it sure looked like he grabbed the need it didn't get hit by that again and I've never been inside the sports -- they closed the door I've I've seen a lot of balls in the NHL. I I know that march and did all I know that he has some policy stuff for I don't know qualification with that. I'm not. Not -- positions staked out the moral -- -- what it comes to you know it accusing guise of -- injury when there was obvious contact. And when there was. You know when there's definitely something there and it was also the wake of of there are -- and try to bury getting pretty much as she did and didn't last Minnesota makes an astounding one all the -- -- the cup final. And there might have been not some scare -- -- -- on the court abortion and that it shall continue this nation. Now might panic a little bit I don't know I don't know I mean I'm still not I'm not let them -- -- abolishing what you really want. At some point there but whether or not he was here -- it is learned that life. And are here he has a reputation for being guy. Who will who pushed the envelope and we've certainly seen that watch the Bruins is closely closely as we do we know that. Are probably a lot of teams in the league and players -- could all likable but if you seen the any changes in his game. In the past two or three years where maybe he may have pushed. Two or three years ago he doesn't push as often as he did -- and he doesn't push now as often as he did in the past. Military support program march and clearly was the hit on us every -- in the Vancouver game. In January 2012 where to approach them the output shell out for a significant time. He got suspended and find any sort of it was a very it was with intent and fortunately and spoke told I believe Peters -- vocal. I. Understand that that can't nearly were not pleased and can usually doesn't I didn't displeasure. And since that time market has modified his behavior he struggled over the edge. He's still absolutely a 120 nighter in the one in I kind of walking one and 29 in eight. But he has modifies the -- somewhat. There is still. Easily the idiots of the borrowings and it's still a guy who who most needs to be watching and kept under control. And occasionally in the Hispanic. On the area so why so. There I'm I'm Caroline has answered that they -- -- dike is not a bad guy and very effective player. And so party loses control -- on the right and those -- the don't -- -- Jack -- and in this game the reports are Zetterberg may play for Detroit for the Bruins. Does that change -- then are you concerned about that at all. No in no way I obviously have to -- conservative -- starts -- for being also Edward that is and is going to be. And when you combine it with -- took. On the power play elected sort of put. Server and -- -- wall doctor on the other and they're gonna put opportunities. Getting. Re inserted into the lineup and for the first time in this playoff series. Bertuzzi who has what would it has tremendous and right in front to -- -- power play. Those factors make Detroit. For the first time in this series dangerous with the man advantage. Topic that changes and into the bronze. Because they're playing promote right now that is. Freeport airtight if you look at all teams for the first game of their series that we can compare apples to apples as. I didn't put them in farther along than that. But compare all the teams in the NHL. Through the first three games of their series the brought to allow two goals against in three games the next closest team is that stick. In their first three games that speaks volumes of the quality of hockey Bruins are playing. The Bruins definitely believe in the adage that defense wins championships. Jack for those of us who going into the series thought that the Bruins had a clear advantage and I'm raising my hand when I say that. I haven't seen anything thus far that would change my mind in that regard. And the thing that has jumped out at me through the first three games is Detroit has just not been able to handle the physical presence that the Bruins bring to bear. Yep that's exactly at Dallas -- aren't that you know that -- that is the case we're seeing it over the last few years. The -- and that they imposed their will on other teams they play a physical brand of hockey. And we can equate it to being in the weight room you know not that I spent much time they're -- I have so little weight training. And you know get up to about six laps or so when you feel OK get up around nine starts. Hurdle that you get up around twelve. And if you're lifting your maximum effort that number wraps it really starts to get typical too. So let the weight and we're seeing Detroit have a hard on lifting the weight especially. The defense because it. Abroad that have managed since game one where they were -- -- -- they have managed to put the parking places where is he reached the talks. Or the Detroit department does not have an easy option as soon as he gets to the pockets that -- you're gonna have to take it at 2 o'clock in the later the game goes. For more polishing it is the deeper this series goes. The -- they wanna do it analysts -- able to. I'm not ask you to give me Britain must burger. You're looking live tonight from Detroit but I don't wanna know since you've been there for a couple of days. What you've heard from the fans what you've heard from. Members of the red wings coaching staff whoever you talk to a National Hockey League what's the sense of people in Detroit. -- wanna see the red wings win. What's the sense of of of where they are in this series right now. Well this has been the most successful team in the NHL -- There. Between the team. That happy to be in the playoffs and the team that is what that they. A significant -- out front and -- up this Detroit team is happy to be in the playoffs that's they know that the red orange also or -- or. Of a massive upset to beat the Bruins if they can get all the action as -- To move in the right direction and that they can get their young players to execute at a level that Mike Babcock expects to. Game three what they complete disaster for the youth movement -- Detroit. They just. Did not have a together out there in dark -- Conduct 85 star press conference that they'll see from that they're not and studios. For -- -- in which every single question got a world thoughtful and spot on answer. And he didn't dodge any of Britney really -- elated on a couple of veterans except for Doctor Who we all -- was playing a lot like in the -- He's such -- late playing on. You know these -- And and you know it later -- content production and that the veterans. Really up to display leadership that the young kids just didn't get together they just didn't have an -- -- I would spotlight. Jackie talk about the spotlight I feel like. I don't know watching to caress you talk about the three games in only given up two goals just talk about the maturation -- Tuukka Rask. In front of our own eyes always turned into really being a big time -- -- You know what is. So amazing about this guy is and -- They'll IC took probably you know a 115 times a year. -- never different -- -- You don't have any idea if all that is break loose -- his personal life -- he's just you know and on top of the world. Or if he has just won a you know. Put the blinders on shut out because you know he stole game that he did against the Rangers early in the year -- like forty threes say performance at Madison Square Garden. -- if you let in a few really software sees the same guy and that is the key to how he plays he gives liberals such amazing consistency. And one shot beat them. So -- goal scorer off the water bottle and now. Almost expression almost never -- Tuukka -- conveying any negativity at all about stopping the next shot and and that mindset wasn't right for the team and that team shortly. Up on that from -- that business as usual foreign currency about the next moment he can't change collapsed or whether it was great weather was terrible. By the same token I don't believe took has given up a bad goal in the series is only given up to. But I -- Jimmy Howard give up a few that I think even he would say he should probably stop. Yep no doubt and you know that was. The prediction going into the series bill that if Detroit was going to win this series Jimmy Howard we're going to have to steal at least one game. At TD garden that you were not just gonna have to beat. Pretty pulled the flawless at all but he was gonna have to steal again as he -- now -- at the point where. If abroad play the way they played in game three tonight in game four. He's gonna have to steal games for all the then go right back -- -- garden and -- game five there to give destroy it all and that's just you know. That's an awful lot from -- goalie who has a career record gains on file ordered me in Nextel cup playoffs or maybe that now I get this straight into the Butler. Would you say that he stole game one is is that it didn't feel it appears that landfill like that even though it was a one -- game. No he's he's he's definitely did not like everyone in the reading it and still give more as big as a bullet didn't have any sustained attack on -- you know that brought. Really never laid siege to the Detroit and in fact they they haven't really been able to do that throughout the series we -- -- Who brought its full uninterrupted minutes in the attack and sort. And the red wings haven't done it either. You know the power play so. You know that. That's when a goalie really gets tested -- ruled it -- -- chances right in succession when the difference and are getting heavy legged. When the look forward to walk around and they can't find their -- And -- are getting really good chances. Were waiting. For for the Lucic creaky and yellow line to Cuba to Detroit. It could happen tonight especially. Against. The line on which opportunities can play or it's the Lotto like Zetterberg can play. -- are they ever has played since the game before the Olympics. The guy back surgery and that is -- is in the go ahead this afternoon he's gonna play tonight and -- god bless just. Showing his -- incredible leadership and desire. And Mike Babcock says it'll forget not out of them. At all other than leadership in the room and leadership on the bench that's enough for me and you know it ought to be enough for any our defense. Consider. How incredible. An effort that they had back surgery for herniated -- In several hours into play a Stanley Cup playoff in the history you passed away and tonight. And my last question when -- go legalized here is there anything you've seen in the playoffs outside of this series. That has surprised you and I'm including. Montreal sweep of Tampa or whether it's. The Blackhawks in the blues being tied up dollars being able to make it competitive series anything you've seen so far in the playoffs that. Is really gets your attention. Yeah that that LA has just blowing up I'm I'm shocked actually but no it was gonna come out of the last and the king or not they'll wind or straight against San Jose. Went settled they scored seven on Iraq the goal after falling behind trees early game to. That was the really scary thing for anybody who's who's watching the shark and has been watching that for years and years because. Everybody keeps him well if they don't win it this year they got the block the -- And Doug Wilson has stayed with that same core he's it's very effective players and it sure looked like there is -- also there's just the right time but it LA it was super stingy down the stretch. It's -- with the fewest goals allowed in the national hockey league for the regular season. And that's an update just absolutely. Rule from. Lights in order to get the Stanley Cup Playoffs you're really good out there with a note -- on the Staples Center so. You know that that surprised me a lot because I thought -- they were gonna make a tremendous series. Bruins in the Detroit Red Wings game four tonight at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit Jack Edwards -- prickly and Jamie eurodollar there they'll have. All the play by play action for you live from the -- Well -- pregame beginning at 7 o'clock on NASA and myself filly champion Barry Petersen and then we got all our post game show as well. We're -- rework it into the wee hours of the night Jack and I can't way. You know walking over with brick and about now -- -- -- A season thanks Jack. That is a Jack Edwards who will be calling the play by play tonight along with Andy prickly -- will be there as well. And a our pregame and post game all of that on NASA and by the way the Red Sox game is on -- and plus tonight. I know this confuses some folks out there but why you economy. You know I I I think confusion I just automatically look at you at twelve. Why that is good news -- you can you do me a favor. And and to secure it's not listening right now and -- they should be because concern. Don't they don't have to run this role of all the places you can get nice and plus. Because only one of those numbers applies to you you're watching. At home. I don't care about it's like about it needed to applied every single person who's watching okay -- you can. You know -- -- plus. Is it confusing. Computers in the finance and policy -- frame rates -- for me Rondo sitting you don't see the game go to the next allegedly did -- for -- it's going up. 12. They got us NAFTA plus it's now. If that got. NASA and on 576. And that's and plus 157. What is the confusion about your channel. That is a that is a problem from 1980 -- I will make sure when I get the building tonight at -- -- -- that somebody in authority -- -- -- scroll. -- I'll make sure I'd pass that message to launch it sure you will sure I will -- I think what -- wanted to make sure they don't come from Michael let them eat a ami got I got another lot to worry about it covered from -- before and make sure they know listening you that your very disappointed in -- 6177797937. With talk a lot of baseball with talked a lot of Michael Pineda. -- you've just heard from Jack Edwards it gives you an opportunity to talk Bruins as well. Game three tonight game four excuse me tonight at Joe Louis Arena there are some Bruins fans were a little skirt. Because it's probably gonna happen that Michael Zetterberg. Henrik Zetterberg is gonna play Todd Bertuzzi will play as well. We'll find out if you're among those that are a little worried about tonight's game it's dale and Holley and Taylor Twellman Sports Radio WEEI.

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