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Apr 24, 2014|

Sox Broadcaster Dave O'Brien joins us for his take on Pinetargate.

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Every week at this time it has soured distinct pleasure to talk baseball. With one of these two incomparable voices of the Red Sox on Sports Radio WEEI. Dave O'Brien joins us hello Obie how -- Children are well Michael and Taylor Oklahoma would treat me you know what Taylor -- well argument man long -- -- time and quick story about Taylor because he's got you guys doctor tuchman is baseball pass the -- draft did not at all that by Kansas City at got to play in Major League. I was covering the men's national team until the -- and what -- -- trading sessions. And do it would be great quote I look I was trying to find out you know little more soccer knowledge and the -- the first thing he says this. What about the part ultimately what that pitching -- -- -- the only. Recalled that he could fit it in the open at least have a commitment to mr. soccer and baseball is baseball not. So. What about those cardinal by the way and I don't care. Don't care about -- right now. Now what how what do know what you saw last night in when you saw it because it didn't seem like you were surprised. You acoustic were surprised at all. When John Ferrell went to the -- or John Ferrell approached home plate and home plate umpire -- amount. The we will -- -- but I think that it was serious business the league -- and so in Italy when you're warming up we saw on the -- everybody did. First and -- in the second inning. And obviously he didn't have gone home first before it's in the and he realizes that -- the sliders is not eat in those conditions like he. And that's under the baseball. Although there was an opinion I think timing was just perfect but it. No surprise there that surprise but -- and games I think it's. That Hitler and it is gonna miss one start button and -- that's it for him and I don't think you'll ever see you Michael and use that template which shocked the -- is. How stupid it came off I mean -- and warned he was wearing it practically to the elbow in the Bronx. He got away with it that the -- because they're on a political appeal away. Let you know he like he was looking for grip on the ball I don't think he was looking at this early fourth ended -- -- I don't think you're looking for super slider he was looking for his normal everyday run -- the slider and he didn't apple not the point are. I've asked this question earlier of these guys -- baseball guy maybe you give me an answer. If everybody uses it and everybody knows everybody uses it and they don't care that every -- the rural against it. That's pretty much what it is to be honest with it it'll mean. A lot of guys used to stop the that they need to get by the company as we want to district -- companies shouldn't. It'll be able stronger any kind of vote. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I. I don't I personally didn't think it was acute eagle on Middle -- started shutting it right in people's faces and I'm like yep who can look at the -- so spectacular game I think one of the one of the tragedies and baseball sense that it is that. Nobody talks about the Lackey bit. And it was such a step on performance eleven strikeouts. Addict he ordered him to eke out both sides of the plate is communion with mr. spectacular. But even jobless and -- the game that you know that that was the only thing that was offensive it was it was right in your -- he didn't make any effort. To you know I'll play he's used to that but I think most pitchers go if they eat something like that personal element kind of weather. If it is necessarily on the. Dave hey AJ we've been talking about a little bit how difficult do you think it was referrals to. Call -- the second time in the second part of my question is this does it open a can of worms now for the Boston Red Sox in their pitching staff. Oh yeah oh sure certain you can not against the Yankees. Get that retailer in the case of acute Girardi. I think he would a little. Thoughtful well I'll Lleyton is old pitcher what a stupid little ritual is about using it but. Look last year when -- -- -- the Toronto it will Toronto Blue Jays but it was the broadcasters covering to check more risk. Who did a few things in a Major League. And they they believe Clinton was doing something to the ball. It turns a plea really did -- -- the baseball a lot of guys. Are currently doing. But I think yeah it probably does put a bit of -- target now. Maybe specifically on played out the week he's pitching lately 01 can ask the baseball. On to -- you doing anything to it. He's probably gonna get back to that level albeit at that level it should do it before he was not an alleged. Here and look at midnight an electorate that's when they wanted to see if you might have been doing something that is also. I don't think every manager thinks that way but it. You know to typical Saturday -- a -- -- social money. You know depending on which threats pitchers work and that. And shut down the the -- he might very well technical. You think anything will happen tonight when the Red Sox yankees think the Yankees. We'll try some gamesmanship. I don't I really don't think it's good for the Yankees again -- watching this story actions Michael. Joseph Girardi. I think he was that so this guy. That that maybe this guy was using a little -- -- But he was upset it was it was so blatantly -- to disguise it and he should have been more intelligent. Especially in light of but the fact he was warned. I think Girardi was that so that and also obviously took it out of one of the television cameras and ESPN ankle so it goes the dugout he almost looked right out of it's socket. What would you live considered an extremes suspension he got ten. It is that the top then I mean what we use you guys I heard you -- some last night -- not the entire game where you speculating on twelve or fourteen I mean what how how high could have gone in your opinion. Well you know that they could I think it's really egregious to -- -- the -- -- load it not been. You know with gasoline at the time you receive the ball and cut all -- -- -- or something like that. And obviously that the data plan to to manipulate the baseball. I mean all bets are off because they can suspend the guy as long as they want to it. I remember a few years ago and -- actually an eighteen internationally. And correct the opposite to that simply off the year is managing all the time. And that has been just a little -- year just on the top players in discussion about the unnatural movement that match. Attic and particularly when he was in a spot in the second and third. One and out number three hitter at the plate needed to pick out look at the way that thing just took off crossing the plate even more often not always out. And more about a comeback director Greg ethics and remember that didn't -- -- it. You know what you hear and can be handled it certainly as unnatural movement. We put high that the national cameras on him in the ball -- trying to catch him. BP is doing something he is so good at it have little idea what he's -- and portrait and -- And that's kind of the leaders in baseball it is good. -- he's not picking a regular basis maybe doing something to be getting -- additionally during the game. Well at least old style it's all the -- to decapitated. And who we are. David final question from me what are you expecting Shane Victorino as insertion back into the lineup tonight if it happens as expected what are you expected to do for this team. Well long term cannot be underrated I I think -- -- he's gonna be -- coming back to meet the energy to the defense. Changing the look the look at the lineup to the bad guys in more comfortable position. And the biggest thing that will all of us I think what we understand victory and we can't understand last year he's just flat out a winner he just. Key plays -- in the emirates shocks and I laughed a little bit of that sizzle and energy especially the top of the order. Not to mention people assimilate feel that really and there are reports this. Eighteen did not play right field bitter then and only -- writes poetry and victory and it did last year. And usually with -- -- and throw a lot of this is -- last year I think frankly it's likely that the moderates like. I don't know I'll impact will be right way that you wouldn't swing the bat well its socket. I punched out three times the other night. But they do well he's one of those guys would exceed the big league like he's back on the -- at Fenway -- Get guys like it up and the adrenaline -- flows and I think it's -- him desperately in the end it's going to be great and actively. All we appreciate time as always thanks. Secretary what you do but. That is Dave O'Brien one of the voices the Red Sox along with Red Sox hall of Famer joke mystic Leon. And and I should I should point out a couple of things about this ten game suspension. For Michael -- one. As some of the techsters have suggested it was not the maximum -- they could've gone what. There was not a minimum ten game suspension either they could've gone. They could've gone above that had they seen fit. There was a reliever who got suspended for the same thing a couple of years ago got eight games there was another one who got ten. He was at the lower end of what I thought he might get. Assuming that he doesn't appeal I don't think he well just so so yes you're -- his bunnies and it has tweeted out. Source confirmed tornado will not appeal ten game suspension well just now I'm I'm not surprised I think he would four minutes since he -- you -- if he appealed yet since he admitted last night yeah it was -- target I put it on their arms are. Com this will cost him 29398. Dollars and 91 cents. That's his pay he gets suspended without pay that's what his pay is for ten games 29398. Dollars and ninety -- Our this is this is definitely not popular based on. What I'm seeing -- -- on the UTT -- -- so far what -- -- on Twitter this is not a popular view what LB just said even -- I agree with my 100%. -- old school baseball people say look. We're able to do something. In a subtle way we can't see it. If we know you're putting it we know you're putting -- -- even you putting pine tar on a base. Our guys been kind of baseball. We think both of our guys are you and we think our -- pretty good your guy's pretty good -- your guy went fortitude to. Six to -- We're not gonna say anything we'll tip our cap say you're better than we are and that's what a lot of these a lot of these textures. They don't they don't wanna hear that what that what the -- the majority of Texas thing if that's a role did it come down what that put the hammer. -- -- God. No he's cheating do you blame them I do why I do because if this is I don't think that this. Goes to the level of some of the other things in baseball. That are are that are flat out. That are flat out. Bloating numbers. I don't think -- steroids. I'm not -- -- parents think. But if they're saying it's a rule. Either follow the roller down. I don't does that they're not saying it they're back it's it did it say. It is an ambiguous thing they're not come out and are coming up Major League Baseball is not saying it's a rule following because of a baseball we're saying. The conversation between Joseph Torre whoever was in Major League Baseball. -- a couple of weeks ago would result in the ten games to -- you think that no two weeks ago it's a rule book. The total book atom would have been suspended two weeks ago. But they didn't -- Republica and they don't wanna throw the book anybody else in baseball who was doing it on the down low where they don't like. It's destroyed out here and become the conversation. It becomes the conversation. About the game without anybody in the game last night John Lackey allowed. Strike shut -- knew it wasn't right. And for the texture who says if it's a ten game suspension in the morning miss two starts now the Yankees have an off day Monday. So they can reconfigure their rotation. -- base in effect skip the number five spot is still deposit firearm now that that they'll just skip it because of the off day Monday he'll miss the ones start. Just the other guys use that opting in and pick right back at -- pitchers get suspensions -- attending games and are -- -- -- cafeteria there if you're relief pitcher needs a little bit more fine but if you're starting pitcher please. Jeffs in Connecticut next -- dale -- -- Eric. I don't I just hurry. Here are it so I think this whole thing comes back it really anything in life. It's -- doing something wrong and you know you're doing something wrong how can you call someone out -- On the same thing you're doing wrong that's what I don't get from the Red Sox on here. So that's I'll ask you a simple question then becomes out here with -- stuff slathered on the side of his -- John Ferrell should have ignored it. I mean -- doing at -- yeah. He should at least have ignored it. Yeah as long your area to I mean if it's a rule you're not doing. That that you're not breaking. Then OPEC Almonte by the fact that he is he knows he's doing it you know and everyone welcome baseball period I don't I don't think -- -- -- went beyond. Unless it's on your neck and you're right I mean answers are right at their -- on his glove I don't think John -- going up -- swear reporter's hat. I always had backed out of Rome then it's on his neck and you could read the lips of John Ferrell going to the umpire saying. This high he blatantly is over is -- neck like a moment ago. In the -- goes out Texas back Texas everything you do. Jeff fifth spot if if tonight Felix to Bryant came out with pine tar slather on the side of his actions should Joseph Girardi ignore. -- -- because now hold it be different. Thought I mean our current us all right now and at least finally sent -- -- and I kind of knew where you were -- -- it. And I appreciate what what really to brown had a sense of humor. I'll tell you I'll tell you right you're if I was on the Sox tonight I'd about my -- would be lacquered. It buys it I'm just not surprised you with you and you log enough to know that you would absolutely do that that. A 144 more games are dead. Yeah or keep it loose -- some funds 6177797937. Johnson Chicopee nation on. -- longer brain area. Very good I mean I just wanna get on the play real quick bit about Dave O'Brien hit a lot of my point split up. I like -- put this an animal really you know they they have a rule in place they know that everybody's doing it for logistics like usual. One bad apple to ruin the bunch you got a guy puts it out there on front street for everybody to see and and now you put everybody in the league. Under the scrutiny of MLB who as usual is more. Retroactive and pro active and enforcing anything in the MLB -- And and frankly you know -- Yankee fans are getting out and about its. I believe -- -- couple years back when Francona was -- coach and I believe Joseph Girardi went on to an umpire told. The umpire to go check Terry Francona CP was furniture the underneath that jacket so I mean it's -- wanna get -- -- stuff. You know I mean -- -- a red sex and you know I I think that's kind of a little bit disrespectful to put these guys were just. I I didn't think it was I don't think it was Torre to Cuba lately that's not I don't -- everything about you know they did come and -- Terry Francona wasn't Joseph Torre has always he thinks is Girardi are all right was IMO I don't think it was. I don't think it was a Yankee manager who said that I think they knew. I think the Major League Baseball and our I had always come up to -- and -- You know that this is not the policy you know you're violating the policy. In so that there have been a lot of conversations about it and they just happen to do it during the game. There are always have like this at yet again particularly as a for a second inning third inning. He said he's he's he's thinking about who's going to be up there you know what some of the match -- they have and -- -- there comes a guy today. And you well Lou the Soviet uniform worn by the way really in Iraq calling someone -- -- calling on the community and -- Q4. Well it is funny too because he always wore. Even on the hottest this was August 31 2007. Even on the hottest of a hot summer nights Francona has got to circulation problem. Always -- that that switcher type thing which is legal by the way over his his uniform. They data like expected he would never as uniform Jersey under which you couldn't seem anyway. There's just. Well but that's part of it was. He was being objective as you admittedly he'd say well a lot of times when he criticized important about -- -- no respect for the game where -- I've worn the uniform he'd do it more. Just take people law so part of it was as. What we expect that anything out of spite. Oh is that right there aren't I check frank was. New York police and it will be. He'd probably needed eagle arms because Frankel was about to throw down you think about that the action involved -- you're in New York police lieutenant. And now which are doing in New York society and the eight million stories right. In one of those stories is got a tough assignment here going to. Tito Francona and -- it beautiful. It was like members of the masters two years ago when Tiger Woods. The masters got a phone call about his rules violation. And all the that we were talking call. They do that all the time and do that all the time. For. A couple at the masters. We don't we -- well they have uniform police I -- it's Jim Bowman former patriots defensive back. Who here -- to -- stadium is hired by the National Football League and Jim stand there on the sidelines during warmup. And checked everybody thought -- OK here texture in their and that's Jim's job hired by the NFL. You you have uniformed policeman in yearly data around and check everybody -- they while they had to make sure my shorts for short enough. Human nature -- short enough you'd need to tell them someone treated than in uniform check on Michael -- And what you got going on there and allegations like issues generated a lot of love its footer and a -- But my grandfather called and wanted shoes bags and that's right your group -- got great assets are at -- at -- that all records 6177797937. Is telephone number about an hour from now -- about we'll talk to but Jack Edwards play by play announcer for the Boston -- the game is on -- and tonight by the way. 7 o'clock pregame 8 o'clock pock -- drop Bruins in the red wings game four in Detroit this is dale and Holley Sports Radio WE yeah.

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