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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Cheater Edition - 4-24-14

Apr 24, 2014|

We tackle four topics all sparked by Pinetargate at Fenway and cheating in Pro Sports.

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-- -- -- Dad and. Mean. You -- anything. Somewhere right now only -- my dad. Who's up there and haven't got a tear in his time here in the I was -- this is all we could listen to our radio. -- was old style immunity. I don't I don't know this music there are -- and hard. I mean what else would work for your -- we'd seen -- man. I don't know who was -- the -- I don't know what your country and no obviously we're talking about she. Does everybody does a little -- ball know that what I said that if you are with a girl -- your wife's not there it's not really -- -- but if you've flirt when your white wire there I don't regret it and that's just stupid now. Born or brought to you by AT&T. AT&T coverage more than 99% of all Americans building you a better network. Warrant for young men let's go. Last night as the whole world saw Michael Pineda had pine tar on his neck. Cheating in sports that what that is it just a little bit -- -- are cheating in sports is commonplace but usually isn't as blatant as what an edited. Is this the most blatant case of cheating in sports in the last 25. Years. Now. I would think so. I mean there what's the whole steroid story in baseball -- there one at some baseball players do. You know sort of gotten certain trouble for -- -- some steroids does not use steroids human growth hormone and I've never done so. I -- you think about the assault on the home run record the assault on the record book. Barry Bonds Mark Lye saying I just every social Roger Clemens defended for a season Alex Rodriguez. Rafael Palmeiro got the right. Let me say this I did not. Do steroids I think that would have to be the number one thing I think this is. Way way way low on the list and on the list I'd roll. Lance Armstrong and that's what's good call. I don't Lance Armstrong. Now granted it's kind of similar to baseball where everyone in cycling -- as well it's just. But Lance Armstrong. -- strong play here foundation I was gonna say my -- -- did -- dominate the event but he was just so angry. With anybody asked about it. Any he he actively tried to you try to destroy people he used his influence he has his money. Who ought to silence these boards or or to make them look back. -- good call like that one and you knew what was gonna happen showed up here on the text machine it's like eight but he just knew this. Spoke to toss out there right look at it. One of the -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes we -- Michael we all know about they hate the patriots get nationally because of spy game are all older I don't know where does spy gate rank amongst the cheating scandals of the last fifteen years. -- the last fifteen years. Look at it it it's up there in -- -- we're talking from nine to nine I'm not good at math. Avaya a very good to -- get up to it there if you try to use that concussion cart again that the until it's not at this moment that. Boy from 99 we are in. New England correct we're in the city of Boston yes we are. I can't wait to see the text line Paula right now talking about spike -- there are gone crazy. I I I will say this. It it was pretty important to the commissioner of the national football and I agree as evidenced by how hard he slapped bill -- Jack. And the patriots organization around. The NFL but it was a big deal. Ever has got to be up you know is it is it bigger than the steroid scandal I don't know -- no bigger than Lance arms are seven analysts are certainly bigger than Michael Pineda. Always -- to Michael and it's got to be no doubt that it's got to be in the top five or top ten of those scandals. Way to re talking scandals in all sports here all sports they got Tiger Woods scandal that's better than that president. I also think about it right you've talked about scheme goes and all the spy -- top. Would you say Michael ten. A top five top five. Definitely it's on -- right. About how about bound to get the get a coach little hole here bounty gate I don't feel like spy gate gets enough play up here. What he wants I don't think people showed up I like. They don't own up to it he's got a point now we do tend to sort of -- outsmarted itself and help them win games you may be able downplay it here 100% yet. You can't convince -- otherwise what downplayed don't talk about -- just talk about how could talk about it took insane far away but I'm saying of the importance of spike gave. I think it is it was a it was a case of what has been the case of being caught with your pants down. It can't put your pants down public. So it's embarrassing. You were told that something you did it. -- got me as massive line. Robertson is that work for him to -- Let out. A huge Spartan thing. And you're off the first round pick. But that's what we get into -- where I think New England. Looks at it differently in the rest of the country. Do you think the New England Patriots won three ship. -- testified that's where we throw it. And that's where you're probably right. The patriots in this part of country look at look at the way they -- they brush over and set it up and you think people and now. In Texas. The people in Nevada. Gambling and gambling country that the patriots won -- sensible thing I think Kurt Warner Marshall -- about. Well I think Marshall Faulk still talks about a one. Getting to play the game of people that had nothing. They're they're they're offering updated and are looking at the patriots to people look at the patriots in other parts of the country yeah. That is not a real championship team better as a team. That had that. Whole all their success -- -- -- really. When I travel where do you live -- all you patriots fan. -- thing grow there all really about -- first thing every time. Not operating that was smoker leave him. -- -- for whatever you want to -- their current moments by gate is always always brought up. About that being an advantage you come here you bring it up like I am right now. That want to my Twitter -- loans now. Be timely -- Got about -- player. Include your daughter about. Your -- your -- -- Bob Dole victory. Eddie gets some love on the attack machine. Somebody realized that love the esoteric music in the background people got -- -- -- who's a supporter of themselves I'm very nice. Did cheating on his wife -- forever changed the career trajectory roll by Tiger Woods. All mail it hasn't been to savor every. It hasn't -- this day. And it and it all started with. Hello this is why didn't get eighty put -- idea -- -- And like. By the way from the text line and use tool. Sets to love it. It was Stevie nickel Bosnia have been death. Tailored nice to know nice but no you returns by the view. Dodger pink slip poll yes not hear it didn't know us. Hey it's tiger that's right there's also you give me a favor and they also have brought a civil service. -- -- -- -- Oh yeah absolutely. You. Hope she can. Take and they lost. And old. We hope to have a a couple of. All I can -- A little. Girls. The difference is I like would call first. UG shall put your doorstep with my -- you or -- aren't going -- it go armed to tiger I'm still in question where you're sponsored by AT&T I've only got one cell phone. Do you think I don't. Do you think that she did she take. -- her name -- if you take proper greeting you just have the number there. And that they. Yeah and our other voice that says hey. Tiger -- factor that editors for me I think to answer Ben's question and I think I think it I think he's lost his mode -- there is no doubt about chased them. It's it's me it's eight note other. It's something we do it this side of Tiger Woods. We look at tiger with the hall tiger you'd. Tiger Specter says Paul -- hasn't recovered yet -- boot Newt is that how. Q would you ever imagined before this the Tiger Woods at the film. Well it never ever thought Tiger Woods. We thought it was -- programs reading yardage -- Georgia -- the golf balls -- hardwood floors. Or you're. Right I do think I. Say this there are those who twelve brilliant portraits and there there people who questioned whether there were two things to the rail tigers accurate one is that. The other is that -- and a physical wreck for awhile allowance of wisdom. That was an awfully well built golfer for Waller was not ironic that that needs surgery after the US open comeback win against. Rocco Mediate all the sudden drug testing was in the PGA tour. A lot. Of cute it's time for. A lot of taxes -- cheating didn't change and getting caught change them. Another one with the great actors directors has recognized that if someone affixed the and by the way if you Taylor. Now it's it's as well it is still bleak hurt from that rams -- Because. I can't -- about the -- Saint -- connection. Does not -- -- well no doubt about it there's ice -- here the reagans were never there they were it was intense it was apparent to them veterans. -- a St. Louis Cardinals in Saint Louis was fine go to fourth question this is a. Time now for the AT&T question of that day simple question is the question what sport is it easiest to -- in. Text your answer to AT&T X line 37937. -- here says twellman -- Blatant cheating with merit on his hand got in 1986 World Cup against things well. It is hard to -- soccer all you're telling us earlier yet what you can do to cheat and soccer ball I was playing a game in east Germany and in this. I was playing against a defender on record and you stepped on my toes and I was like all I could've sworn my toe -- all. He sharpened this study at a six Dunn on -- sharp in the bottom of it. Those are sharper in the bottom of it so so it will get it cut through my issue a little bit cut through Alicia a little bit but were. Here's the thing the question is. What sport is it very easy to feed study grateful that it what the question should be other than baseball what's the other sports baseball's -- on the easiest. You put pine tar and your neck as a starting pitching you get it -- gave suspend whenever I get a Michael Holley voice. What's it. The -- Far off their neck. Of it so Britain's. It's -- it's unbelievable but also it's not happy but they don't analyze baseball through. I we talk about it Bud Selig loves talking about all that we have the pulpit testing system in all of Major League Baseball. Or in all of professional sports and we did this and we did that. The -- The faces. Of cheating in baseball not album got caught by your test system. By Alex Rodriguez did not -- drug test you gotta become the sloppy accounting. And sloppy paperwork -- bio Genesis hadn't got to do it -- -- -- -- get him to get very priorities that Barry guards because of the bet you didn't get don't. What's the easiest sport to -- baseball because by the way their rules that could set a lie you had to subtly bring getting your Mark McGwire. Well what about football how many retired from Clinton just busted football. Very few and and stuff happens all the time you know I would gasoline in my Jersey can't -- -- allegedly inhaled a lot of I had never heard that until recently. The vast -- AM on your Jersey is an offensive -- I never heard that rabbinate guys. Jump in the bottle pile of as you guys this because it's brought up all the time in the sport is soccer and I think Brent marsh and brings it up is dieting or embellishment cheating. No it's not because it it takes somebody. It takes a he was. A wise person. Also known as an official. To complete the deal you can do it. So you're cheating is cheating it's something that then there's no there's no third party involved with the right. And if you just if if you're diving and there's no one dared to call it. Well technically there's a third party involved with Michael Pineda and now. The umpires -- amount.

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