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Daily Diamond: NY's reaction to Pineda, 4-24-14

Apr 24, 2014|

Mut and Merloni tune in to WFAN in New York and listen to a Yankees perspective of what transpired last night at Fenway.

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It's twelve. Or didn't do lead doing it and then that's not so I've always been what. One constant -- here. Baseball we. Let's review them. And -- got every right to do that but let me tell you still have their pictures. Are known to use stop and this is. Start something that maybe John Farrell wasn't gonna wanna start by the end of the year again his pitches put oil and here we go back in -- belonged. Scrutiny here to put something on the ball and this goes on baseball all the time and has since it began. But now Gerrard and -- that your old. Old. Tribute through any of outside government I've taken -- with a lot and -- yankees sterling and Waldman. On the call last night -- Lou united 37 WEEI. We checked in yesterday with Detroit fans and they were so sad talking about the red wings. Let -- good idea to do it again today go to WFAN Joseph and have a list of some of the Yankee fans today are saying about their guy Pineda. And pine tar all over his neck last night -- I think it's just put needed did something -- you wanna say it could be young guy does not have that much Major League experience which really doesn't because he had pitched a couple years and the time he did pitch which Seattle was only for a -- season right where does -- of that experience to us is kind of not that Smart when he it is what I need here is that good at that spot that the team behind you think -- But you -- a lot of baseball gives you nice friendly warning a little gentle willing to say hey just do it discreetly that you wouldn't put this killing at blob of pine tar on your neck it -- It was -- What may end up happening is Joseph Girardi may have to check Michael Pineda every inning to make sure he's not being so yeah even -- I haven't in the next time he wants to conceal his clients are maybe you hide it behind David achieved this steroid -- Seeing his name from bullets immediately never -- and even if they did they forget about it two minutes. John and Brooklyn on the senate John value what and you know I'm sorry that was so language yet they have been given that it. But civil -- into. Acquired. To go check black yet -- that it didn't want -- -- was breathing of not a good picture -- real soon. For a review last year Lackey did beat you know I don't know I don't. Though -- the north port. It can't be. This is how will we see -- -- -- -- -- out there in the air and all I every game in each case. The additional radio -- and it just went unnoticed. Got to keep something in mind I do not have a long beautiful hair. But there is certain types of -- Joseph. That make your hair can't always have that well look at may be equally vocal and wants to look attractive on the mound and maybe that's a strategy kind of -- but. I don't know if Joseph Girardi wants to check them out I would love to see. Gerry Davis or any other umpire basically heading clay ball calls as head that would be great image for all of us to say yet. Dominant truck. The outlook for the good value acting game radio -- and I don't know if I -- outfielder the only people who. -- make that big they -- -- go right back at the end of the white state. Don't let that I'm proud that it would bet that they're -- what it's going to -- got to get back -- like -- -- -- that respect I get bought. But the kids -- for doubt but I know they're down -- -- both what do they want about. Well Farrow and even though they think of it wasn't so blatant Amanda AME if he if he was. You don't if he -- let's say it is globe where you couldn't see it let's say it's not wearing the glove regrets it Graham this wouldn't happen he can do it the first time. -- Brooklyn. I spoke to me they're ready. He didn't break the rule the rule it says not far up the do you look at that chart that they USA. Anyone give me one more Yankee -- give -- gel. -- the north and today what I saw last night with a desperate group. We -- would think there are losing streak. I don't know what they did last year this is good when we ended up playing well and it's we're -- that's good enough for a hundred -- who we -- about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- short if you aren't they never -- -- sport and really many people like what goes around comes around OK so let's hope this will probably outcomes are moral component in the new York public sometime Hezbollah. All prescribe an increasing your opinions and -- -- there's no understanding don't -- -- you -- so -- -- -- What about it. At the -- -- they were bought got a -- offense sports -- is gonna check them on it someday but what the big fight it out every side water. I don't know but what he's indoors and -- Worried about gamble fraud on their -- -- we -- me -- you very -- it this Michael Bonita incidents. There's all of a sudden brought the technically buckles. Not at all adding the attention has been there for like -- is as I -- -- I've always thought he would get checked at some point graduate and I've always thought when they go back to Toronto. And he pitches there -- out with a team that does. They're still pissed off of Ferrell left. They had their guy Jack was -- Jack -- slash year. Of the broadcast room -- take Yankee -- aside I always thought the Toronto. We checked buckle next time up there if it looks as egregious that there's very little to do nothing to do with what happened last night. But the Toronto are buckled static could happen no matter what app with the -- I believe that idea. I don't. I just don't mean he's is nothing new weekly book called -- he throws follow watered -- air between every single inning. Is there's something more through it. I was probably something in there through starts later he threw against Toronto. Reject them. -- Later in the year September the -- against Toronto again they check some other activity either gave -- Thought that it did it. Would wait you either or both at Toronto where talked to -- -- one -- -- Yankee fan of wolf was at the what does that do with it though. Because I -- out outdoors to make more sense. Inside vs outside air being -- it's all well when he had this what he had the ball fraud on his arm yeah. Indoors and have the sun screen inside that to -- is more egregious than the outside during a big gamer I was talking about his hair. He has -- here every out of project yet he did I has not been checked yet we know very good reason for that. Stephen New London as a Yankee fan I'm sure he wants that to this conversation Steve go let. Yeah I heard that joke from North End about an hour ago and at first I apologize for all the Yankee fans are on behalf of com I don't really beautiful to war anyway but when I was in the military. I knew exactly what muscles doing in my platoon sergeant knew we were doing and that leaders are responsible. So to say that Girardi didn't know what was going on the second time is baloney. And whether to go to bed you should know and not in paris' own team like that. So that's the way I feel about it. It and it's. I don't know why I put Borbon on Rothschild -- do Girardi but this -- Lou and I different loses no blame on the coaching staff. I just can't believe that if -- explain it to him enough maybe maybe if the NL be proven wrong he's just that down. But I'm having a hard time coming to grips -- that today in not putting some blame on the pitching coach and first manager second let's do this. Who better to talk in the I was there I talks everybody around baseball and a guy we talked to every week Basra only of ESPN. Or join us next we'll get his take on what he saw last night what people are saying -- around baseball about Michael Pineda. -- only ESPN next.

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