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Michael Pineda gets ejected for pine tar; suspended 10 games, 4-24-14

Apr 24, 2014|

Mut and Merloni react to a wildly entertaining game at Fenway last night in which we saw Michael Pineda ejected in the second inning because he had pine tar on his neck.

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Davis is now walking out to the pitcher's mound. I can ever recall what they're doing bunkers that. It's on the right side of his neck. Davis is coming out the other umpires again join him on the mound he's examining the baseball. The -- and now he's looking in his neck. He's nasty donated turnarounds we get a better look at the blob on the right side of his neck yeah it is it is that's. Is that what -- -- How about that Gerry Davis is just to open it out of the game. I learned a couple things -- Michael Pineda last night Butler and 937 WEEI funny stupid. Stupid we know that well it's confirmed last -- be stupid to not great with the English language but it's not his fault maybe not acclimated to yet but. Here -- comments after the game not great number three we learned about Michael Pineda last night he's not on Twitter jelly. He's not on Twitter if he was on Twitter -- following -- he would have known. Sixteen hours ago according to my time line. He had to be careful. Not overloading sixteen hours ago Pineda. Police barked not tonight. With the way the Red Sox are struggling they won't hesitate to call you wanted just. Hide it better you'll gave him the blueprint in a 140 characters -- last. Right before the game last night and he apparently stupid not the language and not. All you want Twitter it oh people respond to hate the c'mon give any advice in little -- vis Korea as news -- not the first inning -- like dark. And look good this is a distinct officer in the second inning it's a -- got to be kidding me. It says open the heat we we talked about this before jump throw him right both times. -- dumb in New York. Okay he played dumb in New York is -- -- -- and it is neck and almost guaranteed that there was some kind of conversation. Apparel Girardi the next day that payment you know. Basically got a break gay I gave a break artist he's got a Smart not -- biggest open about it. And at that point he's make it -- look like an idiot. About the cross she set top step and it got via victory don't want site columns are other yet they Ortiz Laffer walked up all I really got his neck. -- -- the -- five seconds ten seconds barrels just looking around them what to do. I -- that point where -- This seismic and meet looked like a bold now I gave him a break you make me look stupid. Not the excel aren't enough is enough. These -- be better than this be smarter than this military Davis. I gotta check -- that -- checked them I like the whole thing is my favorable currencies metals are both biggest moment of the year but it can make this moment of the year. The ticket had all turnaround check back your Jersey. Back your neck -- -- particularly with let me check in neck and let's check website first shall we just beat the size of the left pocket now. Turn to right. But by let me have you put my finger on the touch that -- got chocolate sauce and -- -- right away I like the way Jerry Davis tossed them. Electric is gloat at a cash it is glove wasn't a big like you know frank revenue erratic year it's got to catch the right finger up your gone. You forgot the moment they're in the middle didn't you wolf. -- talk and Gerry Davis at home plate. Like if you while lip -- you could see some of the Tina -- there. Well -- -- as you were all you have to phrase all over his followers neck and -- I'd like Carol trying to laugh. As -- talking to Jerry Davis at. How can you not laugh. You know I know ESPN the broadcast I was watching on NASA and at the time last night and -- -- or -- like casually sets it up well. It appears we found some pine tar Michael Pineda. I am at a like a wrestler who puts on the faced -- before because there. It's like well -- I just real life is this really happening right now. Edit the couple more pictures and finally management Ferrell on victory you know the one that got me and I love all the shots but Ortiz coming out the tunnel Laphen. Out of everything we saw my favorite -- he's like Jeter dropped and -- at all it's good to this year Brian Roberts just looked in like a guy. And hit it there's so many different takes on this whole thing number one. You know and at first I was like a Lackey just just come out of the sitting clean. Right justice come -- donating clean clean without -- well or wherever you -- having an area called that whoever you have it. It's gonna wipe off a little whoever it is just cleaned for one inning. -- case Girardi test GO just whatever an umpire Jerry Disco ball peers who give and a half best effort. You at this some sticky somewhere songs it's not obnoxious he probably just move on. Architect twice in the eagle at the sickening and doing what doesn't check in the first inning and that think and we don't want in this kind of makes cents. Because their players idiot. You know their players it made its so obvious to everybody on TV at the field. That it's embarrassing the players are embarrassed there's no need for Girardi -- check lacking you -- his players are stupid. You know they already warned of once. If you put out there's going to be a boss John Lackey all the Red Sox. This not gonna cause a stir around baseball -- Red Sox and put themselves in a bad spot. Now that it check it -- buck Holtz is here they get a check -- it Lackey or or Lester all peavy here in these guys are gonna happen. Is everywhere around baseball beside which -- lack John John Ferraro. In the second inning it looked from the dugout that there was. A substance -- pop on his neck. You could see it -- C -- from the dugout it was confirmed by a number of camera angles and ballpark. And giving the last time we face them. Felt like it was -- necessity to say something. I fully respects on a cold might be trying to get a little bit of -- grip but when it's that obvious. Something has got to be said. Obvious is the word. Obvious. And at. Again he did not -- great job answer the questions afterwards and a violation of this thing. Given to get thrown out and the circumstances -- should have given Pineda an interpreter what they should absolutely could not are not allowed him to sit there. You know there's a lot of Latino players Dominican Venezuela wherever it is that can speak the language -- very well but not at all. That it but it obviously is one that isn't. He doesn't speak the language well so if you don't put -- -- a bunch reporters there it's a national story and have him answer questions should they should have had an interpreter for the. Can you put at all. Yourself. Almost. Friday. And look. Not try to get on too much but he did leave a lot. There's a lot of of vagueness about his answers because of his where his issues with the language. If there was more you wanted to get and so -- The first time ever I said these words a lot of -- and am I can't wait for Joseph Girardi. Press conference and the -- credit he didn't do what it last time he at least acknowledge that his pitcher -- something out there. I'm he talked about early on not seeing anything but then at some point you had an all right job. No I -- I never -- on -- so come I didn't look at Michael. Jerry told me clearly had something on this night and I just OK and I -- Phelps -- really worried about trying to keep score this thing. I got Phelps ready wonder why the -- my pitcher still other crap on -- -- And facts are screwed us here tonight well obviously we have discussions with all the pitchers and things that they're dealing I -- that's what we do so. We don't ignore situations we handle situations and something Michael chose to do. After the first inning hit a hard time gripping the baseball. Conditions are you know not conducive to gripping a baseball and you know. Unknown to us he put it on and went out there. Yes see the the issue is defect in my opinion it uses pointer. That's not the issue and I understand a lot of fans. Don't get down and I and I and I understand but. They're a lot of pitchers not every but a lot of pitchers used it we all know always had this discussion. In a ten days ago whatever was what happened last time the discussion Lester the World Series -- Jon Lester John Leicester where Yates you'll as a big game you know they definitely would objectively that first time in New York what would get we go back to. Game one Mike Metheny. When a substance showed up Jon Lester Metheny in doing about it. So you gotta be smarter about. You got is that we have a conversation at able Gary Cole and Carlos Gomez serve and that need it with Apollo global water -- -- -- -- you gotta be smarter about. Write about things you know and that though the young guys stupid guys whatever don't know how to handle things. Jump further directing the first time you know played -- All right real wasn't happy about it because you -- his face made it look stupid but he played dumb for a lot of cleaned it up okay we'll move on. Not happen gold wrist by that time he's out of the game or whatever was OK was honest how many more. But this time here. He -- he was forced to do. That's why -- say people around the game both appeared citywide. Now Obama play in the Red Sox solid golf which with which we for the rats a what you collect. A check -- glove now that's what Girardi didn't go on test Lackey. Because the rest is all on Pineda he's the one that screwed this thing up. All bought it it's mostly on Pineda and he is stupid beyond -- -- phone calls all this up early on at 6177797937. I think there's a second level after you get done saying how dumb and it is the maker made jokes all day. I do wanna put some blame on a coaching staff. I know Joseph Girardi said I never sought I know Larry Rothschild who played here -- a second. Your claims may be that big is -- player didn't know it was illegal and all the implications. As the coach of a team and then a step further is Larry Rothschild manager of a pitching staff essentially. It's your responsibility. From the last game to express to Michael Pineda. How serious this is Michael if you do this and your obvious with it and get caught. You're gonna be thrown out of the game. And you're gonna there's a -- -- to be suspended there's a history of guys Brennan Dolly into all brawl to ten at eighteen suspense about suspensions respectively. So we could sit and is W want. I I personally put some of the blame the coaching staff and more so on Rothschild that I do Girardi because it's up to him to explain after last game. You can't do this. You can't mop the Red Sox can't -- Major League Baseball but put it all like its war paint. And that's what he did. So. How do you not put some blame on the pitching coach and then secondarily on the manager when this just came up it was a national story not a local story a national story. Ten days ago. What are you assuming that big did not get that point across that big they didn't know enough job well I don't -- nobody could match up boys to a conversation right. Mean at some point you got to have an actually sink in to somebody. It's it's it's they don't do that they don't do it again in the considering this and -- you really shouldn't do that you know it's like talking to a kid. Maybe that's what he adds I mean -- I put this all opinion all of it. Because I'm sure you don't think that they had those conversations she gets suspended for ten days is what happens if you if you get caught again yeah okay. What happened was you went out there did have a feel for the ball -- first inning I don't blame. Either one of those guys it's everybody's talking about Girardi -- yeah they should have known as the manager the guy is that this is not kindergarten. Majorities us at the top step every time all the players on the field -- called -- to check you guys everybody good. Well Michael I want to check -- between every inning only way -- -- It's big league baseball exactly -- ability big league baseball -- its responsibility the pitching coach the man and I'll get up about here across all its responsibility the player I knocked it checked. -- -- Every time runs out in the field I cannot say every pitcher got national and every. Trust him up he embarrassed Major League Baseball the Yankees by -- are blatantly putting it on all three many pitchers use it. So you take special circumstances. You tell me at this apple with a Red Sox OK and let's say Clay Buchholz got checked they battle of bull frog and it's there. Bull frog back of his -- -- gone pretend I heard it it was exposed nationally which was and then he comes back on his is blatant with it. As late as -- was last night that you'll put the Red Sox it's Marta the idea what do you say oh don't. Another it was just let's listen to him. You're talking about Clay Buchholz. With bull frog on his arm there was probably a discussion. He goes on does whatever he wants. Not your skip a step nice and then he gets qaeda's deliberately again. Michael Pineda was probably sitting on the bench -- personnel hold responsible with an uneven notes that back with the video was may be the guy that was -- to his right on the bench. -- -- out -- the inning got a boy you know you all right you know -- roughed up a little bit every OK -- okay all right. And that's the conversation ends after it between innings at the -- Ian eagle Pete talked a little bit about the getting an eagle back in -- get to the dugout. Meanwhile Mike open -- sit there with a jacket on -- a -- Tarek in his pocket like most do. -- And -- you know I can't feel the ball and before he went on the mound probably rubbed it with -- two fingers because that's exactly the line it looked like to rub the hell out of it got a bunch of it. Throughout his second round of field and he can't be all gone. This is the TSA. Pat down before you go to field every time. This is all of them. Here is is pitching coach or maybe when you hear is pitching coach their lost jobs this is why the message. Didn't get across to you mr. personality Larry Rothschild. Well it's obviously surprises but. And I'm not sure that he understood the implications and I think it was more. And his mind that he needed to -- the baseball whatever he had to do. You know I don't know if you thought to be an understanding knows that. It was there was one of those things that I'm not sure he understood. What tone is or even though I had told them. What could happen. Bingo bingo I'm sorry some of this goes on Rothschild. He put just sleep the way talks but he just said it that the million dollar quote I'm not sure he understood the penalty. You've got to make them understand it you want our lives and -- -- -- and you do witnesses and at this is it was in his next start. Okay since he got caught but didn't in New York -- You know -- shut out the Chicago Cubs in New York through six innings four hits no runs it was 47 degrees that day. OK so. You know -- almost a skinny baby syndicate. It's supposed to be grown men. Argue at that level again it goes that you own this game is very youthful now makes stupid mistakes. This is all on this kid he's not a rookie right he's been around for a while with Seattle for year -- then got traded here misty where the next two years he's been a big league club for big troubles for how many years have 45. There's been around big leaguers in the decade this kick it across to women that that. They don't recognize they made this night on the question we gotta tell him you don't question Rothschild author billions there's obviously. -- got to make sure he knows what he's just an old. Up in a game is a language barrier. I don't what you what you can do know the penalties so severe we can argue the penalty -- -- -- -- game that you get ten games on top of that right you wanna argue that say a lot as a pitcher get a -- hitter. Or fielder right argued -- fine. Rothschild majority have to let him know this is not just take -- got a game you gonna potentially. Three starts for our team -- -- again I support you assuming it ever happened I don't understand that. I'm assuming if it did happen it was that happened very poorly. Today was not done correctly nailed it when it's that blatant. Could he really have known can -- out really see it and -- child passed the buck is I told what the penalty was really. You smeared all I could -- you're going out there with William Wallace the wipe your country and you really knew that I I don't believe it and I I put some of the blame on them. What do think they did. So he critiques so he gets confronted in bought in Yankee Stadium by jumper is gonna club appoint a bit. They just you think it is called the minutes and -- kids do that our fiscal gimmick at Chicago five days go get a is that what you that's what's -- suing right now. That they didn't sit down and say you can't have pint are that obvious you're just assuming. That he called -- any offers after that Red Sox start. -- just said. Not allowed to do this. Anyway doubled to -- program. -- no idea what they told ought -- what you -- Austin at that happened I think it did I put noble on and that it's a manager depiction coach. This guy. You -- it off completely you don't put any blame one iota on the pitching coach of the manager when this happened two weeks ago we got off because they're holding a lot in see it. -- two starts later he's got a smear his neck -- just on him zero I disagree none -- put on this is on an idiot. This is on the idiot this kid is immature he doesn't know what the hell he's doing and you maybe there's a language barrier going on obviously. Null that is on the player. That's on him babysit at that level -- you don't do you shouldn't have to do the -- -- once started between. What happened there six scoreless boy seven degrees Yankee Stadium on a warm today. It was up their tickets lit up. April supplied -- he does voluntarily -- pine tar on his neck and gets tossed that is all on him. Let's do this you guys are stacked up the talk about a 61777979. -- 37 if your phone number 617. 77979837. To -- Texas right now. On the AT&T Tex wanted 37. 937. All your thoughts on what you saw last night. From donated you put the coaching staff the blame -- -- maybe a teammate next to them should give stickler did argued in the way he looked out there on the mound. An additional calls the next step appear. This can become a season long thing for the Red Sox -- they opened a can of -- -- John Ferrell create more problems -- is pitching staff Mott and high Yankee. On the Yankee network she doesn't think so we'll hear that talk do you guys Sports Radio W media. Against the Yankees didn't know I -- didn't do in the first inning and then he went on his own to do it and they didn't know about it but. Go to bad spots shows that when he had to say I -- a lot of fun today right now I've got to get half off go the way Hal this whole thing has. He embarrassed the whole organization and he you know. Did he think what he's thinking no -- think it is clueless wolf this will never happen again have you no life going. -- need for everybody knows why go to but it can't happen especially after the last. They do this again and a girl they had to do it and -- even -- -- He had to do with the -- that he had to do it and going forward -- stop and check every pitcher around the league -- the Red Sox pitchers. It's just it is what it is and and he'd do the same thing. I was act after the game or he lost his mind talking about this he was great -- -- ID 37 WEEI. Gonna hear from las sterling and Waldman coming up but his promise writes your phone calls -- and Ludlow like Europe with thumb but elude ID 37 WEEI what's going up now. Because I don't let go expert. Per call or whatever but let's call and stole my. So under what I spent my entire career in the military. And we have policies it's called -- and the lenient policies that. Somebody always kind of watching it solid and help you out if you trouble whether combat. Whether it's working on -- and -- have a few Beers and -- If you start people of course will be at the Philadelphia. I can't understand what Larry roster -- main duty was last night audited to watch that. So with a history what happened in New York. He had art first inning. Eagle somewhere put it on dirty and it can't all I agree is an energy gained by. What does Larry Rothschild the pitching coach main duty at that point when he got to hit. It doesn't appear to -- -- right so to speak English very well. And then you got the captain of the story you know you. Yankees. They're cute. And he stepped outside of normal there. They have one of the most stringent. -- current policies. Opinion opinions so there's Derek Jeter you tell -- you get to see this big blob on the planet guide states. -- -- -- Help me out though because. So Rothschild sits down at the talks about the whole ending any skis that is Jericho exits -- visited this popular pine tar rag is the cassette with a lot of guys might do. Maybe. And then -- job gets up when he takes his coat off and they swipes it puts on his neck nine runs on the field and -- to their Derek -- strong balls across the diamond. Before the first pitch he sees a glob of pine tar on his neck what you do to Derek Jeter. Well didn't get a chance and then at the end of the inning. -- -- -- -- you're out -- field mound he spotted like what. You call timeout legal -- data set rubbing it off his neck. We all know that can't happen maybe maybe -- sent to -- to start when you get a minute. You know in between pictures or exit and a base hit a particular and get off of air. They embarrassed the entire Yankee organization. That is true not good for baseball it's not good for baseball. Yet there's no doubt and look I get loose point these guys are babysitters the big leagues I think. If you're a coach worth your salt I'm sure on teams you played on there was always guy -- -- keep an eye out for whatever reason right. Is -- teacher this by one person in your class every year you sort of keep an eye on in this case natives that guy. He by far is the most at fault for this he is a dummy. But I'm not gonna let Rothschild off the hook you you have to be aware of it you have -- it and it it was that -- he was we're pretty aware of it. You've got to make him a 100000%. Sure. He knows how much you penalized if this happens during an upper body on that staff but for this guy in particular. At what they should have singled him out. Dan is calling from Maine about donating again. Well you're addicted to. Well you hit a couple of like some guys wondering about is that you see an English. And it retain a lump that there's an alkaline the end and I read -- -- -- this morning. -- says the Yankee organization -- they were contacted by Joseph Torre at the last game it set -- down explained at all Salim. Told him you know the the penalties the -- up and everything. On like put in now like it is. I love them in the -- -- the gains little -- that you know would it game. You think they'll just drop this in him to go back to where it is you know I don't see everybody complaining about it all looks -- and everything it was working the way law. In you know. We call in -- -- Kenyatta was just done too blatant about it and hopefully -- You know -- -- it and move on prisoner on when it's needed in my opinion and then you know. And then but if they make it legal and just -- -- Have a good day thank you technical. The guys ethic that dumb. Yeah I think it's over all the -- people checking pitchers left and right because of this I think this is just one individual that didn't get it. Finest day doesn't understand the language but you don't think Tony Pena was in -- those meetings. To help him understand the language at the -- you know I -- a -- he knew what was at stake. Any young kid a good hitter on a first inning and panicked. And just the poet -- neck on his way out stickers go to. -- predict what's on the mound again. Can you do. Vehicle and -- office. Now with Jeter gonna do -- nobody it's gonna happen before that. It's go to where Derrick is their Derek what's going on. What about McCain had Billy thinks he would say what do you do. You know he really did it before. -- to catcher in the ball destroying you know what's going on in Africa and Bolivia. But what. When dom when you want the -- think that would Jeter what. He's a -- come out you know but it can't -- Elliott and -- -- secret you know quit and talk to him you know said Theodore. What's he gonna do wipe off his neck. You're right there. You know it. You are such that its operatives in the other day at a architecture pitcher -- are close relationship you think maybe he can communicate with Romeo and after the flip -- he should have said that regarding the first time what was worried about -- audio you know. This in the way it was put on and was that line -- the two fingers. Now would be data comes in at the beginning he sits down -- -- that's with a McCants it's more than a rough inning they sit there and talk. Now if you think that while they're talking. If this what happened if this happen if a while they were talking they needed just reached in his pocket and took part -- lasted on his on his neck while he's talking McCain and -- -- The I'll give -- the blame there. I don't honestly believe that whatever happened. Because if pace did see it before -- on the -- -- would set some -- is into what was gonna happen everybody knew was gonna happen committed obvious again. He sat there with a -- guaranteed. That his hands in his pocket and this takes his coat off throw it on his neck and ran out of a field. At this that's why this is all on him all on him not put it on anybody else Brian Cashman sat in his seat. Once it's on TV there was report -- only had he gets a phone calls phone blows up. Right any any is on TV right now Pineda clears day on his neck he runs the clubhouse let's talk through between innings loves -- -- late. Yeah it doesn't end. -- -- -- -- So it's it's an embarrassment for the organization. The players stupidity. At such did nothing wrong. The reason why Girardi didn't check lacking. This is all on the player eleven let's play a hypothetical that we couple callers about this ball players. What as a player what could -- was anything can do on the feel like could you. Is it legal to kind of alert him go to the mound -- I've seen -- talked to pitcher going come talk to and could somebody go on in. And said it's there dude go to the dugout clean at all could he walked to the dugout called time walked -- wiped it off. Could he be even done that is that legal would go to the dugout from the -- whites -- -- -- go back -- amount. And I don't I don't play I put less on the players then. Certainly well Robb tell the Girardi I really don't blame the players any ornament tough once in the through August saying hypothetically. Could somebody walked up and sets them if they saw the early innings aren't out yet that probably could have put forth there was first pitcher probably get might have that might have been able to -- you might it -- like you know yet. Straight in my glove is broken. That they shoelaces broke I gotta go change -- to rule out right back. We've been obvious what was going on. Both the amount of -- in his neck. If he took his hand if anybody tried to rub off of his neck. You would have been able to gated off. He's so -- it's so thick and sticky that he would not have been able to get popular way to get it off is -- the action going into that bathroom. And scrub the -- a living hell out of it you know that a little red if you discriminate a lot of it the clean it off -- that much that sticky and edited them. So I just -- hypothetically could you've done anything if your player on the field. Seems like it would have been tough 61777979837. Is your phone over the ATP -- wants is 379837. Text. Auditory TT -- like -- a few seconds ago you guys here -- salty sterling was laughed my ass all all you'll hear. Remind by Yankee and they seem to think this is not over yet do we think this is going to be a season long thing you hear the Yankees and -- reaction next.

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