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Buster Olney, ESPN: Farrell did the "exact right thing", 4-24-14

Apr 24, 2014|

Buster Olney joins Mut and Merloni to discuss Michael Pineda using pine tar at Fenway and getting ejected from the game. He also discusses the reaction from Yankees GM Brian Cashman.

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It's pine -- talk bottler and on a 37 WEEI. In his anyway. Talked about pine -- this much this year but thanks to Michael the native has been a major. Major topic and it was a national story again last night a guy who was there and a guy who is. And also written more about client drug issue the expected to bust you'll only be ESPN joins us on the AT&T hotline buster Oreo. I'm doing great. And it was fascinating that's for sure -- and you know you could see -- -- bust out there and obviously that throughout the game because it pine tar on number I feel like you get on the game is going to be suspended because he's is more an -- But he wasn't actually used -- of the for -- We went about it. Well yeah. You know I. Feel like important people today -- baseball I mean this from from relief from the outset. How this developed it almost feels like those minimum mandatory for states. Where everyone involved like. They look we really ought to give this area but we really have to do. You know from the Red Sox challenging permitted at the Gerry Davis walking out there. To the Yankee dealing with a Major League Baseball. It's kind of like speeding out -- battle it but it only speeding on the interstate everyone knows that there are a whole bunch people would do it. But the Natal that -- -- the guy who went into the left. Hand lane and zoom past the state police car -- 85 miles an hour you know basic. And he was asking for. C and it's gotten we all knowledge how dumb he has in on -- -- was to do it. I've taken a second step your buster bill that won't go with me on and that's. I do with some of the blame on the coaching staff and for the people you've talked to. Inside the Yankee organization. Did they think they've done a good job of explaining. That's a very this last time around that it would be immediate kick out of a game and a suspension they wish they had. Done a better job -- explaining as to their pitcher what is the -- the reaction been inside that Yankee organization last eighteen hours or so. He played -- sound from Brian Cashman the Yankees general manager who basically after the game. That it's our fault it's as an organization's. You know it's our fault because either in the aftermath of last one it wasn't fully explain to a outlook when we're watching the first inning you know we get a cut it -- I'm watching him -- desperately trying to get moisture on -- fingertips trying to get. You know CBS corporation the back of the neck. On his or until I saw it I'm an idiot. That you know in the yankees' dugout they side. And in that should be at that point when he came and said look we we -- had a problem they're -- on your left wrist. Uploaded over here we're gonna help you do best or even going into it in the night because she during batting practice you guys. I mean it was so cold out there and the wind was so no. Brisk and I'm assuming dealt with a walking on not making that long walk out of the bullpen coming back act. Top Putin given all that. Is a little surprising I don't I would put that on. But it's clear the way Brian -- acted -- the game he felt like somebody should have been on top of that. You'll Boston as a starting between where you show the cubs went six innings Yankee Stadium scoreless cold day at those 45 degrees that day. We didn't hear anything not now imagine a day after they did happen in -- is the biggest threats -- that the cubs were released. Pictures not too blatant too obvious but. Did you hear anything about that game particularly with the with the news of the day at the game after what happened at -- Now now and I think -- and what we saw last night it it was it's you know clear that. -- -- you went out there naked so to speak without whatever he had before the type of you know up pine tar censor something. And and he reacted to what happened the first panic he was still struggling so badly and now that that's going to be one of the questions going Fortis and I've heard this from a couple value later today they were they saying where you wonder can he pitch without that stop. I wonder more because let me take -- cannot park Michael NATO on -- really nice person. And and you hell -- after the game he he just felt bad. And he apologized to teammates and. And I wonder you know historic going forward. -- -- he'd find himself but it is turning up the good start after missing two years is the godfather. And I don't know the answer but -- the question and I'm going port about a. Talking to buster only BSP and when you write your column you get reaction of people around baseball. I you wrote today than in your mind they should go to. This whatever substance they want it shoes and allow a substance in addition to Ross and abused. Alt on the mound and I am curious buster. What has been the response of people around baseball is that a possibility. Next couple years something -- rule address and allow these pitchers to use something rather than. Hey let's have the unwritten rule quote unquote a sneak in pine -- out there to the mound. Well and and that's what -- sort of surreal about it being is a question and it. It should have been on the exact right thing apart the -- rate bank based all -- exact right thing and and and there also is this part of that part of the conversation. Where after the game in the way everyone is addressing it is like you know we're shocked shocked that there's gambling going on in this establishment. It's so pervasive that it happened that at some point they look to find a way around. Now the complication is the course degree in the L pitchers. You can use pine tar and it'll you know that all the and to put -- I'll put this stuff with a two strike pitch. Think he's spot. And it can change the aerodynamics on the ball. So come up with something else to me we've seen in a scene that means you some of the red and we've been in indoors in terms of football for generic about. Whatever that substance is identify it. Make it -- caper pitchers to put that on their arm -- glove or armed. What can't -- -- and have umpires checked them before they go out. Now Patrick close the company got to get a really huge and expect from guys in the big league certainly the picture. You know they really need to do is -- much better job preparing debates all. Because. You know 1520 years ago there's -- this story. With the umpires come early go home plate umpire that day -- -- -- Delaware River mud. You rub up the baseball well you guys know it doesn't happen anymore it's the club that's cute he'd do that in fact -- told this story. That is in particular veteran pitcher who will. The clubhouse kid like 200 dollars in order to -- -- the ball the way that he likes. Well that's something that they can make standard and do a better job to prepare the ball. -- -- seal on it because which your lot which it is NEC one you know ball thrown -- then -- look at it and they throw it back -- And it's somebody turned artist actually smooth on the facing. And that probably would go a long -- standardizing preparation debate all. You're dealing with some of the stuff we've been talking about. Yet the only objects don't have a -- like you -- making some kind of substance -- -- as we know me in the envelope will always be pushed and it'll open up the -- for. Well I can use this and I'm gonna call at this even though it's not it's something else like I just look at pine -- and game this has been going on for a long long time. In you have but he now we just overreacting because one. Guy -- it -- to coax out there and makes it so blatant so lobbyists that you have to call them on it. Because I act upon -- to believe that there were Red Sox guys doing some last night but just better attic which is hiding and not using as much -- It's never -- problem until one guy just -- you've faced so much you're forced to do something about. Well the only thing I'm concerned about you know a couple years ago Joel Peralta would penetrate gains the Tampa Bay -- Because -- Johnson just went out there one day decided it challenge it. And I think by having a record on the books that they all -- being broken and you know -- all sort of a general agreement. Not to break it when she have a knuckle heads situation like we have let the right. You do wonder. If leaving that out there you -- and have a situation where you know. Second game of the World Series key spot. Everyone knows that you know particular pitcher does this. He couldn't it be -- -- -- can you please check the risk. Are you kidding I mean you know to get a competitive advantage. At that air. And new teams haven't done that yet. But that's that's one thing I worry about entry to your point. It tell you what game that would games and I'm watching guys go to the same spot in the app. Our last night and I don't know if they do an -- not the 34 pitchers go one saint spot under risk their gloved hand and arms are -- you you're like. Everybody. Does something. And that's why. If you could have that record in the books. And you ever want breaking what's the point either clean up the rule or or develop something actually think that the suggestion by the picture about standardized preparation the ball in -- to have contact you -- on it might be the best answer. -- my last one as you said will be a suspension. Any doubt in your mind that it's the standard variety you'll get the full Brendan -- ten games what happened last night. You know like I mean that Peralta thing with eight games but I I've got to believe that in central baseball they are saying you know what. We warned discussion with you Joseph Torre called the Yankees and said. I'm sure in so many words look and call you to give you a warning just don't -- be so -- -- and -- like a week later. So I do think that he's probably gonna get higher going to be envelope and I think it's again. But it's a real quick on this Red Sox team you know and they are the last place but only two and a half games out it's a break because -- don't really -- as great as ever talked about the Yankees there's only three games over. But if you look at the offense is starting pitching it to the elements and there you get a couple guys come back defensively ethic is still late. It growing concern what would you concerns me with this team. You know trying to figure out exactly which piece is gonna be -- want an admiral and I think we started he'd had a unit in Ann -- being sent down. Some of the adjustments they've got to make. I really think it's gonna conduct performance -- I've heard so many evaluated ain't talking about. AJ Pierzynski defense you know that's something moderate such a look at it is something unity where they're gonna call up Christian that at some point gonna make a move their. And they just have to hope that you know whether Grady Sizemore. Or check of the junior -- they need more offensive production because. All the other problems would be greatly obscure if they were scoring -- even close to what they were doing last year. You over last month from me next week apparently they gonna sit down talk but this replay immediate transfer rule them here and it. But it could be changes made what are you hearing on that. Yet they're gonna be changes made and that transfer rule. They get basically go back to the old rule in particular for outfielders. On the call the way that they used to I suspect is even growing sentiment or with a middle infielders. To call kuwaitis too because. Now the way to call yet. You know when they put replay -- A left the neighbor in the neighborhood place something he could reach out because I wanna protect middle and it was alternate way to call each strolled now. Middle -- is actually greater risk because they probably didn't feel like deputy more deliberate interaction. Our meeting hanging in there longer and meeting they make it white out. Get into it I think there's going to be read your reiteration from baseball on the home plate collision rules basically saying look. -- the -- incredible play in any way shape or form and he is now the ball. In the run run he's going to count and there's been a lot of discussion about that -- that'll tell you big picture. Talking with people in baseball the fact that you haven't seen catchers -- this year means that they're number one priority putting in that role -- being served. It's that you benched him a match -- all our fault with AJ Pierzynski said -- -- questions about his defense. With the Red Sox you have for John -- and answer questions yesterday about. His relationship with the pitching staff buster you surprised that. He's had these struggles early AJ with a Red Sox. You know not necessarily because I mean that was you know he's been known today hitter first catcher. In offense first catcher. And when he talked it evaluated seventeen to tell you that he can take its double strike zone he -- brain as well some of the pitchers -- And we talked about a couple weeks ago and other Red Sox demonstrated in the postseason. That they valued defense first from the catcher not a surprise given that John -- former pitcher he's the manager. And we see how much they care for what David Ross is done defensively. So I think it's going to be common traded at more games like last night in good up -- and I -- and have better performed other pitchers he's working. -- -- it's up as always we appreciate taking the time after a crazy night last night before talking next week. That's great -- however it -- -- worked out bust usually joins us on Wednesday on Boston joins us he brought you by new turf care. And by Toyota Nashua because of scheduling was buster on Thursday. This week in the timing could not have been better.

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