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Bruins and Red Wings get set for Game 4, 4-24-14

Apr 24, 2014|

Mut and Merloni preview Game 4 of the first round of the NHL PLayoffs between the Bruins and the Red Wings.

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-- -- 37 WEEI Jack and it all join its new and all things Boston sports Bruins Red Sox pine tar. Basra only at 1 o'clock your phone 61777979378. TT -- slide is 379. 37 -- news today for Detroit Red Wings fans. -- better than they hope for. Hendrick setter berg appears to be awfully close on back the plate tonight. According to Helen saint James one of their beat reporters. Covers them for the trick repress. She's tweeting out last half hour so Zetterberg took part in practice today skated with Datsyuk and Abd al-Qaeda on a line. Then left to get checked out by doctors to get clear for tonight in addition to that. Mike Babcock said look unless the doctors they only can't play he's -- So he's being listed as a game time decision he's being listed as being checked out by the doctors but it Babcock -- say that. If feels like a -- it's a bad report. Their captain whether big time goal scores and -- they could really use tonight Hendrick Zetterberg missed the last thirty games including us some Olympic time with a back injury. Appears to be back in about lineup tonight for game four in what. Capacity will see but feel like they're getting a pretty good offensive piece back and boy two goals in three games they need every offense -- -- again. Well yeah yeah it's a question of how much is you know be out there you know how much ice times you really get a gonna give this team -- first real practice. Right the first time really practiced with the team. We always talk about Steinberg -- skating and that's great let's watch the first time he practices -- -- far profited from there. Now there -- different spot maybe there Lou more desperate as a more urgency to get this -- down to one back in these games. But. First time it too much you practice. Then you might be in there and it's great per -- slow boost. Initially. You know and this is where I was shocked because you you've got to think did the first -- ten minutes or so on the road Detroit to be a lot of energy withstand that kind of move on and then you can. Tickle -- wasn't the case is actually Boston cut -- -- that NG in this game maybe Henrik Zetterberg. And gives it little boost early on because he's out there its nice to see you captain back on the ice. After awhile it turns into a good to see how -- connection how much you actually helping after awhile that's sort of the feeling kind of goes away and that's about the game so you might be able to at a low energy but but still not much you can give as far as -- -- He's appoint up a game guy right you go back and look at so far this year I have is numbers are probably played 45 games 48 points. Up last year 46 games 48 points. You know 2000 to 01282. -- 69 point hero for that eighty games eighty points. They see a point per game guy -- in his prime is really good to thirty or forty goal a seasoned guy who's really a good player the injury is a question for them. But talent is not a question with was that ever went back and -- the final game he played -- went to the Olympics the story written about him in Detroit dot com. Talking about how good these Zetterberg. Abdul -- night -- line had been. And that Zetterberg leadership playing with -- with that pushed -- was to this next level and and Ike was as you know by now came up late. Because he was a salary cap the situation there. But he got here and became immediately one of the hottest goal scanners school's scores in the NHL. It just flies around the ice. -- wall lining would skate on tonight. But he's played it is passed without looking at her night -- to play Super Tuesday. Which another one up and get a get into east play with Datsyuk for 300 minutes of its 800 minutes this year so he's got history all these guys. They need goals scored and maybe it this is -- this feels like a sort of a hail Mary from them Europe. But at this point got to try it why not. Directives I think him playing back surgery it back surgery for -- when he first. -- as -- first time he practices. In two months. Go with this team. He's on the ice. I don't think that it's it's bush league would dirty that anytime you can put it don't. Put a stick an -- you don't understand the guys area that's that's part of the game. Gets going back -- a coincidence that art nobody touch. Knows that a bird because you know his comeback from back surgery and clinical they're playing now it's gonna be the -- and opposite elated to gold after a aggressively you know played physical -- Brendan Smith. Instead of bricks on the ice I expect them to initiate contact finish up -- -- and see where he's at physically. As they should and you'd be disappointed if they -- it's like. You disappointed sometimes if it if you're opposing band. And ego -- against Jon Lester if they want my team bond the couple -- Muster sucks at the for space. There's an injury situation but you know his weakness you know that his back has been bothering you missed thirty games plus the Olympics he's kept up there and age. If the Bruins don't make it takes in clean legal shot at him you walked in -- more disappointed. Text on the -- anti tax slide from the 413. Zetterberg is a desperation move by team in trouble and yup. Feels like that he's also a very good goal score. And they they need it man offensive team with two goals in three games -- struggled mightily on offense. Now they think they might do I Kevin -- the parts between about this most of the morning. That Todd Bertuzzi. Could be back in their tonight. You know what he writes and is probably right opportunity is in red wings are yielding speed the try to match the Bruins have Venus. You know it's in the NHL's version of spider web fly you try and -- qui sort of match what they do. And maybe that'll be -- and accredited that I recognize that. The -- not really working let's get some sort of body back there Bertuzzi is agog at skated with Edinburgh yesterday. Afterwards rice trying to get. Something's going to hear those guys skated together according to DJB a W we. EI dot com element Mike Babcock by the way some really enjoy him recorded guy. No doubt he's talking about last couple of games yeah threw behind so fast last two games donating to the test Boston because they're ahead. You've got to have them down to find out if they're any good. And you've got to get on the inside the final Rask is doing anything for them. We haven't gotten him I guess what I'm saying that that leveled them get -- approach from the outside to peseta eight you know the shots come from the outside get a good look at him. Rose overnight job keep him out to perimeter. He said this -- Tuukka Rask with clubs who played very well in this this is great in this series. It is all right let's go to war that's great warm ups -- tour is getting his most shots. And I enjoy him and he's got a funny idea to and I tonight's game is is it's -- a lot of but Detroit that they adjust and all eyes are focused on Detroit. There are some things we'll get to this next hour as some history here with the Bruins in game four. As the reason why I just that unwilling to say this series is so and again you know but look at what the youth. A Detroit the youths that you you since Babcock after the game -- -- day saying I'm not that we we looked at young it's only played after game three give it to him he said this. We -- a lot of young guys not a carried us now we expect them to perform Stanley Cup Playoffs -- from men. That's where you earn the right to be a good player in this league not a regular season. Autistic economic headline from this at the great quote taken him you don't Mac -- thread the Bruins out what he does now he's been sarcastically tweeting. About the back and forth between the difference between. The -- checking in approach of quote. How boring and dry it's been. Vs what Babcock gives them. Bases like I want this I wanna cover this guy right Lexus hey guys thanks to Google for Ron now and just the historic on conversational and some of those courts you -- Those are great sticker they're gonna show garlic. -- mean rubbing not undertake a -- -- and I don't know. You know that we earned a right to be good -- A good player in this sleek not in the regular season -- in the post season. It's not said let's check in Maine Tracy with a thought on Bruins and red wings the return of Zetterberg tries to go had. I don't -- I'd -- -- an achievement that they have over night. Cool driving you can you can try to give me. Gimme some. It doesn't virtually. Quote playing well pick up my copy that Olympic not -- night that -- -- like that every day. I'm -- that. Well you saw -- was off practice yesterday net that's why Zetterberg kind of sit on that line. But I don't I gave. The truth being physically broke through with it and -- -- you know what your picture on Bridget. And pushed and I pushed out. I mean if you're the actress Judy coordinate cooler yeah it would much rather call it illegal shorthanded and temple where brought out you know. -- -- -- -- Like boom well that and if Vick goes that way if in contrast just Tracy I think you're right the Bruins win game three and like all arguing for -- in this series -- Aren't even though they are important and you picked Georgia -- Odd man it was him that he would not even potential value with a back injury there was a particular video. I thought -- I your body gets I don't with a back injury early early they remember talking about -- might affect the red wings. It was somebody Yeltsin was still playing late -- tournament. Somebody for team Sweden in big or Zetterberg and -- -- the sound filled. On the blanks and -- on the ice there's very little for me to hang my hat on to the series is gonna go seven games. I pick the Bruins -- seven because in game seven I'll take -- -- goaltending over Jimmy Howard. -- Bruins in five Bruins and four is LB said Bruins and three. You feel better right now because the on ice product. Is very much in favor of the Bruins. But they got a history game forced to talk about and because of that and because I opened the red wings were themselves in game three. I just not want to say that yet tonight is is all in for Detroit maybe Zetterberg to long bomb but if they get this one -- YouTube. And it's a best of three. I don't know I look at that and say -- that that'd definitely go on seven I thought after the beginning they've got to win this game to get at the seven tonight. I wouldn't count Detroit out a -- getting it to a seventh game. 61777979837. Is the phone number the AT&T -- want. All day at 379. -- three -- come back we'll talk all things Boston's sports. Rejecting it -- Bruins. Red Sox -- Mac will join us -- only 1 o'clock right here in 93 point seven WEEI.

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