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Red Sox Assistant GM Mike Hazen chats with Dennis and Callahan

Apr 24, 2014|

Hazen joins Dino, Gerry and Kirk for the Front Office Report to give us the latest on all things Red Sox. He also gives his take on the Michael Pineda pine tar controversy.

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These front office report is brought to you by noon -- turf care and by Toshiba business solutions. Mike -- assistant manager Boston Red Sox joins us on the AT&T like departing Michael how are you warning NATO very well up procedural question here as I'm sure you know gonna get into a -- manager Mike. Have to call attention to a pine tar violation. When he from the dugout clearly concede it eyes so the whole plate umpire or an umpire for that matter. As an even better view what are the manager to call attention for it to be enforced. I don't know you don't question and I don't think it I think the the crew chief talked the last night the manager -- -- -- to be a part certainly Welker initiated. You know I don't think commanders sitting the -- Staring at at the starting pitcher. On -- such situations inaudible -- group was made aware of the situation out a lot aren't. You know maybe they were maybe they had a obviously our coaching went more aware -- After what it -- first time. -- sure they were watching -- a little more closely so I think it's more you know. Had a baby gone on promote Liberty Media are looked -- but I don't that's the first thing you're looking out as an. Well maybe -- -- it may make it up -- -- you at least would admit that umpires stare at the pitcher enough to call blocks that may be what you might see but I might not seek the slightest little movement bull -- what balked. So the looking closely enough for that. Yeah I. It is slightly different Dugard who they are looking at the pitcher constantly I will say you know he didn't have a lot of first inning and it was just that brief to a second inning that second he was going by pretty quickly you've got to -- -- what -- really out there all that long. I don't know what you're really into the question exactly what they're looking I don't speakers during that. -- -- -- art -- picture. With nobody on on base and you know there is no -- situation back in practice. As far as you know Mike was sending now but down to make room victory you know essentially is that it tough call was an obvious call this point and why why should we expect him to come back up I mean it's not like it's. Ideally it's not a temporary thing. Yeah unfortunately I think it became more and obvious things we -- as we've gone into it I think it was becoming. A tough call that the beginning stages you know when it first went out. We are trying to without immunity in order to conduct an injury. You know certainly -- -- or dump her last year and things got the pet -- and in in baseball you know I'm picked up an overstatement given the skills that he possesses getting on base. Daniel -- through this before. You were you resistant -- we took -- a rock the last aren't any resurrected himself against. He's too good -- -- -- I'll let you hurt which is not or he's forgotten how to hit -- that you know not going to be accurate inning against. I don't know why he got off to started it it was a it was a -- on form. We certainly want it too -- it is as long as we could do in many opportunities. Given the count as he is in and what he has done. For -- the organization as a team last year really and what it is -- -- and number pitches he sees that he is the utilities which hit. It just what a worker former right now you saw you expand the strike zone probably more than it ever seen him do that and when you know when Daniels and a and a group. He's got Barack where he and now that you guys or anybody else where now on the pitcher yet and to those popular Carol that is what is happening on a regular basis. We we knew Jacoby Ellsbury was out here along time ago I mean 23 years ago it was clear that he was gonna move on. Obviously you guys know as well you think you prepared well enough to replace his. Ability to hit lead off. Mean clearly Bradley can play center as well or better than Ellsbury. But you really don't have a lead off hitter now -- go on do you. Yeah I don't think well first -- it -- that number -- and where we'd be Reid and senate to really replace Jacoby Ellsbury I think. When we look at the lineup which we're trying to get that many of the best hitters that get on base as much as possible to -- -- We have a you know fifty stolen base cut -- or not we didn't replace traditional. -- So that element -- what you -- we did -- the public is missing. You know we look at a lot of different ways you do it is different ways in the cattle and really what you're trying to do what is that for many -- -- -- that are gonna get on base. -- monopoly to go out and scored Iran. The way our all our place in the in my power we haven't Obama up you know there's more ways than just -- -- bait and -- single. We start knocking balls around which we haven't done with any regularity yet we want to start knock the ball around. The field a little bit more you know so the -- -- -- homers. 120 -- getting updates not the biggest news is getting got a couple out there on base. Is -- an organizational concerns the pop colts is art or is hiding something because the velocity is down the numbers aren't the same. It was at Bieber -- essentially same velocity we saw in October and is trying to gut it out their through the World Series is they're concerned there's something else going on here. Now. No short answer that I just don't think you got to finish it out law. Yeah I mean look the velocity always played for him up and down. He Sunday species -- -- united 92 and has been neighbors to go overboard in 929394. Yet never really been a big glossy. Ever since coming back you'll ever since we got out ultramodern and release he really start to. Manipulate the ball out on not really what makes him what he is it -- -- turning over that you see birdies -- down in -- -- -- -- during early contact. You know when -- -- -- -- YouTube last year. I think it's probably more to finish. Maybe got something to incarcerate I don't think the critical issue from an injury import. But he hadn't gotten out last. Couple it to go -- about all the hitters. To say it a little quicker or a little bit later when it when it gets a slate. We got the role -- in a lot of -- haven't seen that yet. We think that's gonna come you know this in this you know -- -- for anybody obviously got to do a pretty miserable conditions. And do you think that has some effect forgot it's trying to manipulate the baseball the way he does he not -- -- forcing about all -- all like Lester does. Or lack you go to our direct -- He's he's trying to get this hit and and then contact down in the zone and you know I've seen yet but but we will. We're talking in my case an assistant general manager bought two -- a two part question Mike what element of this and even start by the Red Sox has surprised you the agency coming. The second part of the question is what element of this uneven start doesn't worry anybody in the organization where you think this is gonna be okay win when this happens. Well certitude that it for the first part of your question I think you know more than anything else these young start I think the consistency at which took place. I really probably -- mostly -- -- and there with a little bit -- You know the amount of time and effort. We -- achieve much retreating we ought to solve what would -- last year on the got a putting it all the work endorsing it seems that although seeing. From a preparation work at -- we haven't played that well I don't think on the defense side of the law. And it went off at the consistent simply note doctors and runs we were leading all -- all -- ladies first we could easily and seventeen no place. -- those things and you consult other courses she's -- -- a little bit you go through some. Some unfortunate -- on the gossip site to. We haven't really piece it together where in early in the season you know got a really good pitching performances we didn't get. And then we started it a little bit another you know another game. Public outlet Baltimore game. You know you get upset and so we haven't put together those -- complete -- -- read a lot alas it was more about. One of the first game I think in if you were the first in Nicaragua where you know start that we put together root ball. Pointed question watching Derek Jeter Mike how diminished is he. On April of 2003 -- fourteen. Then Jeter in his prime in your estimation. Yeah I don't think you've got their story at the I think the way they're moving it around to putting in good positions. Promote from before shipping it or been in a lot of good spot. You know offensively. I don't know what you got they let you know and at second and third got a lot to play I'm not feeling good about it. It's okay that's got all your outlook plate right right field about my I don't I don't on a consistent basis so I'm hoping to -- a -- of ultimate still are. You are dealing with a -- of experience and a great player. And so he's gonna -- figure out ways to beat you you know you have to go to that point. He's Mike -- assistant general manager Boston Red Sox might appreciate the conversational -- -- on the road. Are my case with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T on the prop report is brought you by -- turf care and Toshiba business solutions. Up for the final hour Dennis and Callahan straight ahead we invite a reference that NASA. Join us on the FM side 93 point seven or another we have a little chimed in I think you should do the schedule again. And we'll do right this time you made me do too fast yeah you didn't value I -- to do it. And wanted to chime in a little faster -- -- -- you -- yelled at -- during the break to -- fat -- -- -- -- and a final thought you'll participate wasn't just for me was football muscle -- at the boldest one on this you know wins that's true he says deal with the date yet I want to explain again. -- the patriots are gonna suck is that he -- They've issued I've said this very site teams lose six general season is going to be defined by a couple of very long -- find out sausage when the last time this team patriots lost six in a -- rod -- Rod -- that year not bad what's those first year that number they won four -- the end of that year marshall's first hear that but they lost six -- -- You think so there. Is that a big one win until there was one in 91 -- fuels was playing and really our -- Nazi you'll -- we forget that could -- it could -- -- that you don't fix the gonna sing to those under 21 years that -- I think right those 93 and he goes on record to -- -- the going to be that -- next I like that. Stretch. Yeah all the finally get back.

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