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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Lupita Nyong'o is the Most Beautiful Woman 4-24-14

Apr 24, 2014|

Headlines of the day brought to you by Kirk Minihane include the most beautiful woman, three lesbians and a baby, and a murder tattoo.

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Headlines brought you by eighteenth -- to cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible. And by precision fitness equipment -- the pros do precision fitness equipment would you eat -- than a Arctic we got that BA cheeseburger and stopping. 734. Up for four hours. And if you got the sixers have a cheeseburger and I guess that's a good question you're lunchtime. What's on the cheeseburger. -- be cheese ball as an electrical and the cheaper. US and -- Jeffrey Chapman is you know Jeffrey Chapman yes. It does now from easily -- killed Jon -- and that's mark Bebitch. He is right now go also are awaiting trial for murder charges 2011 murdering Kansas of demon. -- -- he's accused of cabinet he's trying to. Postponed the trial so we can get something removed off I do not a tattoo on his neck with the word murder. It's murder in a -- image it's and it's huge CME takes its its -- the this the worst two in history -- -- that is the trigger all the way around his neck and exit costs about nine dollars to papaya and he thinks his lawyer thinks the chances the jury might be swayed by -- believes that the murder tattoo might become prejudicial yes they don't they don't like it. But the -- and do it because in Kansas you have to go to an actual parlor had removed and -- new worlds. That's illegal they're not gonna do that so why can't he just -- a -- that's what's going hurts but producing L it's is it changed they'll see some of it. So this -- again the the his defense is saying no we can't do I -- -- gives -- just take a -- -- All over. Yeah impedance the probe well now and Massachusetts we actually get a removed for him mpeg four and while he's there we get a pedicure -- a cure vagina. You want -- -- an activist and a vagina but this is Kansas. Kansas doesn't -- -- it's. In cold blood Kansas that mr. Jackson statues are not relevant and material facts -- mr. Chapman. Ask for the courts to exclude any mention of his tattoos trial court documents of the fact he has murder tattooed. Across his neck is a relevant to the state an extremely prejudicial to mr. Chapman -- to trial observed by the jury. The prosecutors had Chapman could simply cover the -- with clothing bandage or any means complying with jail policy that makes cents. Assume that he's gonna want that to to league goes to jail all -- tuchman when he gets convicted just like -- much easier makes life in jail they'll say it would in for Richard. But it's backwards -- You're at red rom and for Red -- got run on no prohibition. You see that you see a picture this guy -- -- I mean even need to hear any evidence at all just bring up the story and its normal look you gotta admit. When you take away the tattoo. It it just looks like a normal guy he doesn't have a face that to Google that don't have a hat on it looks like I don't know that we still had a outside where it's forgive him -- -- -- bigger picture Major League pitchers -- if that's true yeah I guess he does that murder -- That'll do you know who is the most beautiful. Person in the world. Not me it's either frank from Gloucester he's handsome. Or. Sophia Virginia and he's gonna say -- I'll say Derrick geez that was girlfriend she's good looking and -- is I would CK -- -- she's my girl I would say her putter analyst People Magazine -- Raphael. -- she's attractive woman. Sure she's -- Kate Upton. Handsomely these and more guests that we haven't got the I was up -- no I feel like I've said before keep it up to enjoy this is your. Well before she probably -- before People Magazine in their most beautiful person for 2014 last year it was Gary's girl Gwen Paltrow just currency this year Dino what's -- -- -- -- -- -- to Academy Award -- out having one of these great rides. The pizza in the long ago. -- It was beautiful person in the world by People Magazine in 2014. That's excellent. Patsy witnesses you're -- with a winning -- wealthiest is now she was great improbable -- being in it was beautiful -- now she's -- -- beat the most beautiful person in the world if you have those welts and scars on -- she can't Olympic you know can't you can't object to this can't be moved from. She has no -- she is no boobs. If she is talking about. What an incredible. -- to go from not -- To being on the cover of this magazine and you could never told me that that would happen when I was sixteen and so insecure about -- -- My complexion that's such a poetic end. Ended up that way yeah it is and I hope it means something to more than just me you know team. To people like me who feel on beautiful in what have a skin there. That's constructive force. -- sounds Smart of them Pineda did you ever for second look at -- that's -- most beautiful women in the world. She's she's a great -- he's got like movie he's got a lot costs and she's on she took a beaten like no one -- oversee yeah. Did you ever say that is one of the most beautiful women in the world now open I mean you can play a role where Charlie's that. Oscar for great. So she's at -- -- -- in the movies exotic look she's ever no one ever says that's -- you -- world the People Magazine that you believe he would be immediately went Paltrow happen I'll not let my girl who's on the market. Yeah probably look into stuff from on his XP it's you guys but the notion of who else is one that you have to discuss. This has nothing to you want it the start of the war in one year's draws them one -- So that one person yeah Johnny Demps one. It had one. Shall fight for one I think Pol Pot want it back in the day it's -- like Kim Jung Hoon if he wins every year India. Kerkorian version is more than 26 years in Euro. Jodie Foster was in the lesbian relationship that she -- If you opt out the years and years and years breaks up -- the breaks up this girl and two kids as kids about Thursday's Alexandra hates him. Nine months let him. Stay -- School is yeah that's what he goes out he has urged board but most of a party. Very. I guess that separate but -- kids are older. Listen I understand you do it that's what kept you from. Jodie Foster a -- to -- is over -- cools out Andrea. Report of an Eagles has been lost more ago. I guess celebrities don't care they need to get divorced well ask her -- squeeze used to date. But true yes the -- probably per exact. Seat. Jody upgraded from a long time they're more flatly destruction and to reform she's got to look at the Prius yet she's not she was the NL. Dump this. To go with the attorney. And portion of the -- Apple's got an upgrade. Speaking of lesbians three Massachusetts lesbians got -- and are expecting their first child. Nuptials of all -- and -- young were held this past August with all three brides wearing white traditional wedding veils. There at all married two to one another ridding Kidman married two and a half years ago in the bay state before heading to Alter household mix. I cried watching -- and didn't walk down the aisle towards me at their dads brainy computer programmer told the sun newspaper one. After senator vows doll and didn't kiss me first then each other state as a recognized through marriage but these women it's just wrong until they usually unions that are -- to. Crime not recognized in the -- marriage in the consenting adults you believe they should be. -- demand I do it in in whatever wrote Treo pro. Anyway. I've got all directions all all kidding aside the bodies -- three wood and a manner but it mattered. Affect my game at all. That's not the question is that somebody at the name is blocked sites aside I was the facts aside it's not. Healthy it's not -- -- out. It's that that just talk and now tickets that -- wonderful. What's not get but why is it I'm in favor of political polygamous marriages but only among gay if it were heterosexual. Mormons and -- set against. But it was three lesbians and they from Cambridge and they wanted to adopt. I import that's healthy and normal pose a serious I was and replica -- investment. But -- -- favorite -- -- -- and that's on the ultimate target to get -- although it would do the same bed -- of -- -- also -- in -- -- break off according to this home see their real time together but it's also important for each -- of people to nurture their individual relationships all why would anyone find that abnormal. Question of being abnormal it's questions their wife their house. Would like -- -- from the reduced Berman and Il might run. I'm gonna run what does that so this happen -- through an -- -- of any right it was a piece of paper that says they're married so. I'm with you. What's happened years serious I'm with the man anymore I'm with you it's -- is that anyone's business who marries him. Join -- -- -- one of the congress by now I want to but I can't that then why can't she'll win in the air but. I'm never ever -- -- now on I'm with you all these he's both feet. Amenable for our users with me on this one gas is a piece of paper matter so to the white getting out. It's I I haven't headlines brought you by eighteenth. -- six sevenths 79837. Hour from now Mike -- an assistant general manager. Boston red slot will join us awful calls next would be antsy. -- two entities. Thirty did you six game losing streak after -- seven game winning stop the winning streak everybody has -- two games you have them barely. Sneaking in the tennis sex. I'm talented. We are not invited me parties. Knock you are. Invited to a cruise with. Celebrity cruise and Robert going to be on the no no in fact it is in the middle of a seven game losing streak and that's right now they'll be winning again that notably in the middle. -- -- and I was right by the way over under on the jets six point five all you can win -- -- always sixty and one minute what I hope you can play last year -- they'll dialogue flesh eating bacteria. I am a True Blue patriot fan. I want the jets the guy you think it would be worse than they were last year they know I'm a skating games I think the going to be better the going to be competitive and almond joy a little rivalry on me I think all three teams somehow oh all goal -- sixteen. Somehow because I want it I wanna getting around that so much. It's fun to watch pages when the other teams will want to -- football games we just to be a source just we the patriots are ten. I'm able whales or dolphins seven and a half chips and build -- six and a jets are still six and a half these moves. A very good people need to tell me -- played an eleven games -- -- -- be an upgrade I don't upgrade. Deckers and upgrade our goal for the patriots go to get them at 124 I feel guilty going twelve for 106. And six will be right back.

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