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Sox Manager John Farrell with Dale and Holley

Apr 23, 2014|

We check in with John Farrell live from Fenway Park with Dale, Holley and Steve Lyons. We talk Boagearts, Buchholz, Pierzynski, Lester, the losing and much much more.

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I tell you -- tell you who is here right now exactly right as a Segway and the manager of the Boston Red Sox John Ferrell has brought you by our belly insurance. Town fair tire and Mohegan Sun hey John -- are -- -- -- -- -- great out of sand at the beginning of the show it to an indication of when things aren't going your way. You probably wouldn't mind to rain but today he probably not gonna get it. Well let's go right world were fully expected to play tonight I think this is gonna clear here. And -- -- John Lackey getting back in the mountain in writing his own ship when you compare the last couple starts for him. What does he need need to do because his last couple starts have been. A few too many balls out over the middle plate getting hit hard yes it I think you hit. The primary objective always working between starts has gone into that I do think the game over in New York two starts ago. You know they they are most workable pitches up and drive ballpark. I do know this he's back -- it was comfort setting here in in Fenway were. He's got the ability take advantage of a big center field big right field that plays into his pitching style and his game. This is also a team that's coming here they're swinging the bat very well and if it's not so much overall stuff but it's going to be the consistency location. From one pitched it to the final one in each given it back. How would you characterize your team defensively. So far and it seems some sloppy games you're not accustomed to see him from the stress DR Michael you know we we have. We've we've had some games where we've got to -- just execute better bottom line you know without. Pin pointing any one spot I think just collectively we've got to execute to a to a greater efficiency. We we've had some balls that have gone through that otherwise have plays have been made. Whether or there's a line drive off a glove whether it's a ground ball it goes off -- glove otherwise or. We were a ball drops in last night in right field. One week week to the one thing that we can't do at this point is start to point. At individuals we have to collectively take responsibility for ball. And go out and each guy take care of his own area his own business and that's how you put it back together but to me. And I will always believe in and they're. Firmly believe that we've got to be led through this by who takes the mound and who starts the game and that sets the -- each and every night. Well I do what I asked about it individual. And not necessarily for his defense in a -- -- talking about. Patriots day against. The Orioles eighth inning base running mistake we -- a couple of one he was able to get away with it got caught. In no man's land got back to second base in the other when he got doubled off. What did you say to him and in what was the what was his. Explanation for for that situation we were in a situation where trying to keep the pressure on the defense felt like we had a good contact -- at the plate in our. Who handles the bat very well we're trying to open up a hole by putting runners in motion and a 32 count. As each 32 count pitch was thrown there were a couple of foul balls and one point where Maddux does an inside move and and Sanders a little bit aggressive with it with the -- -- in and gets caught off base and yet gets back. Safely. At that point I think there was a little hesitation on his part maybe a little bit uncertainty in that given situation we still had movement on the 32 count. In and when the slide step came by Mattison that next pitch. You know I I think that quick delivery caught him off guard. At that point in the -- run up his back a little bit today and so he's he's not a common he's he's got a make a move it and it it backfires on us so. When when you look -- maybe creates an action he can come across is trying to force some things and that's where some mistakes can be made and that was the case a day. I love the aggressive style that you like to play when you have the advantage it's been tough to -- haven't had a lot of leads it's a little tougher to be. Aggressive on the base that's when you're down by two or three or four runs he'd get out of -- find your way back into the game. What what I wanted to ask about is he you look at -- right now he's off to a rough start offensively he's had some troubles defensively too. Is there growing concern about his relationship with the pitching staff. I wouldn't say it's his relationship he's getting familiar with the eight I don't know that he's caught a cutter like Jon Lester in that time that he's even been -- Chicago or Texas so that some familiarity and last night was the first time that he's had them. During the regular season other than opening day in in Baltimore so. Jon Lester made five starts and there's been three starts or you know roughly two and a half weeks in between the time that these last caught him last night. You know there was some pitches that you know -- handled cleanly. Me and I wouldn't say you know. I think more than anything is just familiarity. It's understanding further in in regular season action you know we can talk all you -- about spring training you're gonna get repetition just seeing the ball out of the pitcher's hand. But now all of a sudden were. Implementing a game plan reading swings attacking certain hitters. In one of the strengths of an individual pitcher that will go to you know -- spent the majority of his career with a rotation that he became very familiar with. If you look at the performance of pitching staffs that he's handled. They've been all well above average -- even for one year in Texas last year or with the White Sox for number of years prior. It's a matter of getting familiar and maybe getting a little bit parole and confidence. With the guys he's handle. John as a former pitcher and pitching coach now manager when I see a pitcher and catcher who don't look like they're on the same page. A lot of shaken off stepping off the mound things like that. What can be done between those two guys to get that communication back so it's locked back in. Well you're seeing that take place on the field if you're gonna see probably a couple extra trips to the mound by the catcher which we've seen. Then there's further conversation that goes on in between the innings in the dugout behind the dugout to -- Maybe get the differences ironed out ultimately. It it's still falls in the pitcher's hands he's got the final say so on every pitch that's call. -- long as there's conviction to the pitch that selective and ultimately the execution. That that you're starting oppose it from a position of strength. About when there's any indecisiveness. That's where the attitude behind the pitch isn't quite there and that's were -- takes place by the office. -- -- -- you know. It's no fun when you're in a situation right now with a team isn't playing up to their expectations defensively they've had some troubles obviously the starting pitching last 45 starts. Hasn't been the best. And offensively. You know 67 hits sometimes in -- when you did get over ten hits the other -- didn't win the game could come back didn't it fell a little bit short he feels the offense coming. Absolutely and and a starter with the final two games in Chicago. I -- we did a much better job of what this team is known for and that's grinding -- about seeing a high number of pitches. We chase -- very good starter Chris Sale out after seven innings we we winning game that was very reminiscent of what we do in the post season last year. The offense continued to yeah I think produce. Two. More our expectations through the Baltimore series. And yet what the real thing is is that we find ourselves behind fourteen to 21 games. That is a lot of energy to expend. And that could be anywhere from down one nothing to down six months of the regardless. You know there there there comes a point where you you've got to take leadership from the mound and that's where we're back in -- -- a little while ago we're going to be led through this by what our starters do. And that's not to. Add further weight on them but that's how pitchers thinks and that's on the pit pitchers is -- to think that -- -- the leader of that night and they've got to -- and set the tone. To allow that offense to get on track regardless of who we're facing across the field. And one of those starters quite -- a couple of stayed here at the -- hotel on Sunday night for the Patriots day game at 11 o'clock on -- Monday morning -- did not look sharp. Do you think it had anything to do what the combinations if you hurt. Is if -- psychological thing what's the story record but we got it bottom line. No and no are mighty quick responses to that though that's a unique set of circumstances and I came followed by 11 o'clock start. He lives in the area city where all the streets are blocked off. So rather than walk you know. After after -- game Tutu was home knowing that you know we're we're going to be back here 7 o'clock the next morning. The accommodations are fine and we we have built mostly from here but a lot has been made of this and that I'd look at is no different than. If we're traveling back after the final game road trip where we give the option to a pitcher to -- early. Or to stay with team. Some guys choose to stay with the team regardless of us getting back in two or 3 in -- morning. We didn't feel like clay it was going to be short changing his restaurant sleep. That's provided here he opted to stay here which we are perfect we finally. It becomes the focal of focal point in the target because he was out he came up the next -- was flat. Doesn't get out of the third inning of Woody's gonna point to where where he slept that night but. You know the I think that disappointment and all that is the progression he was making from start to 23 where we saw an increase of stuff later action. He still -- of arm strength building phase and you you might that that that the natural question might be why did that take place in spring training. While I think it's proven over time at all a lot of starting pitchers won't get that. Mid season aren't sharing some time. You know late April middle may have what it really starts to kick in and I think that's sourcing players Pierre what it takes right now velocity wise too. Two to compete and -- -- like the progression. -- where he's going and does he have the stuff necessary he has the stuff yes now is is it. His velocity down a little bit this year compared to where it was last year yes it is. But at the same time you know I outlined the there was a progression being made from the between first and second start second third start so it takes a step back. What it means though right now is that his location has got to be much more consistent and relentless with that -- and he doesn't have the margin for her to miss located personal play that's when he's been hurt. And you make moves did Alex Wilson up here kind of you know I know you've been gone your bullpen we more than you'd like to they've been great but he can't keep doing Natalie you're -- make a move. Is that possibly 001 day situation and is Victor -- ready after not having a whole lot of spring training not plan really -- for. For a month and you know I know results you don't really care about one for eleven down there but is he ready to coming here and have an impact on the team. If you have an impact I think through the day he walks on the field for us one physically he feels he feels good so that that's the biggest question that we had to answer just. The ability to go back to back days the durability that is there is defensive. Impacts every game in which he plays in right field so first and foremost where where we've had some balls that have come back to bite us a little bit in right field that will be. The impact. On the defense side. Timing wise at the plate we know that that's gonna continue as he gets at bats here at the big league level so you know. Saying that he's gonna step back in NB a forum -- I know that that's not the expectation but I think. We missed the defense we miss the energy what she brings. In the overall attitude that he adds to the edge of this club once we take the field. I know how popular Daniel -- is in your clubhouse and I'm sure with your staff what was your message to Daniels when you had to deliver that is still well that's never. No fun conversation I think he was certainly disappointed by the news that he was can be optioned back he was a big part of this offense last year particularly as a left -- here. But we've got to get him back on track you know that the at bats in the consistency -- bats are not there right now as we saw a year ago. There's there's the need for a little bit more consistent two strike approach. And any needs to go back and continue to get reps as a right handed hitter. We recognize that a strength is on the left side but he also did a decent job force. When he was turnaround with left -- -- relievers coming in the game he was he was able to put up a quality at bat. We've we feel like he's gonna contribute to this offense before the year's out we've just got to get him back hitting with some confidence and just overall game play with more confidence and he's currently. Well last year's leadoff hitter it is here who's had an impact last night. And I guess even though was a fan of his and and remain a fan of his -- probably underrated. The the impact that he had on this team. Who is your lead off hitter now it seems that it's been a season long quest to replace what Jacoby Ellsbury brought to the table as leadoff guy and. And even after -- Jake signed. With the Yankees who we didn't set out to replace Jacoby. We set out to become a top five offensive team knowing that we're gonna integrate some young players and that was going to be a challenge in its own right so there's there's. Experience curve that we're going through with some younger guys to get their their feet on the ground. Right now Grady Little continued to hit lead off tonight but I think when she comes back who wanna put him in the top of the order whether that's in the lead -- spot with a two hole that remains machines who we we could. We could see it in the past at that Dustin has had more success Leo spot than Vick Vick has been very good tool that are as has PD. But I think that that dynamic of those two -- give -- some base running capabilities ability steal a base when needed is more. Evident with those two guys at the top of the order and that might put -- down and that middle 6567. Spot in that range depending on who were facing a given night so. Lineup continuity believe me is a priority in. Even though for the vast majority of the season we've got a number of moving parts that's been hard to accomplish. But that's a goal or we're getting -- to hasn't been recognized for you don't know how -- and a bit of pressure on young Bogart's. To consider him at the -- yeah I think you know our our approach with younger players and peavy might be the exception this when he first came up by in 06 and seven. But you know I still think Sanders going to be a run producing bat. You know this is a guy that. You know maybe the expectations have been so high this and needed him. 4550 at bats last year it. But I still think for him to get established and set I think still that's six sevenths slot down there with him it is -- is the right place to be right now. That doesn't say in time he doesn't migrate north in the lineup but that that's the approach right now. John we appreciate time it's always. I think you gonna get this thing in between the rain drops tonight best of luck today. Appreciate that we need to get it and really go out and executed to our capabilities more consistently manager John Carroll joining us live from Fenway Park Sports Radio W the.

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