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Holy Diver? Bruins win but focus switches to Brad Marchand's instigating tactics 4-23-14

Apr 23, 2014|

We discuss the Bruins win to take a 2-1 lead in Detroit, and how Brad Marchand is once again (for better or worse) making his presence felt in a series. Hey, he may be a rat, but he's OUR rat.

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Well we were in the building together last night because is Steve and acting TC were -- the Red Sox. I was working with Billy Jaffe as we were doing the Bruins game last night Bruins in Detroit at Joe Louis Arena. Shut out the Detroit Red Wings three to nothing -- get the sense as you watch as I do. That the red wings are more than little frustrated right now with how the Bruins just keep calm and -- them and come and asked them. And when they do finally get through the layers of defense and get to the goal took -- just says no not now. Delegates frustrates and I think it's just. To spit the bit in the moment. I -- you think about that second goal last nine and that's not just if that the cliche is oh yeah they're so young you're so inexperienced. Of course -- things those things are gonna happen veteran guys leaving the ice. For entire team afterwards at intermission. -- we're going. They left the irons and the Bruins are there taking advantage of it in my man Mike Babcock and his poetry. The -- Mike Babcock after the game he had a right so we get into goals it's been -- and where you want to. We gave them too. And you just can't do that and any you know play a series and expect to compete against that that the best. -- you know it's funny because in the first game between these two teams Pavel Datsyuk scored the only goal of the game. And their Bruins fans were calling it a soft goal to -- gave up -- soft goal I didn't see it notes it I thought it was a great shot by a great player. That first goal last night Doug Hamilton goal I've heard red wings fans criticized that as being soft goal. Billy Jaffe said it on our on our intermission post game shows and I agree with him with us tonight. He had about that much room in the top corner depict any picked it put it right under the bar. It was a great shot by a break -- but don't you would you agree it was a defensive break offensively -- -- but I'm not blaming Jimmy Howard for that goal which is what I've heard coming out of Detroit the last eighteen now. As you heard all the baseball fans cause soft goal because if you are reduced catch it -- glove side and a radio right up a little why you got it you know. I think that what I'm here and now out of the series of people sand will Detroit ever scored another goal I mean it's been so tough form but at the same time when you look at last night's game. Without the two mistake goals and in the empty netter at the end which really didn't matter. If you. You're looking at another really hard fought game last night and end up being in Canada and easy victory because of those two mistakes they made a line -- that ended up. The in you know semi easy goals were scored. You don't have value maybe talking about a completely different game I don't really agree with these people out of their -- -- Detroit will never score they they're they're gonna fold up and go away now this is not gonna happen for them but those pretty evenly matched games. Save that this. The mistakes and try to go those of people in Detroit I mean yeah if you listen a -- -- earlier today they they they took a few minutes. And they get had some sound from Detroit radio. So people were calling and people are texting and think it's. It's done it's over they're not as good as the Bruins -- not let's talk about the draft now. Let's talk about something else because the red wings just don't have it let's move on to next year. I public think yeah you're right it could've been could've been a closer game but those mistakes. -- mistakes like that. In a playoff game he'll leave it tells you might well what the mentality of the team. Even their -- Hussein didn't have the proper pulse. On the team I should've known that they are gonna respond like this after winning a game in Boston it sounds like. The lead after three games may be changes if this series has won more games that and it. It sounds like after three games. -- the Detroit Red Wings were just happy to be there happy to get that victory. After game the other that's their that's their high water. The other big controversy about putting up my quotation fingers here the other big story out of last night's game was the embellishment of Brad martian. And now how that's being portrayed open Detroit and here as well march and in the dressing room after the game was asked by one of the members of the media. He said you know people on Twitter questioning whether or not you you know you're embellished the caller not. And martian had a great response he -- that's why -- on Twitter and I'm in the national hockey. The -- embellish the call absolutely positively in my mind yet. Did -- get fouled. Absolutely positively. It was called a tripping minor should've been called a tripping minor -- stayed down a few seconds longer than he should have. Maybe. Was at the same -- He got tripped. He got knocked down and I'll say this. He's lucky in this regard he got his leg up in the year because if he's -- had been on the ice there's a real good chance it has knee blown out on that wreck. Well I think what what march he's a guy who pushes you pushes the envelope at all times. Probably. 01 of the least like players and the National Hockey League -- like PT PK IC about. I don't think either what what personal PK is a -- only PK is a dirty player. Mark and I agree with the I think that's that's fair marching and is more to be dirty player than PK but he is not a diaper even though he pushes him. He was earlier in his career he was a diver he was a and I know for a fact that he got called in and flowed and the rest of the Bruins basically said we don't do that leap here. Other teams do that we don't do -- -- -- now they want him to play out on the edge you're right that does that open up the same as diving. And he cleaned up the diving act awhile ago. Now he got trip last night I got absolutely and but what I don't know is how orderly asked them. How bad was he hurt because he didn't get up right away like I did -- awkwardly but I don't think he was especially hurt necessarily look. Stayed on the last few more minutes maybe they given the five minute -- major which he had seen the night before. Called against Matt -- by the way his suspension is coming down this afternoon by Matt -- against Tyson -- Andy maybe he's taken in May they give -- five minute major. And this is why these shows are so much fun last night all the guys that are deal with the Bruins -- stuff. It's a start to kind of figure out the intricacies of the game because. When I saw the play happened and you know I've been on skates like twice in my life so -- I'm clueless of how you would react but it seems like everyone -- that well. You know maybe they were -- -- and they were after it seems to me that was a play that was going to be a really legal hard hit. At center ice there and -- and kind of got out of the way of it and because of it almost caught a neat. But if I'm the defending player in that in that case I sent myself flop on whitening my stance. For the point of impact -- I think how many hits you and that if you sidestep -- might -- out there exposed as probably gonna hit yours. It's what makes this game so brutal I mean it's just eat you can get her -- like that you're you're need to be blown I don't think there was anything intentional about the all right. I do think there are lucky he didn't wanna get by -- and you do what you have to do so he doesn't get by he stock is like any tripped him. It was not a major penalty -- you know he didn't -- lot marsh and -- thankfully because marsh and -- was off the ice it's what saved him on that play. But the idea that he dole is ridiculous. He's got tripped a -- embellish it trying to draw more than two minutes probably maybe I. Here's a question for you guys you look at the Bruins and you look at Tuukka Rask. Through the series aren't so we get the shot out you get shut out last night gives up a goal in the first two games -- -- in three games has given up two goals. -- one of those goals as you said dale and I'm with you and -- outstanding. Outstanding goal. From from Powell got to end the the setup to the goal hit the that's stick work. To get to the goal was amazing and it's all right -- to put on a clinic there. But you'll look at took arrest not him all the credit in the world but the -- the way they play one more teams. Don't copy it and commit to copy all leaks are copycat police and National Hockey League is to you look at quote system. Like a difficult system -- teach. What are essentially he's asking is. Everybody help out on defense and create layers of defense our defensemen are obviously I'll have to be defensive defenseman but. Everybody is gonna have to be a two way player. The teams copy of it I think they'd like to but the problem or else it's not fun to do it's not on the -- it what was of Rwanda wants at all. You know it's like in the NBA stars what is everybody wanted to that -- score and and then. You know dockets KG and Paul and ray in here in the instilled that that defensive ethnic. And and they'd buy into it and the stars buy into it -- the other guys have to buy into what. That's what happened here with -- in the Bruins had to get the right guys who bought into it and the guys who haven't bought into what. Haven't shipped out at -- I mean really are great players castles Gortat Tyler Sagan. Our Mary jogger who you know played here at the end of last year played this year for New Jersey. At a very good year for them he didn't buy into it either if you don't buy into it if you don't do it. I'd love to know old man hockey are yarder loved that guy so you -- you don't think there are enough guys in the league. Who would who would buy into it and if you say look at look at what the Bruins have done. -- the Bruins -- -- Stanley Cup playing the system. That they went to another Stanley Cup final loss in six games. This year presidents' trophy. It looking like -- they're there are the favorites at at the very least to advance to the next round and probably beyond that. If you look at that track record could you get somebody to buying and based on the results. Think a lot of people -- and it's more than that to mean you're also talking about guys -- extra layer of toughness. And in we talked about before a lot of guys that wanna put the puck in the back -- the -- are also guys that are gonna go into the corner for either. You know that they want to score and they a lot of the house of unprotected I'll be over here when you get pock yeah exactly yeah when you gotta make sure you get it to me -- you know I'm a federal help you get it -- -- that that extra layer of toughness. -- for -- means to have guys who run out there and and not be afraid to go into the corner. Does not that many guys out there you put a pretty good group together and talk about the -- this just keep common Tracy -- that he's come and. -- right Steve bass while you're up in just watch him. It is very able to. We wish solitary would do last year different you understand that this team I think it's better than last Tuesday. So what they were able to do for the Pittsburgh Penguins. Any any surprisingly short here speaking of swallowing a -- -- what they're doing to Detroit right now it Detroit it is true for Detroit to win the series it's very simple you talk about that you all you want. They are gonna Jimmy Howard is just gonna happen to he's gonna have to be beyond -- could that be to -- plus plus. Forced into it always team wins is if it Jimmy Howard doesn't talk up. And a -- don't win. The problem is because of the injuries because of of these retirements the youth on their blue line we talked about this before Michael. They're so young -- much less experienced than the Bruins are back on the Blue Line. And they look. The Bruins when they get set up in the offensive end. And there in the red wings are not big and strong necessarily. And in -- Ericsson their biggest strongest defenseman is playing right now. The Bruins just -- up I mean after awhile they Wear you down physically. Gone back to Steve's point about how relentless they are and after -- -- like no god not more. You do you use a break she will -- -- you know you just don't you just in its you're not on top your game anymore you just can't keep. You see it keep going forward on a team. That's just crossing you at every turn -- getting hits every time I see they're big they're gonna do it takes they get the puck back. You know it's a -- it's been so much fun to watch just the relentless pressure that they put on. They are gonna play game four tomorrow night IE I'm not going to be a bit surprised if you see more you you've now seen two games in a row member Michael asked the question on Monday. Is is the Bruins team the one you soft Friday night of the one you saw Sunday. Now that you've seen -- two games in a row is a pretty obvious which Bruins team which is the real Bruins team you've seen both Sunday and now on Tuesday. You know that that in your face grind you down for -- hit hard good goaltending good team defense. We actually showed one of the packages last night a couple of times when they did get running around Detroit's -- hockey team they're -- get they're gonna get chances. The Bruins are so call. That's okay all right we can do this week you know well back Jack will bust are -- ends we'll get back and help out would give you more layers you might get by that temperature not gonna get by this guy. And if you don't get by this guy by the way that guy in the goal is really real -- Don't get it -- to Detroit another thing fellas I don't understand why Detroit so bad in this series so far three games and when the so bad the power play in last night. It was it was just they they couldn't do it was clear they couldn't do what they wanted to do didn't have really a good shot all night and -- play. And they haven't had they're now all for nine had a good shot in the series that a power no you're exactly right and I'm shocked by that you look at their personality should be a lot better than what they weren't the during the regular season Michael. -- and that was one of the things we talked about for the series started. The -- the sack bright and very middle of the pack bruins' power play was third the National Hockey League regular season. I and I don't of the numbers from the I think Detroit -- like eighteenth. Bruins were eight best on the penalty kill. Red wings you know were again middle of the pack the Bruins are just better when their special teams than the red wings and it's shown. You know has gone back to your original point to when you said if if Jimmy Howard. All the twos to the -- and stands on its head for awhile. Have they're still gonna have to score almost doesn't matter what he does back there -- can set him down for as long as you want peace you have to put the puck in the net yourself. I saw someone I can't remember who said it would the average that their scoring right now it's like less than three quarters of a goal a game any wins. Probably not very often let's get to the call 6177797937. Is the telephone number. -- Belcher town Europe first on Sports Radio dale and -- Hey guys as -- go on and that. -- You're incompetent and so they yeah otherwise this film like this is you know we've we've got there that -- -- -- created order that I truly believe but. I'll let the lions I think based on the last couple years or ground. I have real concerns about the Bruins one stage yeah like they're facing an inferior opponent I think they -- they -- these. Well what -- base that on you got it I don't -- Matt Matt I don't go down not code. But. Matt Matt Matt is Matt why do you say the Bruins think that what they said or done that that indicates that -- -- even the last three years against inferior opponent get up and take to put up yet. But nothing that we this year I know they're better prepared this year -- -- -- lecture for sure but I think this team. That he tried in Barre and the short and they may believe that they almost choked up. I just I disagree with I don't think so -- not I don't think they're offensively -- better than maple -- last year. We know it. And still looked differently about that and added I think there is gonna come out a little little embarrassed after the flat in the got a lot of young guys that they were just. A little nervous in the home crowd -- Babcock and have them ready to go out and be really really good test to see how the Bruins respond and like you alliances I think. The couple out of the -- to it doesn't make that same in the third period. It's a very different game so you know we marketing and all the country today just just how -- Yeah I don't know that it was bounces of the pocket mean obviously with some serious mistakes on Detroit's side with the line stages stuff but. Having said that if you don't have those mistakes it could have been a much better much closer game as far as -- Detroit -- As -- -- so I think Matt does bring up but it just two point on this level here. We need to about the -- the last the last few years the first round seven game series in last year -- are great example. Duke and you can really make a statement. Others into yourselves. If you're up on Detroit your better team better team in Detroit. And you in this thing bam bam -- five game series simulator bring on Montreal Montreal played before we played five were -- ago. Bet that sets a tone I think that is more important for the Bruins than it is for. For fans like custom fans like -- were looking for a sign that they mean business. The Bruins give up home ice advantage in game one you're not gonna play game three in Detroit. But crowd is crazy the buildings -- and even your guide Mike Babcock says you know we needed to play off the emotion of the building in the crowd. -- and -- and outshot them eleven to four in the first period and never took their foot off the gas Detroit had no way answers for what the Bruins were doing. Wouldn't you think now mats thinks this is gonna happen tomorrow night the bat cracks gonna happen ready that they're gonna come out flying when you thought that would happen last. Well what happens but isn't isn't isn't tomorrow night the night where you you look at it Babcock. Basically confessed to every crime and inhumanity but at last night I think you're gonna get -- -- a veteran culture got to do better. I didn't have a pulse of the team so he's telling the world. We got to be better. I gotta be better you -- -- in game four this season on the line because we have to -- may have to -- I don't I don't know elimination game went tomorrow and Ackerman you're not gonna come back 31 from the C 31 from the Bruins. It is not happening sorry. Still I think the problem with the problem are well the problem is I don't think they're capable. Yes I know they they are not as good as the Bruins in any aspect of the game. So what are asking them to do was play above their heads and you're asking for the Bruins to play below their average which is what you gotten game one. Happening game one and the Bruins set off crap when not to mess. Up on the Detroit for me and I stated that Dale Arnold I say when I'm asking them to do. Is what they did in the regular season this year and the year out war where they played the Bruins to. Pretty much a stalemate. With the exception of the one normalcy to enter in the National Anthem blue line knows what the -- do with all the supplies that they don't get the -- of the united so it was nasty and won a couple of the guys swing in -- and his. And I'm not so high right now I had that would -- -- -- -- and I definitely don't school that'd be announced on on the -- and yet to take it home half hour. Yet we just -- literally years only anyway. And I don't get any goal I don't knock on now I got it like this thing out a year Dominick on the cell funnier next on Sports Radio Dele Ali. I dominance of dollar on here. I don't I don't want Jamaica to comment your pocket or earlier wrap our shock. The first commented that I won't be like to hear a lot of I've seen. -- -- recruit fighters -- just. Great job players passed -- it like that they're they're they've recruiters are pretty much at all even if they've played they've never really played this thing out there. And the outcome I was with you -- The guy has immense talent but I just think. Behind -- being behind the play. You know -- -- I think he's a bit 130. Maybe not you know and think out there are gone well. I don't know I think I'd do I'd do -- I think the guys away now. Let -- -- particularly if it's funny because he has a very talented guy you think. He didn't have to lawless up and in the -- -- for march and it was a great score. In all aspects of his game won't be appreciated as long as he continues to agitate the -- -- but we were saying earlier on a call if what if martians play. -- for someone else but I look I you know so far we've we've had. Colors be legitimate -- the sort of like. And and only from wanna put a stigma of it was like. You know Barry Bonds played in in in San Francisco and everyone knew he was tool -- he was doing it on hated it all around the world except for -- -- offense -- schools OK if that that was your guy. I'd like the fact that Bruin fans have called and said and we recognize -- sounds kind of thirty people say you're out there and you'd hate them way worse he played for someone else. But he's our -- And so you recognize the kind of guy he -- but it's like. It's okay -- I think it is it is not going to be a few of those I don't think the case of bonds a dirty player at all he is a diver now there's two different things here. You know if if cycle if you're right in -- marsh and the bit of a dirty player he's not a -- That was something cloud -- really drilled Indians we don't do that crap don't pull lets stuff. And -- didn't dive last night. After he get tripped he thought well maybe if I -- here for implementing this will be five is that it too which is a good thing for my team he didn't dive. There's a difference still bond as a diver not dirty marsh and is a little bit dirty but not a diver. Question of which laundry there -- through -- 6177797937. -- telephone number. It's dale and Holley and cycle -- broadcasting live from Fenway Park here on Sports Radio WE yeah. It did end up behind him to try to stop. Circle -- here right now. -- this expression on his base. Exhibit to he's saying he just walked speaks with -- -- -- I think that would link gets little extended them looked compliant on one side no question about it. Trying to make contact with his -- it's -- -- ball. What my Twitter followers Jeffs says if Brett doesn't dive. How do you explain -- watching the wrong legacies rolling on the ice I just said he embellished this is not the same thing yet. Diving diving means there was no infraction. He just flopped CP case to bunt in an attempt to drop a call peak. Clearly got tripped. Yeah by Brendan Smith that was clear. Don't know don't make her once he had the guys but there are acting involved yes and no actually it. -- acting did not involve the trip the trip happened then after that was some award winning acting. Here's the other they understand about like you know that whole play and how dangerous it can be. And whether or not you stick your leg out candidate to try to stop them or your bracing yourself for the impact. It is defined as Smith wasn't. The -- and CF precedent if if I'm if I'm Smith. And embracing myself for the impact because I think comedy just hit them head on and he -- sidesteps the united stick my knee out to try to stop them anyway I can't. Isn't my -- every bit as is vulnerable as he used. And why does the Smart thing to do. In the exact same way in this -- happened with Matt Cooke in the hit on Tyson barrier earlier this week and Matt -- going to be suspended today. I've heard anywhere from from ten to twelve to the rest of the playoffs who. The difference here is -- might be the president plans could be Tyson berries like it's on the ice the McCain going right and Matt cooks like is -- Extended but it off the dice. So he's gonna hit me on me it blew out Tyson very easily but it's not gonna blow up Matt -- sneak. Because his knee is not on the ice they're that's what the differences -- -- once it US I mean if you're getting taken out as acting innocent. A second vice exact percent to get up in the air your fine if you if you anchored to the ground -- nowhere to go I just think it would be I think. The obviously if I'm trying to stop you from getting around the helmet tried to do with anything -- campuses to get my media I'm thinking I'm -- -- vulnerable you -- I dug up in Portland Maine you're next on Sports Radio stale holly and until they don't I got dark. -- what I every talking about Detroit -- still in doubt -- -- -- -- top somewhere and got. Mobile. The -- up and down a lot of skill that they do all the little things in the basic. When the puck around the ozone. I've been watching some of flyers are Rangers series the skill level just nine -- between Mitchell. Well. It and I haven't saying that this entire series this whole. And and I really do think it's a myth this idea that that the red wings are -- by far the superior skilled and skating team they're not. They've got a couple of guys who got good speed if you haven't noticed -- -- quest in the first three games. Now I don't know maybe a great skater and he is have even seen them has he done anything at all. Other visible with the Q do you France's I think got a break outages so -- but that was so Chris. Everybody knows I gonna do which -- it's fun to watch. It is fun to watch they're playing really at the top of their game right now. After they got that first game out of the way and and you know somebody's set on on Twitter said to me. Well you know how come the Bruins didn't come out focused in game one it's all well and good to say it. The fact of the matter is they haven't played a game mattered in three weeks. And it was hard to crank it back up again you know when you're out -- going through the motions for three weeks and they work. And you know you wanna play well -- Judy you know it doesn't really matter if you win if you lose doesn't really matter. As I don't -- that -- a minute that sounds like a pretty big excuse for a team that has. Championship aspirations menu if you're the best team in the -- it to make it sound like you're never gonna have a bad game knowing what if you -- not thought I'd say I say never that game but game one you're starting off a playoff series against the team. That is. Not on your level you're at home. In game one -- is the red wings I think he should come out as as if as of that this is this is there's some urgency there there was no urgency from the -- they were flat. They didn't seem prepared for what Detroit was gonna bring the table I don't. I don't think it's a good excuse. To say well they had played a game that mattered in in a few. We have a little overstated how bad the -- boring game now -- and say -- -- just happy as -- -- -- one nothing by a team you know that that played as well as they played in this whole series the company -- nothing shots on goal we're dead even the two teams were dead even everything about the game was even. They lost one nothing and a great shot by Pavel Datsyuk they did not get run off the ice are completely out played. What they have done is run the other team off the ice and completely outplayed in the last two games usually -- I don't buy is is win win people have to find. An explanation for what happened in this kind of our jobs right hears it. And I guess I just don't like a win win some wholesaler they don't like they showed up to plated there they didn't look focused because it's -- from an experience of life. When I felt great sometimes -- 104 and made an air and sometimes and I felt sick and and didn't wanna play for whatever reason now was might go down out there and have a really good ball game. I think sometimes. The other team just finds a way to outplay you and mixed you look. A little sub -- to what you're supposed to be and I think it yet easily. And more times and occasionally you have to give the other team credit for what they did and I think I would agree with you that. Maybe Detroit came out and played. The game of their playoffs. In game one and that's the best you're gonna see him for the rest. Except except dale has been asking the question for the last couple days. Who were the real Bruins the team we saw on game one. -- the team we saw in game two but it's still so I do with what Detroit did to the powerless to make -- looked -- art so. So we can see the real Bruins in game one because Detroit was able to take them out of their game is averages and dale or is -- that they were prepared. Because we hadn't played a real game in in that in a few weeks to get that Detroit. Takes him out of their game I want com a more comfortable with that that's that's fine that that makes all the sense in the world. But don't tell me that may have played a game matters in three weeks and in the playoffs start and they were right now you're ready to play well enough not being ready to play is is not a good excuse out. Now how likely it it it it that extended I'd agree with what what do they do how did they respond to the fact that they didn't think they were ready to play in game. They came out line in games to win three looked like a completely different team because they set. That's not us that's not how we play we're better than that -- profit to you that were better than. If that extended one game became two games became if if the Bruins looked like the LA kings right now. Down three love to the San Jose Sharks and look like they're being run out of the building then that's a team not ready to apply. But the Bruins put up put the squash on that on on that's not. Us and go on back to our our original when this. When this series started and analysts complain about how late they started playing their first game on Friday night with a month real don't they series. So both for. They happy that they're done right now have some time off or they look at the same situation is like. We sit around a week for the next series to be over I'll tell. When they get an advantage under the new system this year. In the old system everybody would be re seeded Montreal would be sitting their right now not having any idea who they were gonna play in the next round. They might be able to narrow it down when we could play this team this team this team. But we don't know. They're sitting there now knowing exactly who they're gonna play one of two teams. That it now we can prepare for two teams to teams only and we are gonna be ready when we -- play. We're going to be ready for Detroit we're going to be ready for Boston think they're prepared for. Happen to think they're prepare for I don't agree you know that's like oh no. Sometimes that's like you know the Red Sox last night watch and tons of video on to knock a split. That until you see it. That's not the same on that video and until they see the Bruins come marching in the nose. My name except Montreal knows did they know exactly what to expect. Maybe maybe maybe from from that perspective is it probably makes more sense for them to. To look at Detroit and Montreal and Boston from this year or last year -- -- -- and past you know five or six years in -- -- -- era. Looking at Detroit it is game over from the Western Conference this year so it's a little different for them they probably have a lot more alert about Detroit their tendencies that you -- -- Although there were in the same division this year than they yet this year they've they've got a pretty good idea which are right there institutional knowledge is not the same probably not doing a whole lot of studying. -- -- That's properly there probably not probably maybe not do any studying at all 6177797937. -- in New Hampshire -- threat. That afternoon guys. If you're not staying fit into your hockey player they would be -- right. Yeah I could have a psychology that we psyche -- right. Hamilton go last night as a thing of beauty. That you could have three goals in the first period -- -- oppose its house and then they have that shot it was taken up. That it wouldn't shut why. The second thing sometimes you're about Detroit -- hockey town USA. Hockey town USA Detroit when I was a kid -- so beyond me would stay there because they went in the paint -- they ship -- -- LA becomes a policy well. Thread but I truthfully over the last 25 years they have been hockey town in this kind. Repeats of incomes it would pockets and out outdone by everybody Torre's team but what salary cap came along that we call button. To add -- to meet the hockey county deputy. It -- went out bought all the plays you need to buy it and let it plays Zoellick at we've got pregnant had. The war and we had 29 straight year so I'm talking. -- six more years of -- parked out. You know. It last night talking kind of mistake that does that -- knowledgeable -- Tracy and it's before she sucks they are curriculum you didn't even know 44. I mean this. You know they can't tell you what they write you know Boston -- and -- up -- one inside and take it. I am a little more respect for Detroit I think and then Fred does highlight the past either of them all ideal. Look that is a great organization. And as I set for 25 years or so. EU should be so lucky to be like the Detroit Red Wings now what you got here is building that sort of thing you hope. You know under Peter sure rally -- Julian and Kim nearly you all that's which -- building for. -- -- You know I always find it ironic when people -- -- -- you know he opened up the purse strings and bought his team. Every organization's patent and hit it reorganization buys their team won't -- another -- owns some guys spend the money a little bit. More creatively than others in you know he you put a good team together and your bottom ball. But yeah I think what what the red wings a little different. They they do spend the money. On the stars but they have a -- -- and Ken Holland has had a knack for bringing in guys. And you'd think that they're done and he replies ended the career right now is a career revived. They got planes flying eight east five or ten years younger than he is a minute what if it was harassment that they've done over the years with all these players. That's great call Michael and look at some of their lower round draft picks you know guys that they blocked. From you know in and and other teams -- lots of opportunities and have passed on the on those chances I I take nothing away from Ken Holland and and the red wings aren't great organization as. This conversation it's happened many times in many sports do great players. Make great coaches and great executives in some cases absolutely mean Larry -- was coaching year an executive of the year and -- with the multiple champion in the NBA. A Jerry West the same thing. You know Phil Jackson was not a great player returning to a great coach. Wanted to pass general managers. It in the in the first part of the 21 century art no doubt about that what -- -- How many games do you think Ken Holland played -- -- this is amazing. I don't wasn't many because I was in the American Hockey League broadcasting games for seven years and he was plain against the main mariners -- -- time at a four and -- like war games that you could Joker was four games. Usually the big stars don't translate into. Certainly good coaches. And and you know front office -- -- the job that candy is done here's amazing ability to get to me brought toughness back. And that was what one of the great things that he did as the players while it. I always think it's because. As a big time player and say that things come more easily to you if you're one of those guys. But but like some more easily yeah but it's not the same as -- data wakes up like me every -- wondered if Imus stay in the big leagues and happen again. Pay attention every little detail in order to stay. And I don't think that date date. They can't relate to guys that weren't as good as they were in it it translates to them look at it as -- the guys and teams there why are these guys is -- Iowa. Heard Jeff Van Gundy tournament to feel a day when. -- were playing the bobcats in the playoffs and I think Mike Breen said to -- -- when LeBron and his knowledge of the game wouldn't make a great coach. And of anger and hatred of my knowledge of the game is is unquestioned but a great players. It's not that they don't understand the it's not just understanding limitations of guys who -- like them. But they saw plays they think they see play he's developed 34 seconds before everybody else. And it's hard for those guys to relate to somebody who doesn't have the same vision the same understanding -- 6177797937. Is the telephone number -- broadcasting live from Fenway Park and our center field studios TARP is off the field rain seems to a stopped. John Ferrell was right they are gonna get this game in its dale and -- and Steve lions live at Fenway Sports Radio W media. -- a -- embarrassed that sport you make mistakes. We got to come in tomorrow I didn't talk to them and have the game at all. Will come in here tomorrow and get regrouped. We know Warner series. Who they just cut the homeless -- -- we had three home games we just give away one we gotta get back get him but to me. I don't think there's ever -- anything wrong with losing when you maximize your group and did everything you could. That's what that's disappointing for me that's. We've been way better team than -- that's unacceptable and that's not take anything away from the proves. Such a boy. Figure out. He doesn't just telling you. About hockey. Does about life -- told you about life. Mike Babcock. It's not acceptable but still could take a loss. Says the genius Babcock packet take a loss. If we play we give everything we have to give. It's unacceptable. But we're not gonna be ourselves Michael some people appointed greatness some people have greatness thrust upon them. I tell you that on the 450 birthday of William Shakespeare's day. That was the quote from twelfth night and Mike Babcock would get -- I would I get it that way in two hours to get that idea I don't like tonight. The -- Google's just like yeah. I -- Shakespeare you -- that you get it alerts on everybody's birthday. Just ballot. As an argument to that now what does Joseph Maddon got -- doing that later I mean Joseph Maddon is post play tonight. -- play somebody. Joseph Maddon after the game is going to be he made two. He may do the entire. -- ground which Shakespeare quote you know the difference between Manhattan and Babcock -- -- convinced. You know Madden is gonna celebrate you know sipping a fine bottle of malt advocate listen Babcock -- -- -- and keep its. He had well he is absolutely a beer guy he has not going to be the fine line kinda guy Andy we have that. I don't -- reached out there. Yeah that that quote from yesterday the Babcock that your. Had left by by army got to. Babcock quote was talking about going to bars. Knowing who you are an -- I have read it I haven't heard it here. Yeah I got here you got what -- -- My. He's got. Picking up beautiful women answers whatever you need. Listen and if -- this hockey coach alliance. -- if he starts are teaching you about hockey. And he gets into the real stuff. I guess well look candidates is. It if you're really good speaker then you should find employment. Speaking. If you are really good fighter you should find women fighting. So. You know you walk into a -- earners is beautiful young gal standing next to this six foot five monster. Who you know makes his living fighting for a living and you're the best pool player in the bar or you play pool. Very gonna fight. Charter -- seem simple meal I don't know federal cuts and -- in the works for urine -- I never called anybody a monster but you're right that's you can make it what you want one guy's six foot nine. Morning guys not what would be the good decision. I guess all I'm saying is I think you should do what you do well. And -- philosophically. -- to hockey where the speaker ago. Yeah he sort of got away holes -- appear good speaker you should speak I came into an and then he decided that it went away and I'll argue is the one about the ball hurt or not at all. 6565. Monster in a bar in your pool player but here's a problem with the 65 guy 65 guy is a great fighter. And he's like the second best pool player and you're the best -- play our problems. Because he can beat you up he's not as good visual our pool but he can hold his own. I like what are you doing that situation coach got. I I guess is he's got an answer for you at -- -- -- two out of three and then take his girl. Is that what it felt that if that -- that's right. Back in today can run faster well there ego so what that's -- that's the lines were daisies. Not. Own days he would accept that plays out that the U yet 6177797937. With telephone number. The AT&T -- minus 37937. -- broadcasting live from Fenway Park Sox and yankees here tonight. It's dale and Holley and cycle -- Sports Radio WE yeah. You know not is in the ability recover he can switching injury from one part of his body to the next you probably did. He probably since he got hit let me switch the injury over to his right me. He probably switched it to a part of his body there could still allow him to skate -- Mikey transferred it all the was well because he can do that as well -- -- from justice from. -- -- my -- get that puck behind it and try to step around of people -- ice surface -- GM right now. -- expression on his face. It would seem that he's saying he just -- speaks with martian -- again left -- gets a little extended without much defiant on one side no question about it. Trying to make contact with his -- but it could fall in the. I didn't hear it but I heard about it I was told that Kirk Manningham took candy -- to task for his call of via of the plan last night. I just heard it. I don't know what Kirk would have have a problem with hair like yesterday after here are where Kirk with ups yet and I I didn't hear and some being unfair in that regard look. Here's the bottom line he got tripped. Hatred even even Brendan Smith would have a hard time saying I didn't trip -- trip to know the the acting. Came in with when he was down on the yes absolutely anti embellishment and being helped off the -- So I -- my guess is he probably was a little frightened a little you know. In any -- you know this is like you know eat something happens and you're not really sure what it is and you know -- dodge a bullet here. And you need a little little scared maybe the way. Effort to her horse. -- is an answer if it's going to. And employers. I don't know why you would people like given him the benefit of the doubt I don't think anyone's actually sat down said you know what hurt worse would happen after I got down there why did you -- so long. He did say you know -- I landed funny or something like that I I don't remember the exact words that mean it was kind of an ugly collision and could've been ten times worse. We will help plus hey. You know that there's some weird rules there you know if you believe it's it's more if you hit -- ball and stayed down long you might get the five minutes of the bleeding at the five minutes. You know would have viewed as a hard headed guy don't ever believe. Willie I I hit you well finally I hit you once you don't -- I hate you you're you know you're like a stuck pig Ellison saw your five minute major because they hit the wrong -- Animal I don't believe and so tough I don't -- like that I do think there's a difference between being a dirty player and being a diaper. She rather marsh and straddles that dirty line at times and I'll give him credit he has stayed on the right side of it for the most part here for the last year -- Because he's been warned over and over and over about -- -- about the way. On the way in just that we can identify people. The first the first what you heard was he Detroit sports talk show host. Talking about Brad marsh and now he transfers injuries and basically if baker and I would expect that from. -- Detroit any mud on the same heading up circulation other artists are expected from an opposing city the same things have happened in the Bruins advance. We're going to be talking about Montreal and how they have their drama queens yeah Montreal will be talking approach aren't the temperature Chara in jail for the -- -- a couple of years ago. Don't try to do that they won't like Brad marsh and we'll have a lot of complaints about the case you. On and so I I would expect that was -- first we're here at tech which are obviously -- -- talking about the call. The call was right now he was talking. He might just that are tripping call which is exactly what -- wise and that's all Brendan Smith was assessed was a two minute minor for tripping that's exactly what it wants. I. I understand that other people wanna make it into something beyond that because he did embellished he was try to get. Perhaps a two minute minor turned into a five minute major. But it's not like he didn't get trapped. Davis on the truck phone debut next -- dale and -- Regardless they Michael -- last updated. I I think it's kind of -- -- I think he -- moment where he's kind of you know -- -- but I also think some political sometimes it's legit since they've -- put him in the district works sometimes. Some darned pleased you know these are achieved all but other -- and it's a reputation calling -- Brokaw. I think David heat he used to flop and -- he'd get. And and I know that within the organization he got called to task for it and basically was told cut the crap that's not how we play it here. And I don't think he's done much flopping over the last couple years field. Well that's what I'm saying I think occasionally what necessarily flopping but he doesn't -- I think every now and then. I would say you know not not all the time not as often used to but he definitely embellished is here right. I mean. He will you know he will -- are absolutely up in the air and -- the call laden -- his teammates. -- was -- Michael -- -- Mike Ribeiro based Scotland Yard sale. Because every time Bruins got near him equipment was flying everywhere there was gloves and helmets and sticks and and he'd be like yard sale and so -- is like that he is a flop. I don't think he's dirty players previous callers and I just don't think he has. If they martian. I hate it and I know a lot of people concerned early in his career earlier he still relatively young player. That he was gonna hurt himself or hurt the Bruins with his ways you think he gets hurt the team. In the last couple years. Because of his reputation or what he does in fact its reputation some of the stuff he does. Think he's hurt them. I think no I don't think so I I do think is as Dave just said he does get some reputation calls at times but he turned up. He's earned the reputation calls because he's earned the reputation. He dances on that line and he sometimes it right up to what he has occasionally gone over that line he's been slapped back down when it's happened. I was two things though with him I mean it don't you have to have sort of an agitator counting down your team -- Just kind of stir things up a little bit and on tablets when you talk about Ambien. Crossing that line every once in line to being a dirty player. But most things that you've seen recently out of him and what type of things DC and -- or is it all reputation now. As you said he is not a flop or any more plays the game a little bit more than it conforms to what they're trying to do here. -- you seeing things you know kind of every three weeks realities you know the sticks up -- down someone's leg. Got into a little tussle with Pavel Datsyuk in game two. You know side of the net and their kind of push and shove and each other. Which by the way happens virtually every ridiculous stuff -- cup playoffs. But it's it's marsh and trying to get Datsyuk off his game a little bit gives little shop and that's it gives him one back. I don't think any Bruins -- has an issue that can play does that mean that's the kind of agitator. Past pain in the ring Iran and I mean Bruins fans of a different generation will remember commencement. She has nickname was the rap for repeats and I mean it wasn't because of his facial structure. He was there he was Iraq. He was that kind of guy on the ice opposing teams hated him any any city outside of Boston hated him every time he stepped on the ice well our ship is the same -- I think Steve's point yes. I think in hockey. And now all of sports I think all sports you gotta have. A guy or two. Who's a little bit crazy but is good for but he is he is. Positives outweigh its negatives he has some negatives. Teams generally. Hate him. He is the guy. He is the subject of blogs. The subject of columns. The subject of TV features in -- in every arena our every stadium. In North America but it helped you I can have a team -- those guys. But I think you need a couple of them just to keep things keep things going keep everybody will -- We -- toast it I mean that's not the only way he can be successful the at the sport credit needs is to beacon score army can do things -- mean. Do you think he wakes up every day happy with his reputation that -- goes indeed yes I did I forget I think he does mean that doesn't an area. He and you know he needs to have that edge going he really does for him to be effective. Now it's funny because he's a guy who actually said -- bother. Called him to task. A couple of years ago after he gets suspended. The play against Vancouver and he got suspended and his father basically call laments that what the hell you doing here. That the won the regular season game here weary kind he -- -- It was like you exceed the undermine. Is under but yet there's like a somersault kind of place where he went under and took -- to its knees out from under any got to just abort. He got suspended. And and his dad Paul laments that come. I mean you know I understand you got to play with a certain luckiest five foot eight. You gotta have a certain attitude to be successful in the NHL. When your undersized -- and and -- -- -- -- announcement that op but its own father -- incidental to -- anymore and in I know people. Once earned a reputation it's hard on earn it really doesn't do that stuff anymore. -- and flop last night he embellished after he got tripped opening could get another couple of minutes out of it to. You know you're doing everything you can and dances. Up the penalty. I don't have an -- it was like it was pretty much like the example LeBron before rose as if they take one of the thing is -- hope and they believe. Actually open somebody tweeted that -- -- -- hockey's the only sport where you hope your bleeding. You know -- you get a high -- all you bleeding and the guys are actually sometimes I think trying to make themselves believe so that it's a double minor -- -- of a minor. It's the only sport where -- hope you bleed in the at the animal. So it's what you for the game. Have a little shaving. A minute out dinners out Britain -- -- -- they give yourself a little cut or it's up in a lot easier than might hit you probably 6177797937. Cracked up in -- crank I don't. Good and I regret thank you take my culture. Her I want I want to switch gears for a little bit -- you are a lot of collier had to redeem on. Sunday night and ask you about those transfer rule admiral its relationship Q instant replay I'm watching the game on Sunday. And obviously I I seek clarity make the place. And and whomever was sliding into second base -- out. Obviously. Everybody can tell just by looking at it by the naked eyes that's. What happened and Buck Showalter comes out and he can't review it and so the next day I'm listening to. But -- me and I. Find out out I didn't know that until I heard it from -- only that it can't be reviewed so my my question it is. Why then do we have replay this is quote replays to get these calls correct. And that something. In the game where a situation like transfer play happen. -- manager -- review that. And -- is not made correctly. Why then do we have replay I'll I'll hang diplomas and I fought for it call. It out while obviously first of all if you listen to me on the show and all you know that I I am not a fan every play at all it I don't I don't think that this game you have to be any kind. -- and again I mean. I kind of like kind of warm to the idea of home run. It's either out of the park or not a fair foul on a home run ball but even I was reluctant to that. I just don't think this game needs to be perfect and it's been played for -- dollar and thirty years just fine the way it is. You learn to live with injustice it teaches you a little something about yourself. He life isn't fair neither is the game but if you are gonna have a replay system. Just to the replay system out how replay officials not rule being managers that happened are umpires that happened to show up in New York. How. A crew. Of people that that's what they do just have a five man grow up you have to have a color umpire could work every day or every game that. Well mobile if you have a form in crew and they rotate positions every game. Why can't have a five man crew and the natural rotation is the four guys on the field and a replay guy upstairs. So I gotta tell you in. I didn't think I would feel this way. Maybe it's just the first year of it is in history it feels so strange to have a replay in baseball it's weird. And what that did the transfer rolled -- he'd talked about the flow of of which I'm not sure what you're talking about because. But you can't review a transfer ruled that's how you actually get the call made or overturned. Maybe -- can already used -- I think. He was referring to I think you're referring to attack play that was very clear. The beginning of the season because buck. Are on the Pedroia played a win -- -- in the winning run where to draw area. Goes back to tag at third he sees the ball is caught Benny sees that it's overthrown. And -- scamper home. But it's like a lot of things happen here we might review that they tacked up on time you can't do that I think that he got to get to transfer rule and that. All into one but in that same game Steve. You think about replay. That the majority of double that should have been a home run. Didn't even have the right you don't have the proper equipment to make. Call. But we're seeing local views are plays that they're not seen in New York that's it doesn't go any any why isn't what they see in every possible view. And plus why do you need the managers involved. If you decided that you wanna get every playwright and make the game perfect witches think it's idiotic. Why not. Put the plays in the hands of those replay officials take the managers out of it have a green light a red light up there and it just says -- you know if they call the guys safe. And the people in New York decide that he was actually out. Just put the red light up and say you must of the calls -- no challenges no nothing new messed -- up these days and and you move on. If you want to get everything perfect. -- you don't need the managers to come out and and ask about it and that's a farce anyway. Because when they come out they look at their video guys and they say -- -- challenges or not they -- their fifteen seconds. So that someone in the clubhouse -- see a replay of that on their own to tell the manager whether or not he should challenge it is so wrong. It doesn't make any -- 6177797937. Its telephone number were broadcasting live from Fenway Park or believe and on the last couple minutes. The sun has started to -- through here TARP is off field batting practice on the field. Red Sox yankees tonight here at Fenway it's dale and Holley and Steve -- Sports Radio W media.

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