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NFL Schedule night in America... how much more football can they cram down our throats? 4-23-14

Apr 23, 2014|

We discuss the release of the NFL schedule, and whether or not the league is over-expanding and over-saturating the market with all the national and weekly games (i.e. Thursday Night Football)

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Does this sub four part miniseries tonight on TV. He at all excited also known as the release of the NFL schedule -- before part miniseries starring Halle Berry and Will Smith. And that -- and and look at the NFL I think for the most part as an incredible job marketing itself and and owning the market. They make weight too big -- deal out of this whole schedule. -- -- cardinal the teams just a matter of what you're -- gonna do in those slots. I agree no you know -- sixteen opponents you know which ones are at home which ones are on the road just don't know that we don't know is what date -- -- well. -- land Monday Night Football. Sunday Night Football -- I don't know how many 1 o'clock games -- 4 o'clock games so on so forth and we know what the patriots. Obviously they played the the -- the bills in the dolphins here. Raiders here they play the angles here. If LeBron -- here again. Made it here the Broncos yeah there. And in in after got one have that it here. Oakland is here -- OK you said that -- raiders raiders raiders angles. The three teams in the AFC east. That access to five. The Broncos you think that here Texas the technical -- earlier missed the matter of of where you gonna we're gonna -- those things. You can understand why you. Interrupt your your sports TV one on tonight -- -- understand why some people were it not for us right now don't -- too much too much going on that Red Sox yankees hearing Cleveland you're going to be watching that schedule relief. -- -- -- doesn't unifil had his. Any chance of over exposing itself to go. I -- does that play almost every day now although I mean I. Believe me I know now fans queued up for the games and yet weighed in but I mean it is a few people lately and it's like. -- on Monday night game as of Thursday there's a Sadr and his son mean. Some. One of the beauties of the NFL. Is. And the reason why they were so popular I didn't necessarily think the four reasons that I picked out where the best reasons but to me it was always. You know controlled violence I think is a huge thing in the NFL would love to see guys get crossed -- of you know it's barbaric -- -- game are gambling. Another big risk and should be one is -- success is you know one of the reasons why. And and I think. Affected in most of the country you're freezing your tail off Steve got nothing better to do than sit in front of your TV you watch -- -- these atrocity. And once a week. Was the other thing they would build it up they build it up they build up every game so that you -- enough friends he almost it's on Sunday rolled around. And you gonna sit on the couch and watches football educated. Because that was the deal to meet those are four kind of not really great reasons. To. How the popular in the NFL the latest. Now they're spread it out -- if you don't all of which are the people like baseball's does every night it's no big deal -- -- again tonight not look at what we're on -- But it's also the speed of the game so people don't like -- mean you have to. You have to love. Speed of the game and in football wanna play at least get over 45 seconds after. The pastor flurry that flurry. How many how many -- plays than your average gained 7075. All that took place 75 chaotic situations and football 75 explosive situation the football -- -- medium -- Also -- -- -- and you don't just talk about the violence the just act it guys it's certainly -- possibilities of some somebody had knocked off. May fifth different I am not a problem -- accurate is it is I probably -- -- I. Easily it is for a plot that was a great reason like fellow baseball of the pace of based on that there's anything wrong with that. And try to make baseball basketball or baseball hockey or baseball football that you just have to love. The sport those who wanted to make it faster and it happens dramatic changes to the game let's have this extra inning game. Let's give got two strikes and set at three strikes with him three balls that for me it's stupid to me here's where I think it's going to be a bit of people lucked out. Many people call -- the huge part of it and I know a lot of -- don't wanna admit it. But there are people who watch football because they are really really into the panacea aspect. Here's here's the problem I think for most football fans not all there were some people who watch it seven days a week. I think Thursday night football became almost to the point of too much. Last year with like you know Latin. I'm OK with Sunday in night out Sunday afternoon Sunday night Monday night. -- a little too much. This you get Thursday night football all season long. You've got CBS that's bought the package. You've got the NFL that's gonna have a vested financial interest in making sure that package succeeds. They're gonna put games that you care about on Thursday night's. And you're almost going to be forced you're gonna feel as a fan to watch Thursday night football what you want to and. Well I think and that you're going to on the right path there. I think part of the problem is prepared -- our football it's not that that there's football on Thursday or football on Monday is just the matches. And and maybe maybe the NFL is not the point. Where. There's enough entertainment value with 32 teams that you put anybody. You match up two teams anywhere in the league they can justify a primetime slot on it Thursday or Monday or Sunday night. If it's not. It if you had a lot of good football on Thursday night Monday night. And and Sunday night it will be -- the problem is. You don't have enough good teams. Sued to really. Require you to sit there on Thursday and and that's a lot of a lot of bad matchups. On -- and a football last year. And and in many times. Games that were easy for you to skip that isn't even worse. Easier for you interpret it discuss the highlights for the up. It's -- different though Michael appear on CBS has bought this package the NFL's gonna wanna make sure it succeeds they're gonna stick games you wanna see. On Thursday night in year almost going to be forced to watch them now where a lot of the Thursday night match -- last year you'd -- Kara. I don't mind watching football there's an -- if it's a good game. I'm I'm all for making a good game on there. You're gonna get a chance this year I think 6177797937. We're broadcasting live from Fenway Park and dale and Holley and Steve -- Sports Radio WEEI. Sports Radio WEE I want we -- looking out over there well out. A dad out here at about four of his kids -- maybe another one of his buddies was beacon in the window and that wind came up and out flew off. Under the tour bus over there are -- of whoever's land at the house of blues and he's an amateur as a Red Sox Nazi you know is going in their four. But he's got to get leads deep down there it's a little kids here they'll benefit bettered him yeah you can't guess he's got a lot of ads are about. He has to go under the axle of that to a investigate his hat back. Now people are concerned are going to look at it well I can still see that happen pretty service. You -- he's got about a four year old right here that I'll pick the smallest one I mean that in a -- -- You could put a fishing line Ottoman just reel him back in -- -- black person in duke on the bus driver I thought that's good point total through now that's good -- Osmond sat -- while he's clever guy as a right -- has no idea what to do it does that. Order my do you guys at this hour sponsored by ARS restoration specialist if -- commercial project better manager or you have. Great sales relationships skills he -- my man -- built. As -- rich is adding to the terrorist team just a phenomenal company is an errant serve dot com for terrorist career opportunities vote -- -- -- tweeted out -- -- between the patriots and Broncos. I'm guessing there'll be eight primetime games and I was asking is that too. And in some and so when we get back quickly to look. -- league sources just reported the Broncos will open the 2014 season. At home against the colts on Sunday night -- okay that's once they got 1017. Ago between you think about Peyton Manning. And the additions that they made. During the offseason and they they -- TJ ward they act of markets where I mean really some impressive you know Emanuel Sanders it's. Solid quarter of their games if you think about it you know between the two little quarter of their game yes I know -- not yet wolf. It is but not when you're the premier teams in league in people wanna see him and you want -- remembrance. So out of a possible 32 games. The patriots and Broncos eight out of 32. Prime time. Forty wanna go -- hired you wanna go nine or go to and. Advocates and I think you've hit the number there I really do let me just ask you this simple question and you love football I love football Steve you love football we all love it. It is you know it has become America's game. Is there such a thing as too much of a good thing because I gotta tell you I'm -- Michael half the time last year. I was able to skip Thursday night football and not give it. A second thought it's like you know -- I've I've dedicated my Sunday my Sunday night I've dedicated my Monday night now I'm not willing to dedicate another night -- it. And and I know my point is I don't just well -- these girls are sure well. Especially on the east policies you live outside on the West Coast and your first games -- 9 o'clock in the morning in the last game that you're gonna watch gets over it eight in 8830 at night. Not here. You know you're you're watching that late game you're up till midnight. That's hard to do on a Sunday on a Monday on a Thursday and mix in a Saturday hearted people have lies -- they got to go to work. OK when you all the things you said all the reasons people watch football. If you want to break it down and it used to gambling as wanna beat you mentioned gambling sector. Why don't -- I was you know I thought that out in no particular order art. What is the percentage of people football fans who watch it because the state will come out there there you -- I'm giving this one thank me later got the tip laureate. He's 25% and thirty or more and I argue about the gamble really you know why don't they don't want to that. And add and add your fantasy league and their two because people nowadays. You know especially at the big games. They're not rooting for the team that they like the most the root for the team that they battle. And they're rooting for the guys that are in their fantasy league they're just they even really watch in the game to see who wins there's like all my guys scored three touchdowns that's awesome nominal win you know this week. That's that's the way it that's when it's -- broken down now and I would add your fantasy to the gambling and I gonna get a huge for Oscar nod over -- You remember I I I warn you that the NFL has a financial stake in making sure this Thursday night package works for CBS. And -- start to get these more and more we just have one of the Thursday night games leaked out according to. -- WFAN in New York September 25 Thursday night football the New York Giants at the Washington Redskins. I don't think Washington is great but they got RG three. There's always interest at our expense that division rival -- that you would not have seen that game on Thursday night a year ago. You would have seen Jacksonville and Cleveland and you know that the -- -- games you were seeing it absolutely you are going to see a slate of Thursday night games of that caliber or better. No one right now. You're gonna see the patriots on Thursday I know that I'd skip that. All last year we saw the papers early in the season now live with now here's the crazy thing. That game was miserable. That was a patriots jets game that was the Tom Brady having a fit. The entire game screaming at everybody he screaming at his gloves discriminate receivers. It was -- screaming at the opposite Michael -- the court everybody. So I came. Front and drops it was close at thirteen to seven geno Smith at three interceptions it's an awful game. So most of the time -- the patriots on Thursday night football it's pretty get last year was. 6177797937. Jeffs on the cell -- hate Jeff you're next on Sports Radio stale and. Step group are players hi -- Charles -- about -- that debacle that is there's an article all on the I think guys are trying to acquire with the lack account that we have last year. But might just setting you can -- out and complex embryo that he'll quit if Tom Brady and Belichick only -- -- -- reading the book they're acting. It doesn't matter what Vitale it's going to be -- excuse to game. And I financial spoke earlier for the last year Crist who as such I really put. Even came archer greet people those guys on the field. There's going to be some time to prepare. If you don't get that time to repair a lot -- -- -- game and I -- about three to seven. If you've you've you've you've hit the nail on the head greater point I mean and at not not only just prepare physically. Because your body just doesn't have time to recover but mentally game plan you know putting in a proper game plan a normal NFL week game plans put in on Wednesday. You can play Sunday and your plan again Thursday. I mean there is no rush every year trying to rush everything and you're trying to cram it in. The quality of play on Thursdays. On the uneven not only about the players' safety issue which I think is a huge issue by the way that the NFL is choosing to ignore I think it does matter. Because you're asking these guys go out there and play. On a Thursday that once the Thursday games gone and you get a ten day break in there. All gut but man that I didn't act on any -- out of you lost the Thursday. Sunday and the -- and I are just like okay now are really in a tight spot. Attendees to prepare for our -- of the tees -- -- -- -- -- -- in Connecticut hey John you're next on dale and Holley. And I guess Soria. I think that a UConn and banana and hang up I mean. -- schedule of these very in nineteen -- project that they're going to be good -- correct. Well this year they're going to be much more concerned about it because it's a brand new Thursday night package that CBS is spending a lot of money for. I think if I remember watching the game you know I can -- like you said Sunday Monday. -- my attention here -- Monday night game usually in -- -- your full package is Sunday and Thursday night last year it was horrendous. I remember I'm coming up -- let's build -- ground. Was one of the game. -- -- it says only interest -- rare event that I've got a letter on my team I'm acting and speaking but as far as that that I mean against her church it's accurate. However the game that you mentioned there the bills browns game I remember that one. I mean that little stake in it in that game may have had a little supplement but. Yeah what you got some issues yes I -- yes I do -- -- -- -- some very serious issue at some confronting -- gambling -- as a lot of us are confronting my issues. I'd like gambling more. What despite talk that I make it back. I -- I -- that on Thursday night you have your bed in on time just by -- can't wait the last Smith -- it at that in early hello pickles that was. One of those games remember Brian Hoyer. It was was quarterbacking Cleveland having some success that he got hurt -- gain. And then for the bills EJ Manuel got her neck and goes like. -- it was a great game was high school and I'm starting my senate Thursday night games. I'm starting to see where your expertise in this business comes in its outlook sometimes -- -- at over you like. Couldn't remember that game only cared about it. Because you had this big. Eric in that game. Sounds to me now he's got to stay get a little bit everything that's why has got on top of the ball out a little Rain Man thing on he remembers the weirdest things. I mean it and we've been friends for along time he creeps me out with some of the things he remembers. I can't remember always that out of -- only from here but I can remember where it's. I like. Late -- -- -- burglar just exit new agreement that I wrote that I ever from the ATF the -- Great things are just -- to bring up that -- and I games how hard to get by -- in the post in particular thing. How hard would actually get those -- out by the weeks prior so they have more time to prepare it into marriage is a better product on the field thank. Yet it's a good point if they could pull it off but I think it's hard to do. I mean the complexity of figuring out a schedule -- I would be I would venues. You know some some of -- football only it's it's a joke the theater and think about baseball. The schedule maker for baseball with all the game's fifth play at least sleep at least you don't generally share venues. Will -- But. And no one really stops to think about how difficult it is not. I'm glad that I think I have someone on my side here are you -- a couple of Collison said -- may be it is over exposure -- it was enough football every night we'll do it every night. I think there's a lot of people out that is in well if you don't have the quality of the games which you know there's there's some stinker match -- out there there's just asked to be well. How how will we know that it's over exposure. In the number look -- numbers don't goal but the numbers are pretty good for the for the for the right Thursday night games last year right. The number I honestly don't know and well -- for the secondary numbers because as far as and a -- concern. They're already got the victory. The victory got the money -- victory with the money yet in the TV contractor trying to make everybody happy day yet and you're. Your partner CBS. -- -- -- -- our cars and ABC. Through our partner of ours. And we saw. It gets -- about fox -- you're very nice partner of a lawn and garden channel and we appreciate you fox -- appreciate when we called it. There's going to be a playoff game. On ESP so it gets bigger and bigger ESPN ABC -- he had Monday Night Football on ESP and you got all the the football programming whether it's an -- fighters and it -- -- round the clock out experience. To play football they got it got everybody involved so they're happy. I do think there is such a thing as too much of -- good -- -- really -- went oh on every day it's not even close to being anywhere near in season all the -- on he has been in. They have -- four guys that -- rather a lot of the times I don't. In windy and Wendy's there -- a lot of time anyone is in awhile. I'm not -- -- a lot about how much of the residents have moved back with them that it is a group of nice career. Patriots helping -- when Phoenix I hear you. Are friendly and I know that the NFL all grown up -- at the NFL doesn't think that there's such a thing is over exposure obviously. They don't. And -- think they're gonna stop at Thursday night because I don't come on yes I don't think it will Michael why little. What's the other what's the other week what other days of the week. One NN's Brian why Friday or Saturday. There there that they didn't want I don't think so -- why why they even talk about the possibility did you ever -- it ever think Thursday. In your wildest dreams there's not a person that they're gonna games. Yeah at least because there's a precedent there they did they are working well on Thanksgiving well Thanksgiving cook Thanksgiving Day off target and a. It took Thanksgiving that of the progression. Thanksgiving two NFL champion we're gonna start this season opener in the NFL has now died Thursday -- So it went from Thanksgiving. To the opener of special occasion to -- once a week we'll have -- and I football as well. I Johnson feeding yelled hey John I know. Got to not -- -- Under our proposal they're not -- -- -- all third and artful all issue though not all. Larry thank. I think what they're should really do it now. -- all in the third the night he later on these them like they used to do years -- out in four they don't do that -- not. -- -- for about I -- -- he I've but I we. Get up there that night games available we have to prepare there's been like -- -- -- -- -- -- week -- -- -- -- For an -- Eminem I think all aspects -- all in the game there is that we got back. Well it does make sense I guess is that if if you could work it out and I don't think they can. That every team that -- Thursday -- has the bye week before -- the problem with that is. And and there's going to be a team that -- is is that in the last year the patriots Thursday night game was weak to. Do you think that that -- ballot check wanted to bye week the first week of the NFL season to get ready for that week to Thursday night game. No god no. Nobody wants a bye week debt. And you're gonna have Thursday night football every single week of the season this year. So in theory I understand your point in reality it does make any sense at all. You can't -- You're probably and I also think that you know we talk about the quality of the games on Sunday. When the majority of the games are still being played believe it or not. If you're Watson a stinker game change challenge go somewhere else on Thursday night game that's a lousy game -- suffered through -- return -- go to -- It was no real option for you there which I think lends itself then for people to say. Almost Thursday night games a terrible and others never did match up -- -- a good game. And you're gonna get good matchups this year well it's gonna be you might not -- a good games. Yeah got a point yep yep yep good matchup but you don't know you're going to be good game tonight because of 1 of the teams some good teams and -- are gonna be good as we sit here and April. And we -- in October or November though is going to be the directing the other thing is that is what Jeff or caller mentioned. Just -- preparation on their tonight I was trying to I was going over the earlier here's the whole schedule home upon you got the bears. The bears -- who we thought they were the bears the -- the bills the Broncos. And dolphins jets lions. And raiders. So you look at that schedule now you have one opinion in April you look at it you say. A couple of those teams will be pretty good you think that the Broncos will be pretty good. And you think the angles -- -- a playoff team last what three years -- pretty good. It. I I know -- I'd -- to vote and I'm sorry but it dolphins jets and lions or raiders. Fair and. -- what would make sense. Is to have the raiders played here before the one. On the way split the trip up play here and then if you know hop a plane from here. On Monday or Tuesday and head for London did I bet that's out of the is that the raiders will play here as a stepping stone -- -- on -- -- time we have the road but a couple weeks -- But that the rankings in England is dumb to me. The whole idea -- -- discussing discussing the possible to grow at a -- localization. Of that -- a brand dale. -- As the brand captive beaten world grant the brand dominates the world now it dominates the it -- North America. They wanted to dominate the world yet seeing and what we saw world art and it's never going to be football. I just I I globally I know football's never going to be football Roger Goodell gets up and in the back of his head here. And someday he's gonna try to sell you -- on a Super Bowl in London -- Super Bowl in Paris or an NFL franchise in London or Paris or some might it's. Dome. Super well what's Dahmer's Super Bowl in Paris for Super Bowl in. Minnesota Super Bowl and Jack although its withdrawal which we experience to Poland's president Dahmer might because you actually don't vs parents give me Paris. -- I love -- I -- our original sort of block out landed her daughter out. When you have to play the game in Paris if you want it on at 6 o'clock at night here that means you gotta play the game at midnight in Paris. From the hole yes like a grand idea doesn't it. 6177797937. -- telephone number dale and Holley and Steve lions live at Fenway Park Sports Radio WB. Back here at Fenway Park dale and Holley Sports Radio WEEI. Steve cycle alliances -- by the way Taylor Twellman will be our third man in tomorrow. We'll talk to Dave O'Brien. Red Sox baseball will talk to Jack Edwards live from Detroit as he's getting ready for game four tomorrow night the Bruins and the Detroit Red Wings that's all coming up. Tomorrow on the dale and -- program. We've been talking up for a little bit here this hour about the Thursday night football package which is every week this year. In the National Football League told us think there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. One of us thanks hello pickles got on the phone know what is. What is it is it. They shouldn't let I mean I know that's not gonna happen and stomach -- if you got the commissioner for day. Commissioner. Roger Goodell cycle lines. You're commissioner for the day do you eliminate Thursday night football. I don't know if I eliminate it as his don't know off by how one every Thursday night and make sure that that their attitude tonight through -- the whole season Michael hit it. The Thursday before the regular season opener where you have the Super Bowl champions play. And Thanksgiving. That's it for me not you like the current Thanksgiving setup I like it I -- how I wasn't sure -- Hillary -- listen a couple of games before it used to be traditionally it was just the lines in the cowboys. Not a vanity Thursday night game on Thanksgiving. Went out when they did they even let George Plimpton new quarterback. -- -- -- -- -- Now I mean I just I think there's a risk of over exposure I know that right now as we sit here everybody loves football more football gimme more football any day of the week. But will be careful what you wish for you don't want to get it in and I've already talked to people are just like. I'm a huge football fan I love and like I gotta go to work the next day I can't keep doing well these games. Even worse Steve forget about you know watching football on Thursday night on TV even worse is when it's in your town. And your season ticket holder and you've got the tickets you know and they're only ten of over a year anyway coming to pre season games that they extort two money for. You know that there's only -- anyway and you don't really feel like going to with Thursday night game I don't know get up and go to work and I. I don't know if the if if if the average season ticket holder feels that way we can find out -- the analysts note Texas tweet us call. But I I would think the average season -- ticket holder says. Just what you said. They're really eight dates. The real -- -- go to pre season games we have to. But out of the games that matter one out of eight so one out of it is on Monday night in one out of eight is money on Sunday night. Sunday afternoon you're just excited for the opportunity to go to your games because yours is your season ticket holder. I have a friend whose season ticket holder who you know very well as well an affront to both of -- and I'll tell you talking with him over the years. Those night games where everybody's got to get up and go to work the next day our pain in the rear end for a lot of folks. And you know if you had one night game a year that be one thing. But let's be honest they're not gonna have one here. If it would not much the same guy I think I got prints money that the attack. It's not his fingers as much a better deal of money just falls from the scout spring training baseball game -- pre season football. What's a bigger deal with -- at a better a better deal also more fun baseball. It's cheaper a lot cheaper come on not need to we're gonna be just that and it's warm yeah actors everyone's depart out of their exactly weather go -- down to enjoy it. Some spring training baseball and pre season football's pretty much to deal and then you know noted conceivably play and about what them the fifth or sixth inning people are you -- regulars running in the outfield knock at the crazies that go on the -- article to death of thing that ever happens. That's actually signing autographs bills on the cellphone bill I don't. Hi guys I -- welcome back thank you and I appreciate that thanks. I'm under -- thought I know that the idea and it felt -- last couple years are going to an eighteen game schedule out of thank you. They go to an AT week's schedule and put and another by. And -- -- and I yelled at an adult providers for the acting. I mean the problem -- as we pointed out earlier -- -- there's a Thursday night game the first week of the season the second week of the season nobody wants a bye week there. Yeah well that's. But score composed of the -- -- -- got -- so you can narrow one. That probably going to be one of them can be awkward or you anyway. Well you do bring up a good point and and I do think that this is the the never ending drip drip drip from the NFL. Yes if Thursday night football works and it probably well. And I think there's going to be another night later on and then I think there's going to be an eighteen game schedule onset of a sixteen game schedule and then there's going to be teams in Europe and then there's going to be a Super Bowl in Europe and they're just gonna keep taking and taking Intel. Finally sooner or later somebody says stop. See Michael now when dale says the never ending drip drip drip that's though that's probably the phrase it to get him. You know a little bit you know off your rocker element and waste. You know I want both of you to just stop it now apple for the okay how old are like Lockhart are swallowed -- coupons he's eighth apparently wanted there. Man -- in Concord -- tonight on. Good. A welcome. Your apartment mine -- now. I don't think the they'll. They're looking at and over saturation of the market mainly because they look at other sports such you know hockey baseball never met on multiple -- -- And look at their viewership. And know that with how hot commodity. Or sport it is. That it's going to be watched more than Ayers and -- team and helping the -- overboard with the overseas type of thing but I think. Everyday of the week they made it very doable -- there commodity. And now. Every daily -- these days football's on. As much or more than hockey journal he you know -- continues to veto it. I I don't think it's gonna stop at -- I really don't. You know and I note traditionally it's always been said football will stay away from Friday's because they don't wanna kill high school football in the country because that's. Part of the feeder system for the NFL. But I think there's gonna come a point where -- -- -- look Thursday's work and so while. We can't -- Tuesday that's too close to Sunday a week ago Friday. They hit that the part of that this is this is why the NFL. We are a long way away from the NFL. -- declining. Or the NFL reaching the over saturation point -- -- -- They run everything. The NFL runs. The the the north American Media world. You think about everything every anything that involves football. NFL has -- hand and it. So the NFL have a hand in this movie came and I haven't seen it apparently is not great draft -- -- it right. NFL has a part of that movie -- -- just -- -- -- about the draft of college draft eight NFL. Has has some power what do -- athletic not just before the draft yet as -- NFL has some. Has some say and and what what's gonna be in there what's what's not going to be in there. The NFL controls we talk about the partners. Tonight we'll work for the partners at CBS NBC fox ESPN. If there's any scandal. In the leak. They they have -- at least if it's not spoken and unspoken. That you can cover this don't go too far. Don't go too far as your partners. The PR. The PR arm of the NFL is better in bigger and more vindictive. Than any other PR arm or any other sports franchise in North America sports league in North America. It's just going to be really difficult. For the NFL -- to diminish because it's more powerful than any other league marks on the cell -- mark. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Army black outward wall might Olin thank you exit. You know what a great job bill things. I had an -- I commented that back -- illustrate that it you know probably not going to stop at thirteen I. And that might be the solution for scheduling because the more like -- Eat -- is it that our rotation did it dot Burton certain teams went national week. Well I think it's going to be hard I I mean I understand your point but here you're gonna play. Thursday night football every week this season. Yeah it's gonna -- currently there are more games scheduled. Morning -- during the week. Eager to have as our our nation that you're you've got -- pretty outpour. And now they will have all week jury ever be good night it was illegal -- any number eight during the next week. Now you really can't do that I mean you he you can you can for two teams you can give them the extra time. After they play the Thursday night game and they'll all get you know they won't play the following Sunday but it's not like you can spread it out for all the teams in the league at -- that those two teams are gonna get. I know I mentioned the patriots home schedule already and we'll find out the specifics. Later tonight but their road schedule we already know what that is -- the AFC east opponents the dolphins the bills in the jet. They play the colts. The chargers. The chiefs. The vikings and the Packers on the road. Pretty damn good schedule -- in terms of and I don't know how good these teams are gonna be but who who knows how -- the patriots are going to be and we think they're going to be pretty good in April. -- an injury or two away from from being 8897. But. If we just look at it based on the recent past him in the colts with Andrew Luck up and coming team. The packers' Aaron Rodgers -- team Andy Reid has turned around Kansas City. The vikings not so much but critic -- scheduled to. Good if if if you're talking about quality of the games yeah not necessarily for Wendell -- checked my and a lot of it's much that for the rest of us. Steve since August say Steve I don't. Hey guys so they you have to show us stating you enjoy your children. Couple points I wanna touch based on the -- -- -- a look at channel you know you got a lot. In an orderly. You know sort of look well the -- the first items corporate players don't think it on a city where the minute and at all. And great defense I mean why is it won't bring out the poet and makes them different than number two inches. They -- -- -- hockey off Tokyo the first line up for why they are plate sure which I really pissed about that because like autos but dumb statement. If it's a. Here's here's -- for -- -- and actually. Steve here's a hint don't listen to them. And I don't walk don't listen to them here here's the deal both coaches talked about this last night separately both Mike Babcock the guru. -- man that's right and Claude Julien said the same thing the first two lines. Are basically negating each other they're doing such a good job. Checking each other playing hard against each other at the top two lines for the Red Wings' top two lines for the Bruins are doing a great job of canceling each other route. That means you've got to get production from your third and fourth lines Bruins are doing a better job of that in the red wings are and thus they've got a two games the wantonly. And the -- and I'm a better job in the red wings because they're deeper. Absolutely they're deeper in the red wings are more talented. This is why one team of -- a big reason one team is. The number 1 seed in the Eastern Conference the other team is -- I supposed to be deeper is supposed to be better and they are. I think you leave yourself open to the way of thinking of when you look at last night's game outside of that the empty netter. By Bergeron. You get two goals from guys who scored the very first playoff goals ever in your -- And so you're like well wait a minute so what did happen and I think that's I think that's the way you look at it it certainly -- Bruins fan and -- Those that the first two lines are basically just got to. Banging each other around and they're not having it yes that to get. Anything dawn and you have to get deeper. In your third and fourth lines of -- think you might score and that that is the -- this of this team but. Does -- worry anybody that. He connected in any production no upfront. No because they're not either. I think the coaches who probably know more about this from the rest of us do. Hit the nail on the head the top two lines of both these teams are kind of canceling themselves out you know the weirdest thing about the Bergeron empty net goal last night was Michael what is. That he shot. He sold Smart. He would never issue from there because if he misses the net it's an icing call face -- back in his own defense event. It it was way off the grid for Patrice Bergeron to take a chance he hits it everything's fine they went three and upping your body goes home happy. If he misses at any shot -- from just inside his own blue line. Faceoff back in his hand. The fact that Patrice Bergeron shot it under those circumstances. Shocked me how much time was left then. Thirty seconds something like somewhere around there still -- event at the time but I would I would do we start with him. He he would normally eat that puck before he -- -- pitted against the boards in a tie -- of the face off is out near the Blue Line at least. For him to shoot from there and take a chance he was taking a chance that's so far away from how he normally -- Isn't that it was a chance unless it in in Patrice Bergeron line in his view I can make this -- to does that give me. Right here if I got the shot that's all the time in practice. 6177797937. As the telephone number dale and Holley and Psycho. Live at Fenway Sports Radio WE yeah.

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