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Dale and Holley's Four at Four Milestone Editon - 4/23/14

Apr 23, 2014|

We tackle four topics all revolving around big time milestones in sports.

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Are -- you know what time it is. And calling us. For -- four brought Cuba AT&T AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans. Rethink possible what word would figure over the years -- on line yes. Yes what do I -- -- yeah what did got a and yes would have absolutely been no word yet not -- Last night out proposals became the 26 member of the 500 home run club. David Ortiz currently sits at 435. Home runs will Ortiz finished his career. With 500 plus home runs. Need sixty. Five. Let's say let's say let's say thirty days here for the sake of argument. Well well how many you have now five or six we have five. Right now Ortiz the -- so you got to always starts slow at 125 more you if you -- hit thirty. So you'd get 25 got 25 more home runs. Which takes some of what 46 feet. Now don't get next year in a forty home runs up. It -- it's possible I -- say it's possible but I'm not sure it's likely. I think it's going to be awfully difficult I mean you know the time marches on its only got one more year left on the deal. I'm well -- -- vesting option after next year -- options. Team option yet and he runs out there's only he misses games it. If they decide to pick up that option and I think if you if you place for three more years he gets. They have to keep it can possibly get it in someone else's uniform. -- could hear it and you'll you'll have them hang around the league gets. Maybe that's what sixteen mail her in. Accord that your point but that's what Fred McGriff. Should've done a grip or 98. But. If if I'm not mistaken here. Well hold on for two -- significant milestone or ninety three's they're 193. -- it. Home runs I have 500 accusing -- -- the crime dog you know on the ground were seven more fingers. Should the about -- developments keep video of the. And that's all I'll address and a Lou -- -- -- again. For 99 or 9349498. -- -- -- Eric. But you know I don't that he does and our guy gets that you're done. All right and -- -- -- we are the Red Sox currently sit at nine and twelve which leaves them in the basement of the AL east. With the Sox turnaround. And make the playoffs this season. Notice the silence. I'm not quite as cranked up as I started this season I told you Michael one month I had given them well one month as a week from today. -- a week from today totally positive things can happen things can happen in the week. John Lackey goes out there tonight the one hitter to. -- -- back on the man under both hit a couple of home run. Worked as -- that leadoff spot I saw you shamelessly try to documentary good naturedly about I would shamelessly asking the question that was sad watching you -- I was just asking the question about Bogart's. -- John -- -- originally set if Edwards is here and you know it's about young guns and there. Still think he's. In. Order run. I think back out of the phrase run producing -- it's going to be a three hitter. Someday when he got up right now in the lead -- that make the playoffs Tuesday they are better team and right now on the business. I think mr. -- I gamers do I think they make it by gamers I'm not is. As cocky and confident I was three weeks went to -- in the plan out. Don't let -- one don't let -- -- -- and three. -- is awaiting his suspension -- -- use speculated earlier on what is suspension will be it will cook. He suspended for the remainder of the Stanley Cup playoff form of that question. Andy's not here right. It is -- -- sometimes young man with that little ridiculous ponytail and -- fair to ignore you. It worked good for us but they're not here and you've got that's why you fail. Oh what because gradually. Crept. Into it. It is fair -- Japan it's called the score -- don't you guys know the difference what the call. For Robert line between. Hero last why do you have the last and that way that -- -- watching champions league soccer government audits -- here. And you looked just like one of them. Might -- draw here along investigated -- days. And I like long hair -- I like your parents tell all right wise yeah dialogue not. Happily at -- drama along I would by the that would make certain that a group where it. To name my face I guess if -- more more comfortable Gloria I. -- I'd like to live like I don't and they are. Doing what I don't know abandoned like the. -- happiness there he was gonna fight -- straight across from me he was gonna fight you but he didn't want have to call poverty his lunch. I I think Matt Cooke is he had a hearing at 1230 today. The question for me is how could the hearing last more than about four minutes. What the hell were you thinking why did you do this. You've been suspended six times before in your NHL career I started out thinking he was gonna get eight to ten I've been talked into the fact. That like crappy Torres they're gonna whack him for the rest of the playoffs however long the Minnesota Wild last and maybe it'll only be this this round. I think they're gonna -- him for the rest of the playoffs that's yeah I was tired tired of sick and die this would be his seventh suspension. And and you know some of these like with Marc Savard like with this this hit -- you know potential career ending thing. Ornament. I'm gonna go history is that it's it's. Suspensions yeah that means. NHL. Had six other opportunities. To really wipe out Matt -- and they haven't done it. There's something about this guy then he gets out of unity. Slippery here. Some -- mistake. Some call him an animal whatever it -- slippery characters aren't there -- -- animals. And there are a lot of slippery thing weasels. We thank you very slippery it's that guy that just gets off when he shouldn't have so it's not going to be about suspension for game. Why out yet or -- yeah -- I see of what they -- number on it because of you don't know how long they're going to be in the playoffs if they just a data safe. For the rest of the playoffs video -- a few more stands in the gives you really only suspended him for four games I guess deviate. And definite number and then so the rest whatever their their playoff run if it ends before that extends to the regular season. So they go for more game. Yes it would it would extend. Private that it would -- they gave him the rest of the playoffs and I think it was ten games to start follow why is that you know. But -- is. Matt -- should have been suspended for a long time before. Ads -- point and we're here why -- why it doesn't NHL ever come down hard on Matt -- or hard enough. -- come down on him hard but not hard enough I agree with -- -- I guess I'm I'm counting on the fact that Stephon can tell the former -- who's in charge of this stuff now. Is gonna come down harder than Brendan Shanahan didn't is that -- with a I was a little bit about how to lose in case it. -- in pain when you're spending you don't get paid right but he is the playoffs. Just like -- Leo if we don't apply -- deeper into play out yeah so it's like. That it -- out. It did a suspension during a bloody -- as well I don't know how much the fine will be but it defines its miniscule to the amount of money out as a viewfinder in the regular season and you lose in your salary. -- we don't of those players always go back to Michael. Housing -- -- -- mrs. -- all right having the players always go to the high standard and I grew and so. Our identity. The Bruins dominated last night taking the series lead quick question. -- the Bruins lose another game this series. And I'm -- you fellas died in -- where we're deferring to the hockey dog has -- I don't wanna influence your eager to. You won't aren't. I got that we hockey guy got them all powerful all knowing god I'm not yet. Am I know they will not lose another game in this -- -- that if it was that of the -- quarter but I don't think it was another game in and you gotta put the puck in the net if you think you got to score a win. Because because Jack Edwards is dying and the finale. I'm gonna say they lose one more game Jack probably -- right yet -- -- game five is on NBC -- NBC at a at an athlete told chapter and if that happens double dip under my saddle that was a quote from Jack about it well if -- end and I don't blame him by the way. Now I hate what all the leagues do the -- souls to the network I understand the financial reasons behind today I think. The Bruins to win tomorrow night we come back -- lose at home months or lose -- game five. And then the red wings -- but I know that professor Jack and they would just for -- in game six. I'll I'll I'll I'll put it to you this when Michael if you're right and it goes to a six game I'll reverse import. If that -- the case the Bruins would lose tomorrow night that they would not lose at home on Saturday. In in my opinion it would it would just let Detroit would find a way to win at home -- would come home and win at home. And then go to go right and went right away from I I. I just think the Bruins. Are playing about as well as they can play right now. I'd actions as well as they like they've figured out but that's not shoot as yet few more rounds ago you'd like to think so you'd like to think you got more than. A couple I've been on both sides of the announcing the situation retirement Jackson. I feel flawed too because it's. It's it's not a fun feeling. When -- -- and all the games all season and -- in the playoffs and it goes natural articles national and they send you home. It's a new home -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- my I'll do my mini rant here on behalf of Mike Gorman. And and Jack Edwards and and Donna or sell it is never right and proper. That the home team announcers. TV announcers never get the opportunity to say the Bruins win the Stanley Cup. You know the Celtics are NBA champions the Red Sox have won the World Series the home team TV announcers never get to say that and it's wrong. I I understand again the money that's involved and what's you know what they've got to build. But I hated. Even though the game is on NBC on Saturday. We do have a complete sixty minute pre and post game show on NASA Michael in case you wanted to tune in. And Jack will be there and Andy and Jamie and Billy and -- and will all will be there pre and post game shows Saturday before and every Bruins fans here because there's no question -- due to a better local pre and post game show. That a national one.

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