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Aaron Boone, ESPN: Sox haven't been able to replace Ellsbury, 4-23-14

Apr 23, 2014|

Aaron Boone joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the early season troubles the Red Sox have had and the defensive struggles.

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NBA that. -- -- Mario is gonna play the pilot. -- the big home runs big hits. Long career. We like -- play in that yeah that Joey don't like your reaction Butler nine to 37 WEEI we talk to offer from ESPN. And of that highlight -- -- during the World Series wanted to Red Sox yankees it's that for game two tonight from Fenway. -- -- joins us here on the eighteenth the outline -- my little Oreo. You're I'm voting you know we -- that highlighted on good you know we've we've talked about a that the but Tim Wakefield was on this morning with the morning guys that -- tucked him a bottom series pine trees over open. Couple of series -- -- Eric Allred. Yeah the keys five at us we -- -- we talk about this team here because you know early on you know. Baseball players it's like -- patient mentality but it's the rotation was so good decent with a pinch instill their last time to the water eight point 03 ERA -- Defense faltering a little bit. Where are you with this team right now and it will pointy stoking concern. Well I'm Omar ready a little concerned on. You know and that ain't that I don't think panic is the right thing to go all the sudden you win the next two games of the series any kind of can potentially start to right the -- a little bit but you know what leaps off the -- to -- Between this year's corporate last year club is that -- -- she talked I mean it's not so much kick in the ball around as it is just played net. Are being made this cutie gobbled up a year ago I mean a real straight and Christine thank you know words. They're out he'll play loose. Next level special almost and you know older infield was incredibly stable and you know just watch and -- these last outing you know there's a lot of play that. Art may behind and that that really turned in the big inning and that's. The biggest thing I noticed right now. And I think it highlighted by -- become of that last night and seeing how much of an impact player he's been with the Yankees. And seeing that you know the Red Sox really have have been unable to replace them especially early opposition. I'm teams that you bit on Aaron where the defense a start to go south and last night you're right Pierzynski passed ball and throwing error Napoli -- should make Sizemore not recognizing McCain and it basic on the dugout he got -- -- him before through more runs scored goals and left when your teams that struggled offensively. What -- the manager dude if you -- practicing more defense at this point in the year so Heidi it how to get it on back on the same page and play a cleaner brand of baseball. Well hope hopefully calculated -- -- in time and experience you know the last thing you want to do from the attempt to import from. That guy avenues it is set up a panic situation. There where you start giving guys that are playing tight because. And in need to start. You know in a lot of ways pressing defensively and you know amidst play here and there it's not like getting worse you make out all the time when you. Not making place but that turned their losses. You know in a hurry and -- the best team got played on you know -- one comments seemed as though we did that. Usually you'll look back it out we're really good defensively. You it's not the last night demeaning. Tim what he was first to receive against this line up in 25 starts now I think he can say that he's one of the elite pitcher in the game means that -- sick of impresses me the most about it is. They'll -- the test in Japanese pitcher's confidence net fastball. Location and it may be different contact not this guy he kept coming back with fastball to fastball locating it impressive split slider. Is this is -- one of the elite guys right now on this game. I I think I don't think there's any question that he that he Kennedy. You know he has the ability to bounce back -- on the mound you know he's given up all broader. You know he doesn't seem to get rattled at all but I think part of that is because it's. But he rightfully has tremendous confidence in his ability you know he's got a real athletic smooth delivery. On the and he understands that. The slider and especially the split is a real weapon for him and you know last night I think he struck down to enter Bogart's looking at a fastball working missed this spot. Right down the middle and it and it just goes to show you the respect that I think the reverend hitters are starting at -- secondary pitches but that makes. His fastball that much. Better that we see when you meet the ballot not he's got that ability to it and it seemed that the finish in the bill because it's not a pitched it moves a lot. -- a lot of sinkers. Tailor anything on it it pretty much straight fastball went. He seemed to use it effectively and really. You know get it past hitters. More so than you would think. An airline him -- you're coming over from Japan can they -- infer. To order plus innings that the be weary at all about how much they let this guy throw because he's thrown so much previously his career. They just let it fly let him go to we can't go anymore. While you're I think they'll they'll monitored I think early in the season he's -- at some time where he's at IP address that is perhaps. And I think they'll continue to kind of go down that road with them especially in the first part of the heat and but I think -- -- -- those. Between one of their courses in one of their guys that they expect to anchor their rotation and that it. Should be able to pitch deep into the senior effectively and and what they would hope would be in the postseason. But I would think they'll. I don't want to protect -- like we see you know sometimes. Young pitchers and -- -- but I think they'll not hesitate with taught me to push him up for anything like that I think you'll see some I didn't sixty rest with cannot hear. You know -- right now AJ new catcher on this team's got a new step returning to familiar with them but I think there's -- growing level of frustration may be here early on in the season. How difficult is that how important is that relationship you know between the pitcher and catcher that trust to be on the same page. I think it's huge and there we've talked about that in our meeting this morning and poor. Her for the game tonight you know like I grew up and catchers now. You know my. From the time I was 56 years old I understand what we're seeding was what a relationship between pitcher and catcher was so. Media and a little skewed view on it. But I eight. Really place a high importance on. Catcher relationship than in and their ability to. Can have an effect on the game night in and night out. And it does seem like this Stephanie here are still kinda. Working to get on the same page to really understand each other to you know that seem like one of the issues that still hasn't been ironed out yet on this on this fourteen rats knocked me. When they made that move I would who talked leader in the World Series axle became up salty Ross. -- goes to Miami they go AJ Pierzynski in -- did you think that was a good replacement. For Jarrod Saltalamacchia do you have questions based on his reputation all about how he fit in with the -- Well I think the way it ended with salty it would be dropped being obviously so important to the title run -- In -- -- losing playing time especially in the World Series and positional that the I think. Perhaps lost on that it was the continued development. Saltalamacchia. I think I think the fact that he did have the respect that they can step but he was developing into. A real quality. Starting Major League catcher on both sides of the ball with his ability -- while all Clark you know so. So I think. The end of the season and the fact that David Ross took over I think. I think made a lot of votes or whatever for yet you know. How on balance -- with a pretty darn good speed and personal remark yet another step toward I think it is developing a so -- insult. As a quality starting make -- catcher. You know couple years back with Clay Buchholz 2012 and adapters for 613 and nine ERA in the kind of righted the ship and I think. You looked out the year end in the offseason it throws much kind of re having a little bit there's been some concerns the power isn't there. Do you buy into that yielded. Dead arm and we hear all the time you know not pitchers but -- if it exists do you think that's what would deal with right now steel arm strength isn't there. Why Dubai is the data are saying your current split I don't know that necessarily indicate I think one thing we can draw from Clay Buchholz whose careers we've seen these -- -- Struggle. Where he is just what slightly different guys out on the mound as opposed to when he's right when -- -- the ball well he's a dynamic and he's as good as any Major League pitcher there is that element that they're gaining Major League pitcher juncture to build a stretcher. What is this weekend duty get him to be more consistent more athletic guy. Start and start out month in month out and now I think that's. Another one of those questions that the Red Sox are -- -- -- -- right now how do we find that consistency with this guy because. When he's right you know he's he's he's gonna -- and I'm getting that out. It's actually has been a challenge and I know it's something that they're probably internally -- You know what can we do here. Air last one for me I've spent the first four weeks of the year sit across from a guy who is on a daily basis destroyed. Instant replay and destroy the new transfer rule and raised his Barry baseball for. The approach to this some curious guy played yourself. Your view twenty games into the season. Was it a mistake the way the implemented the instant replay how they've changed -- specifically. The transfer rule on the infield. -- -- -- don't like that it is that's one thing we're seeing where you know we've seen a handful of clear. Need you everybody can count that is the catch so -- this. That should be so -- should be don't that perhaps you'd be submission via the knicks. Not at the end of the season but at some point during the season. As far as the replay on hold while I don't think it's been perfect and I think there's kick starter now I actually really liked -- and I think it's. We're getting more calls right. And it certainly not perfect I don't think it's been a huge. Whole -- to the game and frankly got kind of enjoy the but open a drama that OK we might right or wrong gears for you know. Determining if that is conclusive. And I think while we've had some cases. I know case in point the other night you know where it. There was a few minutes long I think for the most part the ones I've seen it in a minute and amid an absent. I don't think it's. I don't think -- -- -- -- at all but I am I think I'm pro replay. Eric good stuff -- part of the circle went in our broadcast tonight profound way. I am doing a Wednesday night tonight so look he forty yet now they're. Hopefully the weather cooperates. Well and -- for I'm sure the Red Sox fans -- look -- backe is Aaron Boone and he joins us here but he's gonna on the AT&T ally Aaron thank you will see over -- All right great I'm Aaron Boone ESPN.

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