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Andy Brickley, NESN: Recaps Bruins vs Red Wings Game 3

Apr 23, 2014|

Andy Brickley, NESN: Joins Mut and Merloni to recap the Bruins win against the Red Wings in game 3.

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As our Zuma flew united -- seven W. Guy. Bruins were they Q1 oh lead after a three nothing shut out last night. That's sad to game three -- pitching game four as well and be prickly with that Jack and -- who grew in the Detroit as he always does Rick joins this year on the AT&T hotline brick but. Lou are you are doing great -- Detroit. Boy that people can't say that enough can't agree. At the hotel room now look nobody right river and as Windsor Canada rushed away enough and it is set to. I'll casino in Windsor -- doesn't say -- obligated enjoyed Detroit was hanging out Greek town the casino. A that was I thought it. I was again -- a little yes that might get. Fifth at brick let's there -- no gambling in the first period last night I said a couple times today that I don't memory better. For better period by the Bruins in the two nothing lead they had after twenty minutes MIA. Overreacted to call the bruins' best period of the year last night the first period brick. You could probably say William Hurt her political. The late Detroit didn't respond in the way they turned the puck over and seem to be intimidated by boxing you're right -- -- -- collateral so. Established airport check and it took advantage -- some really poor decisions that line changes by Detroit record a public golf so -- yup they were present in the opening twenty minutes and it almost. I don't know what they're really just took any hope for believability the Detroit you know actually win game three. In the first twenty minutes but you know that was that was a real good -- team as -- -- that looked overmatched. There just aren't taken advantage of some mistakes -- -- and you know a game show you know -- had to be there rally Schmidt -- crashed in net but in this one here. Too many men on the ice that bad line change but they still. Had a ticket visit. The Doug Hamilton won the of that goal there were talk about that kind of breakdown but the gaggle iced and the ice all the way -- the zone untouched to get that shot off. Don't kill that to be some kind of breakdown now. You know like that collected. Coach Dietrich talked about it after the game that we -- of adjustments on our special teams. We had our meeting in the morning we went over our penalty kill and that we didn't get DX. You can that we ask for. In those meetings to allow able to escape likely face easy entry to the operative. But he also thought that you know -- -- little. -- -- will it was a post game press conference full accountability. He blamed himself and his coaching staff for not preparing -- team better. But he was also look on his team out to a to a certain degree that those things can't happen because when you play good team if you make mistakes. And keep it. It really is also talk about the youth of that team we surprised that just in a it 11 series back in Detroit that they came out playing like that. Well no I wasn't surprised you know they don't really good about themselves became one that might defect gave -- -- in this series they have to play like that game or they wanna get this thing you can but the way to approach imposed their will at a post their game plan and -- -- style hockey in game two because they are young didn't experience it didn't surprise me that -- three. Had a similar feel so. I guess a surprise it was in the veterans though that made mistakes right penalty on a veteran defensive player. Odd the Jimmy Howard goal I like is Lewis and I love the Playboy able gonna go in by thought he should have made the save. And now it's sort of a trickle down effect once you get out of that first period brick. I took -- Rask from there was the story line to me because Detroit. Had better -- and the second period Bruins killed off a five on three than a five on four and in the light seemed to click on and and -- a calmness about his game his fourth career shut out what -- thought so far about the play of -- in the series. You I wouldn't say -- the difference. You know there's a stretch there -- certain period you're right maybe uttered only halfway through that second period of the end of the second period especially with the island pretty violent force sequence where to -- it makes -- I don't think you. Had to be the difference. He's been great it occurred in the that we talk about -- -- demean it. -- allowed speaking to come in the he doesn't treat sit and that economy of motion. Just gives everybody an approaching the form that that believability that he's gonna be here right I think. Root team defense and their layers at a terrific rate. You can count on one it may be just a couple thing is totally outnumbered rushes Detroit adequacy or go to the prone to do the job the job right and yeah this time there and some thought management issues and they turned the puck over but. I haven't heard jacket saying you know they were actually arrested succession a whole lot this series it at all. The brought a and it's a real joke block you know you want -- -- even on power plays of the get a shot -- one shot. You know I think late one had a chance for back to a capitalist vehicle continent's third period that. But other than that the political there's there's been a real job particularly at. -- -- double those defense which -- -- the youth and inexperience and could that be a flaw in this team but as you mention odd man rushes and defensively was there anybody to keep an eye out for three of these three games that is really impressed you has stepped up his game because it does seem to draw get it done. Ella question Kevin Millar got a Villa coming into the series in game two changed the series just because he can eat that allows them to be physical and include talk departed after the game last night that. You know we're not a low -- but we wanted to critical we have to get there we -- -- -- Again note if you you usually get per share in game two you know. Solid -- because. Just threw around the principal lines you know plastered the player in the boards. Very good it's retrieved the partly to play you know. AT it's as though -- doesn't -- -- who. And pork or pork for a guy like -- -- I hate the audio played right through you he's going to be place you can regain the Red Line and put pucks in areas. We can establish a fortunate that you guys think that the president. In the last two games for bought. Brick is he better than -- -- Right now. I think I think right now here. You know it we were talking about that post game last night say you know. Not to get ahead of ourselves -- in order to pro -- look like moving forward. It what do they need and where is everybody delicate contract into our conversation our people but I think what Kevin -- has grown into that people halted too. Yeah that's real competition for -- -- -- it on the right side in the future. You know -- we should got to bang our head against the wall for furcal to make some kind of change your line -- spark and if it happens it might not happened so used to -- spot the Stanley Cup he just sticks with what he has. Last night that second period Babcock who I think everybody respects will agree coach in the game he switches up those lines right away it was. Was that a little bit of panic early in the series always is something he had to do. Well he only scored two goals at this point and an united get a W Powell play he had and you're looking for some kind of law that spot or both of the things you have to do you go back into their -- put -- out where what got -- try to get as -- court court. So yeah argue you'll look at the front and given some and there are you know these guys -- property -- numbers in their careers. And did not even threatening right now you have to make those those changes and you know you look at -- -- -- -- in the eighties at all. And he's able at the last change and you need something. We get somebody going that the team -- they they can rally around built off of that goes into got to do I would call kinetic. Understood you know look at had a real -- try to find our prince and internationally illegal but it starts. We're talking -- Berkeley -- in a play we talked about here in this hour that a lot -- the outcome was the Brendan Smith. Brad marsh and play at center rice brick I thought clearly the way I view the play. By the different and you get buddy went through in the shoulder missed him with a shoulder stock the leg out clearly tripped him about was a penalty and -- two minutes. I thought after that -- -- baby -- -- gonna get a call rolled around the ice and embellish the way we see a lot of players do. This time a year take us through that play was a dangerous play by Brenda Smith. -- -- -- -- check that if you watched -- replay in slow motion you can see that become -- up. But this deal I mean to being extended. Preparing a contact instead hoping for contact in that situation. Not so clearly tripping call. I think that's being -- any kind of extend the lake ubiquitous -- when you know you're not gonna get the upper body contact he tried William and -- make contact with -- would you -- all the papers late deserved to tripping penalty certainly. That was our viewpoint. You can make an argument for the embellishment. Part of -- aren't shared -- so I didn't really have much of a problem with that. You never can -- with that kind of contact or -- I actually heard about it and I've always taken the approach that I'm gonna give the player the benefit of the doubt. Even -- to Montreal Canadian -- -- gonna give the benefit of the -- when -- late check. The nine year late not late shall surely you can make a case for embellishment but you but the actual penalty was there. And outlook exported actually -- -- but he was arguing the call because I thought it was it was pretty clear cut. You got those guys it was a flop you know I thought that there was a clear trip he was any ice and on the way down. -- right leg maybe -- you know hit the I certainly think he did twist -- the at the didn't gates spoke demean the call was already made -- down their -- made. A big you know big stink about the fact that it was his left the unit told the right knee but. I think that there was some real there. Yeah it sort act and that's like that I you know I. I could spread -- here that you stay in the yeah I I don't believe there was any embellishment if there was a little tiny bit the call eight. And you wanna make sure that he's -- he's good and you know he took he took a little bit of time that you would expect him. You another big part of the series you know I look at a special teams unit at Detroit -- nine the Bruins finally you know you don't want them to decline the penalty I mean they have a power play helped three radio -- Philip Dick put a score. Big difference honesty not just in the series and hopefully move forward. Well Doug let latchkey -- that you got to ask -- about -- actors and you know pick out a player and I think what you want it looks to be that guy and and I was more power play you know it series like this against Detroit where you know you -- -- real good defense against top lines that you -- -- could be different maker. As good vision. And maybe I'm asking too much when they had the Beck Beck how latency period when it was to not about transcript anymore. And a Detroit makes the judgment on their PTA in Boston had a little trek in the decision making when they were in the operatives on. They weren't moving the puck quickly they were just confident. You -- put to -- -- that category I -- a little bit more prepared and we had to assist in game two. -- he he has another you're it was scheme a look at -- to be a little better. Maybe they get back that rule and of the Powell -- in that unit but. -- -- -- especially the other -- Hamilton you know walk forward with Bergeron and our crew -- sort of -- -- that unit is the real accurate and you have been worked well together they're all on the same page we have units. He keep -- urge you keep the quickly we keep the speed to keep the puck movement it is healthy competition more sort of a regular he's been in the postseason. But tell -- that Powell please totally different this year because they're that a person -- at a better grasp on what he's trying to hop and then. Actually we all thought their three games flora and doc Iran would have goals here and -- so far break. We opened the shows a lot of people we were texting and say in the series is over and DNC this morning -- It's over rams -- what they were preview Montreal already and my point was. I understand they dominated last night but the last two Bruins playoff losses. They led 21 against the capitals they lets you won the Stanley Cup finals and I think history tells us that. You know you can never count these things or not I'm not on a gold that board you -- When you look at this series BM five anyway I believe what's -- -- Yemen fighting -- academy. I -- I didn't I didn't lose game one but I expect your government side. Obviously this series with Detroit people they have put like beat in game one if they don't. They cannot -- -- -- like you know they can't that a country want and expect to come back can be bought and prudential. The street is on the line for Detroit in game four I expect -- so they ought to -- he went for their best. But that's the beauty of play ups and certainly you'll get anybody here at Detroit thing about Montreal going to Montreal. Series and you know and they gonna get a little bit arrest sparked you know you'd like this series as quickly as you possibly could you like and it did you know -- could possibly could. But you can't look beyond what you -- tomorrow night that's the focus for the pro team and I'd like that maturity factor than we talked about this last week. It -- -- are concerned when the Bruins were favored I didn't think they can't live as well as other teams that have been papers in the past it would onto -- But this team seems to have them watch war approach or. Approach because of the lessons learned -- winning at losing in the postseason. And and I think that the difference this year and I think you'll get a real good effort from Boston game. The brick last month from me with the Montreal team did -- we went up in -- previous series but I do look at -- and it you know. Three out of four games one goal games and know Ben Bishop was in net they can be more press of B Obama laid back it's just. The guy really struggled I mean how do you look at that as an impressive sweep or. Don't go about the business. I don't ignore the fact that -- achievement in and we party discussed the dirt or Agassi on the that there there could actually for the Boston Bruins as. Detroit was to meet -- -- connector for the Bruins but understand that approach it with a -- pictured you should. Consider. The team that can win the series. But I would like at the -- that bishop and -- -- cap I don't know what it would have been the difference -- -- a playoff experience and so obviously. But he had a great year could -- the big body and keep his team. You know more confidence that economic state that they needed to make yet not in the we'll look back at all. I thought that you are equally first acquired him he's -- management -- can't let. -- -- because what ideological -- I -- you're assured to be number one but I don't like government and I think you look at a lake. He's got too many -- to Vietnam wanted to get that feeling of both equally you're not gonna play the year I think that's simply what went on. -- -- interest -- though that double betrayal when the series on how legal final two minutes. There -- -- a bully on just fell right over my goodness I'll ask you one you've been with this team now for a couple days in Detroit. Did you apply Chris Kelly and I'll include genocide -- -- we see these guys. In not Seidenberg in this series we see Kelly apply in this series do you think we see Seidenberg before these playoffs around. Well the two -- Kelly at play in this series -- signal and know. And police Seidenberg in the playoffs this year. I still signal isn't in it maybe that's just my. -- -- conservative approach to data coming back from from major knee surgery who to be part of the future of the Bruins. And it and I like this Bruins team -- it's it's currently constructed. -- it LP and an in shape. Clear to go absolutely -- human approach you won't make them the better you. But I'm I'm still taking that. You know -- for the year attitude and we have played well that's great. Enjoy Windsor today brick we appreciate it we'll talk to you soon. However I NASA has the call on in game four you get the local broadcast with Jack and brick. I NG beard on every time brick joins us he brought to you by our friends at Norfolk power equipment by HSA insurance and by Joseph and -- call Joseph and -- -- performance center. -- he has a little bit diet MIA. He has a -- a little bit -- Seidenberg. I think he did -- projecting lady has been steadfast in his no no no he's not gonna come back as you point 08% like Christian. I think it's. I think -- sticking with the common sense approach which is he won't come back. But I heard a little bit hesitation. That and still get -- say. We don't see Steinberg here in the post season and we will see Montreal the next round is brick said he power play late. Op -- cat he's the air quotes year tripping. Bully on their late power play goal Montreal wins there's -- sweep out the Tampa Bay Lightning forced him. Needed triple. Direct call you a call to its only game whatever it is but it was trip -- -- go to the local and is no doubt and it just try to blunder on his ankle but let him out. The trip the surprise came from the Tampa Bay players who were quoted as saying after the game they let everything.

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