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Shawn Thornton on the game 3 win in Detroit 4-23-14

Apr 23, 2014|

Shawn Thornton joined the show to discuss the Bruins win last night over the Red Wings. Shawn talked about Marchand's agitator status within the league.

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Our conversation wish -- important is brought to you by the city of Boston credit union and by Norfolk cholera equipment on joins us says he does. The AT&T hotline good morning mr. port how are you. Aren't -- weren't going well so when you had the puck last night at all five wings voluntarily left the ice and you were all alone in the offensive zone. -- -- think a deteriorated ended cloak called a timeout. Where there were some sort of fire drill evacuation -- Joe Louis Arena it surprised the opening of the -- with you. -- hot hectic anybody would have been about. -- point direct. I was surprised there's not much room big topic of -- wondered. What are a lot of that took part majorities for. About how those lines change goes so bad I mean I I assume team's practice this getting on and off the ice correctly. Yeah we do actually a -- majority. Even during all lights but he usually and figured out it is not properly in the -- it's. It's -- constraints. And what did you say to the ref that show on to make him laugh to make your coach -- we've been wondering -- all morning. -- like Butler a lot much sugar. Wouldn't. -- was tapped you on the show at the utility -- cool that the two -- -- down shut up. What -- I help you couldn't help but chuckle. So what insiders who got -- prolific. It -- actually not saying look it up here. You could do -- barred from. OK I need to do you can you creatively work your way around that give us an idea that. Something about. -- is -- most respective -- but I told Tampa pros with the worst personal. The a big deal -- you think that's cute when they throw octopus on the nation that may be Boston fans should take up that tradition. -- -- I like -- -- a collector's edition rather cryptic wants about the topic you ought to -- or eight times in one. Think it. He beat long about and I was just. Will walk again -- our topic you'd be sort of streak on certain belt or up. Have you ever seen a building -- so quickly in a team and booed him and then get up and leave I mean that Joseph Louis emptied out pretty quickly at the end. Yeah I accept that at. It was support. I didn't hear -- in the group Butler now it is now right now I thought they want to. Thirteen in order -- situations. -- we -- to actually scored. Well pockets but it senses lautner there are well. A show Larry Bird is always said he loved winning on the road more than winning at home obviously you're getting the love and adoration for your home fans were in your in the garden. But he always loved the the ability to shut up you know 171820000. People did you understand that satisfaction of winning on the road shutting up crowd. I think that would say. But went away and community and Iraq and argue mr. Byrd both. I'm happy to get a little more little but I securities say -- the -- probably the focus of a lot more at booze on the road -- myself. The other the other -- were having this morning is the martian play flop or no -- you sure you saw what do you think. I sought. I didn't. I didn't think that. We try to jump around -- I don't know if it was it's something -- -- he just fell awkwardly when it came down where I I don't know -- An -- arch its reputation. Belt but all of forever. I hope they keep after the heavily -- little -- he. Would have leader -- it wasn't to a period. Isn't is embellishing part of the game. I don't think so by -- has unfortunately. I'm not a future out of. Do get to the city is reputations in the fall giving it to deserved reputation. I'll but he is an accurate. Because sometimes those things. The other stuff is perceived as Soviet sponsorship issues orbiter. Colleges -- The best stuff comes with the winner an agitator. He's an unbelievable player for so I have. And he -- report to -- art -- and so I think with well I wouldn't have nevertheless. John is wearing a fine line a difference between flopping embellishing and trying to get a call me I would assume that trying to get a call. Is something that guys don't necessarily look down their noses at whopping at a belching might might not be in that in that group. Yeah I try to bring your -- in the rest and that -- should not all down a retired the only slasher. Process to get all the hating how worried are situations in that up some partisan don't poke -- -- -- you'll get the call a pick a lot of reason. We didn't get great power -- is. Com has been we should -- in the years partly as a group probably just played terrific instead of -- common ground. I don't know but it a try the -- -- -- we pistons in the when they -- the bad voice and they knew they had the other team when they started. Complaining to the refs about the organ known pushed around them and physical they were in their heads. When do you know you have a team cause I've felt like at 20 it was over and I don't know if they were saying anything or he could just hear that of -- just feel it but I felt like Detroit knew it was over at 20. I don't know it pretty good second period I think that. You look at the other teams around the league called -- up and up from the governor's pick there's another interior. This site a year at the picture for pat. I know are -- After the second period reportedly good -- we're -- play better on the servers are about the I just saw a cut. But because there. I said earlier yesterday morning that it was probably and I don't know you know the first thing about what -- was say -- you before the game but it seems to me the closing message to you guys. Needed not to be technical -- it to drawn up plays god and become a system type of thing but just to say. Do what you do play the -- the Bruins play bring that heavy -- bring that nastiness and the rest will take care itself is that pretty close to what he might have said at some point getting ready for that game. -- Our normal -- that we know that where. We can be a very effective hockey game when. Or moving -- skating and playing physical. However that's kind of the focus to just play our Vietnam -- order they'll just play our game and but that's usually the focus -- our locker from last year and this is literally at least let. When you're down 21 in this best to sensors you've been down 21 before. You start feeling the pressure to start seeing the possibility the series being over is a -- down 31 and humor is is it is it more and say. At 21 you know 31 visit to -- I guess some -- trying to say is do you feel like down 21. To start to smell the into the series if you're if you're in that position. Now I would -- ethic that. A World Series that that is focused on the next game Arctic -- -- -- -- on both sides but when not to look at numbers are yet the next game -- support while all the troops. Does the timing on plays return and Chris Kelly's return have anything whatsoever to do with the way the series stands as an example -- -- -- available tomorrow night. Medical reasons you guys win the game would it make sense to save them for the next series after that. Oh posture. I don't know how far longer dark yet and it actually possible. This little honest. And those decisions are. We might have. But it's but it will be a better hockey team when they return will not. Arctic everywhere we are not playing and obviously this current state fire. -- really good hockey players. Were you thinking of -- pick in the park up and stick you know -- and as to it and click click and click over your back some of the breakaway or maybe going the backhand -- -- plan. It -- at a couple of the water and while you're outside on the who's. -- in the -- I thought process slows. Try to drive the net are all orchestrated actually try to optimize our attitude there's definitely bridges in regard to Jordan for the shot. Is -- concern in the dressing -- you guys are peaking too soon. This is is that the conversation. But -- -- -- -- all right enjoy today shot -- will be watching tomorrow night. -- jump -- -- in -- on the AT&T hotline our conversation which is brought to you by the city of Boston credit union and by Norfolk I'll put that.

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