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Tim Wakefield on the Red Sox tough start

Apr 23, 2014|

Tim Wakefield discussed the Sox tough start to the season. He is optimistic that the guys can turn it around.

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Our three dean and see just a reminder won't get to blow wake here your chance for you -- three guests to enjoy a Red Sox regular home season game and -- -- to the sweet. At Fenway Park a fully catered meal prepared by -- mark senior executive -- Will be provided of the auction benefits the Red Sox foundations cornerstone programs. And new England's nonprofits on 79 troop once he wrote nine -- 37 is the number the bid on the opportunity for you and your three pals. Sit up and Benz luxury suite and watch -- reds game joining us on the AT&T -- Wakefield -- Waco are you this up early frivolous and are you know. I'm great. -- don't find pay at nine and twelve and you know how it works on talk radio you know how it works in the stands as a player you had preached patience even at nine and twelve because that's what players enough to managers do is it more difficult to be patient or preach patience now the shift their army outside. Looking into this team that is at best off to a sputtering start. Yeah I can continue to be patient especially when it's -- according appear to be happening M September you might have to. -- depending what the world a bit but. I'm not worried about this game their very good they're they've gone to a couple hiccups here and there -- -- -- Oh no I think you're all on the -- the great bullpen has been fantastic job the starting pitcher and has been good at times laughter. There's maybe get the whole package together at one time. Would you agree Tim that the Yankees have found and -- it too early for that -- three you know now he's 27 and all in the last. Two seasons. Yeah I hear he's pretty good -- the real thing they're getting what they paid for for sure. The guy you waited until now argued I thought he would throw a lot harder but. You know the benefits as his ball moon he drove to different what are you got a great change. You've got a lot night. If you agree that the the logical move here is Daniel Nava going down that. Jackie Bradley defense has earned him a spot here and you need victory and you need -- so. The guy the odd man out is Nava. Unfortunately that's probably going to be -- -- so -- not a -- sent out you would want would be. Backup. Utility guy that really helped the Red Sox last year and they have gotten off to a to a hot start this year and that's a tough job you know that. He's not an everyday player. -- stopped again it would not get it back to stop the you're here about what you get. Well wouldn't you hear about it. You know they need victory and a little aperture. That you Romo looked like a lineup although Brock Altidore a great job -- for a third base. Yeah I don't know but it didn't make -- decision that that -- got to be held on dollars as at aqaba. It's knock them out yet not yet yeah. I hate tennis culture and I think I know the answer this question are you rooting for a guy to stay in the bigs and not get sent down who can provide some offense. Or are you much more assured when you turn around and standing on the mound. And -- -- in left and Jackie Bradley juniors in center and victory goes in right if you like defense behind. I'm a little bit ball you know put that I'm on the firm believer that it can be sent in more games on. And anything and he got -- -- and probably go under and out so well and you know what helped them last year was. Taking ground ball that Thursday and being you know more brutal -- all all -- so. That they do and -- -- it it it you know one other thing we're. You know. He probably need the board I don't know. A lot of the seat being on the team but before we actually go to our -- -- -- has had four starts -- he areas almost eight in his velocity is down is this a performance -- there's -- more do you when you're watching him pitch he pitched with a you don't. Is this a health issue is there something wrong with this -- I don't know why do I talk to all -- huge -- installed yeah I like bill feel great you know also lost resolve it. I mean that output about -- -- whether he felt pretty these -- line. Don't think he's going to pivotal play out currently in the if -- here to get away it was 95 than it is. You know ninety or 92. And you know that last part I thought he did better than the number dictated. -- good guys couldn't get one inning and wanted to look like. They -- all of at all and then my officers editing on orbit a little bit more than the ball to get a little bit harder. You know Larry it's got -- John felt that the move their. You know he's to a good start to between you know out of the war and you know it. He's got a good he's got to get a feel. You know cooking and not so much in that. -- -- -- more quality strikes where the striker whether at all. -- in your -- did they send -- ahead to the next city elected day at a time what do they sent you home from federal way on the day that you're gonna -- very next day where you end of that did you find it helpful. You know old Gordon by implying here senator Peter if we're gonna get him at 4 o'clock in the morning and Nam. A whole new I didn't like lead in the scheme. There's the case compliment out of like extra innings glory you know what looked like garlic and the bad. Yeah I mean how gullible and -- that wall never dull but. I don't think him leaving it certainly part of anything to do list is -- in -- You have a god at their facility up there are now available that I can -- -- better and they're -- mom. -- -- an 11 o'clock partly due to develop a lot earlier than. You normally do. As for the schedule they have the play again about a war. Did you ever that was that was mostly broom when you're there right at it today and there. Another mostly below their -- it would -- the outlook war. Did guys used the coach of the floor and you know when you have eleven -- there may be an extra inning game the night before and and crash at the park. -- I never did -- I mean between double header in the future to chat now you're blown up to follow them later on toward trying to. John it's what liberty could. Awake this warm your heart eight texture from the five awaits that I met Wakefield on April 11 2005 at Boston billiards next to Fenway Park. I was hurting big time with substance abuse issues and alcohol. Tim had some great words for me that night I got sober for days later have been sober since going on nine years just wanted to thank Tim Wakefield great guy took the time to hear my woes. Was with his wife and his wife's sister I -- thank you Tim. The -- while. I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I bet that they're really don't want my -- that you could have an impact on plummeted to change your life like -- As a -- particularly good. Which takes us at the Red Sox foundation and cornerstone programs for which we are auctioning off AST for four people in bench Harrington is luxury box those about the foundation. I'm really excited about I can't be gotten out -- that's why I bought three yards to benefit started off by a cornerstone of which are. All of the Darby are without power all that program bomb. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Everything catered by itself on there remark when you know where we -- off a chance to win. World Series ring. Today at 10 o'clock was -- -- political. Your third prize you're gonna yeah one. World to do double parking Walter learn you know and it. The second -- you're gonna get true to the problem thirteen wolves circling within an implied that political. Grand prize you're gonna win -- oh yeah. And 07 -- and at 2013. And Walter's great soul. And although all the -- you're gonna benefit our television obviously am. I -- -- go online direct talks are called black ring raffle for a chance to win. My guess is Ortiz is not gonna try to get involved in that raffle table Portugal which -- handicap down -- now. Odd hundred cure all the way to the golf course right now you can speak what does surprise undertow. Money to wait. You got to give me shop elect indeed and good docket do you enjoy your run around a golf that it talked you down the road. You can drive thanks Tim Wakefield dancing talent on the AT&T.

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