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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Colbert introduced on Letterman

Apr 23, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. The guys talked about Colbert joining Dave Letterman last night.

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All right headlines brought you by AT&T to cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible and by precision -- -- equipment shop where the pros do. Precision fitness equipment. Question it's the onions on my sandwich while the morning. As. You get things in there. It's good there's a bunch of Chinese food in the in the kitchen. Yeah but how we already dug through it left over Chinese food could go wrong nothing were to leave it there anymore the Chinese food is the worst is that. What are you talking about that morning good Chinese food and other help them better. Really a good pizza you don't like Chinese might dislike. How and you -- Chinese -- -- -- -- -- like hundred different the August release. Right up front -- and even children like -- political Pu platter no. Pork strip place and he'd known that looks place and now it it's -- its allies like rice egg roll. -- public know like egg rolls. Crab Rangoon Goodell -- I had a stick with the good because I will run battle. And I knew would make like Arkansas -- do all of two. Sticks in the -- -- from the stallion annually hate Chinese food I just yes I'd hate the smell. I hate you. I have a similar match and love Chinese and a little piece of you broccoli question nobody wants to hear from you so you can someone else to rule on the car well we itself spent fifteen minutes. Question. What is the worst book you reverend. The war that's a good question is a really bad. I'm John Grisham that I proven to the fire back at this milk bought the book I bought the hardcover. And I hated that so much through it and and and it was a little freaked out like earth and book book -- -- broker. Oh yeah had been read and got a couple really sock. Disease and certain male hit enormous. What are the worst but the most disappointing was leading chatter -- -- Margaret -- ago. A -- -- good you really that good yet like one paragraph that so many good now. Gimme more time like -- list but that were the worst book that you've ever read. What when I was younger you know I would read all these as told to athlete books you know like whoever you -- write a book Willie Mays Willie -- -- the worst one I ever re group that. -- was -- -- nothing but next Angeles -- -- like the 86 it was even as it. I knew it was awful awful terrible but like the classics -- bad Beowulf was terrible but it's just it's. You know I'd love -- this art the middle part -- this kind -- four hours ago which after. Everyone knows the classics. -- -- -- -- book by what's his face. Have you finished yet I was gonna breathe after you. Really getting -- -- -- and I'm Brian are 100 anything Howard Bryant rights would be an athlete as there is great athlete it's less deserving of 800 page by this interest -- yet that's William guy. You know like it's all been said already let's look at the books -- the -- of the Ben -- you don't actually read I read stories -- No he didn't get any money from it that's a good if he didn't get any money could get the true. We got a good journalist idea LB very good yeah agreed that. Well here's a book to mock qualify is the worst book Everett I can wait three at all 3% and -- we're gonna have this guy on James W Graham this author I want this guy. He's finally done give us the behind the -- look at the connection between the Kennedys the sale. -- finally had a thorough. Picture that I don't first celebrated first find the Kennedys a sailboat in the C it's called good talks with 25 foot sloop. Purchase by. Joseph I Joseph Kennedy senior in 93 -- to get to JFK's fiftieth birthday is that one of the ones that grounded. NASA is one of the ones. A ball while writing the book Graham met with Christopher. Brought that sailed it will be stories and stories grant said like Apple's battles with ferryboat operators she's a person of strong beliefs. In one of those is that -- always have the right of way over power books. While. I felt slightly last line of chapter is that hooked me what did you get a little that I heartland Colbert I. I would wish page turner Gerri Willis the big Windmills and yet that you wish that put those up in its prime time excuse me. Commonly -- -- and telling public sailboats we've gone don't should your life is different than their life when you understand it he as a fifteen year. Great birthday present got a -- well like these. Statistics I got one that was like in the path of. I don't know what yesterday. Some laughs in this book to bodily gases is just how serious. There was the time you know this was in a race lead -- far back and fell overboard you start treading water -- to recruit to keep going we are on the mark come and get me on the next leg. -- -- -- young woman law and did they go back yet. I don't know well. No -- -- it out there and epic in the Sunday mussina took effect but it. It looks great it does let's just. Kind of cheap and I want to buy my -- I'll read -- when you're only thirty bucks -- it controversy -- into England on the pages. Other ten people who read that. How much let's let's just say that -- those -- it's his 2995. Let's say let's say that say along with a 6300 pages yet here by page you. 500 dollars to read the -- Could you read all book I couldn't I I don't have the focus how we get -- and yeah now. Yeah couldn't read the page you believe. This movie he's got movement. Are let's -- move will keep moving as well -- move that could probably made make her accountant ordered double sister in the centric Shirley MacLaine. Or 7500 acre new and New Mexico ranch up for sale at eighteen million. She could've asked for thirty million experts say. The figure recommended by psychics she consulted said eighteen all. -- accord to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) -- preferred low price because. One plus eight equals nine in nine is a number of completion she said it's to me it's not about money it's about completion. What we should just what judge nine million. -- -- I don't -- Shirley MacLaine has an eighteen million dollar ran Chevy 500 acres in New Mexico here's -- talking accountable why she bought the -- some decent site. I sensed that a dancer died at the top of the stairway. And that she now wanted me to have this house. So I called the person I was dealing with but the house without even looking at the rest of. They -- that is a real estate broker. There that's somebody's died at the top of the steps -- take it. I don't know that -- that you're going to be Turks caicos is audience please raise -- -- -- rubbing his hands debt that's what you are you the wrong attitude the you'd determined to get there to get there yeah -- -- yeah I am. Make that your new winter home. Yes it drives are barred all hall -- called electricians -- get the highest the ambulance. Graham -- his name. Real. Green Zone already he's got to establish a new blow east look in. The concerts plays and that's where. Ms. Graham burst -- agreements first m.s for like pepper first -- But it it is perfectly legit cracker. -- -- -- -- The typical bear in his first appearance on Letterman last night after being the successor off for Letterman show that here's the big thing -- -- He broke character. We just Salem is that -- -- -- -- -- guy on -- was that the character on the cold -- is that it was going to be on the new show -- the cold -- not Stephen Colbert character but his name is not Colbert. No use the vehicle better. Character to be the regular guy so it would be like -- play house with Paul Rubens right it's the only. That makes sense not -- like a boat time and -- up to a map. Niger and in the movies that's the real Paul relentless and I'm sure that would work good in kids -- theaters anymore. Who needs them not -- really. The danger your iPad. Part of the danger of going that's right that's how it works pop popcorn trick with the light. Yes fidelity whoever is behind -- -- know -- I -- artists I'll -- the only one that will boost in little -- news that we used to go to them like -- -- flutes that unfortunately I was always with my friends he couldn't you know and act on you have got to grab. Now which -- huge collections from one elect fifty cents or two point all -- was with a woman. Five Times Square thing was -- it was like. -- -- That was before the -- age right did you Google just it was a block it was when you put a block and it would go like five of us in the Booth and watched one through. Twenty years old. That's weird which was fascinated in world washing each stripper for twenty box was -- -- once was twenty book to -- your soul but these guys. Maybe eighteen and I remembered to -- so I had to -- like it was like as if the media. And you'd go in and the night it was all night sees less calls over -- already when Chinese foods done you know what to Denny's and had -- -- pancakes in the into do we do now and we go to hour's news there. Watch point intimated that no and I did. Which ushered -- You'd like watch porn with your friends bet that was novelist. With a five mr. Kramer at -- let's all we had the -- -- shrink or move five guys in a -- well. Harmonica you let us you know you'll laugh from. One time difference bloody win and that was a gay porn. It's still available online at. This col -- last night. Thanks very much. Thanks I'm gonna do whatever you have done a portal known not only do whatever you have -- don't want to do that familiar -- Well it seems to have gone pretty well days it's the kids go on on it to happen. Well I -- I have obviously I'm thrilled I'm thrilled -- -- -- -- over real well because in a situation like this -- have been doing this for a long long time and they could've they could've just as easily hired another -- like me -- but they. They didn't they hire a guy that hired a boob like -- now. Every move is like a snowflake Dave. We're all unique in our own way. -- -- Mood norm Crosby on a year and a -- Colbert I don't like the cold -- Character and it was -- character with the assuming going to take him away and that's which this is CBS right this is CBS PBS -- now hired a shrink to recruit Americans to figure out why -- ratings it is that is the whole way. Colbert on -- bear on CBS or no chance right no well I don't it'll -- play fake laughter. The -- people who don't patronize right but to be no ratings and then now a -- -- -- -- -- -- on the they'll hang with them he's gonna go over eighteen months under a little more people over eighteen months doesn't -- peace talks Conan O'Brien still on the -- is TBS -- is right except NBC have left like ten years. Tonight each is for a year now he was on whatever whatever show Hillary appear that. Don't care about the eleventh he's more Portuguese and what we showed no rating was on how long was on NBC 1215 years in sixteen years yet they Lucas this it would leave money here too he says some funny. And Dejuan they had that's headlines brought you by ET -- 61777. -- 7937. Tim Wakefield joins -- -- -- or 905 political next with the NC.

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