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Brad Marchand is a flopper 4-23-14

Apr 23, 2014|

The guys opened the show by discussing Brad Marchand's flop and the Bruins win last night.

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Hold -- Nazi tells buried it did this -- very -- three -- aren't expressions is -- thing Els buried. He didn't get it right -- all. Now -- messed up badly. On Jacoby l.'s very it was booed. A little bit a public park last night a little bit. What is more pathetic that people who boo him when the people get offended at the people who -- a -- On the second as much grown men OK. Right -- second part. And Edmonton -- that's a grown man with children and mainly -- -- here's some I guess twenty year old. Beat you or twenty year old kid you know were -- the guy -- the -- -- at any picks this deities and he's got a few Beers hats on backwards he sees Albert. And he says -- So that's grown men like. Us just salt. It's really bother people that -- and you're right it was a smattering about it but defiance man yeah more boos and cheers or I however -- Carlos I disagree looked visually what I'd like you saw this is what -- Or plotting his Arctic 37008. Yeah there were The Who worked more -- and used to work more cheers than boos were more and more apathy -- it's Ellsbury. They played Damon's first that later in the -- yeah that was -- Right major difference that blocks -- hall of Famer -- the Red Sox -- he went to New York. This is much much better player. If the part of the deal if you wanna say if you if you say low in a positive way to Jacoby. Deuce -- about a million. Now. So hey these are quieter than -- it's easy to say moon what you would say -- It was the only that we -- over action to -- there and that's await there's no passion and they held all the signs like trader. Really they're excellent Salisbury. Itself elsewhere so Saturday a sellout and thank you. Again grown man maybe it. Takes on its commitment to a marker and Michael board and the -- Larry -- about getting Gabrahall -- -- up and as well as dollar rate as a dad and will set. On it yet thank you get a TV it's just the winning team but well this this is what will put it in perspective. The Detroit fans. Booed the red wings much more -- the perfect and it's exactly. Been anybody booed Jacoby Ellsbury and -- that's true. You hear the boos more than you hear the cheers from the sound. You know higher down. It got so close on other things to go with -- Still a lot of that. I'm leaving now I I -- -- sure they were actually -- in the red wings in this of the bench that was Babcock. It's space all right I got to give credit where credit is due Callahan was right -- -- victory the mom and given me and sensory. See is that right it is all the pottery Detroit it's that when another. Call on Google would. -- This done and that's Stan Fischler if all this out of the park like I did right which we get this recall you said the better. That is that. Said that oh that -- Jack had a better puck possession game guys showed some speed is being. Speaker neutral zone last night was. After the game. You know we're gonna do this -- were duking it so much analysis scrap the Bruins of the far superior team no question it is man against boys it is. And -- last. We get to that -- -- red wings scored two holes in three games. Averaging two thirds of gold per game yeah that is the map. Bush -- as you're well your whole cultural that is true checked up each global. Shut you can't win. That's part a part of its -- Honestly this. Listened to them and B&B. Crap that anything can happen you know it's a -- seem means that desperate team. -- this is a one sided. Blow this is. Like watching. High school in some analysts -- school team against the professional team. Detroit is eight total fraud team however Jimmy Howard as much like it's like you mean like there's. Jimmy Howard fraud the other night. Like he's on. Ethnic and I caught -- like Grover Grover Norquist of -- What the importance. -- opens the. He's fast he's so it runs in the people. And then what goes the other deal while he's. That's as fast as -- goal against Hamilton was so bad that that is almost the difference between -- breath argues ever get locked -- and Doug Hamilton looks like Bobby or somebody's not doing our job right after -- doesn't give up that goal in India Tim Thomas didn't when they won the -- that that check mark right. You know you preview in the next Ceres the next one after that Europe. Beat to skip the check mark to to go from here on out it's Rask was brilliant defense was great it was good he's -- -- was certainly good enough. Usually the active thinking oh my god the -- and that guests and they could play like twelve more appears it's Detroit outscored right. They can play they can play I don't know. To mortgage however today at practice might. Babcock is going to work on line changes wouldn't really working well. On its final five and ask him my first question is. Have you ever get on the ice a loan in a game like he was yesterday -- He was alone on the -- last leg wasn't sure what to do. What are only a I'd do that mini blog on here over meet with anyone on one but the Bruins have grown ups in the for a red wings know with a pack in four and was looking. -- a couple of putting -- do what I. Even after I got home to nothing -- -- -- on the ballot which you heard from the old the last couple days to -- -- his old Jerry -- on the today is about celebration yet -- publicly at all about -- in the after the -- yes it's all about you today gradually should be. Stan Fischler Callahan. Yes -- in this part -- Yes he's greatly record out prickly at LA as part ways as I will tell you that marsh and flopped last night. I will tell you that -- dough -- of a term you want. He wasn't hurt he. You don't want you know why didn't just like everyone else watched ESPN's sports center. He saw Matt Cooke via prolific licked whip elect and he said you know want this is gonna look good -- -- in a good. Where he messed up he might have gotten away with this had he not been favoring. The wrong leg when he went off the ice. The left or the right -- was hit. Is not a when he was favoring without the right it was hit on the left -- petty petty David the right correct but. DJ bean was all over this PG AB and and to his credit look at the leader of his you know low now -- -- in his lead is martians -- dirty player who is not. Not hesitate to dive but in this case he says he landed awkwardly on the right leg. Which I don't agree -- at least at least march it said -- at least BJ's said martians dirty player. Which is like -- in the skies blow everyone know you don't want to be you know -- -- -- -- and and it's. And a lot of. -- case and this is this mean he must have been hurt you know he missed almost. I'm going to miss any time I don't know he thought about this in a shift. Across -- -- he did not need to know and then yeah I gotta tell him collection I had to leave the ice because you want to Kim's tickets from -- you know and the fact that he gets Smith stuck in the box and and and to his credit Jack Edwards. Wanted to subject you know about Jimmy -- credit because -- water to -- that is -- -- much giving Jack credit. For not being kept as much -- -- we try he did say he didn't say he wanted this. Yeah that's true but -- -- -- we have a fairly brilliant quickly was an absolute embarrassment. On this it was. He was rolling over. Doing everything he could to make the case for marsh and then they show the -- and you knew the replay it was not showing real you know struck back to structural damage as they say -- take a listen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So. -- and I -- -- high speed -- that puck behind it and try to step around of people -- ice -- -- -- right now. Smith's expression on his face. -- would -- that -- he's saying he just -- speaks with martian night again left -- gets a little extended without much defiant on one side no question about it. Trying to make contact with his -- but it could fall -- Or shape goes like del -- -- escape its top. What's the big deal and it's extended. With the intention of making contact with -- -- to -- It's officially ruled tripping -- like -- Jack does not incidentally to. Not the city incentives right then it's. Been doing. Right it was not incidental contact was or you know not contact Jack Jack Jack Jack Jack. -- at Jack did you detect what it does. So you're gonna blame Jack because he was a dark jacket better. Silas I would say gets scary Jack is okay. He's small and skinny part against -- or injected wanna cross Jack's defense what he did save the trying to pay attention Smith's. Reaction in the box which missed reaction was I didn't politically I -- it. Be honest to god you could be the biggest. Black and golden girls in the world's biggest homer. Have to admit Russians -- hyper. Clinton has won a little -- -- was hit and he's limping in keeping the weight off the -- on the way off and don't tell his split came down awkward that's what it's all. While he was pretty mean he's a great diver. -- he thinks it through -- -- action out. And if she didn't stay -- he popped up as a penalty. And I don't know how quick the arm when I don't know I got to see that again I think and -- as -- I don't blame his -- -- officials mean by the naked guy. It looks like me to chart actual speed it looks holiday aftermath and that you write -- and they have them their mind and looks like a leg whip and and march and -- leg whipped so they show again ago. The ball. Smith is trying to -- him his left shall rise trying to get cleanly. And that's his left shoulder and Lego like. On the same angle. Yes and and -- and pulls back avoids contact goes down makes it look like the most vicious it in the world -- like didn't you meet. Everyone says I can see that again yeah. Andy -- doesn't even have to see it again didn't you assumed he was taking them of course -- jump abusive use -- right that's Bergeron you assume he's hurt by its rhetoric Campbell jumped over carried him off I mean he thought the -- -- real pain in the Michael Campbell credit to read it -- either of them and -- went through. -- you know like church efficacy and funny that you can't laugh. Get off camera you can laugh it's you did I knew Marcia Rebecca two minutes that's -- gets up and listen works ago apparently put. You know boy -- Wife to make the case I don't know why I mean even martians against the Joseph Hagerty Europe now. Thanks tweeted. Talked past martian about the Twitter crowd. Doubting his. The veracity of the injury yeah nieces. Two of them bags that's why they're on Twitter and I'm in the NHL poll. And I -- You have to admit it's part of the game right every team has so -- paupers right. In others some of the great players all time seeing LeBron James he can. You know he -- In in in in every sport. He. Jacoby Ellsbury pretending had to dive on the plaintiffs in the field I was straight on the Sizemore blasted out yet about -- -- routine you -- -- and yeah so they all have little. You know lesbian in them right right yes Marcia Anderson has more than the average guy and no one knows that better in the Berkeley and -- -- testing every shift of every game they know. He's a diver why isn't that why don't we just have a good laugh. And say. In a nice job drawn a penalty. Forcing it to be critical need you -- what you don't want the other -- -- can't make the case that that was the ECB board like dangers that was nothing dangerous about what. What's escape its top. -- it's -- big deal and it's extended enough with the intention of making contact with the way to good ball. The commentary. Have sounded different. -- read winning -- the victim of that vision or dangerous. You know they both teams got too many men on the ice calls it the commentary but one was that. He rarely call that. And the passion for the replay and they were this the extra man was involved that was 44 I think that's -- -- rarely call during his defensive play right and if the extra guy gets -- in the office -- Colin. But he clearly was involved in the play -- -- and channeling Jack agree with that analysis -- to -- quieter. That's that's like intelligent doesn't argue. But he does one and a make it clear rejection much better than it was two or three years I I think -- might I totally agree and I -- accurate from all the time I've but I have almost no problem. At least that still additional -- I have a couple problems with him when he has to tell us it's a good game mean if you watch the -- point he says that forty personal -- cola classic the classic series I don't. Think this is gonna be a classic last night like the second period you're saying -- -- red wings team isn't going away another fight all on Wednesday a -- away they're gone away it's overture. And it -- that I thought that it was gone and he really did want a say in March and weakened and the fabric of chrome off the writers and look at the Red Sox in the -- shirtless tumbled off. Over center field and Ellsbury and what would fabric of some of that. Incidentally that -- NC it's the way it's it's it's the X. Would Moskowitz of says about that known they QG here yeah I don't think he got that didn't get that already and he's like over to do we have those sausage. Marx's this was Moskowitz with the and -- run call do you think. The usually just give -- double. I was gonna so -- in the proper -- yards -- fast you know they -- I -- I believe he would -- he would rather have a third I disagree you don't know -- -- -- but didn't look like it might have bounced straight back -- and -- could tell if you bounce straight back the Bradley that's not a trip I think you might be -- is really close the second when that ball it nobody I've ever -- hustles back in like JBJ that's true he is sacred -- only good fielder but he. Us to assess. But Ellsbury is you know Ellsbury I think he gets a triple I'm OK I was OK with that -- you don't. Device stretches -- that's a tough. It and it just seemed like you know stay on second it's so apparel seem totally baffled and Lester did -- of course Lester -- -- every single called the announcement last right. And he was usually wrong you know slick the -- balls strikes. They were -- at the same for two markers Lester -- -- crypto and usually we must was upset he was right. Right by the -- I am Erica time for a likable they're close they're borderline but they're not like obvious. Bad calls and knock at the same he had -- strikes on for both guys did the -- And just cut the -- all right let's outlets to broadcasting what do one herald Moskowitz yankees call against network itself. -- That is long on and it hit and -- -- -- deep center back those Bradley no way back in dead center credible as all of the wolf. And Ellsbury is racing toward third and Ellsbury is now going into. Going home kind of -- not in time. Is it an inside the park doesn't matter it's over his first home run I thought a fan in definitively that it. As he leaned over the center field wall. But -- carries it and does -- field bleachers that and that is they jacked by Jim -- and the Yankees take a one nothing win. Yeah well he quit when your head they had a right to edit right the fan interfered and that it was at Jack. By -- used all his -- Rudd calls on that triple yeah. And double which was the most obvious thing and in appearance of all time it was falling ice and got everything put you know grab the -- stick in his pocket. Doesn't. He didn't notice. It was a triple or double there was not a home run real news there was some question here but it was not ever be declared. Jack -- Jacoby. Pitch at all. You speak it. In the -- is the glistening grooved a fastball to Ortiz was bad pitch. That was it that's that's. He's for real these three you know which makes him 27 and out Kirk in the last year has the right -- -- -- 27. At -- The last two seasons and one thing goes on this kind of run amounts. Point you know what difference would have mostly he lol at you elect like. -- -- buckles last year some thirteen and Wheldon won thirteen in in to work. Mean that is real that is all star game starter. -- he's a legitimate it's looks like he's the real deal and get it. Two aces against each other one in the Republican race at all Lester got pounded. That was what that was 12 pitch Ellsbury. The first of that proposal to go to in my bed. And it was most rushed I mean he would bat at least one right is that all night all night defense -- In on -- week between from the get all their guys back rent. The defense is terrible awful I mean from the catcher on -- we have an apple last Napoli makes -- there and it was 022. In that Napoli I mean. It's unique it's the damn ball. Napoli makes an -- at the outfielders just everyone was out of sync. The whole sleeping the sleep from last night well I'll say this their -- there or five. That's at they share. Elect only three the night before that Turkey and Brett for doing their on the road yeah. Young men and put your hands between -- -- has treated well straight ahead of the Mandela might go out if that's the way Bradford legitimately -- jokes doors he's the worst or. US -- you would be idiots share rooms sometimes I want you know but I listened to -- -- at least it's on the dot com get ready go like I said before like to put the phone down music -- -- each -- go to sleep it's about to get to hear that puts it is what are you really heard it. Customers who was playing Indianapolis -- Yes. Sitting up storing yes no I had a bad back the good guys ruling the next there was you know what is on the bench in the in the Twitter aren't set out. Yes yes you -- about oh really. He was offended by well I saw my great call I -- cents cents isn't -- war he's a big sense there he says it's open to. Well he -- did you really think that. Now he's back and I admire him that's what I said -- -- -- -- -- for cheap shot but if I'm jealous and I don't follow -- Take FT shot in every shot that ice -- Yeah I -- -- I find -- funny big I idea I. I say it again it's easy for the skinny as well Bradford dues so commendable asks. And and he didn't have a bad time electricity be Doug Flutie be lots -- guys. That he and I saw him cross the finish line he looked at them and hand it cross the finish well on the movement in -- back. Problem and rob it is crushed that mark rob George in rob looked like -- -- the you know husky owner of big bonus round run off to. -- division very well you have finished twice. In his -- -- that liquid. They should channels so he believed to be good said that back -- -- -- -- watch all the heavyweights. On the again respectable block. And Steve -- and you just as he's old he's. Not anymore eggs from. Well it that you want -- -- people that you the figures yep oh. Honestly I scale this -- -- she was 75 -- but she's she pushed it a hundred she's not yeah chance I'd say 95 I anyway I -- currency you know fat. Cottage -- five touch yeah he's not a hundred this not -- counts of not -- and extra weight around 36 he's the -- The -- -- leaves everybody's ultimate stick figure and it worked for her own then there must be fun life. Yeah she celebrated you -- it. And a -- athletic rate a half after a great go crazy. All right 61777. Point 7937 Tim Wakefield 805 sharp for 905 full lines open we'll talk with you next.

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